Down, down, down

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Eclipse had finally found it in herself to leave the boarders, and nothing happened. She was expecting some big hawk to come up and grab her! She was rather disappointed and yet… rather relieved too! She quickly found herself exploring, but she shouldn’t go too far or daddy would be really mad. She knew he could get mad but she never saw him angry before. Well she didn’t expect to go too far but soon found herself in unknown forest… and quite lost. She tried using her nose to find out where she had been, but she was so busy trying to find her way home that she fell into a hole… as she tumbled into it, she whined a little clawing at the leafy earth, with little help, and fell with a thump. When she regained her breath she had to wonder.. What the heck was a hole doing in the middle of nowhere!! She was unsure of what to do because if she called for help she was sure scary monsters would come get her. She circled the hole, just to make sure there was no way out. When she was sure of it she let out a tiny puppy howl of her own, it wasn’t much at all, and it was scratchy and new. When she was done with her… not so howl, she started calling out. She didn’t want to stay down here forever.

Help me!! Anyone out there? Help me pweaaase!!

She cried out, hoping beyond all hope she was not calling a monster to come eat her up. She kept looking for a way out, her nose to the sky, the dirt was frozen and cold, and she didn’t like being down here, and she couldn’t help continue to wonder why the heck there was a hole here in the first place!!

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This thread will be terrifyingly cute XD. +5

Giant steps made the earth tremble, giving notice to any and all surrounding the enclosed forest that cold afternoon of the beast's thundering approach. They were not rushed steps, they only matched the heavy-set body that they carried. Braided locks atop bone-washed fur swayed loosely from the creature's toned back, seemingly bunched up and tense even when alone. The extension of the giant's arm shone in the dappled sunlight, though slightly diffused for the weapon's age. Expression was vacant on the off-white face of the male, who found himself only wanting the company of himself and his axe the last few days.

The pack Viking now belonged to had slightly confused the warrior's way of thinking. Of course, his lifestyle of blood, sweat, and training never ceased. The sparring partner he met, Theodore as he was called, was now a leader - a king. The queen, his queen, never changed, however. The storm that violently wrecked the mountains, and everywhere else, had the queen barking orders to each of her wolves. King obeyed willingly, but the snow hindered the giant from practicing an art he was born into - and would one day fall to.

Torn ear flicked once atop King's head, to the muted sounds of something.. squeaky. Large eyebrows furrowed, making the small warrior tattoo - the brand - on his forehead bunch up in the process. Lifting his loosely swinging axe with ease, he hefted it over his right shoulder, gripping the end loosely. Again Viking waited, until he heard the squeaking again, followed by what sounded like light words on the breeze. Heavy steps followed the calls, almost taking large strides across the ground to cover more distance.

Large, empty hand scattered away brush, the sounds becoming clearer into his scarred ears. Hardened face found themselves staring into a hole, and the noise was directed from within. With a silent confidence, Viking braced himself as he stepped closer to inspect, idly gripping the handle of his weapon. Peering down, he saw a small, furry pup, who had somehow left the protection of her parents, wandered far into the forest, and fell inside. Ruby eye narrowed slightly at the scene, before looking around to inspect the area. Was this a test? Was there someone merely waiting for the warrior to drop his guard, and then attack?

It was far from the case, but it crossed the giant's mind. King uttered a small grunt, which could have easily sounded like a threatening sound to any young pup. The male exhaled loudly through his nostrils, as if deciding that this was no trick or test. Taking two steps backwards, with both hands Viking took the axe and slammed it down into the grass covered earth, the tip of the axe biting in to the soil with ease. With it out of the way, King turned and looked down again into the hole, as the giant lowered himself onto his knees, one large paw outstretched, to scoop the pup up out of the ground.

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Eclipse kept calling, hoping that someone like her daddy or mommy would come, or even Saul, though he had already rescued the puppy from a tree and laughed about it… she was sure he would laugh about this, but it was better than being stuck down here all day, she’d take the teasing, she’d find something to tease Saul about one of these days.

Eclipse seemed to have found someone or … something’s attention, in the darkness it was hard to tell but something massive passed over her hole, and this made her quiet down and whimper. Then it came closer to her, and soon she could see that it was a big monster! She had actually started pushing herself against the wall, and she heard the thing growling at her… oh daddy was going to be so angry, she would get eaten by this monster! She huddled into the darkest part of the cave… and then the thing disappeared. When she thought the coast was clear she moved out from her hiding spot, and then suddenly without warning, down came a massive furry hand to grab her, she tried getting away but instead as she was jumping up to get out he grabbed one of her hind legs… Oh drat…

Please don’t eat me, please! I am a good girl I swear I felled down and I don’t wanna be eated!!!

