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This is a non-mandatory thread and meant to be just a fun party for the clan! If you want to say your character brings something to eat or drink (or smoke!) go for it! Ezekiel, Enkiel, and Talitha are currently present. The old people will probably show up all late. XD

With Talitha’s guidance, a newly constructed archway hung near the back of the Mansion’s gate. She had decorated it with even more flowers while Ezekiel worked on building a respectable fire. It was finished by mid-afternoon, and with a series of long metal stakes, the Aquila skewered the birds he had caught earlier in the week with Giza and let them cook over the fire. Enkiel even offered up some herbs for seasoning, which caught the Aquila off guard. It seemed his grumpy cousin was enjoying Talitha’s company more than he had expected.

While the birds roasted above the fire, Ezekiel went about gathering his other surprise; two bottles of wine were brought up from the basement of the house. It had been a creepy escapade going down there, and even fearless Ezekiel had frightened himself with imaginary voices. To save face, he had not bolted out of the cellar, but his fur had been prickled all along his spine by the time he came out. While dusty, they were old and likely very nice—Ezekiel honestly had no clue, being as he was not a wine coinsure.

Satisfied by their initial preparations, the Aquila let out a loud yapping call for the rest of the clan.

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Derrr, I hope this is okay? :P WC: 449

Sage had been in a splendid mood since being reunited with her father, and a gathering with her second family had sounded just perfect. The plans had been set and she had been preparing. The week prior, she had harvested many buds from her delicate green plants and hung them up to dry in her small Mansion room. The plants gave the entire floor a sweet, musky, herbal scent that she loved to come home to; though she guessed that her Centurion was displeased with the scent. Nonetheless, that morning she had rolled twenty large joints for her family. Though the happy child was sure that not everyone would want to join in on the lovely, high quality smoke, she made sure to bring enough for them all, just in case. The day before, she had even managed to catch a few rabbits to offer up for feasting, having skinned them and prepared the meat for cooking.

Gathering her usual bag filled with sketchbooks, pencils, and her own stash of joints, she rose from the fur rug she'd been reclining on. Sage placed all of the pre-rolled cigarettes into a separate, smaller pouch, which she tossed into her bag as well. Figuring it wouldn't hurt, she moved across the room and grabbed a few additional buds, just in case someone had something else to smoke out of. Then, she threw the bundle of rabbit carcasses over her arm and made her way downstairs.

Even before she descended to the first floor, she could smell the meat cooking. Excited, she hurried down and out, just in time to hear Ezekiel's call. Beaming, she joined the small group, the smell of meaty smoke strong in the air. With her free hand, she waved at Zeke, her golden eyes wandering to catch Talitha and Enkiel, who she saw little of. A brief smile flashed for Talitha, but she quickly averted her gaze, still unsure of the status of their friendship (or lack thereof).

"Oh, Ezekiel; it smells wonderful out here!" she chirped happily. "And this! How lovely!" she added, nodding her head towards the archway encased with flowers.

"I've brought some more meat," she chimed with a smile, quickly finding a clean place to rest the meat before its turn over the fire. She straightened and took a deep, satisfied breath; fter all of her recent troubles, it seemed that her Mother Earth had finally decided to smile on her again.

As they waited for their clan to arrive, Sage retrieved the pouch of joints from her bag and removed one, moving over to Ezekiel and offering one to him as well. "Care for a bit of smoke? I've brought plenty!"

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LOL GRUMPY HYBRID. :D Feel free to have your character notice him walking away or encounter him on the way to the meeting and whine at him. 8D

Hybrid heard the call for a pack gathering and of course, as the loyal soldier of Inferni, he felt obliged to attend. While there were times he chose not to include himself in the events, especially the festivities that were clearly intended to be light-hearted and amusing, he decided to see if this one was any different. As soon as he arrived, he realized it was exactly the kind of meeting he usually tried to avoid.

