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- This is backdated to June 8th, mid-afternoon. He's in Shiloh Hills.

Unable to face the look in her accusing green eyes, Ezekiel had fled. He had ridden Viggo hard and they escaped the borders of the dog-kingdom within an hour. There was no logic to the direction he had chosen; south was instinctive. South was away from Inferni, away from Alaine, away from the familiar and into the unknown. Only when Ezekiel felt his own legs dampen from the sweat that had formed on the draft horses’ hide did he slow, dismounting.

They were in an unknown territory to Ezekiel, one made up of rolling hills and wide spaces. It was like the Waste but green as opposed to the earthen hues he was used to. Viggo snorted and rolled his eyes, and Ezekiel dismissed him. The horse trotted off and dropped, rolling in the soft grass while his owner sought out a place to sit. Hungry and miserable, the coyote walked aimlessly through the green landscape. He sighed and spared a glance to his massive mount, which had since risen and begun grazing.

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Eeeee~ Sorry about the rambling, I had to make this as Disney as possible XD. WC: 617

The young princess found herself greeted in the morning by the tune of sweet songbirds, and when she awoke she joined them on the balcony, both in presence and in song. With their generous assistance, Giselle was quickly dressed in her bright yellow outfit - with flowers to match, thoughtfully flown in by her companions and dropped into her palm. With her own self taken care of, the auburn-haired girl proceeded to flit about her room to tidy it up, and noticed a book with a light film of dust atop it. As she cradled the book lovingly in her hands, dainty fingers lightly brushed over the front and her eyes rested on the title: Snow White. She hadn't read the book in a while, and by spur of the moment the girl found herself grabbing other spare necessities, stuffing them into her satchel, and running out the door with Tux in tow.

With plenty of other natural distractions, by the time the sun was in the middle of the sky, Giselle found herself among rolling hills. She had been to this place only once before, and found it to be the perfect setting to be with her own fantastical thoughts; lost within the pages of her book. It seemed as if the bright yellow sun itself moved gracefully along the green grass, settling along the shade of a tree with back pressed against a particularly large rock. Though 'Elle had read the book several times before along the firelight in her papa's cottage, her small fingers pried open the book eagerly, and began to lose herself in the world.

She wasn't halfway through when Giselle's head were filled with (more) dreams, especially that of a prince on a marvelous steed. Thoughts wandered back to the day she met Saluce, the knight who had saved her from the wicked cat, and though he was very brave and strong.. he was no prince. She admired his spirit, but inside her heart longed to be rescued by a prince, a handsome man of noble blood. Eyes fluttered closed, then, finding the beginnings of a song burst through her heart.

"Someday my prince will cooooome o/`

Someday we'll meet again, and away to his castle we'll go~ o/`

To be happy forever I know.. o/`"

The runs in her tune were soft, and drawn out. But most importantly, Giselle meant every word. Eyes still closed, she sang the wishful tune, clutching the open book to her chest. The sound of hoofbeats hit her cream-tipped ears, however, and the young girl's singing stopped. Eyes popped open, as they drew closer with each passing moment that her heart beat beneath her sun-kissed dress. Her form ducked behind the large rock, dropping the book gently beside her as she and her weasel peered over the edge.

From a distance, a tall golden figure approached on a chestnut horse - which looked as large and strong as the sound of its galloping. Giselle couldn't help but look on, craning her head over the massive rock to get a better look at the stranger. He dismounted the horse, and watched as they parted a ways, the horse to graze and the other to... well, she wasn't sure. Curious blue eyes looked on, and was so entranced by who the male was that she found herself startled as an acorn fell from the tree above and landed before her very eyes. "Oh!" She said aloud, blinking in surprise. Hands flew to her lips, sure the other had heard her what with his large set of ears. Giselle's head ducked behind the rock again, though she kept her eyes level to see if she had been noticed.

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They're going to be so fun. XD

The green grass was like an ocean of an unfamiliar sea, and Ezekiel drifted through this aimlessly. His head felt disconnected from his body, caught up in the current of the thing he had done. To kill was one thing. To stare at the mother whose son he had killed and admit such a thing was another. I’m sorry, he wanted to tell her. This will never end. Not here, not where the earth was made red by blood and his own fur reflected this, betrayed his bloodied hands and painted face.

His thoughts were broken suddenly by a noise from one of the large stones nearby. Ezekiel stiffened, ears swiveling. Though he was unable to pinpoint where the noise had originated from, he trailed towards the source with well-placed steps. With any luck he would find some food; that at least might take his mind away from the horrors he did not wish to face.

