(J)Feels Like Home To Me

POSTED: Mon Apr 21, 2008 9:50 pm

<span style='color:green'>The young male dragged his feet on the ground. He looked around let out a small howl. So many had been lost and worse yet his adoptive mother had gone missing. He woundered what had become of her pups, if they were even still alive. He saw the emotions on other wolves faces. Everyone had been seperated, it was a new start.

He lifted his head and tasted the air as he had done many times on the way to this new land. He froze. What was that scent? It was much like his mothers but...different. He started running, taking in deep breaths as he went. He then skidded to a stop as he aproched what seemed to be marked as a border. He was alittle shaken and fustrated that this border contained members of his adoptive family. He stomped his paws in the ground and grunted. He then lifted his head and let out a howl hoping for somone he knew to find him.</span>

POSTED: Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:06 pm

It was the call of a younger wolf, one that sounded much like they were still maturing. Conri's ears shifted at the sound, twisting around to face the direction that it had come from, curious for a brief moment. There seemed to be some slight hint of hope in his voice, like he knew there might be something waiting there for him. Whatever the case, the three-legged leader rose from his resting spot near the lake, grunting quietly to himself and his slight struggle to stand. It wasn't often that Conri could be seen unshifted, it left quit a hurting in the scar where his other leg had once been. Today, though, was one of those rare days that he'd tried to shift, just to see. Good thing, he supposed, since the travel between the lake and their borders was made faster on three legs.

Conri slowed in his approach at the very moment jade eyes fell onto the younger male, taking in the sight quietly. For a moment, a very brief moment, he thought that the boy might be Khaden. The thought was quickly pulled away from his mind though. His little brother would've been older than that and the scent wasn't anything that he could recall. Stopping finally, the moment that he was a few feet away, Conri spoke. "Hey there. You lost?" He offered, though cut his words short. "Think there might be someone here that you know?" He did smell of Bleeding Souls, even just a bit, so it was worth asking.

POSTED: Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:18 pm

<span style='color:green'>The older pup lowered his coal coloured head from his howl. He was always growing, always getting bigger and one day he would be large for a wolf. He paced back and forth impatiently. Suddenly he heard a russle from the trees. He watched curiously as a three legged wolf aproched him. He listened contently as he spoke."Hey there. You lost?" Think there might be someone here that you know?"

The dark male simply nodded as he looked the older male up and down. Was he the alpha of this border? Could he trust him? He shook himself from his thougths and stood tall."Yes. I'm Jazper Rhiannon, adopted son of Dierdre Rhiannon." His amber eyes shawn with pride of his new last name. "Your land has the scent similar to hers. I was woundering if you would have seen her. I lost her in the fire."</span>

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Rhiannon. The last name registered in his mind and, even before the pup could speak her name, Conri feared the worst. Dierdre's name was spoke, confirming his thoughts, and it made the stomach of the leader twist. Dierdre was missing, disappeared while the fire raged in the old lands. Conri was still for a moment, letting out a quiet breath. "Dierdre isn't here." He said finally, calmly. Was he supposed to explain to the younger male what all had happened? It had been Naniko who had found Dierdre during the fire, Naniko that had helped her give birth to her children. After that, though, not a single one of them had any clue where the other female had gone.

"Her children are here in our lands though, as well as her Mother and her Mother's mate Lucifer. Do you know them?" Certainly he must, because that small family seemed like a fairly close one. "I'm sure, if you'd like to stay, that they wouldn't mind having you around. They're taking care of your new brothers, two of them, as well as their own two children. I'm certain they could use some help."

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He wasn't the one in charge of borders, but he was always stocking around, always hunting, always willing to strike up a game of hunt. Deuce was happy with the pups and when she did get out she was taking back to her habit of plants, the one of many things the male just didn't understand. He respected all that used it, and he knew it worked but wasn't sure what did what. The male just let her go about, there wasn't a being in these lands that he did not trust. The male skipped around the lands, he heard some one say, a youthful voice call out the name of his mate's family. "Rhiannon" Ahh the male knew that name so well.

Then Conri voice clear though his foggy thoughts, yes...Dierdre...she wasn't around..she was some where in Souls though, she had to be, she wouldn't have left her childern to him and Deuce. The male knew maybe he shouldn't do this but he followed the voice, till he seen a black pup...he was about Shadow's size, and Shadow's color. Lucifer stepped up dipping his head to Conri. "Help is always welcomed."

POSTED: Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:36 pm

A young voice rang out. Jazper. Maybe he was with Dierdre? She moved quickly. The boys followed her closely, even though her pace was quick. She arrived. Two black wolves and their alpha. She scanned the area, but didn't see her daughter. She felt dissapointed, but greeted conri, then moved forward and nuzzled Jazper. She had seen him around Jaded Shadows, of course. Dierdre had adopted him. So she knew of him, though she didn't KNOW him.

Jazper, i'm glad you're okay. She didn't see Dierdre at all, he didn't smell of her as strongly as he would have if she'd been with him. She didn't ask.