He lingered near the edge of the woods, wondering what to do. Undoubtedly, there would be the new ‘leaders’ preparing things for fun and excitement. The mere thought of such frivolity made Hybrid’s stomach wretch and knot. He decided that instead of joining in, he would be best off patrolling or just wandering about and keeping to himself. The last time he’d tried to involve himself in such an event – the Halloween party a year or two ago – the rest of the clan had tried to cajole him into trying a number of substances. No, this was not the type of party he would enjoy, so he supposed it would be best to make himself scarce and find some other way to keep busy.

With that decided, Hybrid turned to slink into the woods, hoping that no one had noticed his presence.

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Valkyrie de le Poer had been out and about this morning, like a little energizer bunny. She had taken the liberty to meet a few of the local ravens so she had been chatting with them, and found out that there was a party today. Rather, she was reminded, even though the woman had a pretty solid memory. She hadn't forgotten about this day, but it ended up coming in her conversation because the ravens asked what she was planning on bringing. Valkyrie decided that she would try her hand at fishing for today, and she was lucky enough to wake up early enough to catch the early morning coolness (she often woke early so she could spend nighttime hours with Hextor) and breakfast time for the fish so they would be closer to the water's edges and stuff. She grabbed her makeshift wooden spear that she had in her den for spear fishing (her favorite type of fishing to be honest) and once she had gotten that, she had been off to her favorite fishing hole that was at Folly Lake. She tried to make the catches quick, but of course, the fish had gotten smart at some points in time and she had to fool them into thinking that she was not there. She had gotten better and better at this since she had been doing it for some time now, but she still missed her targets 50% of the time. By the time she had gotten enough fish for her to be happy to bring to the party, she would also have help from Hextor until the sun had rose and hurt his eyes, and he had to cut down on what was able to catch. It was only because one of his eyes was bad now, the scar on it had told her that there was story of what had happened to her owl. She'd yet to ask only because she was not able to read the message that the luperci had given to hex to bring to her. She could only imagine what it said.

When she had gotten all of her fish, she had gotten a string and tied them by their tails to each other and she had picked them up and got dry(and got dressed) and then hauled them over her shoulder and left Folly Lake, heading back to the Mansion for the party that they were having. It would take her some time to get there, with the weight of the fish on her back, and her having to carry her spear as well. She also didn't go right to the party yet, for she still needed to go back to her den and get her prettiest dress on and get ready. She headed to the Grimwell caverns and once she had been there, she spent maybe an hour getting ready, and pretty in her sense, brushing through her dark locks to make sure they were brushed the way that she did, with her bangs in front of her face, mostly pushed to the right, covering one of her eyes partially. She got on her pink dress, and then she grabbed the fish again and then she was off to the mansion. Hextor flew ahead of her, her scout of sorts, and him taking the route that was heavily forested.

As she was coming up to the mansion, she had caught her father walking in the opposite direction of the party. She cocked a brow at the male and then pulled an over-sized ear to the side and cocked her entire head. Hey, pops, where'ya goin? she asked him. Tha' parties that'away. she spoke, pointing her coal fingers towards the mansion where the man had just come from. Ya' should join us, please please pleaseeeee? she asked, begging her father to accompany her and Hextor to the party. She would enjoy seeing her father perhaps enjoy one get together in his lifetime. She really hoped that he did not have the heart to deny his eldest daughter.

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Not taking notice of Valkyrie and Hybrid in this post, since they're not really in her line of sight.


She was quite pleased with the project completed by her brother and cousin, decorated by herself and jackal medic with flowers from the meadow to the west. It was colourful, summertime chic, a seemed a good backdrop to Sage's fanciful idea for a casual pack thing. Cookout, dinner, whatever the term — she remained off to the side near the archway, without a desire to interact with a large group. Crimson eyes focused on the flowers, her hands pushing them around in order to better please her aesthetic desires. Her brother had no sense of structured beauty, she'd give him that. It was a shame, really.