Quickly, he pulled the bow off with one hand and drew an arrow with another. Amber eyes stared ahead hawkishly, bow notched with practiced ease. He hoped it was something large.

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Writing takes alllllll the day's frustrations away~ I hate how short this is though. WC: 313

The young girl was never good at hiding games, for even little things - like an acorn falling from a tree - startled her. Though her hand remained covered to her presently silent mouth, curiosity still got the best of her when Giselle attempted to keep her eyes on the stranger ahead. It was the chocolate and cream colored weasel, however, that noticed the bow and arrow aimed in their direction.

As he puffed out his chest, the stoat gave away the pair's hiding place as the creature burst out from behind the rock and headed in the direction of the attacker, body gliding like water over the grass. The pale girl gasped sharply in reaction, more afraid now that the man before them would shoot at the young animal, and scrambled to get to her own feet. "Tux, wait!" Her words were faster than her own feet, as she screamed in protest. Forgetting about her book on the ground, Giselle broke into a run, dress billowing behind her.

"Don't hurt him!" The words were directed at either of the two before her, fresh flower petals falling from dark hair as Giselle ran. With all the energy and courage she could muster, she leaped forward and managed to grab Tux by the tail. In one swift motion, she clutched him to her chest and fell to her knees, body huddled over in protection of her young friend. "Please.. don't hurt him.." She muffled towards the male, not daring to look up, merely bracing herself for whatever would happen next. A cold feeling settled in the depths her stomach, not having thought of her actions beforehand and only acting upon what she felt in her heart. She feared for her companion's life first before her own, and all 'Elle knew now was that someone, whoever it was, stood before them with a clear shot.

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Sorry this is crappy but I wanted to get something up :( He's speaking low-speech so Tux might understand parts of it, but it's a horsey-dialect

He had expected a rabbit, but instead what came charging at him was a weasel. Ezekiel’s eyes widened in surprise when the snake-like movements of the brown animal were thwarted by a girlish shriek. From behind the rock a pale wolf in a brightly colored dress emerged, throwing herself at the animal. The Aquila released his grip on the arrow, ears rising to a proud red crown atop his head.

Quickly, he disarmed himself. Sliding the bow onto his back was easier than the arrow, but he was well-practiced by this point in his life. Dropping to a squat, the coyote eyed the girl curiously. “I won’t hurt him,” Ezekiel said warmly, smiling to show this was the truth. “Sorry I scared you, I thought you were a rabbit.” Startled by the commotion, Viggo had trotted towards the group. He slowed behind his owner and snorted, tossing his head. The coyote rose and made a series of hand gestures and low snorting-whinny noises to explain.

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I reaaaaally don't mind. I think I rewrote this one like three times :d WC: 454

From the corner of her eye she could see shadows moving, as the coyote with the weapon crouched down next to them. Her body stopped shaking, something she hadn't realized she had been doing, when the large eared one reassured the pale girl. She mumbled something incoherent with her head down and her arms still wrapped around the stoat, before gently lifting her head.

Tears were filmed in her eyes, but they refused to spill, as Tux's head popped out from her protective arms. The coyote's voice seemed reassuring enough, as Giselle's soft gaze met his warm, golden ones. The stoat's beady eyes blinked up at the male, face taking on a look of confusion at his apology. "Rabbit?! Why I oughta--" His words came in clear to the pale girl, but to anyone who couldn't understand it came in a series of shrills and squeals. His body attempted to wriggle free of his caretaker's arms, to show the large wolf who he was messing with, but Giselle held him and looked at Tux scoldingly. "It's okay, he was just trying to--" She began to explain, but then paused as her attention suddenly turned towards the horse that trotted up, and she gasped sharply.

The beast was magnificent up close, and looked even larger despite her form still crouching to the ground. Giselle's look of surprise was soon matched by her stoat's, as the coyote rose and began to speak to the horse. "How did he do that?!" The stoat remarked, swinging his head back and forth between the stranger and the horse, catching bits of the conversation. The pale girl ignored the weasel's question, as she slowly rose with him still cradled in her arms. "Oh, he's lovely!" She finally found her voice, the stoat climbing up her shoulder just as Giselle pressed her now free hands to her face excitedly.

