Stranger On The Wind

POSTED: Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:33 pm

OOC:// Re-using the post from my application. :) I hope I'm doing this right. XD

IC:// It had been a long journey across the wilds, through run down settlements overtaken by nature once more and through vast landscapes of open territory. Aysun, with her experiences growing up was not a very sociable wolf. However, the longer she remained on her own the more she ached for company. She had never belonged to a pack, but instinct told her what they were like: Hateful, stuck up and intolerant. Or so she thought. Upon reaching a densely populated area of her kind, curiosity grew within her heart as did a desire to be a part of something more than herself. She poked around here and there, sneaking about and learning about those that surrounded her finally taking a fancy to the lands around a pack that seemed to be made up of hybrids such as herself. Not one to let opportunity pass, and eager to learn, Aysun walked up to the border, frowning at the skulls and other paraphernalia that littered the invisible line of the pack. Clearly they didn't welcome trespassers. Her lip curled slightly as she decided to risk it. Sniffing the air, she determined their numbers were strong, and with muscles tensed, her paw reached up to nervously clutch her emerald necklace.

Folding her ears, she gazed out into the territory and then inhaled deeply and let out a howl, green eyes closing as she let her strong voice carry to the leaders of the pack. Hiding her fear as best she could she stood, waiting, ready for judgement. She hoped she wasn't making a huge mistake. She would give this pack a chance, but was ready to fight her way out if she had to. But she hoped it wouldn't come to that. She had to believe it wouldn't. As she waited she continued to take in the scents that the soft winds provided her to tell her about the pack. She was very interested to know what it was like being in a pack. She was determined to learn, even if it meant taming her.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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Hello! I was looking through your profile and saw you listed Aysun's height at 7'3"--that's a bit large for our werewolves here. Read over the Size Page on our RPG Guide for a better idea of what to expect. :)

It did not take long for the rising call to be heard. Ezekiel, as usual, was on patrol. He took Viggo for many of these, making up time when he did so, and found the likelihood of some wolf trying to mess with Inferni’s (now very coyote-like) leader. A giant horse dissuaded most of these, and after months of practice, Ezekiel had learned how to shoot his bow from the stallion’s back. Viggo’s canter was smooth enough for him to do so—his speed lacked due to his size, but the Clysedale was a powerhouse none the less.

So he turned the horse with his knee and began heading towards the source. Ezekiel rode without any tack; he had no need for it. A languid trot carried him across the grassland until he spotted the stranger. A woman, alone, and young. Very young, by the looks of it; and a hybrid, certainly. The Aquila slowed his horse and called to her, amber eyes sharp. “What is it?” She would be hard pressed to find warmth here; Inferni was hardly the Court, or even the pack Cypress had come from. Preparing her for that would be the first test.

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OOC:// Whoops! Fixed now I think. :3 I put her kinda balanced between Coyote and Wolf I think. If it still needs changing let me know. Heh, I might have skipped that part, I'm still reading. ^_^;

IC:// She could hear and smell the horse and before she saw him. She was wary, but stood her ground, watching the great hooved animal trot up with an imposing figure upon its back. She quickly determined him to be the alpha. He appeared coyote, strong, and held an air of command. She felt his eyes scrutinize her, judging her as she knew they would. She dipped her head, ears folded and tail partially tucked, but spoke in a steady voice. "My name is Aysun Val-Rahdi and I wish to join your pack, sir." She replied simply, knowing he would likely not require more than that for an answer. She kept her position submissive but not overly so and only once dared look up at him. She wasn't stupid, instinct told her what had to be done. If she wanted in she'd have to be good, follow his rules and quite possibly put up with a bunch of crap she'd rather not at first. But it would be worth it, it had to be.

She would not speak unless spoken to. Aysun knew how her mouth could lead to trouble for her. In this instance she figured it best to just keep it shut. Although this experience was new for her, she was sure she would adapt. Provided she was accepted that is. Trying to steady her nerves she risked glancing up once more, her light green eyes briefly meeting his amber ones before quickly darting away, meaning no disrespect.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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Looks good. :) And yes, it is a lot of information to cover, so don't worry about making a mistake! We're all here to help get you into the game.

The girl was smart enough to keep her posture submissive, which pleased the wolfish part of Ezekiel. He was still possessed by that blood and thus served it. Instinct demanded his dominance, something that harkened back in his genetics far before the de le Poer’s had been wolves. Kaena’s re-introduction of dog blood had stirred primal things that woke from their ancient sleep. A trio of beasts lived within him, a living chimera of his ancestral genetic pool. This was why he let out a sharp warning growl and showed his teeth as she met his gaze—it was a wolfish reaction and one he could not stop. Not while he ran on fumes, and not while paranoia whispered from every shadowed part of the forest.

