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POSTED: Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:24 am

Word Count → 531 :: Herpaderp. :D Hope this isn't a fail. Selena is in Optime form, and the time is set around early night when the sun has just set.

The moon had only just climbed into the sky, perhaps it was not too late to appear at the borders. Selena hoped this was so; she did not fancy sleeping in the wilderness in unfamiliar territory. She had been doing such for half a month, and at first it was like an adventure, leaving the safety of the family house and the town like a fledgling bird. After that hype faded, it soon became tedious, and wished for nothing more but a place for her head to rest, like on a pillow than the uncomfortable bag she carried in tow. The Black did not know if this clan had any human comfort like that, but whatever they had probably was far better than her belongings, and the rumors she heard implied that they weren’t feral and most likely had beds that she was accustomed to.

Of course, the white she did not expect to just waltz into their lands after meeting one of their members, no; as she approached the skull-lined borders, she thought of what services she could provide for residence in the clan. Loyalty was upmost, but it was probably expected for all of their coyotes, so she pondered her skills that could maybe be useful. Her healing knowledge could prove to be helping, or maybe navigating was something they had yet to learn and that Selena can give. For a second, she thought of her fighting skills that her family fawned over so much, but as soon as it graced her mind, she frowned; the Black hadn’t thought of her natural ability at battle, and absence her rather aggressive relatives giving attention to it that let her almost forget about it was bliss. Now that it festered in her mind, she just let it resign there; if it was a loyal solider Inferni wanted, or just a peaceful gardener, all they need was to request. If she wanted a place among them, she had to offer what they wanted.

The coywolf stopped approaching the territory when she could firmly detect its line, and it was easy to identify; the paint-splashed skulls were a real help. Selena did not feel squeamish or disgusted as she peered into their black, eyeless pits, just more or less mildly interested. Her family had a fetish for hoarding their members’ skulls once they were dead, and she too was carrying one in her bag, one of her distant ancestors, but only for sentimental reasons. With every detail she was finding Inferni similar to the Blacks, and found comfort that she knew what she was doing and who she was probably going to meet, and that type of control made the woman content and happy. While she waited for one of the Infernians to come across her─ she would not allow herself to be as bold as to call them to her with a howl─ she started to smooth the clothing she was adorned with: a traveling outfit of a black, polo shirt along with simple hiker-like shorts. After she made sure she looked at least presentable, she stared out into the claimed lands, mindlessly rubbing on of her pendants that wrapped around her neck.

The snake will always bite back.

Selena Black

POSTED: Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:24 am

Short because I like short joiners; better to get 'em in fast. Anyways. Optime, fairly pregnant, and her usual brand of bitch.

Despite the ever-imposing pregnancy, Talitha found herself scouting the borders more and more as of late. There was nothing better for her to do; she did not like to sit around uselessly, though she'd been warned of everything by Enkiel. Too much activity could compromise the pups, but too little compromised her sense of self. Oddly, she found the world a much more pleasant place as the days drew on. She didn't even mind that Caillen was gone, for the men of her family had filled the gap of socialization. It didn't matter if Ezekiel didn't approve; it didn't matter if she knew the truth for what it was, that she was (for lack of better words) a whore. From sunrise to sunset, she found herself enjoying the earth.

It was a strange scent that caused her good mood to fade, of course. Strangers at her borders, strangers where she didn't want them; it didn't take long to find the stranger, a female wearing clothing (it seemed many chose to wear them lately, as obnoxious as they were) who hadn't howled for an audience. It made Talitha scoff as she approached; was it simply beneath this girl to call for attention? Did she feel she deserved audience just for coming to the border? "What do you want, girl." So typical of the de le Poer to be firm, forward, careless in tone; she was no longer Optio, of her own volition, but she was still a member of the clan.

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Word Count → 307 :: Short join's are delicious. <3

She had scented Talitha before she had heard the Imaginifer, but Selena gave no signs that she noticed the female’s approach, rather her brain thinking of what to say in the next few moments than it to be concerned of outwardly appearance. The girl was always like this, liking for her mind to be on one track and not wandering, it made her feel like she was in control of herself, and she was stubborn of this fact. The other woman appeared, seemingly not happy with her own being there, and without introduction of herself─ the Black had to keep herself from giggling, and luckily she managed to do so without change in expression. It was not that the coywolf found what she said amusing, she could not help but think of some of her female relatives by the way the Lykoi acted, especially to the ones they did not know or looked down upon, sometimes both. She found familiarity in that spiteful tone, and within that, some sort of security at least half-knowing what to say to not further upset the hybrid and better the chances of making a good impression.

