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This meeting is mandatory, though if you cannot post for any reason we will assume your character arrived to hear the news. I am hoping to move this thread along quickly, as a note. I'm not putting limits on anyone, but if you take too long you might be skipped. Gabriel, Halo, Ezekiel, Talitha and Enkiel are currently present for reference. Enkiel is probably sitting a chair looking cranky. :>

Three years of leadership had taken its toll on the hybrid. Gray had begun to spring up along his dark muzzle prematurely, though as he approached his sixth birthday Gabriel had begun to recognize his body’s slow decay. His shoulder ached after any type of work, and rain made it far worse. Despite his aversion to pain medication, he knew without it he would be far worse. Enkiel gave him as little as possible, which suited the Aquila just fine.

Of course, he wouldn’t be Aquila much longer. Despite his son’s initial poor reaction to the news (though it had been easier to tell him than Halo), Gabriel was confident in his decision. It was not as if he was dying, and not as if he was leaving. The sable-brushed coy-wolf had cut through the mansion, stopping only to wait for his second-in-command to join him. They met Ezekiel and Talitha on the front porch. Without any words, Gabriel lifted his head and let out one final call for the clan he had led for so long.

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Unlike her cousin, she'd been told about her father's decision by Ezekiel, which certainly made it easier for her to handle the news. Still, as she paced in silence across the porch of the mansion, she found herself attempting to cope with sudden fears and realizations. Gabriel was stepping down. Gabriel was growing old. And so was she, something the dark princess had never really thought about in the past. The sound of his call to the rest of the pack caused her to look up from her place, crimson eyes shared with a traitor resting upon mottled, doggish form of the man she had looked up to for so long. Despite her desire to hide her thoughts and feelings, her unease was obvious, and her sadness was clear. Gabriel would no longer be the leader she had loved in the past. Instead, they would look to her brother.

She dropped from her standing position to the old planks of the porch-turned-soapbox, letting her legs curl beneath her body and her shoulders to cause the spill of auburn curls to hide her misery from the rest of the clan. She had shown so few her unease. She wasn't about to show them all in one swift motion just how weak their leader's daughter was. Her fingers picked at the wood as she waited. Her mind fantasized thousands of possibilities for the future under Ezekiel. In silence, tried to trump her sorrow with scant joy at the pull she believed she had over the golden male.

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The voice was one she easily recognized, and so when the Aquila called for her, Clover easily gestured for Daisy to turn about and head back towards D’Neville. The hippie child’s mind played through scenarios as the white mare brought her closer to her destination. What was the purpose of this meeting? Clover was silently worried that perhaps war or some other dreadful thing had been called upon the coyote clan she knew as home, for Mother Earth had not been kind in the last few months. Even now her faith was still shaken, and Clover had been spending much of her time working out ways to strengthen it.

When she arrived outside of the mansion, the young Vexillarius easily slipped from the mare’s back. A simple pat along her broad neck signaled Daisy that she was free to wander off. Straw eyes swept the front porch of the mansion, noting that many of the highest ranking members were already present. And although her gaze had briefly acknowledged each one of them, in the end Clover let in linger on her Aquila. She did not offer any words to them, but simply let herself settle not far from the mansion’s front steps. Golden waves were pushed away to reveal the rouge mask, while Razekiel’s daughter awaited with the rest of them the arrival of the clan.

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He did not have to travel far when Gabriel issued his call for the clan, and it was clear he was amongst the first members to arrive, aside from the Legatus already present. The Russian had made his way around the outside perimeter of the mansion, dropping the task he had under taken before the meeting had been called together. Icy blue observed the mansion’s porch, making note of each face that waited there. Like usual, his eyes lingered on the newly appointed Centurion and he offered a slight smile, regardless of whether she saw it or not.

Like Clover, Silas moved along the edge of the porch so that he was positioned in front of the makeshift podium. He didn’t know the nature of the meeting, but studying the expressions of those that accompanied Gabriel made him worry. Was there grave news to share? Giving a silent nod to the hippie child standing not far from him, the Russian let his hands snake into the security of his denim pockets and waited for the Aquila to make his speech.

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Sage had been nearby when Gabriel had called; she'd been spending a lazy morning in the Forest of Nod. Chocolate ears shot forward at the sound of his voice, and immediately she knew to move. Was there something sad in that sound? Worried, Sage's brows furrowed as she called Lennon over, interrupting his hearty drinking at the only small pool of water around. Apologetically, she patted him and with a graceful movement leaped onto his strong back.

