folly of the blind man

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She rubbed at her eyes, opening one to study the cave she had fallen asleep in. It was just her own, dark and rather cold, settled near her father's in the hopes he'd ease her dreams. A sigh of relief passed through her; for a moment, she had expected to be back on the beach. In one fluid motion, she rolled onto her stomach, crossing her arms and resting her head atop them. The snowstorm that blustered around outside of the Caverns had died down, the winds not nearly as terrible. The worst was gone, Kaena was safe from the horrid cave in and her pack was handling the effects well, at least from what she could deduce.

But the pack could take care of itself. In silence, she thought of the skulls that had been blown over the other day, hidden by the snow and from the eyes of intruders. She had checked on them before, but things could have change. With a grunt, she hefted herself from the ground and moved carefully to the entrance of her den. As she had suspected, the land looked calmer.

The coyote woman passed over the land with careful strides, crossing made easier by the bipedal stature she hadn't left and the fact that the snow was kinder. The forest was the first place to check, simply because it was closer. The winds hadn't seemed as brutal amongst the trees, but there was still enough to ruin what her ancestors had worked for. She shook her head, pulling a worn piece of something from her belt to tie up her auburn curls. "This was utterly ridiculous," she mumbled to herself.

It seemed the border had held up. It was how she left it the night before, missing pieces that were hidden in the snow around it, pieces that would be returned to it when the snow disappeared. A faint smile crossed her lips at the thought. Even their decoration of the invisible borders were strong.

A thundering crash in the distance caused the woman to look up, alarmed at the sudden destruction of the forest's silence. Though her mind told her not to, she was far too curious to let it lie; her feet carried her through the forest in search of what had fallen. A thick, splintered tree trunk lay in the snow several yards from where she had stood, leaving the de le Poer mystified. It hadn't been cut down by normal means.

Another tree feel in the distance, her black-rimmed ears swiveling to the sound. "How queer." She turned toward the remnants of the sound, an eyebrow quirking. She hadn't paid attention to the other noises of the forest, soft creaking that lead to the sounds of splintering wood.

A sharp pain in the back of her skull, and the world turned black, the sickening smell of Luperci blood entering her nostrils before that was lost too. Had the Lykoi been more perceptive, she would have noticed a nearby tree as it hurtled to the ground, crushing the russet female beneath it.


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     He splayed his toes to walk over the snow, but it was not yet packed and his feet sunk into the drifts. The golden boy grunted, stamping out paths as he went. It was not his first winter, nor was it the first time he had been in a blizzard. Still, the sheer amount of snow was ridiculous. Two seasons with the northerners had taught him much, however. With each step he took he followed deer trails, forging his own atop of it, making it broader, more defined. Such paths would be needed for the clan to move with any speed, and Ezekiel had no patience for sitting around or wading through snow.
     A sharp crack in the distance caused him to freeze, but it went quiet soon after. The young man studied the forest, and looked up as a deep groan alerted him to the trees. Amber eyes narrowed and he let out a breath, recognizing the danger for what it was. He had seen it in Quebec once before, during an ice storm. Hopefully, though, there would be less danger here—snow would fall off in most places, he figured.
     There was a sudden terrible noise in the forest of a tree falling, and Ezekiel lifted his head to find the source. When he did not, he moved on; only to hear another, far closer sound up nearby. He abandoned his path for a time, now intent on seeing the whole of the damage. What he smelt almost instantly was blood, and not any stranger’s either. Panic filled him, but the fear warped into anger far too quickly. The golden coyote rushed to the fallen pine, where sweet sap and blood mixed freely in the air. “Talitha!” He shouted, unsure of where she lay.

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Her lack of consciousness only lasted for a moment or two, caused by shock rather than any true injury. Under the tree, she was confused, one crimson eye opened in an attempt to survey the situation. It was dark, but there were rays of light where the snow was separate from the trunk. Her chest burned with pain from some unidentifiable source, and it was echoed in her leg and the back of her head. Something had happened, but she couldn't remember what. All she could remember was the black and then the faint rays of light bouncing off of the snow.

Her brother's voice brought her to attention, attempting to move, to try and find him. It wasn't safe to be in the forest, after all. Despite her attempts, she found herself unable to move, pinned to the snowy ground. Panic set in at the realization that she was trapped. Death was the first image that came into her mind, the death of her uncle and how she would suffer just the same, lost to the family beneath the snow. She tried to speak, to call out to the golden coyote who was looking for her, but the breath she took caused her chest to burn even more.