POSTED: Tue Apr 22, 2008 9:16 pm

<span style='color:green'>Jazper's heart sank as the alpha told him Dierdre was not in the lands. Where could she be if not here? His dark ears perked back up as the male mentioned Die's mother and her mate as well as the pups. He took a step back as a dark figure aproched them. He lowered his body defencivly but then with a sniff of the air the young male stood back up, "You must be Luicifer, Dierdre told me about you." His heart ached as he spoke his mothers name.

He gave a small bow to the older male who he know acknowledged as part of his new family. He looked around once more and to his surprise spotted a white wolf running towards them. His stomic twisted, could it be? As the figure grew closer and he tasted the air one last time his shoulders slumped, Deuce. Not that he wasn't glad to see his grandmother, but thougths of Dierdre clouded his mind. As the white she-wolf nuled him he licked her cheek and wimpered quietly, "Where are my brothers? Are they safe? Where's Die?" The words came running out of his mouth befor he could stop and think.</span>

POSTED: Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:50 am

Sorry for not getting to this earlier today. I was babysitting and just have a lot of junk going on right now. :|

A voice rang out suddenly, one that didn't belong to the younger male, and Conri shifted his eyes to search. Lucifer, he knew that as soon as the other male had spoken, though he sought out his face to try and get a grasp on his expression. He obviously had heard what Conri had told the younger male and, thankfully, he didn't seem at all angry about it. Conri smiled then, very faintly, and dipped his head in return to Lucifer. His attention was quickly turned back to the younger male. ears tipped forward in hopes of hearing that he might like to stay, but before he could speak another joined them.

Conri gave a dip of his head toward Deuce as she approached, though he didn't expect her to take notice as she went immediately for the male, Jazper. In a way the red hybrid felt a tad more calm. The uncomfortable questions were now directed to someone that, he felt, was more able to answer than himself. In that moment the young Perseus stayed quiet, only lingering to wait and confirm that the younger male might stay in Twilight Vale.

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The black male took a paw out in front of the pups, there was too many in the area, it was not that he did not want them to learn the way of the pack, but he also wanted to make sure that they where protected and stayed safe. It was his duty as the father and caregiver of the boys. Lucifer gave a nod to the child."Yes I am him." He did not go on passed then, he knew that Deuce knew of his feelings about her daughter. The black male looked to the child as Deuce nuzzled him, he was not sure if this was a wise idea to push him into the pack already, he would need to be checked for any illness relative to the fire that had taken place in Bleeding Souls.

"Your bothers and Uncle's are fine. As for your mother, Naniko was the last one to see her, and she was gone when Naniko went back, only your bothers where there. How did you get out of the fire? You burnt any where, hungry? Need something to drink?" The male shook his head, no he was asking too many questions he was just a child, he did not want to overwhelm him. "Would you like to come with Deuce, and me?" There it was a slower pace.

POSTED: Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:47 pm

<span style='color:green'>The pup gave startled look at the older male as he mentioned uncles. He recovered quickly remember that dierdre had told him her mother was pregnant as well. He looked sadly around at the news that his mother had disapeared. Would she ever come bakc? Was she safe? All sorts of thoughts ran threw his mind. He let out a small wimper at thoughts of his newly found mother's death. Then he remembered, his brothers were same, he still had a family, and this pack was the roots to that family.

He turned his head slightly in confusion as Lucifer started ranting off questions. It took the black male a moment to wrap his head around everything he wanted to knwo. "I was out wandering aroudn the packlands when i smelt smoke and heard wolves yelling for everyone to wake up and run. So i ran. Thats how i got out. Burns...erm..." He looked himself over breifly, "No no burns. Ya i'm a little hungery, i can't really hunt for myself yet. I'm still a pup." The last qestion, stay? Where else would he have to go?" Ofcourse i'll stay, i'll be happy too." He said with a smile.</span>

POSTED: Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:49 pm

Deuce nuzzled the boy again, letting out a soft whimper of her own as he softly mourned for Dierdre. She knelt, so she could be on his level. Dierdre will come home someday. Afterall, she has to see her children grow up, right? Bi-colored eyes were kind and compassionate. Until she comes back, we will take care of you.

The pale mother didn't stop to think that Conri might not want another mouth to feed, or that there might be some other reason that the boy wouldn't be accepted. She just did what she felt was right as a mother. She began grooming the boy's fur, just like she did with the pups. Soft, gentle caresses meant to soothe and relax.

POSTED: Fri May 09, 2008 10:28 am

Deuce was quickly to start grooming him, She really was a mother at heart. No matter how much crap went down, she still had this huge soft spot for any pup that was lost. It was strange how something can be in your life, and the whole time you look away or ingore it, till you can't any more. Till you are living with them, and waking up next to them. Strange as it was they where mates. Lover's...maybe, but mates yes no question. Lucifer did love her, and was in love with her. Though Deuce knew that some time the lust kicked in and he was away for a day or two but alway did he come back to her.

Lucifer watching Deuce sighed, he could turn the little guy away, he didn't have the heart. Deuce wanted him to be there, and Lucifer had to admit that he liked having the pups in the caves. The black male laid down laying his head upon Deuce's back. She seemed so happy to have the childern in the den.

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