The earth child had known little about the status of the Aquila, only understanding that his injury was keeping him fairly limited lately. Sage did not, however, connect this to anything more. So, then, it was with a frown and a face filled with curious worry that she guided Lennon to the mansion's porch.

Her heart flew into her throat as she arrived and saw Talitha there, but she quickly distracted herself and allowed her nerves to be calm. Her auburn-haired cousin was sitting beside the wounded Gabriel (whose appearance alone made Sage's eyes soften further), Ezekiel, and Halo. Sage was quite related to all of them, she realized, but certainly was not as close to them as she was to her sisters, to Micah. Yellow eyes happily saw Clover there--and someone she'd yet to have met--, and she strode forward several steps before dismounting Lennon and dismissing him to go mingle with Daisy.

The tanned girl stepped into the queue beside her sister, gently leaning her shoulder on Clover's own. Whatever the message was, it certainly did not seem to be the happiest. Disconcerted, the girl gave a silent nodded greeting to Gabriel, her sun-colored eyes finding Talitha's whenever she could in an attempt to decipher the meaning of this meeting before it began. Sage could only wonder, for now, and hope that it was not some terrible news. She might not be able to handle more of that just yet.

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The howl came through to his window rather quickly, but the man was rather slow to moving about it. He then realized that he had been lazy about the last meeting and did not attend. He figured about five minutes later that it would be nice for the others to know that he wasn't dead or something. He got up from his bed and he walked out of his door. He yawned and stretched out his back and arms as he rose his arms over his head and grasped his hands together and he stretched like that. He shook out his fur before he had knocked on the doors next to his room, first his son's door, Sascha and then his brother's, Marik. His brother came out immediately and spoke to Cotl for a few short moments in which they conversed about what was going on downstairs, on the mansion porch. The two then would descend down the stairs.

They both exited the mansion through the front door to be greeted with familiar and unfamiliar faces. Cotl, nor Marik found it in their interest to introduce themselves to the faces they did not know because it was not the right time to do so. Cotl had taken his place not far from Talitha, but he did make sure that there was enough space for them to know that Cotl had no special rank that was high enough for him to take his place directly next to the Optio. The only thing that was slightly special about him was that he was fucking the Optio, but then again, Talitha could have been fucking more than just Cotl since Cotl and Talitha didn't really have that much really going for them. They both were incapable of producing the right feelings for each other for anything but non-passionate sex to happen. If they made it farther than just the unemotional sex them the world would more than likely come to an ending. He acknowledged the woman though with a toss of his head towards her before his eyes had looked to his brother. He also looked to Halo and did the same, silently greeting the Lykoi woman.

His eyes would go through the faces before he would twitch, and his gaze would land on the wounded Aquila. Cotl could only wonder what the man was going to lay on the table for the coyotes to chew on now.

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Aeron's mind had been on her growing gut she continued to move her traps and use them to keep the pack fed. She wanted to make sure that she was well prepared. She still wasn't sure what she was going to do. Her talk with Hybrid had not helped her and the day she went to the town in the new portion of the territory was relaxing.

She had almost not heard the call from where she was. Though it didn't help matters that her head was nearly in a hole. Standing up she quickly through the snare pieces in her bag and hurried to the call. Her feet ached and she wished so much to shift but she knew that she could not unless she wanted to lose her pups.

She felt like it had taken her forever to make the short distance she had to go. Though had she needed to go further she would have died. Quietly she joined the group of members she looked around to see who she knew. Giving a slight bow to Gabriel then to Talitha and Halo. She knew not of anything and the young woman she had met still seemed so in her own world.

A smile laced her face as she found something to lean upon and her hands slid to the place they were most often her growing stomach. Life was beginning to to a wonderful thing. She waited not knowing what the news would be or why everyone seemed a little an pins.

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It hadn't been much of a trek for the hybrid, as she had been close by anyways. White hind leg moved swiftly towards the crowd of people already there before her, all stood before the large mansion porch. Positioning herself beside Aeron, she stood, bowing her head generically to Inferni's leaders. Only wishing she was in her Secui form so she could sit and not look out of place. The mansion was not a purlieu of hers, it had been by chance that she was nearby. Rare chance aswell, she usually paced the borders in her spare time.