“I’m here to provide my services, miss,” Selena replied, her voice calm, polite, and showing no disrespect or hurt from the other’s rather blunt greeting, if it can even be considered that. “That is, if you would have me.” By her demeanor, she guessed that Talitha had to be a high ranking canine, or one that was close to the leadership, and it was best to be straightforward than to waste time telling the woman her name or other identifiers. The Black then went silent, adding nothing more or less, only addressing what the Lykoi asked. Selena waited patiently for the woman’s response, pondering what the woman may say in return, though the ivory she had her speculations.

The snake will always bite back.

Selena Black

POSTED: Thu Jun 30, 2011 2:28 am

The girl was quick to give reply, but it only caused the de le Poer to snort hot air through her nose and narrow crimson eyes further into slits. Here to provide my services, as if Inferni needed someone to provide their undefined services; they were Inferni, not some needy band of imbeciles. On top of appearing self-important, the calmness in the woman's demeanor unnerved Talitha. She was polite, almost too polite, and seemed unbothered by the outward appearance of the clan. It wasn't alarming to the Imaginifer — rather, she was disturbed, and made a note to speak to Cotl about the seeming lack of shock value that was found in their skulls these days.

Rolling her head back along her shoulders, she sized up the newcomer. There was no need to call Ezekiel if she wasn't worth the effort; Talitha had seen far too many obnoxiously weak creatures enter Inferni for her mind to feel comfort in simply allowing her passage. "Don't call me miss. And don't act like you're better than we are; you aren't, since you're clearly not part of Inferni already." Her demanding words were harsh, annoyed even, and she allowed her arms to cross just beneath her bosom. "What 'services' do you presume to 'provide' us with," she inquired, asking a flat-toned question that was asked so frequently in those prospective joiners; her call to one of the leading coyotes hinged on what they could offer her family.

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Word Count → 391 :: Selena: "What is this, displeasure? *derp* >:|"

It seemed that her pre-thought reply was short of the woman’s acceptance, which made her puzzled. Selena thought that people did not like others tripping on their words, but she brushed it off and smoothed out her furrowing eyebrows that was scrunching in confusion. Another thing seemed to displease the woman, and already the ivory she could tell that the hybrid clearly did not like her, but that did not sway her; this was one person, she began to think ignorantly, and her one option couldn’t possibly spoil her chances for joining Inferni. It was completely unknown to her that Talitha’s sibling was in fact the leader, so her impression with the de le Poer girl could very well perhaps lie on the line of being allowed in or being chased away. The Black tried to keep her rather simmering temper in check, and quietly listened to Talitha’s reply.

Her response was not what she expected, not in the bit; the girl took back what she thought earlier, when she compared the Imaginifer to her family. The woman was obviously more aggressive, and less patient and rational, or at least that’s how Selena saw it. Though her tongue wanted to talk back against the woman, to make her see that was not attempting to belittle her or her family, what self-control she had managed to keep herself silent. It was fruitless to start an argument when it was basically on Talitha’s land and on her behalf. Now, Selena made herself think over for a short moment to reply instead of blurting out what she can do, to hopefully please the annoyed woman and to make her appear thoughtful.

“I can heal, and also have some knowledge of the care and raising of plants, and navigation,” she explained first, and continued, “I can read and write, and have some experience teaching others do to so.” Selena did not feel that need to mention her low-speech, since it seemed useless. She also made a point not to speak of her battle skills, but the more she thought about it, the more it seemed demanding if she ever wanted to join the clan; what need would they need for a gardener? Only a second or two pasted when she stopped speaking, so she had enough time to add rather indifferently, ”I also can fight.”

The snake will always bite back.

Selena Black

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Feel free to add 'leader needed' to the title! <3 Mel, Bobbi or Libri should come around to accept you.

She listened impatiently, looking past her and into the world with quiet resolve. It didn't matter if others felt she was rude, or felt her aggression was undue. She was Talitha de le Poer. She was the daughter of Gabriel, sister to Ezekiel, and the last of the trio who seemed so strongly rooted to Inferni while they had their heads in some foolish cloud or another. Talitha lived in a fantasy world, where she was the Queen and her brother the golden Knight; this wasn't how it truly was, but it kept her happy enough.