She pleaded. As soon as he had touched her. Her little life was flashing before her eyes… every moment was crucial now, and she knew she was a dead puppy. She didn’t want to be eaten, but that massive thing… it couldn’t be hurt by her! She struggled a little to get out of his grip, even tried biting him, but as he had her hind leg, this was quite hard…

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Poor King doesn't know how to hold/pick up a puppy xDD; +5

The large warrior could have easily passed up in helping the small pup, hell, even some tougher warriors of his Band would have seen it as an opportunity for a quick meal, or a ransom for something more. But the bone washed male that was on his knees in the dirt had a certain, more unfamiliar side to him than what he showed. A straight, stern face was kept on the giant's scarred visage, awkwardly having picked up the now squirming wolf pup by its hind leg.

Admittedly, Viking had no idea how to handle pups. The ones in the Warrior Band were taught how to obey orders from the moment they could open their small eyes and see the cruel, real world before them. There was no room for games, or play, or any of the sort for warriors in training. King's brows furrowed as he pulled the fuzzy brown thing from the hole in the ground, puzzled still at the strange and different ways of these lands - and its wolves. The large male didn't let go of the pup immediately, as it squeaked and pleaded for the warrior not to consume it. Viking snorted, bringing the pup closer to his own face to take a look at it.

Still dangling the pup upside down, King brought the pup inches from his face, as he inspected the small female. There were no deformities, nor injuries to the pup, so chances were slim that its parents had dumped the whelp into the hole to die. Normally, it wouldn't cross a wolf's mind to abandon a pup that wasn't strong - but in Viking's world, it was a very important stage of life. The rulers determined if a pup was strong enough to fight, which meant no birth defects. Each warrior had to be born perfect, and those that weren't were discarded of and forgotten. However, this was no new pup - a couple months old, at best. So, then, why was it out here?

The large giant snorted at the pup, before gently settling it down onto the ground. It was a strange sight, to see a large beast, adorned with an antler helmet and a mighty axe, to have handled a small and innocent pup. Viking would never admit it, but he wasn't the desperate kind to make a small meal out of another, smaller wolf. As he set the pup down onto even ground, the warrior gave it a small pat on the rump, lightly pushing it in whatever direction it called home. A small grunt, which was not threatening but still sounded violent, came from within the beast's closed mouth. Slowly but surely, the giant rose up from the ground. The pup was not a concern to the male, and while others of his kind might have looked down on him for not disposing of the small creature, it was free to return home again. With one thundering footstep, Viking turned to make his way towards his weapon that made anything, even the earth it bit into, its prey.

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Eclipse couldn’t help but be even more scared of the antler clad male as he pulled the pup up and out of the hole, so it was nothing to wonder about when he pulled her up straight to look at her. Though what she saw was much of what a monster would look like… she saw a wolf somewhere in that mass of scary stuff. At first she thought this was it… this was the last thing she was ever going to see… but then…. He put her down, as gently as the giant could, and started moving away. Eclipse was dumbstruck and as to see if she could lose her life sooner she chased after the big man as he took the axe out of the earth, the dirt spraying everywhere as though it were the grounds blood.

Wait, wait!

She said, and stopped mere inches away from him, feeling that she was asking for trouble just by thinking the words… but then they came out really quickly.

You suppose to be a monster, aren’t monsters suppose to eat puppies? What kinda monster are you!?

She demanded, now slightly forgetting that he was three times her size. She felt more brave possibly for the fact he didn’t eat her, and that meant he wouldn’t, and that he wasn’t there to eat her… she also wanted to find a way to thank him without looking like an even stupider puppy, but she would have to do that subtly. The girl had wits most of the time, she just didn’t use them for the most common things… like paying attention to where she was going.

You know what I don’t think you are a monster! I think you are a lonely old man!

She said… yes she went there. The puppy had a mouth on her, and though she meant it in a good way it could be taken as bad if he really wanted to take her literal. She thought everyone who was bigger was old, she’d probably called her daddy an old man a few times, though she couldn’t really recall.

