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Slight powerplay of Ralla, hope this is okay :) 500+

Would the glory of his tribe ever cease to amaze him? During his healing period, he had had ample time to observe his tribesmembers, and for every minute that he did so he grew more and more impressed with them. They were thriving. They were thriving and growing and stronger than ever, and he bore his pride openly, cane or no cane. Dressed ceremoniously, he patiently watched those proud AniWayans gather on the paved ceremonial ground, waiting for his announcement. The Great Fire warmed him, though the air was warm enough already, but while other fires could warm a wolf too much, the heat from the Great Fire was always welcome to him. He had nurtured it and fed its hunger for a long time, and now it was time for those duties to pass on to another familiar face, and hers beamed from where she stood next to him, awaiting the arrival of the tribe.

He did not expect that more faces would have time to get there, and quickly stilled that little murmur that conversations made in a crowd, demanding all their eyes on him. Smiling, he turned to his pale-pelted friend and trusted council member, and placed one hand on her shoulder, before speaking to the tribe. "Ralla's recently made the tribe's Council, for her loyalty and her devotion to our tribe. But while her loyalty and devotion to the tribe has been obvious to anyone who meets her, her devotion to the Great Fire far outshines those contributions to our tribe.This is saying something!" he exclaimed, smiling. "She has tended our sacred beacon with great care for a long time - and now is the time to recognize her hard work."

She turned as he picked his gear up from the ground, and he dipped a very dense brush he had salvaged into the bright red dye. Focusing intensely, he brushed the shape of a red flame onto the pale furs of her back. The symbol was simple, and he spoke as he brushed over it a second time, covering it properly in color. "Ralla, you have deserved the rank of Etikaiele Gata." In silence, he bent to put his dyes and brush on the ground, only to pick up an elaborately decorated leather satchel. He held it very carefully as he presented it to her, reluctant to actually wrap its strap onto her - it was old, after all. Though sturdy, he would leave its use up to her. "This is the carrier of our sacred embers, and a vessel for the spirit of our people. You have earned its trust." he said loudly. Perhaps one of the most sacred of all he relics, Dawali was in awe at even just holding it then. He had used it many times before, stepping in for the lacking Master Fire Keeper, but it had never been his. "Wakan Tankan Nici Un - May the Great Spirit Walk with You," he said finally, bowing with closed eyes to his friend, and the tribe's newest Master.

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Of course it is you silly :P (Nootau: Visible) Btw, no one even feel close to obligated to mirror this post >_> It's a little ridiculous XP

After the birth of her pups, Ralla was still a little shaky, even six days after. Her joints were still a little stiff and she was still fatigued, but she could not miss the ceremony. No, she would weather the minor aches; they were something to scoff at, after all. She left her fur completely bare of any decorative paint on that day, knowing that it would be decorated soon enough anyway. Although she put in her mane a golden owl feather, a constant trapping now that she had become a Councilwoman, strapped onto a strand on the left side. Her long hair remained in its loose, low ponytail with the crescent moon brand apparent, and her figure was finally back after the birth of her wonderful pups. Kemo was watching them diligently, a loving father, and she did not hold this against him, as she would not have gone to the ceremony without anyone to watch the pups to begin with.

Standing beside the father figure she knew as Dawali, their Kalona, Ralla kept her eyes respectfully lowered still, even though she was only a step below him. He was their leader and she was loyal to the tribe and him only; she would never not give respect to this. The blush the white wolfess had known when she had become a Councilwoman donned her cheeks once more, although she remained silent as she turned to allow Chief Dawali access to her back. From his vantage point a little ways away, Nootau watched closely, knowing that his mortal connection was achieving her spiritual goal within the tribe after completing her loyal goal. In the Great Spirit's eyes, if a spirit guide was connected to one such wolf that completed many inner goals righteously, that guide might be given the chance at becoming a true Great Spirit; but really, Ralla knew that the spirit was proud in his own rite, which added to the blush present.

At first the brush tingled, grazing across the white fur and dying it bright red right in between her shoulder blades. She stood perfectly still, since this paint would mark her for her entire life, and although she would never be able to see it directly with her eyes, she would always know it was there; it was like the good qualities within oneself that one could not see but others could, or knowing that the Great Spirits watched over one always, even if one could not always see them. Turning to face Chief Dawali and the tribe wholly, a fire ignited within her eyes that she should have completed and gained such an honor; this fire mirrored now on her back in the image of a flame. Perhaps it had not hit her at first during her promotion ceremony the week before, but it was hitting her now; the tribe was her responsibility, her people to care and watch out for, and the Great Fire would now be hers to fully care for as well.

The satchel that Chief Dawali presented to Ralla filled her with a pride so strong it felt as if her heart would burst. She had often seen the ancient relics of the tribe and cared for their conditions--as was her duty once as an Otlvna Gata--but holding and having the one of her tier was entirely different. Handed over to her was the vessel of the Great Fire; it's sanctuary should anything happen to the embers and the haven for its ashes during the ceremonies. The leather was still smooth in her palms, old as it was, and the leather wisps that hung from its hood and bottom felt like fine string between her fingers. The feathers hanging from the hook that kept the hood closed were almost brittle, but they held strong. It was indeed ancient, but resilient. What had surprised Ralla the most was Chief Dawali's bow; it was unprecedented and got a hasty bow from Ralla as well; it would be improper for her not to mirror the action at all, not to mention out of rank. "Wado, Kalona. Dagi`lvwistane`he sti astiyihu," she said to him as her lowered head came on par with his, a pledge to him and and the tribe alone. Holding the satchel in her hands reverently, Ralla turned her head from Chief Dawali to face her tribe members once more. "I promised you all my full responsibility and effort when I became a Councilwoman before. This is no different, and I will ensure the Great Fire's protection as it ensures all of ours. Hia Adanvdoa nigayedohv, AniWaya nigayedohv--The Great Spirits remain, AniWaya remains."

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