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The small girl had left her abode at the mansion and found herself in the forest once more. It wasn't really that much of a travel since the forest surrounded the mansion anyways. But no, she tended to spend her time out here simply because that is where she found her dollies at. Her favorite so far still had to be Mr. Squishy. Actually she was carrying Mr. Squishy around with her right now in order to find him some more friends to play with. The mangled and flattened bird corpse hung from her jaws as she walked through the forest in search of more dead animals to claim as dolls. Mr. Squishy really could use a Mrs. Squishy after all.

The runt ended up having to stop at a stream in order to get something to drink. Mr. Squishy was placed down on the ground so that she could bend her head down in order to get something to drink. Being on the interior of Inferni she wasn't so worried about attack. She knew that wolves weren't allowed in here and so she wasn't too concerned. It wasn't like when she was living with her small family group and had to be constantly vigil. No, she felt comfort and safety here.

Once she had finished taking as much as her small stomach could hold she turned back to her dolly and spoke to him. "Are you thirsty too, Mr. Squishy?" There was a pause as if the girl was actually listening for an answer before she gave a nod of her head. "Okay Mr. Squishy, I will help you." She stated before picking up the bird by a wing so that she could dip its head into the water to allow it to drink. Mr. Squishy got more than a drink as the decomposing wing broke and the current carried the body away. "Mr. Squishy! Where are you going!?" The girl cried out, ending up dropping the wing once she opened her mouth. She forgot about the wing, leaving it behind on the ground, and followed after the body that had floated away instead.

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Myrika had left her horse to run loose in the gardens of the D'Neville mansion. The fence was in good condition, strong enough to hold a horse, and the tawny-hued woman thought the equine would be too preoccupied with the other animals in the stables and running about the gardens to care much. Part of Myri secretly hoped Eira would take to foal with one of the big stallions: there were at least three she could count. One was chestnut and massive, the other black with odd white markings, and a third Appaloosa, all tan and white splotches. Most of the other were mares, and Myrika did not think Eira would have difficulty befriending the other horses. Farai would have a ball, she had no doubt about that. Part of her wondered if the donkey had kept after horses before; it would not have surprised her. She wished she'd learned more of him from Thamur, but their conversations had never turned that way.

The forest surrounding the mansion seemed lush; Myri pondered its existence next to the seemingly endless plains to the west. This forest smelled of water and streams and bubbling, babbling life -- the scents of fifty or sixty prey animals, each of varing age and species, caught her nose. Her stomach growled faintly, but a thirst had caught in her throat, tickling the dryness there. Myrika did not know her new packlands so well yet -- she had been here only a week or two, after all -- but she knew water when she smelled it. Trotting along quickly, the woman meandered after that wet and now intoxicating scent, very nearly stumbling on the small, quick stream before long. She knelt beside it, cupping her hands and pouring back into her tapered muzzle as best she could. The water dripped down the sides of her mouth, but Myri paid it very little attention; she was not wearing her bandana today, and so it did not matter.

She looked up just in time to see a fairly decomposed and thoroughly soaked bird's corpse float by, and she watched it with astonishment. The fact that she had been drinking from the very same stream did not cross her mind, and she burst out laughing at the sight of it, eyeless and utterly macabre, bobbing merrily along in the stream. She did not hear the other canine until the tawny child seemed nearly upon her; only then did Myrika recall herself and stifle her laughter, peering curiously toward the stranger. Hello, she said, albeit cautiously. She had pitiably little experience with children; most of her memories of them were memories of occasionally cruel Thornloe children.

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Symera was forced to follow along the bank after her precious doll. Mr. Squishy was her very first and so he meant quite a bit to her. Sure, she could find another bird but it just wouldn't be the same. There would never be another Mr. Squishy. To others he would look just like trash but the bird was a lot more than that to the small girl. He was valuable in a way that only she would be able to see. So because of that she wanted to rescue him if at all possible.

Symmy was surprised to very nearly run into someone else in the pursuit of her doll. "Hello." The small girl spoke with a small glance up towards the adult female before looking back to the water. "Mr. Squishy is not able to swim and he needs help. Can you help him?" The question was posed with a nod given towards the bird corpse. And it wasn't only Mr. Squishy that needed help but Symera too since she had been unable to rescue her doll in the first place.

The young female eased her way around the other so that could continue tracking her precious toy that was just out of her reach. Halo had already threatened to get rid of Mr. Squishy before but she didn't want that to happen. She had other dolls but none of them were like Mr. Squishy. She didn't want to have to try to replace her favored possession. After all she had taken care of him and had made sure that Mr. Squishy got regular baths since Halo said that she would get rid of him if he started to stink up the house. It was for that reason that she made sure all of her dolls were bathed so that they didn't just end up disappearing while she was out playing with one, though generally that one always seemed to be Mr. Squishy.

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The corpse snagged on a branch, and Myrika turned her head back toward the child inquisitively, curiosity twinkling in her eyes. She was not disgusted by the sight; she had seen such things before -- it was inevitable in the wilderness, after all. The child spoke, and Myrika turned back toward the corpse, assuming this to be Mister Squishy. The hybrid cocked her head and leaned forward, picking up the throughly sodden bird by its leg. Part of the bone was exposed, and upon depositing the soaked corpse at the puppy's feet, she dipped her hand back in the stream, turning her head toward the girl to speak.

I like your idea of a toy. Would you like a new one? You don't have to get rid of that one, but I'll make you another. Myri knew she was not capable of crafting something of extremely fine caliber; even so, she could stitch together some skins and stuff it with some straw. It wouldn't be terribly fancy, but perhaps the little girl would enjoy a toy that was not a rotting corpse. Myrika didn't want to appear to take the corpse toy away, however, so she left it open as to whether the girl would abandon the old in favor of the new.

I'm Myrika Tears. I just joined Inferni. Who are you? she asked, smiling. This girl was so young and so cute -- there was just no way she could act as the children of Myrika's youth had. The tawny hybrid leaned back on her haunches and settled to the ground, tucking her tail to the side of her leg. She wondered how old this girl was, and if there were more children in the pack. They were generally worse in groups, Myrika thought. Individually, the Thornloe kids hadn't been that bad -- all together, it was an entirely different matter.

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