Sage was the first to appear at Ezekiel's call, all sunshine and daisies as usual; though she offered her russet cousin a smile, Talitha still felt mixed emotions in regards to how the hippie child clashed with the people around her, and no smile was returned. Silence maintained from the de le Poer, who sought out a place beside the exotic Lykoi healer once it became clear that others were coming to join in on what could only be 'fun'. Sage's offer of her unusually pleasant smelling herbal vice to Ezekiel caused his twin to lurch forward from her place to take up one near her brother, frowning in clear disapproval. "He doesn't need that; a leader is useless without a clear head." The words held no real malice, but somehow she felt they were a subtle jab at the younger woman.

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The commotion caused by his children and nephew had not gone unnoticed by Gabriel. He had moved most of his possessions to the Guest House, and now considered it his new living quarters. At least for the summer; he doubted this place would be warm during Nova Scotia’s harsh winter. Still, the open windows and sunshine made for long days of napping and general relaxation. If a certain collie, of whom he thought of often, could be present he would certain had a perfect lazy life. Of course, laws and duties to others prevented such things.

Gabriel left the Guest House not long after his son’s call sounded, moving at an easy pace. He had come down the steps when Valkyrie’s high voice drew his attention. With the new hole in the fence, even the broad forest behind the area was no longer safe from prying eyes. The graying male snorted at her display, and called out to the Hydra. “If you don’t she won’t be quiet,” he warned, used to such behavior from young girls. Shaking his head, the hybrid added: “Besides, the kids brought us food. Might as well let them do the work for once.” He had begun to accept his role and his age; hunting was more difficult with a wounded shoulder, after all.

Without waiting, he began heading towards the noise and the gathered coyotes.

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People can still join in if they want. :)

Sage’s appearance was met with a broad smile, and Ezekiel was pleased to see she had brought her own food as an offering. No one would go hungry today, which would hopefully brighten some moods. Of course, not everyone would be happy. Talitha, with her ever changing mood-swings, seemed determined to keep Ezekiel from having fun. He did not let his face betray the slight annoyance, but his swift movement towards the wine certainly said something. “I found this in the basement,” he explained loudly, lifting it up to try and make out the label on the bottle. “Wouldn't suggest exploring it though. It really smells horrible down there,” he added, finding the musty scent unwelcoming. The whole house could be heard from underneath the floor.

“Do you two want any duck? I told you about it before, Tali. The fat is the best part,” he reminded her, passing the wine in her direction before moving towards the roasting pikes. They were turning a golden-brown with fat crisping on the outside, which while he could have cared less about the meat, was decadence that (for his small world-travels) went unmatched.

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Hybrid let out a low whine of frustration when he heard his daughter shout his name. Why couldn't he just be left alone? What was so wrong with him arriving and then deciding to leave because it just wasn't his fucking cup of goddamn team? He rolled his eyes when she started to stretch out her vowels and whine in a petulant and decidedly feminine way. He hated it when others whined at him like that.

"Fuck, just piss off, I'm lea--" he began when he was interrupted by Gabriel's appearance.

"Aquila," he replied in greeting. "I suppose you're right, but that would be giving in to bad behaviour," he replied as he glanced toward his daughter and sneered. "And I do hate those who whine," he added, letting his voice drop an octave. Gabriel said something about letting the young ones hunt for them and Hybrid tried not to sneer derisively like he wanted to. After all, Gabriel was one of the few he still respected in this clan and he was still loyal to the coydog.

"I don't want to," he told Valkyrie. "But I'll stay here if you fetch me some food. But I'm not going over there."

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Sage should have expected Talitha to want to ruin her fun. Before Ezekiel could even respond his russet sister was at his side with a scowl, announcing for the Aquila that leaders didn't need such things. Sage's face fell, and she lowered the joint in her hand, narrowed golden eyes locking for several long moments with Talitha's red ones. This was a party; she shouldn't be allowed to hamper his fun! Leader or not, he deserved it just as anyone did. Regardless, Sage kept silent, only managing to purse her lips in annoyance before Zeke moved quickly to usher in a distraction. Alcohol.

