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Though their last conversation had been brief and forceful, Ezekiel had sought Halo with a purpose. He wanted to see more of the territory to the north. Ibsen had given him a rough layout of the land, and from the high points of the mountain range they would be able to spy on the landscape below. Diplomacy would be the cover otherwise; once the two of them had learned what they needed to know, they could send some of the other members out to explore.

Viggo remained behind, and the two traveled on foot. Lupus form had been taken in order to provide an easier travel, and Ezekiel was glad to be using all four feet again. His gait was a coyote’s trot, well suited to a body that was still larger than most coyotes. Gabriel’s wolf bloodline had provided this, and it was one of the greatest advantages the young Aquila had. They reached the Archeron river in the early morning, and there the hybrid paused to lap up several mouthfuls of the cold water.

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Halo had not followed her own advice. She feared she was growing soft and lazy. The female’s slender, four-legged form was not one she favoured. Ezekiel’s blood was more polluted than hers, and while she carried some extra weight compared to pure coyotes, he outmatched her easily with his size. She did not like venturing about without her faithful weapon, and it was with some hint of sadness she found that her initial dislike for this male required quite a lot of work to change. And this female was stubborn. Nothing could change the past, and her opinions of his abandonment of the clan could not be erased.

She too paused to let her maw dip into the cool water beside her young Aquila, but all she required was a taste. Her dark tail swung behind her lithe form, but she spoke nought of the light irritation stiffening her muscles. Scarlet eyes cared little to rise and take in the soft colours gathering as a new day sought to rise. She understood the purpose of this trek, but when did her emotions ever make sense? There was little small talk between them. It was probably her fault for being so stubborn in her ways.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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A long time ago, they could have been friends. They were both warriors, both well-versed in their schools. Ezekiel would have loved to be able to speak and spar with someone again. These days he shadow-boxed and found that this was equally frustrating. Something downright holy was what he felt when he spoke the true language of combat, bypassing words for what the body could say.

Even now, he could read her own. Halo was not a girl who he intended to cross, but her subtle movements did not pass him by. He had asked her to come merely to keep her happy in her role as his second-in-command. Both she and Sage had been lacking, recently, and the resentment in the golden-red Aquila was growing swiftly. He finished with the water and motioned for her to continue on.

They reached the borders not long after, and only once they had passed them did the scarred coyote turn to his cousin. “We should approach from the east,” was all he said.

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Perhaps things would one day change, but it would not happen today, and it would not happen tomorrow. Scarlet eyes would occasionally rise to peer at the blonde clan leader by her side, though it had been clear for some time that this was not going to be an especially pleasant trip for either. Her pessimistic attitude had allowed bad habits to spread their seeds, and while the Centurion had yet to speak crude words in her Aquila’s presence, but her body language was not as guarded as she believed, and those who looked would see the ugliness bubbling beneath its beautiful shell. No one could make her happy.

They reached the borders, and coyote ears flickered as the man beside her spoke; kept it short and simple. The woman barely dignified him with a glance of deep red at this. ”As you say, Aquila” the four worded reply sounded, her tone not exactly sour, but still far from any unaltered version of her voice. Ears returned to lean toward her thickly furred neck, and she returned to her partly sulky demeanour. She would do her duty, but no one could force her to smile and sing while doing it.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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Ezekiel’s sleep had become less frequent and more often interrupted. He only managed to sleep soundly when drugged, and while Barrett and his own family could provide the marijuana that so easily put him down, he disliked having to rely on such a thing. His moods were haywire, running high one minute and low the next. He expected to see the ghost-deer around the forest, and so he avoided it—but that did not stop the dreams, and that did not stop the guilt and paranoia.

This explained, then, why his fur suddenly bristled at her tone. Ezekiel stopped dead in his tracks and whirled on the darker woman, his ears and tail high. His muzzle crinkled and twisted his whiskers up towards his nose, the glimmer of wolfish teeth showing under a coyote’s lean muzzle. “Is there a problem, Centurion?” Of course there was; Halo’s problems had been present (though unspoken) since the day he ascended to Aquila.

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A sense of relief was all there were when finally the man turned and snapped. Tension had been present for a long while now, and the female’s reaction was just as quick; ears slapped against auburn pelt and pupils shrank in their maroon bath. Her own, ivory teeth glinted dangerously behind slightly parted lips, though she did not take the extra step to copy the male’s dominance entirely. He was the Aquila, and he was above her. But it wasn’t how it should be! That was the problem! She couldn’t hide her discontentment and resentment.

