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POSTED: Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:11 pm

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<b>Character name:</b> Umbra <br>
<b>Character birthdate:</b> November 16th, 2006<br>
<b>Luperci or wolf?</b> Regular wolf (British Columbian Wolf to be precise)<br>
<b>Gender:</b> Male<br>
<b>E-mail:</b> Nuh-uh. Admins have it in the ACP.<br>
<b>AIM:</b> CaelumGlacialis<br>
<b>Reference:</b> Got here from Elysian Fields ^^<br>
He'd had nothing but bad luck lately. He'd only left his parents' pack a few days ago, in search of a place where he wouldn't be labelled as the offspring of his parents and expected to live up to their name. And then there'd been the fire. There'd been fire and smoke everywhere, and Umbra had run for his life, heading westward like so many others. He'd had little time to spare worrying about his family; if he survived, he could worry then. By the time he'd reached the top of the mountain range, he'd been exhausted, but at least it had seemed as though the fire wasn't going to reach that far. So he'd decided to rest until he could continue.
And now? Now he was slowly making his way downhill, on the other side of the mountains. New territory, even if his mother had told him some story about her ancestors coming from this side long ago. So in a way, maybe he was returning home? Home. It didn't feel like home. Turning his head, he looked back to the crest behind him. Back there was home, but he'd seen what it looked like now. Everything was ruined, and there'd be neither food nor shelter for a long time. Had his family survived? His parents, his siblings... Especially little Silvius, just seven months old. Were they alright? Had they escaped the flames? He hoped they had, even if he hadn't seen them at all.
Shaking himself, he continued on his trek down the mountain. Somewhere here, he'd find a family of his own. Somewhere, he'd find a place to call home.



POSTED: Mon Apr 07, 2008 1:15 pm

Welcome! I'll have you titled and added to the ranks in just a moment. :]

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