Of blood and breed

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The wolf had been warned that there were those within Inferni that would not be happy to find him on there lands regardless of the permissions he'd been given. His run in with Talitha had proved that to be true enough and they were even of the same blood, at least in part. Though it was a fact that had seemed to only enrage the woman more. He had come here to find answers, but it seemed that all he found were more questions. Nothing here was living up to the expectations of what he had hoped, had wanted, to find. Still he tried to hold on to the words his mother had shared with him about his father; to see only the good.

It was the complaints of his empty stomach that had lead the boy away from the guest house behind the large mansion, beyond its fences and gardens and out into the forest beyond. He took the trails that cut through the undergrowth. Carved by predator and prey a like. He stalked as silently as possible. Foot paws padding softly on the bare earth avoiding the fallen and frail foliage of the forest floor with senses on high alert. His path taking him ever closer to the skull lined borders rather than risking traveling too far into the unknown territory his father called home.

His first attempts had ended in failure, the swift footed, long earred prey he stalked proving to be more agile than the lean youth. Persistence would pay off and eventually he managed to stalk up silently, undetected by the nervous rodent as it nibbled on something green and lush. Waiting until the time was just right, the youth pounced and the shrill death cry of the rabbit cut through the air, stilling the forest around them.

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Dawn? :)

The ones that had warned the young wolf had been wiser than he, it seemed. But what troubled the auburn painted woman was not the scent of intruder alone. No, she had walked out into the mansion’s garden and caught it early; right outside her home. Lips had twisted back then with the disgust, and now she could see the young man’s silhouette against a rising sun, and the scent of blood was endearing on top of sea and ashes.

The skulls by the borders needed another friend, and Halo would be more than willing to offer them something fresher. Halo had not brought her twin sword with her for some obscure reason, but it wasn’t that necessary. True, she had lost to Ezekiel, but she knew it was because she had inhabited an unfavourable form at that time. In optime, few would be able to match her, and not such a young canine such as this.

Her feet didn’t own sound as she picked up her pace, catlike claws attached to angry fingers as they curled and slashed for the wolf that had even been foolish enough to catch Inferni’s game. Fool.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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dawn it is!

The carcass laid between his fore paws, one foot holding it down as teeth tore at the soft flesh of the belly. Spitting out a couple mouthfuls of fur before he got down to the good stuff. Occasionally the boy lifted his head from his meal and his pink tongue would clean his muzzle as he looked about, dark ears swivelling. Though for the most part Cyp was simply taking the scenery of the forest in the early morning light as he enjoyed its bounty. Blissfully unaware of the danger that approached from behind.

A tingle went up his spine, the boy lurching forward as claws cut through air. His tail and rump tucked tightly under him, ears folded tightly against the crown of skull. He gave a sharp yelp as claws cut a burning path through flank. He spun quickly to face his attacker. His body just barely hoovering over the ground as he stood over his kill. Everything about his posture was submissive, save for the slight curling of his lip that just barely exposed inexperienced fangs. Blue eyes glared back at the optime woman with auburn hair and crimson eyes. Eyes like Talitha’s.

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Expecting immediate hostility, the woman let cat-like claws merely rake against pelted skin, though hard enough to leave leaking marks of crimson. Air now tasted of early morning dew and a few drops of blood. Glistening white teeth glared at the bulkier, four legged form. The enemy spun around and she retreated just a few steps; enough to obtain some distance between them. Her form didn’t know stillness though, and was already circling when the young male’s eyes found hers. His posture disturbed her train of thoughts, however. Everything but his eyes spoke of submissive signals. It was enough to postpone her attack for a moment or two.

Crimson hues spoke of a creature both lethal and wild. ”Explain yourself,” the exotic creature barked, flexing fingers whose nails were soiled red. Adrenaline pumped her muscles full of life, and she continued to pace up her circle around him, tail lashing behind her lean, muscular form like that of a wildcat’s. Freshly defeated and demoted, the Lykoi woman with the chaos star branded above her heart was more fearsome than ever. She had little to lose nowadays, for the pillars that held her world up had started to collapse around her.

