[M] benim seviyor ruhunuzu da çok gitti

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WARNING This thread contains: graphic violence and explicite language starting with the 2nd post. Reader discretion is advised.

ooc- takes place on july 23rd at about dusk at Grandfather's Tears.

Mizu couldn't believe how big her stomach was! She could barely even see her feet! She giggled, her pups were due in about a week or two. She smiled with satisfaction. J'adore and her would be so happy once the pups were born. Recently there had been a lot of stuff going on. What with their hut being filled with woman, J'adore was training for a new job, and Mizu's wrist was all messed up. It was getting better though. Now even without a whole lot of herbs numbing her wrist she could deal with the slight pang that she felt when she tried to move it. It was healing rather nicely too, it wasn't crooked or anything, the bone had begun to repair itself in the right way, thank goodness.

Mizu didn't want to go too far from AniWaya's borders so she just went to a place called Grandfather's Tears. It was a lovely little place. She wanted to go for a walk so she just kept going once she reached the area. She was outside of Aniwaya's borders, but not by too much. Maybe a mile or so. Anyway, it was a nice day out and it would be nice to go on a little walk. There was a slight cool breeze blowing around the sun was shining on Mizu's white pelt. Her arm still had a wrap on it but it was gradually becoming just a thin wrap of gauze, not a whole bundle to keep the bone from repairing crookedly. She smiled and continued to walk. She went through a little path that led between two rows of bushes and she looked at them happily. They were so green! "güzel, çok güzel"

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ooc; evil Shurui to send your soul to hell >:D 3+

While the young heavily pregnant woman enjoyed her short walk to lands anew and frolicked in the sunlight, soaking up the beauty of the land around her, evil lurked within the shadows watching with scornful eyes and hateful thoughts. Hands were clenched into angry fists and lips curled back to reveal teeth sharpened specifically to do the most damage and inflict intense pain. Icy blue orbs followed the path of the dyed one and he trailed after her silent as a shadow and with a heart as black as one. A soft, quiet evil sounding chuckle was the only noise that could possibly give away his presence.

He could hardly contain his twisted version of joy that the situation had turned out like this, it was not by chance that she had wandered into his path and the white beast was as excited as he was calm in a strange way, he was finally going to kill his whorish bitch of a sister, he snorted gently. He needed no other proof that she was a whore, the belly protruding before her attested to that, the disgusting spawns were probably riddled with various bits and pieces of others DNA, he almost felt pity for them. Well he would be doing them a favor of sparing them a hellish life of being ridiculed for their slut of a mother.

With a sharp ringing noise the sword was pulled from its sheath and the male charged forwards from his hiding place within the bushes, a wordless roar bellowed from his gaping, teeth bared maw and the sword held out before him intending to run her through on the cold sharp metal. Wickedness glinted in his face and the only feeling in his dark heart was that of final revenge, revenge for his mistreatment by their parents, revenge for her being the golden child and him the unwanted one, revenge that she had gotten to feel all the love that he never had done from anyone.

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ooc- awh! poor mizu! (x

Mizu heard a small chuckle from the bushes but natrually assumed it was nothing.. Probably just some bird or something. She stopped by one of the bushes and picked a delicate looking flower. It had five little white petals and the tips were colored a sky blue. She smiled and then she heard it. Her ears perked up and she turned, just in time to see her brother charging at her with a sword. She screamed loudly and almost didn't move. But at the last second she turned, the sword cutting four inches into her arm. She screamed again in pain and gasped for breath. She felt a strange feeling from down below and she looked down. The ground around her was wet. Not now! Her pups were coming...