The hybrid woman wondered why the clan members had been called to the porch. Last time it had happened it was to announch there had been a change in the leadership. Perhaps that was it. Either way, Io wasn't fussed. She had not been in the clan for long, so she could not judge one reign to another. Frowning softly, she slide her satchel from her sholder and set it to the ground. A stray hand moved to where the bag strap had been, and softly rubbed it. She had not noticed just how heavy it was prior to taking it off.

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As always, Hybrid quickly heeded Gabriel's call. He arrived to the meeting to see that there were already many-a-member waiting. It seemed as though he had been a bit farther away from the call then the others; though, this made sense. He had been patrolling the northwestern edges of the border, just west of Goldsglen Peak, so it had taken him some time to find a safe path to head south. He normally ringed around the territory and rarely cut through its heart, so it had been a challenge.

He was in time to see some distasteful characters already amassed. He made sure to sneer at Silas as he passed the male and give that annoying coyote girl a glare. He did glanced at the coyote woman who was apparently pregnant, but gave her neither a sneer nor a smile. He didn't know what the fuck to do about her so he just didn't. He wasn't planning on doing anything about the whole situation anyways, so he didn't particularly bother with the pleasantries.

He trotted around the ground and positioned himself near the steps so that he could be close to Gabriel. Whatever this meeting was about, he preferred to be near the leader. He never knew what the others would do, especially that brat Ezekiel. Perhaps the boy would think this was a good time for a sparring session.

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With a face carved in the most beautiful stone, the Centurion had moved to joint her doggish looking leader as his path was set to cross hers on their way to the front porch. Only Gabriel had been allowed to see the indication of the depths of the warrior’s discontentment about the changes that were about to happen. Knowing her temper better than anyone, she struggled to narrow her thoughts and keep them under careful surveillance. It would do no good to make a scene, but then again she knew not what was in store for Inferni now. She couldn’t see Gabriel’s reasons clearly, for she disliked both individuals that were to lead with her from now on. Why the hell had he decided on her as a part of the leadership if her voice would have no strength? Gabriel’s children would surely work against her no matter what she did.

There was nothing more for her to say, and she kept her silence as they joined Talitha and Ezekiel, the treacherous pair. She wouldn’t offer them even a glance. She didn’t even want to be here, and it was all she could do to just be present. Glittering scarlet studied the front area of the mansion instead, watching as members approached, summoned by Gabriel’s song. Things would have been much easier if he included her demotion in the new changes. But Halo was terribly troubled, for she was proud of her strong sense of loyalty and devotion to the clan. Would she be able to serve with and under these two that, according to her beliefs, were traitors unworthy even unworthy of the clan’s membership? She could have been hurt to see Ezekiel rise higher than herself, she who had never turned her back to this group, but it was not the power that drove her mad, but the individuals that received it.

She paid little attention to the majority of the clan canines as they appeared. She just wanted to get this shitty meeting over with and slither away.

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Nothing particularly exciting had previously that day to stimulate Euphoria to do none other than what she had been doing for the majority of her time within the pack which was patrolling the borders and what not. The howl had quickly edged a sharp reaction from her mount’s ears, but a stem of concern had sprouted from the girl, questioning of the purpose of the call and with a few subtle clicks of her tongue she has sent the stallion spinning on his haunches and powering off in the direction the call had came.

It wasn’t long before she had reached the entrance of the building and she slowed her steed down to a trot as she approached, his gait of a high and extravagant carriage as always around unfamiliars, especially more so to the purpose of such a gathering of them. Between her approach and arrival there was only a few seconds in which the girl could recognise some of the pack members before she gently clunked her feet onto the ground, caressing her equine’s darkly veiled forehead gently for his obedience then ordering him away from the group quietly for she just wouldn’t risk his unpredictable behaviour around others. With a quick glance over every canine there, she drew her attention to the Aquila, cold orbs hovering over him in need of some answers.

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One by one they came. Gabriel saw familiar faces, all with confusion marring them, and felt a twinge of regret for his decision. After so many years as Aquila, so many years as a leader, he had become used to being the rock the clan needed. That stability could no longer rely on him, and this resolve strengthened him. Gabriel stared ahead, but he did not look toward anyone in particular. Especially not his mother, whom he was certain found the irony of the situation droll.

