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POSTED: Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:51 am

The Waste, Inferni, whatever it was, was suddenly home to the sandy colored girl, no matter whether she wanted it to be or not. Rachias had done the same thing each day since they'd arrived, she just sat there, or laid, waiting. The sun had managed to peak out through the clouds and warm the lands at least a little bit, though there was still a cool breeze that often made it's way through the lands, snaking through her fur before it finally disappeared. The hybrid didn't care though, it didn't matter now. If she would have had it here way, she would've burned to death in the fire looking for her brother. "Arkham will find us." They said. "As soon as things die down, we'll go looking for him." She was told. He wasn't here though and they had yet to even scout these new lands to see if they could locate them.

Numb to the world, Rachias settled herself to the ground, forelegs stretching out far in front of her and back legs resting to the side. The girl laid her head down then, stretched across her legs, muzzle pointed toward her paws. Her blue stare was a cold one, idle and hardly ever moving. Her mind was a mess and her heart was broken, leaving her in such a lethargic state. In a way, she blamed Gabriel for the fact that Arkham wasn't with them. If he cared so little about them, so little that he would leave his own little brother behind to burn to death, then why couldn't he have just let her go?

POSTED: Wed Apr 09, 2008 4:15 pm

Ezekiel had never been one to complain. He'd been through quite a bit in the last couple of months, and the only qualms he'd had were when dinner was to be served. He was a boy happy with what he was given, proud of where he came from, and eager to find good in anything that was bad. The Waste was not a particularly handsome location, but Ezekiel still found its cracks and crevices to be beautiful works of art. The child saw it through eyes not expectant but appreciative. The wind, howling through the caves and along the plains was like a symphony to his young ears. He was young and naive and everything was beauty.

Ever since that morning a few days ago, freedom had seemed easier to grasp. His parents, though careful, allowed him to roam around so long as it was not too far away and he was never to leave Inferni lands without being accompanied by someone. An obedient child, Zeke had no reason to disobey. His tiny, dog-like body edged along, his steps awkward and sometimes faulty, but he paid them no mind and continued to move forward, creeping toward whatever lay waiting for him, like a predator to his prey.

His blood-red eyes were transfixed on a figure in the distance. His heart beat quickly, adrenaline pumping. For in his mind, the creature not too far away was not a friend or family member, it was an enemy, meant to be destroyed. The sun beat down strong, the darker parts of his fur absorbing it and causing his tongue to slip away from his mouth on occasion, but he did not let it stop him.

Finally, he grew near and immediately the excited and high alert face he'd had on fell. Disappointment rose to make an appearance and the boy came to a quick halt, taking a seat casually beside the one he'd thought to be an intruder. Instead, it was a young girl who he'd seen on more than one occasion. She was one of them, though her name escaped him. "Hi, he whispered, dark tail wriggling slightly behind him. "Why sad?" he asked the blue-eyed girl, who was clearly not in a very happy state of mind.

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Sometimes Rachias thought she saw him, wandering up to the edges of the lands to wait for someone to come and see that he was alive. She would lift her head high to try and see if it was really him, but when she blinked, he was gone. Every moment that passed by made her heart fall more and the girl was convinced that, one day, it would leave her completely and she would be nothing. Gabriel had drug her away from the fire, forced her away and back to the escaping crowd, but why? If he could leave Arkham behind to die so easily, why would he not leave her? They didn't understand just what her brother meant to her, none of them, but it had at least crossed her mind to tell Faolin why she was so heart broken. Faolin would understand, if no one else. She loved Arkham, more than they knew.

The sandy colored hybrid was unaware of the small figure stalking her from afar as she lay. The wind was working against her, blowing his scent away, and she wasn't aware of his presence until the point that he seated himself next to her. Somewhat startled, she lifted her head to turn and face the much smaller creature, watching a moment. She'd been there shortly after they were born and ever since she'd moved back to Inferni she had dotted after them like a loving Aunt. Now, though, she hadn't really paid much attention to them, it was shocking to see how big they'd grown in just a short time.

"Zeki." She regarded him, the same fashion that she regarded most of the rest of her family, with a pet name. Despite how badly she wanted to just curl up in ball and never be bothered again, she was happy that he was there. "I miss my brother." She answered him, figuring that much more explanation than that would likely leave him confused. The girl squirmed a bit, scooting across the ground to bring herself around to lay facing him. "What are you doin' out so far? Your mom and dad letting you out to play now?" She'd always imagined that she'd run around and romp with them as soon as they were old enough, but now she wasn't sure if she had it in her.

POSTED: Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:38 pm

Though Ezekiel wanted to believe that he understood a lot about life, the truth was that he knew very little. He was still young and most of the knowledge that one had came from experience, which was something that Ezekiel did not have much of. Even the fire that could have taught him a lot about life, death, and change had begun too soon for him to understand. One day, he’d ask an older member of his family about the fire and maybe he’d learn what he’d missed the first time around. Until then, a lot was left unknown to the de le Poer child.

When Rachias spoke his name, his attention was drawn to her. She was a member of his family that had been there since he was born. Though his memories of earlier on in his life were faded, Ezekiel would always remember her pretty blue eyes. They were something he’d admired constantly as a mere baby and still now.

The explanation that followed was something that Ezekiel could not yet know the magnitude of, and so he let his curiosity grasp him. "Where is yur broduh?" he asked, entirely unaware that his question would possibly make the situation worse for his Aunt.

Rachias turned to face him then and he listened silently as she questioned his being there."Yah," he answered with a nod. "S’long as I stay in Inferni, dey let me run ‘round a lil,’ " he explained. "Do yur mom and dad live heyuh?" he asked, simply because it was something he did not know.

POSTED: Tue Apr 15, 2008 1:00 pm

Her eyes. They were one of the things that made her differ so greatly from the rest of her family, at least this side of it, anyways. The eyes of her father, the man that her eldest brother hated. She probably reminded him of her father every time she looked at him. Perhaps that was why Gabriel had left Arkham behind without even looking for him, just so it was one less reminder that their mother has slept with someone he detested. Maybe it would have been to obvious if Gabriel had simply let her run off to her death as well. Whatever the case, there would always be something that divided her off from her coyote side of the family. She looked more and more like her father every day.

Lifting her head, Rachias scanned the landscape with her eyes, searching for a sign of Gabriel or Faolin. She knew that they wouldn't let the pups get to far away from them, especially Faolin. They didn't seem to be in the immediate area though, something that caused her instincts to kick in. She would watch him, at least until he was ready to go back to them or find someone else. "I don't know." She answered honestly, the one thing that bothered her the most. Knowing if he was dead or alive was better than not knowing anything at all. "When we left the other lands I couldn't find him." "And your dad wouldn't let me." She wanted to continue, but she kept that thought to herself.

He seemed full of questions and when he inquired about her parents it made the girl smile the faintest bit. She'd followed Gabriel around when she was small, asking him mostly the same questions. "No, they aren't here. My father lives somewhere else and my mother went away a long time ago." She paused a moment then, considering her next words before she continued, hoping that he might understand. "Your daddy and I have the same mommy but our dads are different. His dad left a long time ago." Maybe she could teach him a thing or two, offer some knowledge, and he could surprise his parents with what all he knew. "But you and Tali are lucky, cause I know your parents wouldn't ever leave you." She smiled again, spirits rising slowly, whether she knew it or not.

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