The things she listed all seemed so common, save her knowledge of reading and writing. Talitha herself could do neither — a fact she hid from many — and as far as she knew, few others could either. Curiosity didn't colour her features; she would talk to Ezekiel about this girl's interesting skill in literature when there was no one else around. "Fine." Her head turned over her shoulder, and a sharp yap was released into the air, calling for whomever was wandering the region to come and formally welcome the girl to the clan.

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Word Count → 317 :: Yayness~

As Selena listed what she could do, Talitha appeared to remain impassive, and annoyed as before, as she stared out behind her, as if she did not hear her words but she knew that she was listening. She could not tell if she had the other’s approval, or had just given her some common resources that most of them knew in the clan and that they did not need. The Black wondered if these things were common in the group, but she had no more time to wonder before the woman gave her consent. The simple “fine” was again short of her expectation, but she did not show any more signs of puzzlement from the de le Poer girl’s alien behavior. She perked her ears at the Infernian’s yap, taking it as a call for someone, most likely for someone of higher standing than the Imaginifer.

She would have thanked for the woman’s acceptance if it was a different circumstance, but the ivory coywolf still felt hurt and upset from her uncalled for displeasure from Talitha and remained silent as she waited for one of the leaders to come. Selena hoped that she could come across the woman again in the near future and somehow compromise. She did not want her stay in the clan to start off with one of them already disliking her, and if she was going to live in the territory (if she even was accepted), it was best to make amends. She had no such troubles back in Boston, but back then it was her family, not an unfamiliar face, and her relatives treated her like she was the nicest thing in the world, and she felt that she gave no reason for anyone to not like her. Of course, now it was different, and not every single person was going to instantly like her and that fact needed to be learned quickly.

The snake will always bite back.

Selena Black

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Patrols seemed to go on endlessly these days. Ezekiel often took the day shifts alone, covering ground on horseback and with a pair of eyes above him. Ibsen was useless at night unless the moon was full, and his uncle was hardly the type for company. Hybrid could take over the night patrols. The Aquila had begun heading towards the caves when the call came, and with a grunt, he headed towards the source.

His sister had a habit for finding strays, it seemed. The scarred coyote arrived quietly, red feet padding against the packed earth that formed trails most often used by the coyotes. Ezekiel was used to traveling in darkness, but in his time since returning home he had learned the land like an extension of himself. His pelt betrayed him in the dark, as opposed to his sister whose darker coat allowed her some cover. Yet neither of the siblings were as obvious as the stranger, who was a striking pale thing. This was a curiosity he took obvious interest in, having rarely seen white animals in the Canadian wilderness.

The amber-eyed Aquila looked to his sister, perking a brow.

POSTED: Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:45 am

-totally ducking out- Welcome to Inferni~!

She would have waited in the face of death if it meant seeing her brother, so she stood patiently at the border in silence while her call waited to be answered. It was for the best that she didn't continue to talk; though she'd branched out to spend more time with her pack mates, she cared little for the friendly company of a strange coyote woman who did not reside within the skull-edged borders. What purpose was there to make friends with outsiders? All she needed were those inside of her home, cousins and a sibling and a parent and a grandmother. Friends were a nuisance.

Luckily, Ezekiel didn't take long — not that she expected he would. As he came forward, she turned away, charcoal-coated back facing the white female as she looked to her twin to speak. "Is Enkiel in his room? I think I'm going to visit him." Odd, that she didn't introduce the woman to the golden man; in truth, she didn't find it necessary, for Ezekiel was smart and it wasn't hard to see what the woman wanted. Without waiting for a response, the Imaginifer started on a familiar path towards the guesthouse of the mansion, to see the cold jackal she found so curious.

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Word Count → 315 :: :]

It did not take long for another to show up, to her delight; she had hoped that this did not take much time, since this waiting was making her nervous and less sure of what she was doing. She did not know if he was the leader or not, but the she assumed he was that or perhaps one of the canines who assisted with the leadership’s duties. Again, the russet woman surprised the ivory as she excused herself without conferring about her, but she just merely blinked instead of showing confusion like when the Infernian first approached her earlier. And she felt relieved as a familiar word graced her ears: “room”. This clan was definitely humanized, to an extent, after all. Yet she made herself focused more on the situation before her than to reminisce about her former comforts back at her old home.