A russet hand reached out from beneath the wooden prison, grasping frantically for the ground beside her. Ezekiel had to find her, she couldn't be lost there. She needed him. An alarmed squawk escaped her cream-masked muzzle, followed by a half-cry that was choked out past her pain. The air seemed stale, and though she was breathing, it didn't seem to be enough. Her lungs ached, and with a final effort to push the tree from her body, she went limp against the ground again.


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Something was different about this day, something very wrong, and it was quite obvious what it was. Snow had fallen, but this was much worse than anything he had ever been in. Sure he had seen his fair share of snow, had heard stories of storms that could have been as bad as this, but he wasn't built for the snow and the cold. Generations of coyote blood flowed through his veins, coyotes that had survived through this kind of weather for countless cycles of the moon, but he also shared the generations of jackal blood, creatures that were used to thriving in desert, hot days and cold nights, but snow was a completely different story.

He would survive, however. He was young and he was tough, he would survive. Today he had chosen to try and look around his pack's main parts, knowing something bad could have happened to his members. He himself had almost gotten trapped when a snow burdened tree suddenly broke and nearly collapsed on him. Who knew how many of his packmates could be suffering that fate, or worse?

His question was answered rather quickly as he suddenly heard a loud crash in the distance, followed shortly by a "Talitha!" up ahead. "Oh no! Tali.." He knew it had to be her. Talitha wasn't exactly a common name. He ran full pelt in the direction the sound had come from, skidding to a halt when he caught her scent, recognizing it instantly from their last meeting and following it straight to a tree with an odd pile of snow spread around it, the trunk of the tree laying on the ground and revealing a shattered base. He was so focused on Talitha being hurt that at first his tunnel vision limited him to only seeing the tree trunk, not noticing the other coyote at all. The scent stopped here and it was only obvious where she was. "Talitha? Tali! Are you ok?"

Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he started to frantically dig into the pile of snow and bits of tree. He caught sight of a russet colored hand and squeezed it gently. "Don't worry Tali, I'm here, you'll be out just as soon as I can get this tree trunk off of you." Suddenly an unfamiliar scent reached his nose and he turned to see another male there. "Sorry for the rude entrance but there's no time for pleasantries, we have to get her out of there, I can smell blood."

He began to push at the tree trunk, but there was no way he was going to get it off of her by himself. Nowhere near defeated, he turned to the unknown male. "Listen, I have an idea to get her out, but we have to work together on this. We need to find a heavy rock and a very sturdy branch. My idea is that we could place the rock near the trunk and stick the tree branch under the trunk and push it off of her, using the rock as leverage. We'll need to work together on this." He looked around worriedly, trying to find the supplies needed. "Hang on Tali, you'll be out of there shortly!"

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A stranger appeared and leapt towards the tree, moving with the same speed that now compelled the bronze coyote to reach his sister. His fur had bristled, turning to dark-tipped fire along the length of his spine. The same over-protective anger that he had once felt for another girl was even more maddening around his sister. To see that this stranger would touch his sister, call her by such familiar names, it infuriated him. The danger was the only thing that let him keep his head, though he was reeling with the need to tell the dark hybrid exactly what he thought.

Ezekiel clambered over to where the two were, crouching near the tree branches and studying the ice and snow covered thing. He had seen these before. Vaguely, he was aware of the strange male speaking. The idea was simple, but it would work. “Find the rock, these pines are too soft to hold anything.” Stronger wood was needed, and he doubted that the black hybrid would know what that was. Leaping through the snow, the bronze coyote moved quickly. He backtracked to his path and followed it away from the pines, looking for the bare trees he recognized. A proud oak was his solution. Using his strong arms, Ezekiel pulled himself up to the low sections and quickly began moving around in the tree.

A few well placed jumps caused a brittle branch to crack under the force. He jumped into the snow after it, grabbed the thick branch with both hands, and began dragging it back. The going was slow, but adrenaline fueled him to move quickly. He had returned before the other male, and grasped his sister’s hand firmly, speaking loudly. “You’re gonna want to move when we get this off of you, but don’t. If you’re really hurt I’ll need to set anything that’s broken.” She would probably go into shock too, he realized. Wishing for another healer, he began moving the branch to the section of the tree that was closest to his sister.

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Consciousness came and went as the flurry of activity happened around her. The fae could hear voices, small snippets of a familiar male alongside the comforting voice of her golden prince. She tried to put a face to the words, wondering where she had met the male who seemed so worried. Had she slept with him? No. Was he her drinking partner? No, not that. No image entered her mind, not even when the panic managed to cease on some level. It didn't really matter. Help was help, and it was one more set of hands bringing her closer to seeing her twin.