“And what, Aysun, can you offer? I have enough children here to worry about, so why would I need another?” She was not a child, but her age compared to his was enough that she could be considered such. Max was like her, and while the boy was quickly improving as a hunter (gray pelt and all) he was still dealing with whatever trauma had turned him into a “monster”. This girl looked like she had kept herself fed alright without aid, though she was (as expected of loners) thin.

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IC:// Aysun noted the male's attitude and posture towards her. He seemed a little on edge. Half of her wondered if she had maybe chosen the wrong pack to present her case to. Too late to turn back now. As her eyes met his for that brief second and his sharp growl ensued she tensed, but shied away from his gaze. Young as she was, she had been through a lot, so when his question came, as she expected it would she was prepared to answer honestly and with conviction.

Her experiences had hardened her, almost to the point of bitterness and distrust. She had quite literally fought her way through life. She didn't walk away unscathed each time (the scars down her shoulder and back throbbed once as a reminder) but she survived and that's all that mattered to her. She had learned a lot in her time alone. Although her fur slightly bristled at his comment about her age, she bit her tongue about it. Keeping her gaze low, and posture submissive but her voice strong and steady she replied to him. "I can hunt for you, I have much skill doing so. I can fight for you and will protect my own as it is deemed necessary. I am a beginner artisan, I can craft jewelery and weaponry well enough and what I do not know how to craft, I will learn. I am fluent in low speech and I have very basic medical training. Having been a loner all my life, the experience has given me much knowledge on survival. If these skills do not suffice, I am willing to be instructed in the ways of whatever you see fit." A small growl ended her little speech and she fell silent, hoping he would see her determination, spirit and willingness and would consider her worth it. She hated talking so much. She was wholly prepared for rejection. She was used to it, but she wanted this time to be different.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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The css for this table is hosted off-site so it occasionally has issues. ^^ Don't mind Ezekiel, he's usually not so mean.

The wilderness had made him into a savage, but it was Inferni that had taken him down the path he now walked. Enemies were everywhere—in the Court, where Alaine’s vengeance surely waited (he thought, briefly, of his father and wondered how soon it would be until his return) and east, where Anathema slunk about their shadowed caves and plotted with bad magic. More recently, his nightmarish vision of the deer lingered and kept him cautious around the woodlands. If he saw it, he would not know what to do; a spirits power, especially one who claimed to be a god, was frightening.

His attention waned back towards the girl, who explained herself well enough. Both eyes narrowed sharply at her growl, and were he a wolf, and had he been on the ground, he might have struck her. The insolence was tiring—he had no patience for it. No doubt she was skilled; too skilled for a child, though he supposed some of those might be stronger than others. ,b>“If you can learn to keep your tone in check,” he warned her, amber eyes gleaming. “You’ll do better here. Have you ever been in a pack before? Do you know what it means to serve others?” A trial, yes, but how could he not when insubordination filled his ranks? Halo had learned. They all would, in time.

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OOC:// Ah okay. And no worries. I'm sure Aysun and him will have other threads on better terms? :3

IC:// Again Aysun noticed the distracted look in the alpha's expression. She half wondered if there was some trouble she was walking into. What could be bothering him? She was unsure why she cared so much, but she was under the impression alphas were to remain composed, she may be wrong. She knew patience here was key, as was keeping her tongue in check. She knew she had made a mistake by allowing the growl to escape her control. She didn't fail to see the anger flash before the male's eyes. She shied away instinctively. His tone was irritated and she lowered her posture further, her paw subconsciously fingering the emerald about her neck again.

"I meant no disrespect sir." She said softly and looked down at her feet. "As a matter of fact, I have never been part of a pack before. But I want to be. I want to be a part of something..." She said with conviction. Then laughed a little to herself. "I could do with some social interaction." She flicked a folded ear. "I may be a little rough around the edges, but I can adapt." She glanced up a little hopefully. "If given the chance..." She spoke softly, not trying to force her will upon someone of such high stature. She did not wish to cause trouble.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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Yup yup. :) He's just got some drama going on. Welcome to the clan! :>

She recognized the mistake, and Ezekiel felt the tension lessen in his shoulders. His irritability was not something that belonged to any one cause, any single person—but a girl who dared look him in the eye and dared growl at him made the Aquila’s nerves flare up. Yet she buckled under his aggression and so the golden male had no reason to push her further. She would submit. Even if it took time, she would learn what it meant to be part of Inferni.

A soft shake of the head was offered. “You’ll have your work cut out for you. You’re a Tirones, which is our subordinate rank. Show your usefulness and we’ll see you advance.” One red hand lifted, pointing east. “There’s a mansion in that direction you can take up residence in, or,” he gestured westward. “A series of caves some of us call home. I’m Ezekiel, and you’ve now joined Inferni.” Without a further word, the Aquila turned his horse and began trotting off along his patrol path.

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