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Location: far south in the Village
Date: June 23rd
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He'd donned himself in the Master's deerskin again. For some reason it felt much more appropriate for this situation. Aftre all, it was a priest's ceremony, not a Chief's. He waited eagerly until they arrived, at which point he signaled them to move with him: they were heading for Adagio Creek, the calmest part of their river. Any other part was out of the question: in some places the river was far too wild to enter, even in this heat. He said nothing as they walked, but did turn to beam to the parents a few times, eager to take a proper look at the little ones. Nayati was his friend, and sort of son at the same time. There were so many pups about: Ralla's litter, now these, in addition to Analiese... There were so many of them! It was very exciting. He had predicted pups come spring, but he had not imagined there would be so many.

They reached Adagio Creek, and he turned to face the two new parents, unable to stop himself from beaminf proudly. Oh, how jealous he was of Nayati; Dawali knew the feeling so well. This was not the time to think of his own children, though, even if he could not stop his mind from flashing into old memories. This was the Utina children's day, and it would be grand. "Here we go." Dawali smiled, almost nervously, opening his hands so the palms faced upwards. It was time.

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Liliana was happy, she was now able to hold her pups in her arm, and it was a wonderful feeling and now it was the day for their naming. She was excited and couldn’t wait for them to be accepted as AniWayan’s. She was holding her daughter while Nayati held their son. They followed the leader to the creek. She wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect, but she trusted her leader, and would follow him in whatever he did. She had been taking care of the pups for a few days so she was still dissheveled, but she tried to make herself look presentable. In time she would be the happy healthy woman she had been, but for now her pups would need her constant care She didn’t mind this and she knew that it was all well worth it. Nayati helped considerably and that made the difference for her, but they both still had their jobs, though Lili was able to let the other animal carers take over for a little bit. She stopped when Dawali did and looked at the slowly moving water, knowing this was involved in the ceremony, thinking to herself that it was a good thing it was nearing summer. She turned her eyes to Dawali.

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The feeling the man had been awash with when his children entered this world could not be explained or defined by simple and inadequate words. He thought of holding their small and blind bodies for the first time, how the love had poured forth from his chest to wash over their new little spirits. It was what he had always dreamed and prayed for, and his expectations had not been disappointed in the least. He had been so proud of Liliana, of the strength and poise she had shown while bringing their two pups into this world. She had given him the best gift any man could ever ask for and he loved her all the more for it. No birth was complete though until the third day on which they were anointed by the Priests and given their names. That day had come quickly and now here they were, walking with Dawali to the creek to bless the two small lives.

Nayati was happy that this was the place his friend had chosen to do the ceremony. He had often sought solace here. It was here he had purified himself before he went through the mateship ceremony with Liliana and now it was here that their pups would become true members of the tribe. The boy was held protectively to his chest as his mate held their girl. Dawali turned, beaming his happiness from those soft golden eyes. The Chief held out his hands and Nayati stepped forward, ever so carefully handing his son over to the Amara. The Gadui Kanati then stood silently and waited, eager to give the tiny boy the name that he and Liliana had discussed.

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come dance with the west wind and touch on the mountain tops
The Uinas did not verbally respond to his question, but simply beamed at him. Nayati handed him their son first, and Dawali admired the little wolf for a moment, at his tininess and strength. Turning, he faced the slowly moving water, smiling a little to himself. He wondered what the two would name their little ones - it was not for him to know until they revealed it. They were close by the moving water, and Dawali knelt down to the water and dipped his fingers into it before letting a little of it flow from his hand onto the young one's forehead. The Chief stood there a moment, humming a prayer as he rocked the child to keep him calm. Rising, he returned the child to his father before reaching for the female from Liliana. The process was repeated, and Dawali found himself smiling as he blessed her with a prayer, the old melody bringing about the paternal feelings in him with great force. Finally rising, he gave the child back to her mother, and stood still for a moment, almost jealously studying the little family.

"What are they to be named?" he asked, formally. His hands were calmly at his sides, waiting, though he was not really as calm as he might apear to be. These were exciting times.

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Liliana watched Dawali as he took her son with great care. She trusted the man but her own maternal instincts made her want to rush up and take her son from the water. Only her trust in the man as he knelt down and let the water run into his cupped hand, kept her in her place. Her fear was less as she watched him do what the ceremony called him to do. Liliana had been told what to expect but it still had put her on slight edge but the boy came back unharmed as well as her daughter. She smiled as he asked what their hames were.

“ The girl will be Saqui Utina,”

She answered for the one she was holding and looked at Nayati knowing he would not want to be excluded from this part as well. They were a team, they made these children and they helped one another take care of them. She could not imagine having her children without Nayati by her side.

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Nayati watched with a swelling pride as Dawali blessed his son and poured the water onto his head. There was no worry in his heart, for he knew that the Kalona would let no harm come to the pups. As far as the Utina was concerned, Dawali was practically family and would be a sort of uncle and grandfather to his son and daughter. They were surely nearly as precious to the Amara as they were to the new parents. The boy was handed back to him carefully and then the process was repeated for their little girl.

As she was returned to Liliana, Dawali asked what their names would be. He and his mate had talked much over what to name the two, and he was very pleased with what they had decided on. Lili gave their daughter her name and then he spoke, "And he will be Kuruk Utina." They were both good, strong names. Names that would link them forever to their tribe just as this ritual had. Nayati's smile shone forth without restraint then. He did not believe he had ever felt so whole as he did in that moment, standing with his mate and their newly named children.

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come dance with the west wind and touch on the mountain tops
Dawali smiled as he returned the children to the Utinas, watching them for a moment as he waited for them to name their children. They were born in a strong moon, and they appeared strong already. Their tiny feet had not wrestled with him as he performed the ceremony, but they had not taken the water completely without sound, either. They would be strong, he thought, for their parents both were. He smiled again as they revealed the names, happy to hear them. They were both AniWayan names to the sound, and Dawali was pleased. He did not care much how wolves would name their kids, but he could honetly say he preferred the AniWayan names. Liliana was a good name, though it did have a distinctly foreign taste to it.

He gave a deep nod, his half-bow, showing his respect and at the same time formally congratulating them. "These are good names" he stated. "Strong names, for strong children." He glanced in the direction of the Village. "Kuruk and Saqui - your new family waits in the Village." It had sounded so silly when the Priest had said the same for his first daughter, so many years ago. But now it felt just right. It was tradition, and he had not understood. The power in the old dusty sentence had increased, just as his age.

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