She knew the stranger was not from around here, but he had a horse whom he could speak to. It was a different dialect that Giselle didn't quite understand, and the young girl had no idea low speech could be used towards such immense creatures. "I didn't think anyone could talk to horses.. Could you teach me to say something?" Her excitement made her forget about the ordeal just moments before, eyes brightening as she looked at the one with extremely large ears. She knew low speech took time, and horses were beautiful animals. Even if she knew a word, or a gesture, her day would be complete. Long had she dreamed to ride one, but talking to one? Even better. The young girl absentmindedly brushed off dust on her bright dress and smoothed out her dark hair, ears perked.

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I was so stalking this for your reply before it got buried with the merging stuff. <3 Thanks for the poke! When Zeke is speaking complex sentences he uses his hands too, kind of like sign-language, but the verbal part is easier to pick up. :D

The small animal, chirping as he was, spoke too fast for Ezekiel to pick up anything other than his tone. Obviously something had offended the weasel, but this was likely the whole arrow business. Ezekiel was busy enough sorting the situation out with the rather perplexed horse when the woman’s voice broke through and caused the pair to look in her direction. Viggo, catching enough of her expression to realize that she mean praise for him, lifted his head proudly and let out another snort. The coyote rolled his eyes.

He was further surprised by the woman’s recognition of his behavior as speech—most strangers often assumed him daft—and he offered her an honest smile at the idea. “I don’t see why not. How about how to say hello?” He asked, forcing his mind elsewhere for the time being. Whatever nightmare he fled from was certainly not welcome around a girl whose sunshine personality reminded him of his cousins. She didn’t fear him, which spoke of innocence. Perhaps she had never been hurt.

The Aquila made a short snorting noise, which Viggo cocked an ear at. A series of short hand gestures and lower knickers explained things to him, and the stallion turned to the girl and echoed what the coyote had said so the pretty thing might recognize the pattern.

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WC: 271 Ahaha XD There wasn't much else I thought I could post without pping, so I promise she'll give attention to Zeke in the next post >_>;

For a brief second, the pale princess wondered if the horse was relishing in the fact that she was gawking at the massive creature. The way it tossed his head almost made it seem so, and it delighted the girl even more. It seemed as if her eyes could get no wider when, all of a sudden, the man agreed to teach her something to say to the beast. Though it wasn't complex, Giselle squealed with joy, and this time it was the weasel who rolled its eyes, as if speaking to animals was not all that dazzling.

Pale blue eyes wandered to the man, who made a quick noise from his nostrils, before watching him communicate to the horse with signs both verbal and otherwise. Elle knew there was much more to low speech - she herself didn't understand some words that her own companion told her at times. But this was not a small bundle of fur with beady eyes, this was a proud and magnificent stallion; one Giselle only dreamed her future prince would have.

The horse snorted back at her, in the same manner that the male with the large ears had. Looking from one to the other, she attempted the short snort as well. As it came out, it tickled her nose as did the beginning of a sneeze, before it disappeared. She kept her eyes trained on the horse, awaiting a reaction. She had hoped she hadn't said anything offensive with such a sound. "Oh, how did I do~?" Her young, impatient mind couldn't help but whisper the question aloud, perking her ears forward attentively.

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Both horse and rider watched the girl curiously, though Viggo’s reaction was more obvious as he whinnied approvingly, stamping one large hoof against the grass. Ezekiel smiled faintly, still feeling the weight of thing he was running from on his shoulders. There was only so much he could do to think of other things, even this pretty girl with baby-blue eyes and her sing-song voice. Everything felt like it was bearing down on him, even though he knew he would never see the Collie again.

That hurt more than he wanted to admit. “Good,” Ezekiel said, his eyes not meeting the smile on his face. “You pronounce it a little funny, but it’s understandable.” The horse echoed this with his own noise, and reached out his nose towards the girl. While he did not understand the full weight of the grief Ezekiel felt, Viggo wanted to feel the touch of a woman as opposed to Ezekiel’s rougher hands. Recognizing this, the Aquila rolled his eyes. “Do you want to pet him...? I didn’t get your name,” he added, realizing that in the aftermath of her panic they had skipped over formalities.

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This is mah horse, mah horse is amaaazing. WC: 559

Her heart skipped a beat at the creature's reaction, which caused her to take a step back, but a smile remained on her face nonetheless. She looked at the golden figure with large ears before her, and the naivety of her expression only saw his approval, too, and not what troubled him deep down. A childish giggle escaped her as the stranger explained, but her attention quickly went back to the horse with his nose inches from her.

