Let's Start A Little Trouble

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Predated to around the 18th. After the Parley and possible CD pack meeting and before any fighting. Please note that I have Kansas' player's permission to borrow Lexington for the trip.


It had come, the time for war. Savina had increased boarder patrols and many of the Dreamers were preparing for their first battle. It was strange for Crimson Dreams to be so on edge and ready for an attack as it had been a pack of peace since Jazper was a young boy. Now he was much older, scarred from three separate fights and an experienced protector of the pack. Although he loved each Dreamer equally he felt like they needed help and he knew exactly whom he was going to call on.

After coming to terms again recently Jazper and Kansas had begun to greet each other as friends once again and it was no surprise for pack mates to see the two chatting in the evening. Very early in the morning the dark night had surprised Kansas and himself by asked if he could ride Lexington to Cour des Miracles and Anathema to meet some people, though he never disclosed whom he was going to see. After getting Jazper set up on the horse the warrior hesitantly started off on his journey.

It was an awkward ride for both rider and steed. Horses had always been viewed as prey in Jazper’s eyes and he had never dreamed one day he would willingly ask to borrow a horse from anyone. However the Knight was not dumb and recognized that he could travel a fair deal faster on the large horse than on his own paws. Lexington, having met Jazper only a few times, seemed to be aware that his rider was not as experienced as Kansas and attempted to adjust the best he could but on his back the giant clung to the reins cursing his choice as they went.

Approaching Cour des Miracles the dark man pulled on the reins to bring the horse to a stop. “That’ll do Lex.” He grumbled. Swinging a leg over the horse Jazper quickly found himself lying in the dirt. Cursing some more he stumbled to his feet, legs sore from the ride, and glared at the horse that simply clicked in laughter. Ignoring the beast the wolf began to howl, calling Anann to the boarders in a friendly song.

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A few days had already passed since Anann had been able to return to her optime form. The chain that had been bound around her neck for the past month was gone. The fur where it had once rested had been matted and worn thin. The indentation in her pelt was more obvious now than it had been in her shaggy secui form even when she had still worn the chain. Still it was the least obvious of the marks that still littered her body. The bare skin of her muzzle had begun to fill in, but the hair there was still quite thin and sparse. Showing much of the freshly healed skin. Her wrists and ankles were much the same. The bite of the rope still showing though the skin was no longer raw and tender, but healthy and well healed.

Anann was digging through some scraps of leather and furs in her cabin that morning. A small pile was growing with pieces she planned to use to make fur lined bracers to cover the markings on her wrists and ankles until the fur had grown in more. At hearing the call, though it was quite unexpected, she set the pieces she planned to use to the side on her work table and rolled up the rest and put them away. Stepping out of the cabin she called back, letting Jazper know that she would be there shortly and started off in a jog towards the borders. Glad that at least she was closer than if she had been in Lunenberg that morning.

It was a short run, but it still had left her feeling more drained than it should have and her pace slowed as soon as the large black male came into view and she gave a slight wave. A surprised look crossing her face as she noticed the horse near by. Her own steed following behind her a few yards yet. "Its been awhile." She said once she was at a reasonable speaking distance, a weak smile gracing her lips for a moment. "Who's your friend here?" She asked as she gestered at the horse. It was definitely a surprise to Jazper, let alone with a horse in tow.

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Never having much patience for waiting at boarders Jazper was more than pleased to hear Anann quickly call back instead of leaving him waiting the entire time she approached. Watching Lexington with a predator’s distaste he grumpily waited, in his opinion alone. The horse, feeling much the same wandered a close distance behind the Optime, knowing that they would be off again soon. A smile crept onto the warrior’s lips as he faintly caught sight of a running golden pelt in the distance, Brushing his coat to make it look presentable his tail started to wobble in anticipation of a friendly face, the wolf kind.

As she came closer into view he quickly noticed the differences and his smile turned into a frown of concern. “Too long apparently.” His voice flat as he took in her appearance. The one clean and full golden coat was thin in places and even had skin exposed in others. Before questioning her he glanced over at the blue-grey horse she referred to, “That would be Lexington, he belongs to Kansas, Savina’s mate.” Although it was a happy occasion to see his friend the warrior could not bring the small smile back to his face, “Has the war come here? Did you get seriously injured?”

Putting a reassuring hand on the golden ladies shoulder he added, “They took Anu and Fia, my daughter. We managed to recover Fia but Anu is still in their grasp.” His voice was full of pain as he spoke, Fia had been recaptured but she had suffered many of the same injuries and markings as the rope marks on Anann herself. His heart was full of rage at the Aniwaya leaders who had tossed Dawali from leadership. Never had they had conflict with other packs until they attacked. Jazper never explained the war to his friend as he assumed the marks on her body were from an Aniwaya attack.