“I have led Inferni since before we came across the mountain,” he began, voice strong and clear as it had always been during meetings. Warrior as he was, Gabriel was an excellent speaker. “But it has become apparent to me that the ability to lead requires a sound body as well as a sound mind. The rockslide has taken the former from me.” A pause. It was apparent he was thinking of how to word things, how best to speak. This was unpracticed. Of course, no one would deny the Aquila’s wound—they had most certainly seen him at the last meeting, or seen him limping around since. “No one person is greater than the safety of this clan. When age or wounds take away our ability, we must admit this. I am doing so today.” The wolfish male looked to his son. “As of this day, I am no longer your Aquila. Ezekiel, my son, will assume the title. He will lead, alongside Halo and Talitha, and I expect you to serve them as you have served in the past. We are strong only when we act as a whole—it would do well for you all to remember this.”

He did not look at the girls whom he shared the porch with, and fell silent so that his son would be able to pick up where he left off.

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While everyone had been looking at Gabriel, Ezekiel had stared into the crowd with wolfish eyes. He studied each face, each member, remembering their names as best he could. He did not expect to be doing this, and while it would not show on his unusually stoic face, he was unhappy. Yet things needed to be done, and he had a duty to this clan. Gabriel echoed this as he spoke, subtlety warning him, subtlety warning his sister and cousin. When it came time to speak, the coyote moved to his father’s side with heavy steps.

His voice, carrying the faintest trace of that far-away accent, mimicked Gabriel’s tone and volume almost to a tee. “My father is right. Inferni has survived not because of one person, but because the clan is strong. Inferni have seen fire, and war, and the savagery of the neighbors we have. Yet the clan has endured all of this.” The young man, unscarred save those two over his eye, hardly looked like he was used to combat. Yet his body carried itself with natural grace, inherited dominance. He had learned enough to know what was expected.

“More and more wolves have settled here. When I was a child, there were few. They continue to grow, and while our distance allows us safety, we cannot continue to ignore them. For this reason, I am making Sage our second Optio. She will serve as the eyes and the ears of our clan outside of these borders.” He looked at the dark-haired girl, eyes softening for a moment as he realized what pressure might now be put on the star-eyed child. Then he turned back to the crowd, amber eyes fierce. “We will carry on, as we always have.”

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She didn't look as members of the clan came forward to hear the news. She knew what was wrong. Even as the familiar body of Cotl Ulrich came to rest at her side, her eyes remained focused upon the faded wood of the porch beneath her. Black-rimmed ears listened to the world, waiting for the news she didn't want to hear. Scents filled the air as members came forward. And then it started. Gabriel's voice broke apart silence, explaining his position. She had known it would be coming. As the words came from her father's jaws, it sounded different. When Ezekiel had told her, it had hit hard, yet she had recovered quickly. Hearing it from the dark jaws, in the rough voice she was so familiar with, made it all the more difficult. Still, she remained quiet. Her eyes remained down. Her fingers trembled against the dark stripe that colored the top of her muzzle as she tried to maintain a stoic facade.

And then it was done, and Ezekiel was the Aquila in his father's place. Though she waited to listen, not willing to appear rude in the face of so many, her ears pulled back to flatten against her head. The words he spoke did not stick. Thoughts of the future, of time passing by, flooding her mind while she grappled with the chance to come to terms with what had happened. Gabriel had grown older, had resigned, and she realized that her life had passed before her without a chance for her to truly catch up. As the golden prince, now King of the clan, started in on Sage, Talitha stumbled to her feet. She couldn't remain strong in the face of the clan; without that ability, she found herself unwilling to remain. Hand still before her face, hiding the distress that colored her features dark, she turned from the group and disappeared into the darkness of the Mansion's front hall.

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The atmosphere preluding Gabriel's announcement was decidedly tense and immediately set Hybrid on edge. He felt the fur at the back of his neck stand on edge as he waited to hear the news. He could see that everyone present was straining to get a better look or leaning in closer, wondering what was going on. Gabriel began slowly and Hybrid felt a sense of dread wash over him. As Gabriel explained his history as the loyal Aquila, that sense of dread grew and grew. Gabriel explained that he was weakened and that he had passed on the leadership of the clan to his son. Hybrid grew very still, silent and quiet, as his mind raced.

Gabriel was no longer the Aquila. Hybrid was completely alone. He did not move when Ezekiel spoke, but slowly narrowed his eyes. This child, who spoke of fire, war, and savagery, who knew nothing of these things, was now leader. Hybrid saw Talitha leave and wondered if he should, too. As always, the loyal soldier of Inferni, he remained beside Gabriel. After a long pause, he finally turned to look at his Aquila. Gabriel was no more, Ezekiel would never be His Aquila. That place would always be reserved for Gabriel.

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