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Should make an list of Eclipse's Near-Suicides XD. Let me know if this post is hard to work with! +5

As the axe withdrew from the earth, the warrior gripping it tightly in his right hand again, the warrior side of him felt renewed - invigorated. A warrior was nothing without his weapon, though his body was certainly one of them. It was the nature of things, practically born with axe in hand. For a moment the warrior closed his single eye, breathing deep through his nostrils and letting a silent moment pass. He was sure this action of saving a possibly unwanted pup's life was looked down on by the gods, which now made Viking all the more aware of signs. Changes in the wind, paths he crossed, animals that may or may not be brought down by his ferocity. Gods usually left signs of either their displeasure, amusement, or favor in these ways and more, and made the giant's blood rush and his senses awaken as if from an ancient sleep.

The armor clad beast's eye winced, distorting his face and looking even more grotesque in the process. The cause of it? The pup's squeaking. What was it still doing here? Slowly, the bone washed male turned his face over his right shoulder, right eye bearing down on the small fuzzball. Ears flattened against his braided head at the word 'monster' which came from the pup's almost incoherent babbling. He had a vague idea of what it meant in the English language, and it didn't sound good. For just a moment, the warrior felt a pang deep in his built and beaten chest, before anger bubbled up. However, there was just no need to exert effort or rage on a small, helpless animal. Any other warrior would have turned and sliced the pup in half for talking back, but this pup was yet young, and had much to learn in the world. Viking was not about to silence it.

A grunt came from his throat instead, narrowing his ruby eye down at the pup. He hoped it would be enough to scare the pup away. King wasn't going to eat what in the 'Band they call a chew toy; the male did his part in freeing it and even sparing its life. There was nothing more for the large beast to do but continue on his own way. This pup had guts though, the male had to silently admit, as the male slung the weapon over his shoulder once more, turning in the direction he came from. As the young female wolf spoke again, the side of the warrior's lip curled upwards, beginning to bare teeth, before he hid them from view again.

Silently the male took a step forward back in the direction he came from, before hearing the calls. It was bad enough he rescued the pup (though personally he didn't feel guilty), but surely its parents weren't far, and were sure to confront the giant if they came onto the scene. With his free left hand he moved his fingers a couple times at the pup, trying to shoo it away and indicating for it to go back where it came from. The earth trembled under the warrior's weight again, as the warrior turned and began to walk away from the scene.

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Eclipse was sure there was something wrong with the man, he could only grunt and make whatever else noise except talk. She frowned and sat down in the snow and looked up at him, as he turned around. He could see that he was annoyed with her but she had so few to play with … and the matter of being lost was still at hand. She watched him before she finally made up her mind.

Pwease sir, I’m lost can you help me get home?

She asked earnestly. She was afraid to be alone again, though she was normally a brave pup just knowing there were monsters around even if he was just a wolf that looked ike a monster… with the horns of a deer, she knew there could be other monsters around. She watched the man still with pleading eyes, hoping that he would turn around and help her. She stood and stepped forward, continuing to follow him. Maybe if she kept this up he would lead her home… or to someone who could take her home. That was the plan and it was the best one the puppy could come up with.

I need more hewp… I’ll hewp you! I dunno wif what but I wiilllll!

She begged hoping this would changed the large man’s mind from leaving her in a forest all alone to stay lost here forever, here daddy might not find her here, nor even her mommy. She would be alone and lost forever, and the thought of being alone scared her more than being torn to little tiny pieces by a huge wolf monster with an axe. She wasn’t entirely scared of death, but she was wary of it… she was more afraid of being alone than anything else. She normally had to have someone near her at all times… though why she’d come out here in the middle of nowhere was beyond the puppy. She could not say much about her own actions.

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It had only been a couple of years since the giant stepped foot onto the new lands, but still he did not quite grasp the English language well. Part of the silence that Viking surrounded himself with was not just to speak until spoken to by his leaders, but for the lack of understanding. Pups, on a new level of incoherency, spoke as if they had something stuck to the roof of their mouth, and seemed to babble. When the male turned his back, the pup whose life he spared still sat there, and began to speak in what sounded like a pleading tone.

The steps that the giant warrior took now halted, as King tried to make sense of what this needy pup wanted. There were a few words that the male could not comprehend, even if it was spoken from an older wolf. The male knew the pup was lost, but it wasn't the male's responsibility to find its home for it. Slowly, he turned his head, antlers casting a long shadow on the ground. "Gå hjem," Viking spoke gruffly in his own language, voice cracking from lack of use.