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The dark warrior's smile faded as she neared and he was able to clearly see the spots of bare skin and thin fur. Concern etching into his features. "It is not as bad as it looks, I am fine." She responded to his comment of it being too long and for the first time in weeks she could say it honestly. She gave a nod of acknowledgement to the roan horse though he hardly seemed to pay her any attention. She had not met Kansas or Savina personally, but was familiar with at least the name of the latter.

Anann was caught completely off guard as Jazper spoke of war and her brow knitted deeply together in confusion. "War? No. What are you.." Amber ears tucked back in her mane as he continued to explain and confusion quickly morphed into anger. Her hackles even beginning to bristle as she learned of the fate that had befallen Anu and Jazper's own daughter. "Who?" She demanded to know. "Who has Anu? Why?" Anann considered Anu to be a good friend as well as her sons that had come to live in the Court. To Anann it was as close as one could come to assaulting her own family. Rem by this time had come to stand right behind Anann. His tail thrashing behind him as he picked up on the conversation and Anann's own reaction to the news. He gave a loud and disapproving snort. Anann gave the large stallion a reassuring pat, they were not about to stand by and do nothing, but first she needed to know what was happening out there. "What's going on, Jazper?"

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He became silent at the golden lady’s confusion. How had she not heard? Where did her marks come from if not from the Aniwaya Guardians? Had no one contacted the pack that lived so close to Crimson Dreams? It seemed odd the Knight that a place so full of friendly wolves would not have received a message from the Dreamers in their moment of need. There was a sense of relief when his friend suddenly jumped into a defensive mindset, that of a warrior ready to go. In his heart the coal male knew that Anann would always stand for those in trouble with him, there was a sense of trust between the two that was only just beginning to form.

With the snort from the wolfess’s companion and the final question he knew exactly what she needed to know. “Aniwaya was taken over by a group by the name of ‘The Guardians’ a real nasty bunch of wolves. We let a family with some very young pups stay in Crimson Dreams.” Looking around he checked to make sure no one else was listening only catching a faint scent of another male lingering on Anann’s coat. “They attacked us in the middle of the night searching for the pups and the took Anu and Fia. We went to talk to them a couple of days ago and I managed to save Fia but Savina called us all back. They out numbered the few of us that went to the parley.” There was little else to explain, as it was crystal clear to Jazper that they were at war. No one from Crimson Dreams would rest until Anu was safe at home and the Guardians were vanquished from Souls land. They were no longer welcome and had far over stayed their welcome.

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Honey hued arms crossed over Anann’s chest as Jazper began to explain. She did not know much of AniWaya, really. Only what she had heard in passing for she did not know a single member of the tribe. In all honesty, Anann’s knowledge of the surrounding area was rather minimal and did not expand much beyond Crimson Dreams and Cour des Miracles. She had simply found little reason to venture further than that. Still everything the dark knight told her seemed opposite of what she had heard before what she had considered to be a peaceful group. Still Anann was outraged at what she heard and it made little sense. Surely it was not as simple as a couple of pups and what did these ‘Guardians’ want with them? Whatever the case was, Anann was sure there was no justifying the resulting outcome.

Her hands gripped her arms tightly as she felt her anger rising. The hair of neck growing bristled and thick. ”Have they hurt her?” Anu was a gentle and kind soul. Such a fate was undeserving of her. Something had to be done about this, but Anann was hardly in any condition to go rushing into battle at the very moment. It had been only days since she had lost her unwanted litter and her body was still weary, yet all she could think about it was gearing up Rem and sharping her sword (for the longest blade that she proffered to use from horseback was without an edge). ”Do you have any idea of their numbers and what kind of forces has Crimson Dreams gathered?” These were the details she needed first and foremost.

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Anatoliy had heard the call just as well as Anann had. He had been coming back to his former home to scavenge what was left in the small house. He had also brought himself several dry bits of wood, which he absently tossed inside of the wood structure. The call was faint but the man heard it call for Anann, and he instinctively felt himself worry for the woman. She would go to see the caller, he knew. And it sounded masculine. Anatoliy wanted to protect her. She surely would not object him coming, right? Dropping all of the dry kindling on the floor, the Russian walked steadily toward the direction of the call, knowing he would come upon his love's scent along the way there.

Eventually he came upon them, and they were already in conversation. Deeply, too. He was worried he was interrupting when he cleared his throat for the two of them to hear. The man was a stranger, dark as the night sea. Anatoliy had never seen the man before, but Anann seemed familiar enough with him to relax enough to let an easy grin to appear on his usually placid face. "I'm sorry. Am I disturbing?"