Crimson gaze blurred, she tried to discern motion from beyond the tree. Black paws, gold paws, orders. Something about rocks and wood and reassuring words from the familiar stranger. All she wanted was her brother, but it was good to know someone else cared. And then she was alone again, and the panic returned. Had they left her behind? Did they give up on her? Her hand grasped for the ground again, searching for something warm. Something she knew. Ezekiel, don't leave me here. Breath quickened, heart raced. And it was dark once more, even if it was only a brief moment.

He had returned, back to offer her comfort by presence, as their father had done many a time. She wondered, silent, what would happen next. Everything hurt, from her legs to her chest to her head. She wanted to move, get away from the forest and to her cave, but as Ezekiel took her hand, he delivered a set of orders that she knew she had to follow. Don't move, he'd have to set something if it was broken. Even in her youth, she hadn't experienced broken limbs or scarring; it seemed like that was soon to change. Lacking extra strength in her cold hands, she gave his fingers a squeeze, trying to show she had been listening while she waited for her rescue.


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The stranger seemed to know what he was doing, so Revan nodded when the suggestion to find the rock was made. At least the coyote hadn't completely blown his plan off, but he didn't like the vibe he was getting from the male. Still, there were more important things at stake, the life of a treasured friend in danger. Without further thought he took off in the opposite direction of the other, a burning ingrained though unknown instinct to impress a female now driving him on to find the perfect stone.

He wasn't sure how much trouble finding a good branch would be, but he immediately found out that finding a stone was going to be a lot more difficult thanks to the thick blanket of snow covering the ground. Frantically digging around in the snow was proving to be a fruitless effort, but he would not give up, for Talitha's sake. He had helped her before, mended her self inflicted wounds and prevented an infection, but did she even remember him? She hadn't called out his name when he spoke, though he figured that could be due to the pain she was experiencing, and what was up with this male? Was he her ma...te...That must be it. These two were mates, that's why he was picking up that strange vibe from the male.

Slightly broken, Revan nevertheless refused to give up his efforts to help the crimson eyed beauty. After all, friends could be just as rewarding, and there was always the chance that maybe this coyote wasn't her mate after all. A rock was found, perfect shape and size, and he hefted it over his shoulder, carrying it back to the tree and setting it down in the right spot. The other male hadn't returned yet, so he decided to see what else he could do to help. A quick glance at the tree trunk and another idea sprouted. He could grab another rock and use that to hold the trunk off the ground while Tali was safely and carefully pulled out from underneath it, that way the males didn't have to hold the tree up, though he had a feeling he would have been the one left with that task.

With that, he ran off to find another larger, flat topped rock, or at least one that would be able to hold a tree trunk without it slipping off. Finding this rock was easier due to its larger size, though Revan was forced to drag it along the ground back to the tree. "Thank the Moon I've been exercising so much, otherwise this might have killed me." He laughed and panted as he finally reached the tree, pushing this rock up against it next to the other one, where the male had all ready set up the branch. Once everything looked ok, he went over the plan again with the male. "Ok basically all we have to do is pull the branch down and lift the tree onto this rock here, then it will be high enough off the ground that we can carefully slide her out from underneath it. It is absolutely not safe for her to be under there as I don't trust this rock enough for that. It looks like it will hold, but Tali's life is at stake here, so I'm not taking chances. Are you ready?"

He grabbed hold of the branch and prepared to pull/push it down.

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There's a lot of powerplay in here to move this thread along, which I apologize for. ^^ Revan would likely know of Enkiel since he is Seph's brother, so I figured they could go back to the Mansion's guest house so he can look Talitha over and what not.

The black hybrid came back, spouting off about how dangerous it would be to keep the russet coyote under the tree. Ezekiel bristled visibly, his muzzle twitching. Did the boy think he was stupid? Moving to the branch, the bronze male glared at the other hybrid. “Kid, for your sake don’t touch her. I’m a medic. If you move her the wrong way and something is broken…” He let the gruff threat hang in the air. Putting his hands onto the branch, the broad-shouldered coyote put his entire weight onto the thing in time with his younger companion. With a groan, the tree rocked away from the pair and towards the smaller stone. It shifted uneasily as they moved, but Ezekiel was confident with it to hold long enough. He rushed to his sister’s side.

Gingerly, the coyote ran his hands over her body. Her back didn’t feel broken, nor did her neck. A soft touch across her chest told him that the fragile bird-cage around her heart was broken in several places. Setting his jaw, Ezekiel hunched over. “It’s going to hurt when I move you. Try and stay calm, breathe shallowly.” Broken ribs would not be a danger unless they splintered. He wasn’t sure if they were clean or not. His hands worked with great care, holding his sister around her waist and neck with curved arms. He did not feel confident enough to touch her sides yet.