Since the male did not introduce himself nor questioned her for being here (she guessed that he already knew), she decided to speak first; hopefully, he did not find fault in her greeting like the female did. “My name is Selena Black,” she said with a respectful dip of her head, and continued, “I’m hoping to join your clan, and I can perhaps give some sort of service in return for residence.” This was near the exact same thing that she had told the other hybrid, and the Black was not sure if this will also be dissatisfaction in the man’s eyes like it was in the woman’s. Selena was not as experienced in diplomacy as she was in many other things, and she would not know what to do if the golden-hued male found disinterest if she again recited what she could do for Inferni. She already found this group hardier than what she thought from the female’s behavior, but that just made her more stubborn to join them.

The snake will always bite back.

Selena Black

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Sorry this is so short, but fast joining threads are best! :D

As usual, his sister chose to surprise him and left without much of a word. Ezekiel watched her go but said nothing—she could do as she pleased. This was their bargain, and he knew for whatever else, she would not betray his trust now. So he focused now on the odd woman, too much coyote to be a hybrid for her colors, but certainly an oddity none the less. The surname made the Aquila smile faintly. A woman named Black with white fur. It was funny, in its own way.

“Well, you must have said something to get my sister to call,” he admitted, amber eyes glimmering with amusement. Talitha was hard to please, and she seemed to have a knack for finding faults in all the strangers that came to their door. “What is it you can offer?”

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Word Count → 217 :: Short joins are the best way to go. ^^

The older boy seemed entertained as she spoke, and at her name no doubt. But she felt no chagrin as she would have normally felt; after all, it was not her fault that she was different than the rest of her family and the surname made it a comic relief, yet making a fuss over it was useless. Selena was born like this naturally, and she had learned early on to try not to take others’ amusement personally. Of course her temperament sometimes got into the way of that. She just breathed through her nose to let the thought leave her mind, and listened to the male.

He was the brother of the aggressive hybrid? Odd, since he acted much nicer than his sibling, she thought with slight curiosity. None the less, she repeated what she told the female, “I can heal and raise plants, read, write, and perhaps teach others these things, too.” She remembered fondly of her many cousins whom she helped their lessons with, but her warm, small smile turned into a tiny grimace as she continued. “I had also practiced the arts of battle. Maybe that could be of use…?” She decided not to try to avoid telling the man about her experience in fighting; no need to hide what she was good at, she supposed.

The snake will always bite back.

Selena Black

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Welcome to Inferni! We can keep going for a few posts if you'd like, or wrap up here. :)

Though young, the girl had a rather impressive list of skills. Ezekiel knew that his cousin took care of the plants, as did Sage’s sisters, but the girls had become scarce and much like strangers to him now. Many things which had been familiar were slipping through his fingers as the summer dragged on. This was why, despite her age, Ezekiel believed that this girl Selena might prove useful in the days to come.

“Well Selena, I’m Ezekiel. I lead here. Inferni has warriors,” he explained, well aware of his own weapons on display. “But we could use your other skills. There’s a greenhouse that could use some work. Come on, I’ll take you there.” Turning, the coyote gestured for the girl to follow him and began heading back along the trail Talitha had taken only moments before. “There’s a lot of rooms left in our mansion, so if you’re comfortable there you can claim one. Otherwise some of us live in the caves, so it’s really your choice.”

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Word Count → 267 :: Feel free to reply to this once more, or archive it. <3 Thanks so much, Mel and Kiki.

The ivory she felt relief that Ezekiel found interest in her skills. But the excitement did not stop there; he told that they had a greenhouse. Her old home did not have a certain place to raise the plants they use for teaching the younger Blacks, which made her curious as to what the clan had and what she could perhaps add to their collection. As she started to follow the Aquila, he furthered her pleasure as he went on explaining the mansion. “That would be rather nice, the mansion and the greenhouse,” she said with a smile that told of memories. The coywolf had used to live in a building that was splendid for that age of time that they all lived in, and she started to imagine that theirs would be as charming. But, she mostly thought about the beds as her feet reminded her how tired she was after a few paces. Soon, she thought to herself, she might be resting in one of their free rooms.

As she came to her conclusion as she silently followed her new leader, she found this as a good choice. She could perhaps enjoy her stay here in Inferni, with their greenhouse and mansion, if she learned to adapt to some of their not so friendly traits. Then again, she was used to this setting: a group of canines thinking higher of themselves than others, very closely knit of their numbers. This was not new to Selena, only the faces were different. Yes, this could be like she never left her family, and found that quite comforting.

The snake will always bite back.

Selena Black

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