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Halo Lykoi

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His heart hammered in his chest as he stared at the creature that circled him. A wild and savage thing and his eyes quickly fell away from hers. Though his blue gaze left left her, at least knowing how foolish that would be. The sharp pain he had felt had quickly faded, though there was still a slight sting. A minor wound he reckoned for he had not been able, obviously, to look at it. His eyes glued femme that circled him. Her savage hostility overshadowed any beauty he might have seen in her form and fear was the only thing he stirred within him. Cypress did not need any reminder of his failure as a fighter.

The boy shuffled his feet under him, around his kill, in order to keep the deadly beauty in front of him. Expecting it likely that she might attack again at any given moment. ”I’m visiting my father, I have the permission of your ack..”, he paused a moment as his mind struggled to remember his brother’s proper title, ”Aquila to be here.” He had answered her quickly, though the confidence had quickly bled out of his voice. Cypress finally starting to understand what his mother had tried to tell him in her own way.


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The woman with the Lykoi star branded over her disdainful heart would always be too quick to judge. Scarlet eyes paid no attention to the hybrid signs before her. Everyone seemed to be impure in some way everywhere. Halo was pleased that the requirement for coyote blood had leaped higher after Gabriel’s leave. This boy was not a pure lupus, but he wasn’t one of them. Nostrils flared though caught no settled whiff of home on his fur. He hadn’t come to the clan’s lands for the first time today, but he was no resident.

The silky fur on her back was stiffened by this presence, but her heart did not leap as his did, most likely. Keen ears had risen to catch and analyse every fragment of sound or movement from him. She flexed her curled claws, slowly and fluidly, waiting his voice to rise into an air too warm and merry for their meeting.

Eyes of freshly drawn blood seemed to flare at the sound of his words, though she didn’t interrupt his voice. Her narrow muzzle jerked sharply as he insisted he had permission to let his filthy wolf feet disgrace Inferni soil. She didn’t like this. Fucking Ezekiel thought he was almighty. ”Maybe you’re a liar,” she suggested, teeth bared. The new Aquila should have known better than to let this kid roam around freely without letting the clan’s member know of this wolfish visitor.

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Halo Lykoi

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Cypress had been warned and by many. Those warnings had already proved true enough in his encounter with his half sister and her poisoned serpent tongue. Still he had thought he had done the right thing in catching his own breakfast rather than taking meat from any stores the Infernians might of had. He was a guest, but he did not wish to be a burden and feared that if he became one he would be asked to leave even sooner than the few precious days he had been granted. Or was he meant to fast for the duration of his visit here. Certainly this is not what he had expected that the result of his morning hunt would be this.

He accepted that he was not exactly welcomed here and that he would never be allowed to become a member of his father's clan, but the hostility he was being greeted with yet again left him dumbfounded. Was it all just because he was wolf? Or another bastard child of Gabriel. What ever reason they had he could not understand it. He had no reasoning for such prejudice, nor could understand how it was that they did. They weren't so different, were they?

Her words were insulting and stung at his pride. He had not been raised a liar. "Then ask him if you don't believe me. Ask Ezekiel or our father." There was no other proof he could offer, aside from his resemblance to the former Aquila Cypress had nothing to offer as proof of his word and it was obvious the she-devil would not be so simply satisfied. "I have no reason to lie to you." Eyeing her cautiously, he found the curling of her claws to be rather unnerving. It was as if she wished for them to carve through his flesh yet again.

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Inferni did not house guests in the usual way. Slits of crimson would forever be reluctant to look upon this one with anything but scorn and dislike. They were of two different worlds, and he wasn’t part of hers. Perhaps it could have been different, but he hadn’t been born here and had chosen the life of a wolf. Her racism had been formed by his kind, and she wasn’t willing to give him any chances for free. Of course he was expected to be a filthy liar and thief.

Her whiskers pulled back further at his words. Well, perhaps she would ask the insufferable Aquila what the fuck an unannounced visitor was doing roaming about on the clan’s lands all alone, eating their prey. Those words were met by silence as she pondered how Ezekiel would treat her call. It was his fault though, his fault for letting his scum family wander about. She had expected more from Gabriel than this. The mother had to be a wolf. ”You’re one of Gabriel’s dirty little secrets?” she asked, smiling a wicked little smile.

”Oh, but you have every reason to lie to me,” she broke in immediately after his comment had reached her ears. ”A trespassing wolf caught hunting on our lands, it would lower your chances of survival even more than usual.” But he could very well be the son of Gabriel. ”The rabbit, please,” she sneered, reaching out with her palm faced up. It didn’t belong to him.