Once she was out, he held her up as one might a small child. In truth, her being underweight helped with this. Golden eyes shot to the dark coyote, turning ferocious. “Is there another healer here?”

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3+ PP is fine by me, since Talitha can't do much without Ezekiel. From here on out in the thread, I'm letting necessary PP go through from Ezekiel to Talitha. <3

In Character

Again, there was a flurry of activity. The moment with her brother was disturbed by the return of the nameless acquaintance who was so keen to help in her rescue. What a lucky girl, with two saviors for the situation. Her ears opened to the sounds, and her body stilled as they worked. An internal laugh welled up as she heard Ezekiel's reprimand. Kid. The sunshine brother to the moonlight girl had a clear stretch of concern for his sister's welfare in the matter. It was touching, but the princess didn't get the time to let it soak in. Woozy, she felt her body flare with relief as the tree was shifted, subtly sharpened branches releasing her punctured body and chest expanding with true breath.

Like Ezekiel had requested, she remained still, letting his hands scan important parts of her form for breaks and splinters or whatever he would need to heal her. As his fingers passed over the delicate frame around her lungs and heart, she felt painful pressure where something was obviously wrong. The tree had done damage, and she was struck embarrassed by the whole ordeal, unable to look at either of the men once she was safely in Ezekiel's arms. All words were translated as orders, and she remained passive, breathing only enough to stay conscious for her rescuers.

"I'm sorry, Zekie," she mumbled, arms finding their way around his neck with caution. Each new movement seemed to agitate a wound, sending a spark of physical distress through the bruised body of the now-fragile woman. Crimson eyes turned away from the strong form of her brother, searching out the face she had been wondering about; there was the second knight in coyote fur. Revan. Tired, she offered the younger male a reassuring smile, giving a friendly wave from around the de le Poer man's neck.


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Revan let out a loud rumbling growl at the other male's threat, hackles raised. He didn't know the coyote's rank, but he could at least tell that he wasn't in a high up leadership position. Still, it didn't matter how high his rank was, there was no excuse for threats and reprimands when all Revan was trying to do was help out a friend, and that was seriously irking the normally always nice Revan Rajanikant. Seemed this male was taking his nice guy attitude as a sign of weakness. Regardless, to hell with the male, he had bigger things to worry about, Tali's safety currently in the balance, and he could worry about things like this later, but he wasn't about to let the other male get away with a comment like that without letting him know it wasn't going to fly. "How dare you treat me like this when all I'm doing is helping her? This isn't about you or me, this is about her, so just keep your comments and your threats to yourself."

Without another word, Revan threw his weight into the tree and with the combined strength of both of the male's and Revan's stone idea, the tree managed to move up and off of the russet beauty, allowing the strange male to run the show as Revan watched him perform a simple examination. Mr. Big Shot medic eh? He had done similar things when he was a pup to his sister, taught by his father to be a medic just as well. Just who was this male anyway? Tali's mate? Her brother? He couldn't be her father, he would be much older, but he could be either her mate or her brother. Either one fit, especially with his holier than thou attitude and overprotectiveness. What was there to protect her from? What did this male think Revan was going to do, walk under the tree, grab her by the tail, and pull her out from underneath it to drag her back to his cave? He would be quite stupid if he did think that.

Revan cared too much for Tali to do something like that to her, to not treat her with the utmost care. Surely Tali had told this male about her and Revan's previous encounter, the one where he had bandaged her arm after the severe wound she had obviously given herself, right? There was no way to tell, but of course no names had been given yet, so maybe once he introduced himself the male would see the error of his ways and apologized for his rude behavior. Revan hoped that would be the case, he didn't like making enemies.

Judging from the way the male had picked up and was carrying Tali, Revan could only assume no damage had been done to her neck and spine, unless the coyote really didn't know what he was doing. He could only assume again that Tali's ribcage was damaged, or possibly an internal organ was damaged, Revan's ears drooping as he looked her over. Why couldn't he have been there sooner? His ears popped back up again as the male once again showed his holy than thou attitude, staring at Revan as if he was an omega. "Well I don't know of any healers," He mentally added "asshole" before continuing. "But I figured we could take her to the mansion. We should be able to find somebody that can help her there."