She felt her small companion tense up on her shoulders, which cased her to gasp, lift her hands towards herself and curl her fingers, as if she were afraid to touch the horse. That is, until the male had given her permission in the form of a question. "Yes, I'd love to~" The comment seemed to come from the heart, pure and unfaltering. Giselle's once tentative hands reached out for Viggo's large nose, and her expression melted into a form of pure happiness, face aglow with mirth. 'Elle remembered that it was the same way she reacted to the knight's strong black horse, too, all those days ago.

For just that moment, and then a few more, 'Elle had forgotten about the last, and most important, statement from the stranger. She was transfixed on the horse itself, and felt how powerful the horse was even through its muzzle. The young girl in the sunlit dress could not help but move further forward, and Tux's own concern and unease drew him back towards the ground. Giselle did not seem to notice the lack of weight on her shoulders now, to her she seemed to be losing herself into another world entirely. Hands stroked the creature's muzzle gently, ready to draw back at any moment, as if she were touching fire. Her own bright eyes were fixed to the creature's dark ones, and the girl's light touch drew back strands of his mane from the center of his nose, where she saw the bridge marked with a splash of white. Wrapped up in a whirl of emotions, Giselle's own hair fell forward as, drawn by something she couldn't explain, she closed her own eyes and leaned her forehead against the bridge of Viggo's nose ever so gently.

But reality washed over her and interrupted the enchanting moment, and she opened her eyes and drew back from the horse slightly, but slowly. It just occurred to the young Dreamer that she had forgotten all about formalities, as she had her eyes set on the large creature. A blush rose in her cheeks, and Giselle could not hide the sudden embarrassment that crept onto her features. "Oh.." She was startled, mostly at herself, and daintily took a step towards the male, looking as if she were a pup who had done something wrong and were about to be scolded. "I'm sorry," She breathed towards him, her gaze meeting his, apologizing for not having paid attention to something as simple as a greeting. And yet here she was, petting a horse whose name she didn't know, owned by a stranger she was equally unfamiliar with. Extending her hand towards the golden one, she smiled meekly. "I'm Giselle, of Crimson Dreams. It's a pleasure to meet you, kind sir~" Below them, the stoat rolled his beady eyes, not used to the lack of attention his caretaker gave.

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So I just watched Tangled and totally now see where Gis came from. XD LOVE IT

For a man who had grown up knowing battle and the wilderness, seeing a girl behaving more like…well, a girl, was peculiar. None of the Inferni women were anything like this, after all. A strange smile crossed his face as he tried to imagine Talitha in a dress, skipping and prancing about like a filly. Of course, the day that happened, he might find Hybrid good company and Gabriel covered in flowers like Sage and her silly sisters. A snort escaped him at the thought.

The girl’s soft sing-song voice sounded apologetic for reasons he did not fathom. This, at least, reminded him of his sister. Though he did not fully understand the purpose of the handshake, he had learned it from others. His left arm came to meet her hand, bandaged midway above the elbow still. “Ezekiel. I lead Inferni, up north. You’ve already met Viggo,” he added as the horse made a low knicker. Amber eyes fell to the small animal near her feet. “And I take it the weasel is yours?”

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WC: 398 You need to see Enchanted too, and a lot more will make sense xD;

It had seemed the two came from different worlds entirely - she floating from the clouds, and he a down to earth creature. If only she had been told the stories of his life, the things that he went through.. it would surely make her weep. A small shock of surprise came from the girl when she finally took notice of his bandaged arm, which he drew to shake her own hand in greeting. Giselle had been too busy admiring the horse to notice. "You're hurt.." She stammered under her breath, more out of immediate concern than anything.

But then he gave his name and title, and her train of thought changed. He was the leader of a pack? 'Elle had never heard of Inferni before, but all of a sudden the male became more interesting than the creature he rode upon. "A-are you a prince?" The statement was a hopeful one, blue eyes sparkling in the mid-afternoon sun. Her feet felt frozen to the spot, unable to move, only imagining ever coming across a prince at this time, in this place. He did not look like a prince, but Giselle had read tales of princes dressing as commoners to get away from their royal life.

Before she could say anything else, Ezekiel made a comment about her companion, to which he reacted to rather boldly. 'Weasel?!' Tux squeaked at Giselle's feet, and she gasped when he climbed up her arm and perched on her shoulder, squeaking out what would be obscenities at the strange male. With a sole finger Giselle placed it over the stoat's mouth, who seemed close to jumping on the coyote and showing him a thing or two. "Tux, please~ We're in the presence of a.. prince."