A jolt of pain traveled through her body. She gasped as her knees buckled. Her hand clenched tightly onto the flower, no smushed and ridded of it's beauty. She struggled for breath as she started to go into shock. She knew what it felt like, it happened everytime she met with Shurui and he hurt her. More contractions rippled through her body, she tried to stop them.. or at least delay them but it wasn't going to work. Tears streamed down her face. What was going to happen to her pups? She held her stomach and screamed as the contractions forced out the first pup. "hayır, hayır! onun çok yakında! Her puppies weren't due for another two weeks at least! Was Shurui going to kill them? She reached down for her baby, tears clouded her vision. She grasped hold of it and cleared the sak away from its nose and mouth so it could breath. He was so beautiful! He was pure white with only a spot of brown on his forhead. She held it and cried.

More contractions came, one after the other. And soon a new puppy had emerged into the world. She did the same as she had done with the first puppy. She looked exactly like her brother except it was opposite. Pure brown with only a spot of white on her forehead. She gripped them both and looked at Shurui. Turkish was the only language she could speak, all the others were gone from her mind. "Sen! Sen şeytan! Adınız demek olan 'güzel!' En azından Japonca olarak ... Bana bu kadar nefret neden bilmiyorum! İlk yangından sonra size yardım etmek için çalıştı! Seni bağışladı. Ve bir daha beni öldürmeye çalıştı ... Shurui, senin kardeşim ve seni seviyorum etmeliyim ... ve benim .. Gerçekten .. ama neden sen de beni sevmiyorsun ... Lütfen, sadece benim yavrular uzak durun .. J'adore çok kızgın olacak ve ben sana ne bir şey istemiyorum ... Babaları .. J'adore, yakında burada olacak ..."Mizu's contractions stoped, she knew there were more but she had managed to stop them. But what would happen to these two?

Mizu was terrified. Her eyes kept looking at Shurui's sword that he held in his hand. Would he kill her and the pups? Just the pups? The suspension was killing her, she really wished that she could read minds.. Usually she got a good read on people but Shurui was completely unpredictable. She thought that's the reason she was so scared of him.. She wasn't lying before, she really did love her brother. That's why she didn't press charges on him the first time.. Now if she got out of here alive she definately would.

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His sister's scream was sweet, sweet music to his ears and he relished it greatly. Anything that caused her pain or any other bad emotions or feelings was good in his book. He cursed wildly as she managed to move herself out of a fatal stabbing but still the scent of her blood filling the air was enough to cause him to rejoice. He pulled the sword back and again made to lunge at her when he stopped, she was no longer paying him attention but was looking down towards her legs, then she buckled and fell to the floor. The white demon had been to enough and caused enough births that he knew what birthing fluid smelt like, it started with an evil smile and then morphed into a slight chuckle and it wasn't long before he was laughing outright at the fallen woman.

This was so much better than slicing her throat and watching the blood drain from her dieing body, while her body went into early labor he laughed like the devil himself and aimed a vicious kick at her side, slicing open several gashes into her stomach, mocking her all the while in a mixture of and Korean, too excited and thrilled by it all to stick to a single language kind of like how Mizu had reverted to Turkish. Although his sister wouldn't understand what he said, the tone of his voice was unmistakable. Her tears, her cries of pain and weak thrashing were all extremely enjoyable to watch and hear, his sister finally getting what she deserved.

Soon the little brats had entered the world and his sister hugged the maggots close and cried, he sneered at the disgusting display, her words angered him and he snarled at her with teeth bared,

<span style='color:green'>"Valancı! Benim adım kötü demektir."</span> He reached forwards and ripped the newborn pups from her grasp, holding the squirming wet sacs of blood and organs high above her reach, they squeaked and squealed at being suddenly removed from the warmth, he looked at them with boredom, they did bore him but the pain he could cause Mizu with them was endless, he had no feelings for his nephew and niece other than this, their colors didn't interest him nor the people who they would grow to be.

He held their fragile bodies in a too tight grip causing them to scream out in discomfort in the only way they knew how to and dangled them enticingly above her encouraging her to reach out for them and they pulling them up high again. He cradled them close to his chest as though caring for them and they squirmed around against the heat of his body, and spoke in soft dangerous tones,

<span style='color:green'>" Sen sadece tutmak ve benim gibi olmalarını yükseltmek ve tamamen size nefret edebilir, biliyorum, harika sevgili kardeşim olmaz ki?"</span> THe man began to pace around the fallen woman like a vulture circling a fresh kill with the newborns still held to him, and a violent smirk on his face.

