HOw are we going to make it work when it hurts?

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Any on but Jefferson please!

The black male had a thing about the leader from the valley; he wanted to bring nothing but darkness and hell into his life and Lucifer Sawtooth, the father of Noah Sawtooth nothing but pain in his life. The black monster wanted to be the reason that the brown male snapped finally, he wanted Jefferson Soul to know that no matter where he went Lucifer was never that far be hide. Lucifer wanted to be that shadow in his step, the black male wanted to do nothing more than make the brown male to crack and melt down and well if he killed him-self because of the black male that would only make life so much better.

The male smiled as once again he moved past the border lines without a care in the world, like he belonged within these lands. Though in the midnight male he did not care about rule and border lines, or any rules that would tell him that he should wait to be asked into the pack lands. Though manners where just not in Lucifer vocabulary. The black male patted his bag that he carried into the pack lands, it was full of needles and the homemade heroin that Lucifer loved to have running though his vein, and would share if he was asked to, well maybe even if he wasn’t ask to.

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Saphrina sat next to a tree her large paws fiddleing with a stick in frunt of her. Her small frame and her blind eye looked around her ears perked as she thought she heard something. She ignored it for a while. She stood up her small tail wagging back and forth happily Saphrina trotted down to a small pond and bend over lapping up some of the water. She looked around feeling as if someone was watching her. "H-hello?" the small pup said carefuly "I-is anyone there?" she called out her heart beating fast and her heartbeat thudding in her ears.

Saphrina looked around and sat down next to the pond trying not to feel so uneasy. She glanced around quickly but she saw no one. She calmed down and settled down next to the pond her small puppy frame small next to the pond and rocks she smiled and toyed with a rock sending it flying into the pond and she giggled happily. Her ears pricked for danger she looked around and then down to the water. She thought she looked horrible and that no one would love her. She sighed sadly and slammed her paw down into her reflection makeing the water shake.

She looked around once more and then back to her moveing reflection. She let out a sad whine her eye was horrible but healed. The fur around her blind eye never grew back. She let out a soft sad howl to the sky her paws close to her body and her tail around her large paws. She felt like crying but couldnt. Ayasha would be wondering where she was but she didnt feel like moveing "I wish i didnt look like this" she said to herself thinking she was alone "Im just ugly..." she said to herself once more. She whined sadly and brought her ears back against her head looking down into her reflection trying to remember what she looked like before her father blinded her in one eye.

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Shanta hadn't been able to sleep tonight. The Town Hall was full of wolves, new comers, like her, and others who's huts had been destroyed in the blizzard. Something in the air wasn't right, she didn't know what it was, but there was something out of place. The woman in her family(her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and so on) all had a sense of these kinds of things, not a Seer, just the ability to "feel" their surroundings. Tonight was a rather dark night, the clouds blocking the moon and most of the stars. AS she got up, she checked the others around her, stepping over everyone quietly, sure not to wake anyone. As she reached the door, she pushed it open silently, just a crack, and slid her slender body out. The air was a little thick with humidity, but it wasn't unbearable.

Shanta made her way to the stables. If she was going to be up, she might as well be near beauties she loved, the horses. It was quite the trek, but she lengthened and quickened her strides. She noticed nocturnal animals out and about, doing the business others do in daylight. Her braids, a bit messy from her short sleep, blew gently in the breeze. Her Optime form had become her main form while in Aniwaya. The majority of wolves here were Luperci and found their Optime form quite useful. She enjoyed the ability to sit up and ride the horses, to weave her dream catchers, and to work on her jewelry. Finally, she reached the stables, opening the door carefully and doing her whistle that the horses were slowly learning, "Riii-Ruuu-Rooo" The horses turned to her, but none made any noise. She went to get tack for a nice mare she had been riding lately. She just grabbed reins and a headstall. She went back to the stall and got her mare set up.

She led the beautiful Paint outside. There wasn't much snow left, so the ride would be nice. Grabbing part of the mare's mane, she pulled herself up, gently, and swung her leg over, it was an easy process, something she had done many times. She patted the mare and clicked her tongue, lightly heeling her. The mare started to trot while Shanta bounced happily on her back. At that moment, she heard the sad howl of a pup, "Saphrina. . ." She had recognized the howl almost immediately. She turned the reins and directed the horse, she gave a kick and the horse galloped nicely. Her thighs held her balance as she looked around and kept her ears alert. She finally found Saphrina near a pond. She dismounted and tied the reins to a low branch.

She walked over to the small pup, "Saphrina?" she said gently as she approached. She knelt down, stroking the sad pup. Shanta could only guess that the pup was upset about her appearance, she was staring into her reflection. 'It must be her eye.' she thought to herself. The pup was gorgeous in Shanta's eyes, kind, loving, beautiful. Yet no matter one's appearance, they always saw something wrong, something Shanta always had problems with. Shanta picked up Saphrina and cradled her in her arms, rocking her. "Wana Chickal, you must understand, your eye is something that will always be there. Be grateful, you healed and are healthy." She stopped rocking the pup and put her in her lap.

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Bare with me, i may be slow, but I really want Oceane to meet someone from Anathema, though this might not be the best way :D

The warm glow of the Great Fire bathed the brown pelted female, in her two legged form, in a scorching amber hue. The fire was blazing, a beacon of hope for the pack now more than ever since it had been reignited following the snow storm that practically tore their village apart. Her blue eyes, now colored an odd orange in the firelight, watched the way the flames danced as if she were recognizing and old friend's features. She loved the way the smell of the smoke clung to her fur like a perfume. She was not yet able to feed the fire directly. Yet she was content to bask in its warmth and drift off to sleep listening to the crackles and pops, its voice.

It was getting late and her eyes were getting heavy with sleep and she half contemplated sleeping right where she was. But that would have been foolish, the air was still very cold at night and even the fire's warmth couldn't completely fend it off. She would head back to her family's den and sleep comfortably there. But what was that? Her ears perked up atop her chocolate head. A pup's mournful howl had sounded from somewhere and she set off in its direction. She hadn't got far when she caught a startling scent, an intruder she judged as the foreign smell was far too close to be beyond the borders.

Her long legs carried her quickly toward the smell, being careful to make as little noise as possible. It was hard to spot the male at first as her eyes were still used to the bright flames and his black coat blended into the night air. She had feared at first the pup could have been in some sort of danger, but for now she could not see the little one. This fear somewhat dissipated, she approached the stranger. "What business do you have here, you are trespassing on AniWayan lands," she announced, her voice at once strong and annoyed.

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Saphrina felt Shanta pick her up and put her on the horse. The movements of up and down makeing her stomach feel sick. they soon stopped and Shanta got of the horse. Saphrina followed her falling on her butt once more from the tall horse. She yelpd slightly at her sudden thump on the floor. She saw Shanta reach in her bag and hand Saprina a blade. Saphrina was confused but too the blade between her jaws haveing no hands just yet. She hoped she would shift some time soon but not likely. She was still very young and very afraid of the figure standing before Shanta and Ocèane. She let out a soft whine of fear as the two adults adressed the stranger. She felt Shanta pull her close with her tail and she snuggled close to shanta not letting the blade drop from her jaws "Aunty who is he?" she asked in a frightend tone. Her body shook with fear as she hid behind her Aunty Shanta. She let out another whine and stepped between Shantas feet and sat there looking up at the black figure. "He looks scary" she said looking up at him with her good eye. She let out a snort covering her nose with one paw "He smells funny" she said looking away and trying not to gag.

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