Even as Viking took further steps away from the scene, from the corner of his single eye he saw the fuzzy thing following him. Ears pressed back against his head, the air resounding with the pup's desperate squeaking. He did not understand the word 'hewp' that it kept asking him for, and as the warrior walked on, for a moment he was beginning to wish he hadn't responded to the calls for help. Now, it seemed it was going to follow him everywhere, as the giant's stature alone wasn't enough to send the pup running. King did his best to ignore the young pup still, pressing forward and pushing foliage aside with his massive form. The male figured that if he kept ignoring the thing, it would give up and find its own way home. In the warrior's homeland, any pup that was lost deserved to stay lost - one had to know their way around for such cases. It was the way things were, or supposed to be.. but in every hardened warrior's form lay a heart which was theirs, and theirs alone.

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Eclipse was not sure why the man didn’t answer her, but she knew he had to have liked her or he would not have gotten her out of the hole… She kept following him, not sure if he was taking her back home or if he was taking her away from it, it mattered little, right now she wanted someone with her.

“Well then I follow you till you get home.”

She said stubbornly. Her little paws followed the vibration of the larger male as he stomped through the forest. She was not one to get herself even more lost but this man interested her to no end, he was so quiet, but when he did finally speak it was in a language she had never heard before, which made her even more interested. Maybe he could teach her to speak it!

“My name is Eclipse!”

She said, bounding next to him forgetting she was even lost now. She wanted to make him her friend, or at least she wanted to be his friend. She didn’t know how though, and she wanted him to teach her how to speak his language. At her age she would be able to absorb it well enough even though she didn’t think about that. She just wanted to know what the man said. It didn’t occur to her that he didn’t know what she was saying.

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He had to hand it to the little runt - she had guts. Most pups ran at the sight of large and scary things, and even some older wolves, too. But warriors dressed to kill - and to scare. The crowned helmet upon the giant's head was not some fashionable thing around the lands.. but rather, it signified pride, held authority, and intimidated the weak. Not to mention, it was a useful gouging tool in battle.

The pup's next words were spoken clearly, though Viking only got the gist of it. He stopped mid-step, shoulders tensed. It was going to follow him..? The little pup had a better idea where home was than the giant ever did - he had no idea where its parents were. King could have easily led the pup astray to the middle of nowhere, or back to Anathema.. where she'd probably be taken in.

A heavy grunt of defeat passed through the giant's throat, shoulders that were once tense now slumped. The male side-glanced down at the small wolf, who was easily a chew toy in comparison, which then squeaked out its name. Cute and brave.

Another grunt, as Viking took a few steps forward into a clearing - where he was before this whole babysitting incident happened. The warrior shook his head, not sure where to even begin looking for its home. The bone washed warrior still hoped silently that it would give up in following him and go away, yet he couldn't help but worry slightly for it.

No. Life was tough - if she was lost, that was her problem. The large male hefted his axe high into the air, single eye spotting a small log, as he took a giant step forward and let the axe do its thing. A loud and satisfying 'CRACK!' came as the log shattered from the sharp axe's touch, and went so far as to bite into the ground itself. King released the axe, which was able to keep steady with handle in the air, a small gust blowing through his braided locks. Turning his head over his left shoulder, where only the patch was visible to the pup, the male spoke into the air. "Viking."

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Eclipse could hear his grunt of defeat, but she still followed him, into a clearing. When he stopped she stood behind him. Her tail wagging furiously. Then he swung the axe down onto the log and it made her jump a little. She was brave and all but things like that made her cautious. She composed herself easy though when he spoke his name turning to her so that only his patch showed. She jumped up and hurried around the big man.

“Its nice to meet chu! Why do you have that thing?”

She asked poining to the axe with her nose. it seemed like a hassle to keep carrying around. She was very hopeful that he would help her though she knew of the general direction she should go in, she was a little afraid she’d get herself even more lost if she didn’t have any help. He would be good help. That was if he wanted to help her. it seemed that he wasn’t so interested in it. She thought she got him when she said she would follow him though. She knew he could understand what she said. It was a matter of saying the right things.