Revan noticed Tali trying to seek out his face and smiled as she gave him a smile and a friendly wave. Did she remember him, or was she simply thanking him for saving her even though she didn't know who he was? He reached forward to try and take her hand. "Tali, I'm so sorry, why couldn't I have gotten here sooner, before the tree had fallen? I would have gladly pushed you out of harm's way and taken the damage for myself." He really did like her and she held a dear place in his heart, as a friend of course, but this whole ordeal reminded him of when he had helped his sister so many times as a pup. "Shall we get you back to Daddy again so he can kiss it and make it better?" Then he shook his head as he realized what he was doing. "Sorry, this just reminded me of when I used to help my sister, Rose, when she got hurt, when we were pups. I was having a flashback.." He apologized to no one in particular, unsure if anyone here really cared about him.

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While every fiber in Ezekiel’s body bristled and wanted nothing more than to strike out at the boy, he set his jaw and focused on the task at hand. There were more important things to do than deal with a snot-nosed brat who thought he knew everything. He barely looked old enough to be a yearling. The bronze coyote held his sister gingerly, keeping his temper in check as best he could as the mongrel made a point to insert himself and sing praises to his sister. The Hastati’s eyes narrowed. What the hell was this, some puppy crush? His sister couldn’t possibly be interested in such a young boy, but here he was thinking he was somehow special to her.

The comment about his father made Ezekiel’s lips pull back and show his teeth. It was goddamned disrespectful to talk about Gabriel on such familiar terms. He hid them only as the boy went on, babbling about his sister. So the kid had helped her as a child? Well no wonder he thought he knew what he was doing. Of course, he doubted a puppy would have survive internal trauma like he was sure Talitha had now. “Listen,” Ezekiel began, starting towards the mansion. “You said you helped your sister when she was hurt, yeah? Well Talitha is my sister, so I’m going to do whatever I can to help her. When we get her back to the mansion I’ll go try and find someone that can help.” Taking his care to avoid jarring the russet girl, Ezekiel found his beaten path and began following it towards the old house.

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The words from her younger friend left a softer smile on the face of the wounded woman, triggered by the statement that he would have gladly been pinned under a tree for her. She gave his hand a squeeze, hiding the fact that she would have gladly let him be pinned under that same tree without any hesitation; unlike the selfless attitude the Rajanikant had, Talitha was selfish, and her choices were made for the betterment of her family's life rather than the life of others. "I'm fine, dear." The words were soft as they tumbled into the air, crimson eyes settling on Revan's face with a firm expression.

She let her hand fall away from Revan, moving to a more comfortable place at Ezekiel's shoulder. It seemed the two men were over their moments of childish bickering and attempts at proving some sort of superior masculine intelligence, and her brother explained what they were going to do once they were back at the mansion. The mansion. Panic settled in as she inventoried who lived at the mansion. She had been caught under a tree, of all things, and she wasn't willing to allow others to see her in the state of weakness presented. Revan and Ezekiel were enough.

"I don't want to go to the mansion, Zekie." It wasn't a request, and she felt silly demanding it. It wasn't as if she could make him change his mind. He had control of the situation, but she could hope he took her thoughts into consideration.

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His explanation seemed to work with Revan, but it was Talitha’s worried demand that caught his attention. The bronze-gold coyote looked down to her red eyes and knew that something was wrong with the mansion. After all, why else would she come live in the caves? He nodded, but continued on his route towards the buildings. “We’ll go to that other house, okay? Just to get you inside for now.” And hopefully give him time to find a more well-versed healer. The going was slow, but as they reached the mansion tracks made travel simpler. It seemed others had been up and about, which the coyote was thankful for.

Revan held the door to the guest house open and Ezekiel carried his wounded sister inside. There was a large hallway along with several rooms on the side, which Revan quickly examined until he found one with a large bed suitable for the auburn haired woman. Ezekiel left the pair alone once he was satisfied his sister was comfortable, and was surprised to find another man in the hallway. The jackal was much shorter then he was, but his voice was surprisingly deep. The situation was explained and the red-eyed male explained he was the pack’s medic. Thrilled, Ezekiel followed him back to a room further down the way.

With a collection of herbs, bowls, and a metal pot in hand, the pair made their way back to the room Talitha had been placed in. Enkiel spoke in medical terms, in an oddly indifferent way that made Ezekiel’s hair stand on end. Revan went outside to grab snow to melt in the pot while Zeke started a fire in the large fireplace. The jackal examined his sister quietly, and echoed what Ezekiel had suspected. With Revan’s return the snow was melted in the pot. As the two males spoke to Talitha, seemingly past their problems, Enkiel mixed herbs in each of the bowls. When the water began to steam he poured some into the four bowls, giving one to Talitha and insisting the males partake in a separate mixture.

He explained that Talitha would need several weeks to heal, but was otherwise fine. Relieved, Ezekiel agreed to leave her in the jackal’s care. Revan offered to stay with her, and though Ezekiel worried about this, he left not long after to report the accident to his father.

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