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Halo Lykoi

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Dark ears had pressed tight against his skull long ago and with every dominating jester of the auburn female Cypress' own form shrank before her. His tail was held tight and close behind, thought the dark tip did not yet curl between his legs to tuck against his belly. Even as her words continued to attack his pride. What little he had. Was that all he was, a dirty secret? Something to hidden away from the light, was that the true reason he father stayed away and his mother was to keep them from his borders? He hadn't given Talitha's scathing words any merit, but followed by further insults from another blood eyed she-devil he thought them worth more considerate. His anger showed clearly in his eyes at the hurtful words, yet hurt and doubt mingled with the emotion and left him speechless against her claim. He did not know what he was to his father any longer. In all reality he never really had.

She could come up with a million reasons why a wolf might lie to her, but that did not change the fact that Cypress had no reason to lie. Her preconceptions of his breed blinded her to the truth of the matter, but again he did not raise his voice to speak against her. Afraid that no matter what he said it would only fuel the flames of her anger, if for no other reason than they came from the mouth of a wolf.

Her hand reached out, followed by a demand. The action alone was enough to the youth back away from his. Leery of the smaller, yet savage woman. He stared at her, almost dumb struck as she demanded he hand over his kill. Contempt flooded the features of his face but he was not so stupid as to disobey. Even if it was his kill. She was probably just looking for a reason to justify assaulting him further. Reluctantly the boy picked up the mostly intact remains of the rabbit gingerly between his jaws. With slow and cautious steps he placed it in her outstretched hand, letting the partially eaten carcass fall into her waiting palm.

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She's soo meaaan...

She could see it in the blue of his eyes, the anger and hurt. She was doing that, and she loved to see the suppressed response in his eyes. It was what she wanted to see. She was sick and twisted, like her genes always had wanted her to be. Bad blood ran through polluted veins, blue and beautiful. Did the young male see the glorious mark that had been branded into her own flesh? It wasn’t such a great symbol of superiority anymore, as so many unworthy creatures had acquired the tattoo. Hers was true though, and she would still be proud.

He didn’t reply though, and she only flashed a pleasant smile, fluttering thick, black eyebrows mischievously. She was all for assuming, and the poor wolf wouldn’t even be given a fair chance. He was unlucky to have her ruin his day. She was extremely pleased to see him back away the moment her hand extended from her dominant figure. The contempt only made her smile fatter, and her claws quickly dug into the dead meat when he finally moved to give her his meal. His movement was slow and cautious, and hers were swift and ruthless.

If he just hadn’t defiled the meat with his spit. But she supposed it was still edible. Of course it was, but even her thoughts were foul. ”Even if you do have permission to be here, I don’t want you to go off stealing our game.” she sneered. The woman wasn’t really that hungry, though she had a role to play before this unclean animal. The Triarii turned the rabbit over and took a healthy bite of the lean meat. Chewing, her full hips swayed with her confidence as she continued her previous circle around him. ”Do you understand?” she asked, thick drops of blood running down her chin.

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Halo Lykoi

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

Time for Zeke to be a dick. Word Count »

Hunting for Ezekiel was far easier than it was for most. He was capable of using a bow, which meant catching birds was a simple task. Today he had managed to spook a grouse and eat well. While large for a coyote, he still ate the slim and filling meals of his breed. This was perhaps why he was so lean, so fast—if he had the hunger of a wolf, he could have grown to the weight of his father.

Full and content, Ezekiel moved back through his territory with easy steps. Voices carried on the wind, and these he followed. Amber eyes narrowed upon the sight—Halo, prancing around the wolf. Cypress, it was. His half-brother. Oh how awful of him to have let the stupid thing in, but Gabriel had asked, and Ezekiel had never told his father no. How could he, when Gabriel had been his leader and his commander for so long? Still he observed for a moment before grinning a terrible grin.

“Halo,” he chided, advancing with his arms crossed over his broad chest. “Does the mighty Triarii need to steal her meals these days?”