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“I don’t know.” Where the only words that left his lips for the moment as his lightning colored eyes looked at the warrior before him with hard eyes. It was no longer the time to be emotional. Wolves had been harmed, loved ones taken. Naturally, inside the man was a whirlwind of emotions and an anger that drove him forward but from that anger can a need to assemble, to find friends to help and bring back Anu. “She was fairly beaten up. Lashes to the back, bruising and rope marks. I don’t know what they would have done to her after we left.” All he could do was hope for the best and try to gain Crimson Dreams some willing warriors to support them.

The clearing of a throat brought caused him to reach for one of the daggers on his side. Turning his head he stopped himself, the scent of the pack and Anann lingering on the brown hued male before him. “Sorry Sir.” He apologized, removing his hand from the knife’s handle. The soft smile on the male’s face, along with the strong scent of the wolfess before him caused Jazper to take a small step out of Anann’s personal space. Anann had never mentioned having a mate but maybe this was a potential partner? Turning to the golden girl he added, “The Guardians must be at least ten well trained warriors and they’ve started converting Aniwayans as well.” Not wanting to continue the conversation in front of this foreign man Jazper quickly stepped towards him, extending a massive hand. “Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. I’m in charge of Crimson Dreams’ defenses. Anann is a good friend of mine.” The wolf before him was not particularly small, perhaps a warrior himself? It would please Savina to no end if he could manage to round up some more help.

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It was times like this when an over abundance of emotion proved to be nothing but a hindrance. For they clouded the mind when it was clarity that was called for and essential. Anann’s visage was one of etched stone. Stern and Calculating as Jazper told her of Anu’s condition. Though the description he gave tore at the tender spot in her heart for the elder wolfess and gave fuel to anger, Anann gave no more sign than the tightening of her jaw and the slight twitch of a lip as it threatened to curl in disgust. As warrior, she knew what it was that she would have to do. She would help the Dreaming leader in any fashion she could, but it was obviously not a task to be taken alone. If the feat were that easy Anu would surely be freed already.

The Crimson Dreams knight had her full attention and so it wasn’t until he cleared his throat that Anann was aware of Anatoliy’s approach. It was probably humorous to watch as the two conversing wolves both turned their heads to look at the large Russian. Anann’s was a look of mild surprise, though it quickly softened as a smile crept across her maw. Though Jazper’s call had been for her she was not surprised that Toliy had chosen investigate as well. After all, he was still rather cautious and protective of her after all they had been through recently. She couldn’t blame him.

Before she had a chance to introduce them Jazper gave answer to question concerning the strength of the guardians. ”Ten? Hmm, that doesn’t sound too bad.” After all, it could certainly be much worse and in all honest Anann was used to being up against much larger forces, but then that was also while having a sizable army of her own. Which was a luxury she no longer had and she certainly didn’t know enough warriors herself to put together a party of equal strength to the guardians. It would not be easy, but she did not think it would prove all to difficult to amass a force large enough to give them fair standing against these so called Guardians.

Once introductions were complete Anann gave Anatoliy a soft, reassuring smile. Moving to stand beside him, her hand reached for his. There was worry in her heart for what this might come to mean for her own pack. She had yet to regain her strength and confidence after all Keese had put her through.

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Anatoliy looked at the hand for only a moment before taking it and giving it a hearty shake. He was familiar with that sort of greeting. It had been beaten into him as a young pup back home in Russia. He had to be polite and courteous, no matter the situation. And men were greeted with a handshake. So the Russo did not bad an eyelash before shaking the man's hand, keeping it firm. But he nodded with approval after his hand returned to his side. "Anatoliy Russo. Nice meeting you."

Judging by the seriousness of their conversation before he had arrived, Anatoliy assumed that it was a rather serious matter, especially if he had called directly for Anann. But obviously not bad enough if he had not called for a leader to speak to. That still meant that he knew Anann before hand, but the Russo did not care how he knew her. She reached for his hand and he took it, wrapped it inside of his arm and held on tight. If it were not obvious then, well.. the stranger could not be dense as that. No one could. "Vhat is happening?" he asked seriously, looking first at the woman beside, then at the man standing before them.

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A soft smile graced his muzzle as the newcomer took his golden friend by the hand. It seemed that Anann had found herself a good guy to help her along. Whatever had happened to her in the past month, whatever had left the marks on her, she would need his help to recover and it was not his place to intrude on the process by asking questions. All that mattered was that she was safe now. The thought made him wonder what he would do if the war got to Ghita. She was a wild one and he would never put it past her to storm into a group of Guardians and insist that they return Anu. Yet he prayed that she would not be so foolishly brave. After all, bravery was no good to anyone without thought.