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She let out a moan of pain as he slashed into her side. More tears flooded her vision but she only paied attention to her beautiful little babies. She heard him call her a liar and she looked up,bahis ister misin? Her eyes widened as he ripped her pups from her hands. She shook her head wildly. When he spoke she shook her head again, tears were streaming down her face. Sadece onlara zarar değil, onlarla istiyorum ama lütfen ne yapmak!" She cried and cried, watching as Shurui taunted her. Her hand went to her bleeding side and held the slashes. She watched Shurui carefully. She kept whispering under her breath. She prayed and prayed that he woudln't hurt them.

Their life had just begun, they didn't deserve to be dead so quickly. She looked at her pups. At least they were warm and alive for right now. She may love her brother but if he killed her babies she would never, ever want to see him again. She could die for all she cared and she wouldn't even shed a tear. Except perhaps in anger. She closed her eyes and prayed, afraid to open them for she didn't want to see what would happen next. Shurui had a dangerous weapon. He could kill the pups, then her. Or just her.. still her pups would die, especially the ones that were still inside her. She wondered how long she could hold in her pups. Hopefully long enough so that Shurui would think that was it and he would leave. J'adore needed to get here... now. "J'adore!" She screamed it loud, trying so hard to get him to come.

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He kicked her again in the ribs several times as she screamed for her mate making sure his rear claws sunk in deep and tore into muscle, she wouldn't be walking on her own for some time. He laughed darkly knowing that he didn't have much time left now, that scream would have most likely drawn the attention of anyone nearby bringing them to investigate. He circled around her again menacingly carefully stepping especially hard on the wrist that had nearly healed from their last encounter, hearing the bones re-crack and grind against each other. He pressed down even harder and heard a louder crack, the bone had snapped completely; a growl of satisfaction left his throat before he did the same to the other wrist, relishing the loud snaps of bone and the grinding.

The pups in his arms continued to squeak and squirm around most annoyingly, his lips curled ever so slightly, before he leaned closer to his sister although not so close that she could strike at him in anyway. His icy blue eyes sparkled, filled to the brim with malice and evil, and he spat at her in Turkish,

<span style='color:green'>"Just for that dearest sister, you will suffer. You have chosen their fates now watch the consequences of your foolish actions."</span> He dropped one of the pups, the brown one with the white spot, to the floor besides his foot from his great height and it screamed in pain as it's fragile body hit the floor, he kicked it away from Mizu so that she could not reach for it and it rolled lifelessly for a second before the tiny legs and tail began twitching and it called for its mother, the 'i'm lost, come find me' call that all pups knew from birth. The other, who wriggled futilely as though sensing the pain of his sister Shurui held in his hands in front of her face and twisted its body with agonizing slowness, letting her hear and see every scream and cry of the pup while repeating to her over and over in a drawling voice,

<span style='color:green'>"This is. All. Your. Fault. You caused this."</span> There was a snap, a final high pitched yelp and the pup fell limp in his hands, dead. Then he repeated the whole process again with the girl one, who screamed and yelped more than her brother had done and thrashed about as much as she could do given her tiny body. The monster felt not a thing for his nephew and niece as he brutally murdered them, the only thing they would ever know from their short lives was cold, pain and fear. He tosses the corpses in Mizu's general direction, and with one last kick at her he walked away into the bushes as though nothing had happened, leaving her with a life much worse than anything he could have delivered to her in death. He was far, far away before J'adore ever appeared on the scene and was lounging around with Malignant as his sister gave birth to her two remaining pups.

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She screamed and groaned as he continually kicked her in the rips. She felt her skin split open and felt blood pouring from her body. She cried steadily. She wasn't scared for her and she wasn't crying because she was in pain. She was crying for her puppies. They had just entered the world yet already they had known such horror. And the worst part was they couldn't see! They had no idea what would happen next, but she was glad they didn't have to see her like this.