”My, you’re so observant,” she hissed out between clenched jaws, dark tail tossing behind her four-legged form. This wasn’t something she had intended to throw in his face, but there was a sick release to have the issue addressed, finally. Her muscles disliked the stillness, for angry energy wanted to make something more out of this. What the hell had Gabriel been thinking? And why did she keep asking this same question over and over when she already knew (believed she knew) why things had turned out this way. Favouritism and blood had been chosen before potential and dedication.

Lovely, copper pelt bristled as she chose her neck words, burning important bridges. You know what I think of blood traitors. the words were low spoken, though beyond toxic at this time, but he had pushed her button and released the tiger from its cage.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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In the wild, the rules of rank did not apply. Ezekiel had never known what it was to bow—not even when he returned home. Gabriel had never asked it of him, and he had certainly not showed it to those who had been in charge under him. The coy-wolf knew what it was to face a snake. Even as she moved, he mirrored her; his paws spread to grip the earth below him. If she was foolish enough to come after him, he would destroy her.

His face twisted into a savage snarl-smile. He was much the sum of his parts. “You’re no different than me,” he challenged, tongue curled and teeth bared to the summer air. “You might have never left, but I saw what you did to China. I know why Gabriel chose me.” A deep growl reverberated from his lungs, subterranean and terrible.

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Ohooo bitchfight!

She did not regret what she had done to her silver and blush cousin. China had deserved Halo’s beatings and more. Lips curled to show off her perfect rows of teeth at the words nevertheless, for they were nothing alike, the two of them. Her throat vibrated with a lower sequence than Ezekiel’s growl; fuck authority and fuck this male. ”I’m nothing like you! I refuse to support the habit of incest!” his words had brought forth layers of bitterness and anger that had brooded in her for months, and she did not intend to hold on to sanity for much longer. China was a whore full of sin, and only blood and pain could fix her.

The man before her was arrogant as his sister; another creature Halo loved to hate. Inferni was going to the dogs, and it would be tolerated no longer. Fuck Gabriel and his faulty choices. She would bow down to this man no more. ”I choose me!” The last word exploded into the rumbling air, and the four-legged Centurion broke into terrible speed, snapping at the bastard’s face with the malicious intention to maim. She had told herself repeatedly that she did not wish to be this clan’s Aquila, but she’d forever choose herself over him. Pitiful canines like Ezekiel did not belong in the game of thrones. She intended to push him back into the lower class.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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It did not matter, ultimately, whether or not Halo’s son and a girl who shared his blood loved one another. God forgave the act. Gabriel would have sided with Halo, but as Hybrid knew, Ezekiel was not his father. The golden coy-wolf was a man made from the wilderness and a man who served God in his own way. The Lord was not what others imagined. Ezekiel knew the truth. He did not hear the voice, he was not mad, but he knew the truth of the world.

The world was savage, and the world was cruel.

He tensed as she bellowed her challenge. His body knew how to react and so he ducked low, hurling his body into her own motion. Teeth closed around his ear, severing thin cartilage, but it was a flesh wound. The Aquila threw his weight into the smaller girl’s chest, his own teeth snapping for her throat. Gabriel had taught him the technique, and while not as heavy as his father, Ezekiel still outweighed Halo. His speed, too, was surprisingly fast.

Amber eyes narrowed as his body responded in earnest, muscles and sinew rushing with adrenaline that even now filled him with a high no drug ever could.

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Droplets of blood danced on her tongue, but it wouldn’t be enough. He had twisted out of the way and was now grabbing for her throat, but Halo was already countering; twisting her neck from his jagged teeth and keeping her lightening limbs in motion. He was larger and bore more muscle, but Halo was far beyond the average coyote. Hours were dedicated every single day to ensure she was the very icon of fitness, and beneath the puffed-up fur of auburn hues there existed mostly muscle.

Their dance was deadly, and even in this unknown form, she knew that she held all possibilities in her palms. She tried to counter his strength with more agility and speed, but Ezekiel too was a child of two worlds, and the gods had been kind while mixing his genes. It did not take long before patches in her fur were glistening red, though Ezekiel was far from untouched by her violence, and blood was vivid on her tongue. Adrenaline kept her high, though she would have believed in an advantage if she had been in her optime rather than the four legged body she disliked so much.

But everyone made mistakes, eventually, and Halo knew it the moment she chose to move in and snap for his throat. The angle was wrong, his body was taller, and his jaws closer..