Anatoliy, entering the conversation so late, was only a minor inconvenience, easy to catch up on. “Aniwaya is under the control of a power hungry ass. He’s taken our second in command. At one point they had my daughter but we took her back." Poor little Fia, out of all her siblings she should have been the last in such a situation. Tony and Enzo were much stronger and could have held their own but little naïve Fia was not that sort of animal. “It’s war Anatoliy. I know that Anann would want to know what has happened and I wanted to make sure the court was safe.” Although he only really knew the other warrior Jazper had met the odd court member along his travels and believed they were a good pack.

Turning his attention to Anann he clarified, “Its not too bad but all the fighters are scattered among the packs. To have a matching skilled force we would need a pack of just fighters. Right now we can only count on numbers and most of those numbers have never been trained in the basics let alone actually had to fight someone.” It was a sad truth. Although the warriors existed he would have to travel to each pack and call upon them to have a force to defeat the trained Guardians.

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Having just gotten the news herself it was easier to let Jazper sum up the situation for Anatoliy. Anann was worried and her fatigue let it show, yet war was a more familiar thing to Anann that what she had dealt with in the past months. She’d almost welcome it at this point just to get her mind of her own situation if it weren’t the fact that Jazper was right. While ten, and possibly more, did not seem so bad, Anann could count on one hand the warriors she would trust to hold their own in such a fight. And with fingers to spare. Though because Jazper was right, and it seemed each pack only had a few truly skilled fighters, then where had these forces in AniWaya come from? Knowing nothing of the tribe nor the great tribe from which they had sprung from Anann couldn’t even begin to guess what was really going on at the core of this.

”So, what’s the plan then?”

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The Russo held onto the woman's hand, listening intently as the stranger spoke of war. He had heard whispers of it, but since he was rarely on the other side of the kingdom, those words were nothing to him. To Anatoliy, it was just the sea's whispers that he listened to. "As far as I am knowing, zhere has not been anyzhing here. Yet, I suppose." He hoped the war would stay out of the kingdom, for it was a terrible thing to have happen anywhere. He did not want it to come here. Anann would get right in the thick of it, he knew she would. She was a fighter, and he was not, but he knew that she was always going to want to protect. That was her nature. Anatoliy only wanted peace and quiet, for it had taken him a journey halfway across the world just to get it. "Vhat are you going to do about zhem?"

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It was a difficult question the two Court dwellers left him with: What would he do? They were lucky to have avoided the war for this long when the Court was so close to Crimson Dreams and the Tribe of Guardians. It wouldn’t be long now; it simply couldn’t be avoided, as the Guardian’s leader seemed to seek out wolves to treat with spite. No one could do anything by themselves anymore, not against such a force. Yet no pack had enough warriors, there were only a few per pack. They needed a force but the joining of two packs could only make such a force. It would be up to Savina for now to figure out what to do with this war. “For now all we can do is wait for a call to arms and then fight.” All they could do was wait. Savina was the leader, a very confident leader at that, and the Knight would follow her lead.

However, there was a sense of annoyance within Jazper. He hated all the waiting, all the sitting and doing nothing. Sure he could occupy his time with boarder patrols but they wouldn’t come during the day. Besides, they had prisoners so they didn’t need to come to the packs. It would be the packs going to them in the end. But if only there had been a larger group of warriors to start with, then none of this would have happened. A spark began to serge through he brain, perhaps now was the time? As a young pup he had told Savina that one day he wanted to have his own pack. Maybe now he could do something worthwhile in his life.

Looking to Anann, confident vibrant yellow eyes meeting her soft browns. “I’m going to start a pack. Train up warriors so this never happens again.” It was a bold statement but he was sure now. If he could make a pack with willing hands at his call he could protect not only Crimson Dreams but also everyone. Standing tall now he spoke once more, “I’m going to make a pack Anann and I want you to help me. With an army behind us we could prevent lives from being lost next time. We wouldn’t have to wait.”

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The warrior woman already knew from experience that waiting at a time like this was practically the hardest thing to do and so it was easy for her to sympathize with Jazper; understanding the restlessness that came with wanting to act and being unable. She would surely come to feel it too, as she waited for her body to recover from all she had been put through. She was far from helpless, even in her current state, but certainly not ready for war.

The dark knight’s plan came as a slight surprise, though encouraging smile spread across her face as she gave an approving nod to the idea. Anann felt Jazper would make a suitable leader, nor did he seem the type that would abuse the power of such a force. Surprise washed over her face as he said he wanted her help and she looked at him a moment as if to make sure she had not heard him wrong, before she looked up at Anatoliy to see his reaction to all this. The golden fingers of her free hand having come up to brush his arm. ”I’m honored, Jazper, but.. I don’t know. I’m hardly in any condition..” She did not finish that particular thought, thought it was true she was hardly in any condition, physical, emotional, or mental to be taking on that sort of under taking. Not right away. ”Can I.. Can we,” she corrected, giving Anatoliy a glance, ”have some time to consider?” After all it was not just her choice to make.

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