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There seemed to be no end to the small jumping fuzzball who spoke as if she had something stuck in her mouth. For a moment the giant hoped she had fled as his axe split and cracked the dead log before him, but disappointment weighed heavy on his ears, pressing against thick hair when he heard the squeaking again. He watched carefully as the small girl padded up to the scene, seemingly unafraid of him nor the weapon that she now insisted on knowing about.

As she spoke, he hurled the axe over his right shoulder, a grunt audible with the effort. His colossal shadow darkened on the earth as he crouched closer to it, his free hand grasping the nape of the pup and lifting her to meet him eye to patchy eye. This girl was brave, no doubt, but showed no resemblance of a warrior. Why, then, did her parents keep the runt? "To kill." The last word was stressed purposely, ruby eye narrowing as his nostrils flared, taking in the scent of the pup.

The giant had no idea where the young pup was from, but for some reason it wanted him to guide her home. Silently, the warrior set the small wolf down gently on the ground, at a complete loss for what to do. The foreign male's attempt to scare was not working, as it had to many smaller creatures over the years. However, King was not one to give up, setting his axe down to the ground over the splintered log. Both paws grasped the forest earth, one on each side of the small girl, and Viking leaned forward, his shadow enveloping her entire body. As he thrust his face so that it was inches from the pup's, his lips curled to bare sharp ivory teeth, and a malicious snarl erupted from his bare chest.

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Out of Character

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In Character

Eclipse could tell he was trying to get rid of her as he reluctantly answered her, she sighed, wishing she knew what to do, he was the only adult who could possibly help her get home. Looking around the clearing the area they were in looked the same as the area they'd been in when she fell in that stupid hole.

"Do you know where Dahlia de Mai is? Thas my home"

She asked, ignoring the answer he gave her. She did not know the meaning of killing yet, she knew what dead was and hunting, but as she'd been on only one hunt and the animal was already dead... the word kill was quite new to her. He did not seem to answer however as he bent down and gave her a snarl, yes this scared her, he was a monster after all and she flipped on her back, her eyes widening, but he didn't seem to proceed and she just couldn't do much but sit there, like a duck waiting to be strangled, or that rabbit that hung at the end of the rope that her daddy had cut down with his teeth. She was now prey and she was ready. She knew if something was meant to happen it would, she closed her eyes waiting for him to take her away somewhere she didn't know... or something worse, that she didn't comprehend, but in a way knew about.

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There was a question directed in the giant's direction, one he did not try to piece together until after he snarled down at the pup. An invisible force that he pushed with seemed to knock the young girl off her feet and onto her back, completely helpless now. That alone made the foreign warrior stop for a moment, single eye gazing down as the pup closed her eyes and seemed to wait for.. something. Slowly, Viking shielded his fangs from view, and his marred face softened a bit in thought.

In Viking's mind, the pup he saved from the hole was surely a test from the gods. Over the years, the bone washed male silently hid away the soft places in his heart that were reserved for no one but himself. Showing emotions, especially in combat, proved deadly, and so they were locked away deep within his burly, unclothed chest. Presently, he tried just about everything he could think of to get rid of the young wolf other than devouring her, as was common among the Band, but staring at the young thing that curled up right underneath his nose.. there was another, more powerful force at work.

For whatever reason, she was driven by determination, to get home to this.. Dahlia Mai place, and already the silent warrior could tell that she had a strong soul. As Viking knelt there, enveloping the helpless one in his shadow, he understood that this was yet another test, with no clear reward, but the warrior had to see it through to the end. Slowly, his upper body rose so that he was no longer near the ground, sunlight finding its way onto the ground and the pup once more. Then he got up on both feet once more, and leaned down to gently scoop up the pup and place her into the crook of his free arm, the soft creature held against his hardened chest. "No," he finally said in response to her question, glancing from her towards the trees up ahead. "But I find."

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Fear was washed over her, it was nothing new, but she'd thought herself fearless until now, she'd accept what she had gotten herself into, but she wouldn't leave without a fight, but before she could so much as move, the man scooped her up she was about to bit him, but could tell the difference in the way he'd held her the first time and the way he was holding her now, it was with much more care, and she looked up as he spoke, quiet words filled her ears and she smiled from ear to ear as he said he'd find her home for her. Thankful for this she relaxed and let him hold her, in hopes that home would be within reach, and one day she would be able to repay him for his kindness, though reluctant as he had been at the beginning, she would not judge him for that.

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