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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To live was to fight. Ezekiel’s body was one that was casted for war, one built from combat. He fought because he could, because he wanted to. Hybrid had told him to fight to kill, and so he did. Halo was his equal in nearly every way. She struck him, again and again, and his body bled onto a thirsty earth. Yet he grinned—he grinned with his mouth open and his eyes wild. This was what he had needed, even if he did not need it from her.

She came for his throat again, for the final time, and it was here that the Aquila struck. With all of his weight he threw his teeth into her throat, gripping the thick fur around her neck. The force of the blow threw her back, and he followed. Heavy bodies hit the earth and he pinned her roughly, uncaring. With his jaws locked around her throat he shook her like a ragdoll, growling still. If she refused to submit, he would kill her.

This was the way of the world.

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Blood pulsed unruly through dilated veins, and the foundations she had worked so hard to build up shook violently as the male’s jaws did just that; shook and tore at her throat with a grip she could not hope to undo as long as this fight lasted. Black pupils ate away at her scarlet irises as the truth came before her eyes, unforgiving and relentless. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end. It was another crushing blow to her mentality; the world was never to deal her a just share in life. The fact was to bitter to swallow, but dark red drops were dripping onto earth, and it belonged to her.

The Centurion wheezed, but there was much strength in the hybrid jaws pressing against her airway. She wanted to die, and this would be her moment. Samael’s sick, damaged spawn wasn’t meant to wander this world. Her existence alone was a terrible sin, and there had been too much pain and sorrow to cut at her soul. There was no mercy for the weak, and she didn’t wish for it either. Her body ceased the struggle, and the bastard could do whatever he wanted. Nostrils flared as they sought to draw oxygen down into exhausted lungs, but the air’s path was blocked.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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Eight pounds. That was all it would take for him to crush her wind-pipe. She had an advantage that deer did not, and her thick throat fur would protect her, but for how long? He could choke her to death. He could listen to her death rattle and bury her in the dirt beyond their borders. Who would care? Inferni was falling apart. Sage would follow her sisters into the abyss beyond their borders. Nothing mattered but what came of Inferni. Kharma was wrong—Ezekiel could no more run away from the clan as he could run from the damn ghost-deer.

She finally stilled beneath him. Ezekiel held her there, bleeding onto her roan pelt, and he knew now that things had forever changed. After what felt like an eternity he released her, fur and blood sticking to his gums. A red tongue rolled up to the roof of his mouth, tasting his own blood. Panting, the coy-wolf settled onto his haunches.

The earth turned under his feet, but he no longer felt it move.

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He wouldn’t even grant her this one last wish. She half expected her shame to crush her on its own, but as the mature morning light dimmed before her failing eyes, the strong jaws that held her captive decided to loosen their grip and let her limb body slide to the red stained ground beneath. Eyelids trembled with the unbearable defeat, but air rushed into her starving lungs nevertheless; insisting to keep her alive. Perhaps her unconscious desire for survival was stronger than the conscious wish to die. But she had failed—failed hard and brutally. Despite the effort she had put into her profession, it was not enough. The mental blow was beyond anything.

The Centurion’s breath was hoarse and weighted by her shame, and scarlet eyes refused to reach for the victorious canine before her. It took some time for her pulse to settle on a relatively normal pace, but even then, she could not find the strength to give him anything. She felt emptier than ever, and couldn’t think of what to say now. She didn’t know Ezekiel—had never cared to even try because of her presumptions. Perhaps he was just prolonging this moment for his own amusement. She knew Talitha better than she wanted, and ignorantly believed the bitch’s brother had to be of a similar calibre.

But, eventually, scarlet hues rose to the man she had failed to dethrone, awaiting the punishment that no doubt was to come.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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“You will no longer be Centurion,” Ezekiel said hoarsely. His voice sounded unfamiliar to him. This was what it had been like when he had killed Caillen. He felt strangely hollow.

Blood clotted around his wounds, and his ear stung terribly. His jackal cousin would have his work cut out for him. The Aquila was certain his ear would be forever changed. She could at least have that victory. The scarred coy-wolf rose to his feet, finally feeling his strength return. “Train my coyotes. If anyone asks, you stepped down. But you and I will know better,” he added, a wicked sneer twisting his face. It fell as he moved towards her, flicking one ear with a snort. Blood flew from his nose. “Come on. We’re going to see Enkiel.”

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