She completely blocked out Shurui's words, she didn't want to his crap. She kept an eye on her pups. Their screams were unbearable to her, by now she had sat up and was crouching down on her knees, she couldn't move her hands, they hurt so so bad. She was crying, trying to balance herself on her knees. She cried and cried. She was hunched over and dry heaving too. She was looking at the ground when she saw a rolling puppy. She screamed and cried more. When she looked up at Shurui he was twisting the other pup. She tried to yell at him but no words came out, only a distorted scream. She cried as she heard the snap. Mizu couldn't take it anymore, her pups were being killed. She wanted her instinct to kick in, to tear Shurui to pieces, but she was just too weak.

Mizu wasn't surprised as he picked up the boy. He did the same exact thing to her puppy. Her tears never dried out, they just kept flowing. She screamed and tried to yell, over and over again. When he threw the pups at her, she tried to pick them up, to hold them, but she couldn't. Her hands were not in her control anymore. She lay down on her still big stomach and rolled over onto her back. She used her legs to push herself towards them. She lay right next to them and let her body go into labour again. She gave birth to her other two pups. She sat up and licked the saks away. Very gently she picked them up and put them with their brother and sister. She curled up around them and cried gently. Four beautiful little puppies lay sleeping. Two slept permentally, while the other two slept only for a while.

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J'adore smell it in the air from the moment it happened, he could smell the fear an ager in their air. And as soon as he did his instincts kicked in. He had been near the borders, just past them actually, patrolling like he had been instructed to do. He had felt the evil goings on and even thoguh her first suspected it was only silly fears, the scent of blood in the air had fired him up.

His hind legs pumped away at the ground, thrusting himself forward as fast as he could. He had become exhausted long ago, but his mind was focused on one thing and one thing only. 'Mizu! Mizu!' J'adore's paws rapped upon the ground hurrdily, in a sloppy rushed beat. The scent of blood became stronger as he approached.

He saw Mizu. And the state she was in. Then he saw the pups, his pup. He knew who did this, it wasShurui. Only he could be so ruthless and evil. 'Mizu...' he said softly. Moving closer and lying next to her. His nose prodded the pups, two moved, two wriggled and yapped quitely. The other pair stayed still, but his face still wore a faint smile. The living female pup reached up to him, and J'adore lowered his head. The live male yapped loudly, wriggling closer towards his father and mother. 'I'm sorry Mizu' he said softly, his eyes glancing over the two dead pups.

He wouldn't go after Shurui, Ralla ha instructed him not to and he wouldn't. No, his children needed him now. The pair would go home, cremated the two dead pups and the celebrate. Celebrate their living pups. Ferrari and Iskander Austral, They would not be sad, they would go about tribal life as usual. Shurui would get his come uppance soon. J'adore leant over to Mizu, kissed her. 'It will be okay'.

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Mizu heard J'adore and instantly a small smile came to her face. "It's not your fault J'adore." She smiled at her two pups that were moving. She licked them both happily. She also licked the dead ones, just because they were gone doesn't mean that they don't deserve the love and attention the live ones did. She had an idea though. The two dead ones would be cremated and she would spread their ashes in a garden. There she would grow two different colored roses. Each would represent the dead puppies. She smiled, she liked that idea. But how would she do it? Both of her wrists were completely broken. She took a deep breath and winced at the pain that it caused her.

She smiled as J'adore kissed her, "Yes, yes it will. They are in a better place now.. Maybe in the future they can be reborn as our own pups and finally get the chance to live." She smiled. Reincarnation it was called. It sounded lovely to her. She hated Shurui, hated him. Now she would get revenge on him. She wouldn't be able to do anything to him, no. But the law certainly could. As soon as she was well enough she would tell Ralla what she wanted to do. Shurui would pay... most certainly. She looked at J'adore, "Aren't they beautiful?"

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