Giselle only had to assume he was - he led an entire pack. Did they all have large ears like his? Doing the only thing she knew she could, Giselle curtsied before the man, apologizing for her animal companion's outburst. "I'm sorry, dear prince. He doesn't like being called a -- you know." Her cheeks were powdered red with embarrassment, removing the finger from her now silent stoat. She stroked his chocolate and cream chest. Though a stoat could also be called a weasel, Tux hated the latter title. It meant, in his beady eyes, that he was not bold or brave, like calling a knight unchivalrous.

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I saw it when it came out, but I'd have to rewatch it I suppose. XD

The reaction to his wound was ignored. He had explained it to another boy and had no desire to speak of violence now, when he had the hateful eyes of a witch behind him. Whatever Alaine had or had not done to him was something that the coyote would face later. For now, though, he had this pretty girl and her…well, her fantasy life. She certainly looked the part, and oh there she went calling him a prince, looking as if he told her otherwise she might be heartbroken.

The weasel jumped up and started yelling, at least that’s what he supposed the high-pitched and frantic squeaks would be compared to. He actually laughed at the display, amused by the way she and the ferret complimented each other. Ibsen might have found the whole thing equally as entertaining. “It’s fine. I know a raven who feels the same way about being called a crow.” Dipping his head slightly towards the tiny beast, the scarred coyote smiled broadly. “My apologies, young master Tux.”

He looked back to the she-wolf, still smiling. “I suppose I am, yes. My father led before me, and his mother before him. Inferni could be called a kingdom.” Ezekiel knew of the concept from his books, and he found the idea…flattering. It sounded much better than what they truly were.

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WC: 375 I think I'ma find it online and watch it again after this. XD.

Her eyes settled comfortably on the golden prince, feeling her heart flutter. She was standing before a prince, a real prince! She wanted to dance and skip and roll through fields of colorful flowers, but would find that her feet were rooted to the spot, equally nervous as she was excited. "See Tux? I knew he would come!" She told the stoat, perhaps a little too loudly before the male in question. She was referring to the book she had been reading earlier, in hopes that her prince would soon come.

When Ezekiel began to laugh, so did she, now feeling as if her companion's outburst had insulted him. Giselle didn't want to make it worse, and so went along with it. Her eyes settled on the seemingly-pouting weasel perched upon her, before the golden make with the large ears mentioned a particular kind of bird. Slowly, the ivory princess' face took on a look of shock, mixed with obvious fear. When she opened her mouth to speak, her voice cracked and was full of concern. "A.. a.. raven?" She inquired, daring to look up and around the area for any sign of the wicked bird. "But aren't all ravens.. evil?" A small, pale hand wandered up to her lips, fingers curled as it rested against her. Everything she had ever heard about ravens were that they belonged to villains - cruel messengers and spies for their master.

With Giselle's concern, she almost didn't see the golden prince apologize to the chocolate stoat, who puffed out his chest proudly as if to say 'And don't you forget it!'. But she shook her head, seeing no sign of the bird anyplace, and listened to the coyote prince speak about his kingdom. Giselle immediately forgot about some silly ol' raven, and became enamored by the talk of the prince's kingdom. "It sounds enchanting~" she spoke in a dreamy tone, already imagining the kingdom before knowing anything about it. Had she been taken to the place itself, she would have been heartbroken to find that it was unlike anything she had ever laid eyes upon. Turning towards the horse, Giselle's hands moved to stroke the creature's muzzle once more. "How far away is this kingdom of yours, Ezekiel?"

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Maybe they can talk some and he can give her a ride back home? HER DREAM, OMIGAWD.

He heard but misunderstood her first outburst, missing parts of it in his inappropriate laughter. She was young and silly, as most girls are, so he chalked her behaviors up to that. On ravens, though, a subtle shadow crossed his face. Alaine had once called him a raven, and had he not proven himself wicked? Perhaps they were evil things, the black-winged birds, and perhaps he had been damned since Marlowe’s children were saved from death. That wasn’t wrong, though. How could saving a child be wrong?

Luckily, she went on quickly and Ezekiel buried his shadow with a plastic smile, no longer as open an honest as his first had been. “It’s a few days ride north,” he said. He had once run it in a day, driven by desperation. Never again. Not for her, and not for anyone else. Amber eyes moved from the stoat and back to the girl, whom Viggo was quite happy to allow touching him. “You said you’re from Crimson Dreams, right?”

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