The Aquila brandished a dark bottle filled with red liquid, and her eyes widened with excitement. Oh, what a good meal it would be! Happily she moved behind the pair, taking a moment to finally recognize the quiet jackal Enkiel with a silent, friendly nod of her head. "Mmm," she cooed as the smoke rose from the bird's skin. "Smells lovely," she commented brightly, bringing the momentarily forgotten joint to her lips once again to puff hungrily, anticipation causing her mouth to water. "One day, I should learn to cook, I think..." she mused, mostly to herself, slouching over the table lazily and watching the meat cook.

The Optio's gaze wandered, her concentration waning as a dark ear twitched-- had she heard other voices? Turning her head, she failed to see anything, but was still nearly sure that she had recognized that vague sound. Exhaling a thick cloud of white smoke, she waited, her eyes turning back again to her domineering cousin. What more would she say to try to restrict their merriment?

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She didn't speak after giving her own warnings, and though she recognized Ezekiel's distaste, she was distracted by her cousin's narrowed gaze. Red eyes didn't change shape — they remained wide and watchful — but something behind them changed as her arms crossed before her chest. A hateful gloss overtook them, bubbling up with dominance and disgust and just simple displeasure before Ezekiel turned Sage's attention to an old, glossy bottle. The Aquila's sister didn't speak; she didn't want any, of anything, and simply wanted to be able to leave. At first, it had a been a jovial idea, a way for her to see the people who lived within the ranks about them, but it was already ruined.

Talitha twisted on her toes and returned to Enkiel's side, pointedly ignoring her brother's offer of duck — she didn't feel like eating anyways, but punishing Ezekiel's supposed preference of the hippie child over his domineering sister was simply her way. Instead, she watched the air before her face, ears lowered in anger and tail vaguely puffy from the stare-down between she and the Optio. It took a moment before her eyes turned to Enkiel, and a smile brightened her features once more. "You're always so quiet, Enkiel — you should try to be more social, I'm sure other people would appreciate it. I certainly do." Each word held an oddly usual tone of subtle flirtation and simple appreciation that hadn't been used in some time.

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Of course her father would deny her. He was a grump when it came to having fun, and even though she begged and pleaded, she was ineffective, and the only one whom had been somewhat effective was the old Aquila, Gabriel. Valkyrie bowed her head to him out of respect, and habit it would seem since she would have once done so many times before when greeting him. She had a smile on her maw when Gabe had helped her with making her father stay here, at least for a little bit. She thought of him being the gargoyle of the party. She was told by her father that he would not be joining her, but he would stay if she would bring him food. Her eyes sparked back up and she wagged her long tail. She held the fish on her shoulder, but since her father sent her away, she figured that he either did not want fish, or he wanted cooked fish. Okay daddy. You b'ter be 'ere when I gets back. the woman told her father before she had smiled to Gabe again. Thanks Gabriel. she spoke to him too, and nodded her head to him. She bounced off towards the others again, leaving her father alone in his bushes.

She approached the group of canines, noticing that there were her cousins there. She also noticed her Aquila, and approached him first with the gifts. Hey Aquila! I brought some fish fer ya', too! the woman called to the golden male before she would walk over and put down the group of fish she had worked so hard to catch with the help of her owl friend. She smiled as she noticed that her owl would fly over them and find a perch on the roof of the mansion. His one good eye was looking down at Valkyrie. Valk looked at the pikes and then to Ezekiel. D'ya got anymore uh, pikes? she asked the golden man, before she looked around to maybe find something she could start cooking this fish on. The reason she did not use her own spear was because she did not want to burn it and make it crumble. She needed this spear still.


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After this round we can OOCly wrap up, since it's been about a month since we started. XD Thanks for posting guys!

Gabriel disregarded the title Hybrid used as a formality—Hybrid was so used to such a thing, after all. It had been discovered long ago that the man was mad, so whatever he did or said was often taken with a grain of salt. A flick of his dark-tipped tail was offered as rebuttal, but trotted towards the gathered crowd without answering his eldest warrior.

He found the leadership (save Halo) and his daughter together, which was not surprising. Enkiel was speaking with Talitha, and leaned over to take the wine that his daughter ignored. Valkyrie bounded past him, distracting Ezekiel. The elder paused near his healer, who was answering Talitha in his usual tone. I find no need to be social, he explained, sniffing at the wine. I am content. Gabriel’s arrival was met with a dip of his narrow triangular head.