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ahaha love it

He had hoped she would simply take the rabbit and be gone. Cypress did not need any more of her torment, but more cruel words flowed from her tongue and blue orbs fell away to stare at the gound between them as the coyote adjusted the rabbit in her hand to take a bite from what had been his meal. His kill. He had been the one to labor for it. The sound of her taking a bite from its flesh alone was enough to prod at the anger in his chest. His jaw was tight and teeth gritted together as he willed the growl that threatened to rise with his anger to remain silent and unspoken. He would not give her reason to bring him more harm, let alone to draw the sword strapped to her back. "I understand, ma'am." His words came tense and bitter, edged with the anger he felt at what he perceived as an injustice. He had been warned about wandering around alone, but he had not thought that he was not allowed to feed himself.

Eyes never rose above her feet as she resumed circling him. He just wanted her to go away and leave him alone. Wanted this nightmare over with. Ezekiel's presence had gone completely unnoticed as Cypress kept his attention focused on the coyote female that was cleaning far too much enjoyment out of tormenting the boy. Cypress flinched as his half-brother's rang through the air. Head jerking up to look in the Aquila's direction, ears perking forward momentary. He had not really recognized the other from voice allow and as soon as he realized who it was his ears and head quickly dropped again. Not sure yet if he should be grateful or not for the presence of his half-sibling. Shame of his predicament flushing his face in a scalding heat.

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;_; I suck, u guise ~<3

It was his taste of defeat that made this worthwhile. Truly, she doubted she would ever outgrow these undesirable bully traits. The boy could only acknowledge that he understood her words. On this soil, he had no other choice, though Halo was not picky with her methods in humiliation. The rich taste was most welcome on her tongue. While the woman wasn’t necessarily hungry, she knew that she required more nutrition these days, and even more in the closest future. The devil souls within her needed to be fierce and strong.

Ruby eyes turned to rest upon features of hay and dark ashes, hues that belonged to the form of the young Aquila. Halo’s mood had always followed the ride of the rollercoaster, and her mood immediately began to drop now that she was aware of her presence. As always, bitter taste stung to the back of her tongue with the knowledge that she had not paid enough attention to her surroundings. There was no doubt that the male had witnessed her disgraceful act, especially when coyote ears received his words.

The auburn woman’s audits swivelled back into soft, darker locks as the Triarii turned to the man she had failed to dethrone earlier this year. She had lost much of the power she once had held in her fist, but she remained high in the hierarchy and invaluable to the clan. ”Steal?” she actually managed to sound surprised at his rude insinuation. ”Me?” She gesticulated towards herself with the empty hand, allowing cream gloved fingers to touch her heart. Mighty Aquila, I’ve merely taken what is rightfully mine.” Actually, these words she meant. The prey had never belonged to this supposed guest. It belonged to Inferni, so in other words, it belonged to her.

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Halo Lykoi

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

Word Count »

Within him was the potential for cruelty, for he was a child of the Lord, and he had learned that God was cruel. The scars across his face proved this; the broken ribs that had since knitted together echoed this. Talitha’s rape screamed it. Once the son of God had believed in love, only to abandon this for the path of the axe. His heart had hardened.

The grin on his face turned him into a Cheshire cat made of blood and bone, a beast that was less than the wolves who walked about in clothing but more than what his ancestors had been. His whiskers curled. Yours?” He echoed, pacing forward. Behind him his tail rose as a red and black flag of warning. “Oh come now, Halo, you hardly look like you need more. Your getting a bit pudgy, aren’t you?” A sneer, a yellow-eyed glare of disapproval—did she really think he wouldn’t notice?

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The brown mottled youth didn't even know what to make of the scene unfolding before him, but he was thankful that at least he was no longer the center of the crimson eyed woman's attention. Slowly he had risen from his cowering, but ears remained folded as his blue eyes traveled from one coyote to the other. Cypress was still nervous, unsure of what the end result of all these posturing would mean for him in the end. He certainly wasn't expecting any favors from his eldest half brother. It was not as if there had been a warm welcome of any sort for him in the first place.

Now sitting, Cypress watched the two feeling uncomfortable in the situation, he wonder if maybe he should just take his leave while the opportunity was available but he did not. Instead he watched silently as he wondered what relation there was between the two. There was something in they way they spoke, perhaps more in their bodies than their words that told of some history, some tension between the two and Cypress felt there was more to this little dance the scene Ezekiel had come across.

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