“Enkiel, grab some food for us. A growing girl must eat,” he added pointedly, shooting his daughter a look.

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Ezekiel frowned at Talitha’s behavior, but found Sage’s comment something to keep him busy. “Oh, that would be great. All I do is put things over a fire. Enkiel gave me some herbs he said would taste good, but we’ll see.” He shrugged lightly, and rose to meet the quickly-approaching young girl. Since her return, Valkyrie had been someone he was quite interested in—mostly for her bird. Ibsen could work during the days, but she had an owl. An owl meant night spying, when most underhanded things went forward.

The golden man smiled appreciatively at the fish, looking up only as the owl passed over. The fact he was out during the day seemed odd. His own companion, returning from a patrol, swooped low and joined the party directly—by landing on Ezekiel’s broad shoulder. The Aquila cocked an ear as the bird spoke in his native tongue, reporting. He remained there as the scarred man eyed the cooking birds. “Well these should be done. Why don’t we put your fish on these, and start eating the duck?”

Enkiel arrived and gingerly took two of the ducks, which were still hot to the touch, and retreated back to his seat near the de le Poer’s.

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Woah short. PP over Gabe's face talked about a few days ago with Mel, yadda yadda...yadda. Talitha is a pig.

It was much to her disappointment that her brother did not bend to her whims, but his attention was replaced with that of her father and cousin. She laughed at Enkiel's lack of desire to get himself involved with others of the pack, one slender hand snatching the bottle of wine from his grasp as she took a moment to examine it. Really, she shouldn't have bothered. She couldn't drink any of it.

It was thrust back at her cousin as her father's voice turned her around. She tried to smile, a fake thing learned from her golden brother, but it faded away as he sent Enkiel to get food for the two. "I'm really not hungry." Her words were firm, determined not to eat anything her brother cooked until she met the grumpy (oh, so grumpy!) face of her father. Resigning to defeat rather than arguing with him, she grabbed one of the ducks from the grasp of the healer, jaws tearing into it with the voracity of a wild animal. Ezekiel'd been right — it was delicious. If only her pride would let her tell him that.

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hurrhurr. WC: 354

To Sage's delight, her cousin became benign once again, for the time being. Taking a happy, glad breath, she turned bright, albeit reddened eyes towards Ezekiel. He mumbled something about herbs and instinctively, she licked her lips. "I'm sure it'll taste just wonderful, Ezekiel," she piped up softly, a lazy, cheshire grin curling her lips.

Sage's tongue was dry, and again she licked at her lips; gold eyes shot to the bottle laying on the table. Finding herself a cup, she moved a thin arm to pour a hefty amount of liquid into the goblet, bringing it to her lips with haste. She swallowed a gulp and frowned quickly at the taste-- it was incredibly bitter and harsh; it had burned going down. After a moment, she gathered herself and turned back to their company, walking the few steps back to join Ezekiel.

The Aquila had been joined by Valkyrie, and Sage greeted her with a happy wave and smile. The last time she had seen the excitable, cinnamon-pepper girl, they had been exploring CF Derbert. The Optio hadn't gone back since.

She could feel the drool pooling slowly into her mouth as she stared, blatantly slackjawed, at the freshly roasted ducks. The quiet jackal came and took a couple of the birds and without a word strode back to join Talitha-- and now, Sage noticed, the former Aquila Gabriel. Golden gaze locked on the trio for a moment, a small frown of concern wondering if they had fun with such little interaction. With a shrug, she returned her lazy eyes towards the birds again, ears perking up and tail thumping in anticipation. The wispy girl could almost taste the warm, tender meat against her teeth, and again ran her pink tongue across them eagerly.

Sage would wait her turn, but as hunger rumbled in her belly she became quickly impatient, round, golden eyes staring hard at the steaming fowl. When her turn came, she dug in heartily, but ate with a subtle lady-like elegance; she held more respect for the creatures whose lives were ended so that she would be sated.


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