my name and my deeds will scorch the land

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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Since his father’s disappearance and subsequent proof of the matter, Ezekiel’s world had changed dramatically. He felt as if a support system had been ripped out from under him—Gabriel had kept order when Ezekiel was falling apart slowly. Now, though, a grand and terrible flaw had been made apparent. If he did not show strength now, this unseen threat would come around and break him in twain. Though instinctively he desired to flee from this coming storm, he was Aquila; even if his father could abandon his clan, his family, Ezekiel would not leave Talitha alone.

Desperation prompted him, and took him to the Mansion. He found only two faces there, and both he summoned with little explanation. Sa’adat came willing enough, and Halo joined with little zeal. Some part of him missed her fire, but he had seen signs of a change since the girl had joined them. Ezekiel wished horribly for Halo’s approval as a leader; he doubted she recognized the amount of weight her voice carried. Politics refused to sit right with the golden-red leader. The new Aquila was not his father, and this showed plainly in what he explained to the women as they traveled south.

During his time with the Anicinàpe Tribe, Ezekiel had seen the effectiveness of subterfuge. While his father might have been an honorable creature, his son was a savage, and his son was not above taking what he desired or needed. This was his pattern—as a child he shown the proof of this early on, bringing home young girls that he convinced himself needed “rescued”. What they did now could not be seen as anything less than an unprovoked attack for the gain of the clan alone.

They were nearly to the borders of AniWaya when Zeke halted his small party. He turned to the women, looking to Halo specifically. “See if there’s anyone nearby,” he said lowly, shrugging off his bow. If they needed to kill, they would kill. This much he knew without a doubt.

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She didn’t know this Sa’adat woman very well, and as was her trademark; nor did she wish to unless the other managed to display something worth acknowledging. Halo had lost the throne and was a mere subordinate again, though she was still the top warrior of the clan. The golden-red leader recognized as much. But status wasn’t enough for this Lykoi with the mark of chaos above her heart. It had taken too long to learn that she couldn’t depend on anyone but herself. Though now, when she finally had learned her lesson, the dragon had spread its wings and was ready to soar.

The colourful cloth that portrayed her inner beast had been left in the mansion before they had taken off. All she wore was the belt around her sweetly curved waist, the small, accompanying pouch and the darling blade resting against her slender, auburn back. Gabriel was gone, and though she would honour her promise, the world was dangerous for many as long as she strode about freely. The blood on her hands had been washed away many days ago, though in her mind, she could still taste the salt and fear. She wanted to be her father’s daughter. Samael was a psychopath if she had ever seen one, but he wasn’t as untouchable as he thought. She had taken something from him, and her future would be beautiful. Soon, all would see the mark of damnation, but for now, this lovely little secret belonged to her alone.

No sound escaped her form as the beautiful face blessed with ruby gaze nodded at her leader and headed off. Narrowed pupils noted it as her cousin shrugged off his bow, though quickly darted elsewhere. With the twin sword resting against her muscular back, she feared no evil. It wasn’t the intruders that should fear, she knew this.

Nostrils flared and ears rotated on the top of her royal head, though she quickly decided that the Aniwaya tribe seemed to be a bit sloppy. The breeze that caressed her face spoke of the presence of the tribe’s residents, though there was enough distance. It was with a tinge of annoyance she thought that the Aquila should have prepared them for this. Salty shores and old ashes followed the three and created a trail, and this could have easily been avoided. The woman had done her best to rub grass and flora into her fur on their way here, but it didn’t disguise her as well as she would have liked. This could end poorly, were they not careful. The outskirts of the lands wouldn’t help, and from experience, she assumed it would be more dangerous by the borders than it would be once they managed to slip deeper into the lands.

It didn’t take long before she decided to return to the man that had brought them into this odd, yet so intriguing mission. Ruby eyes lingered with the golden leader until she had established eye contact before she gave a sharp nod. The coast was clear, more or less, though it was only a matter of time, as always.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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Sa'adat al-Masri
her testament to the sky

Talitha had been clear with her demands of the small woman who helped to raise her children -- watch Ezekiel when she could not. Sa'adat's discomfort with the concept of spying, watching, shadowing the Aquila that she knew so little about was evident, but she didn't complain. She couldn't. She'd felt the sting of Talitha's hand, the bite of her words, her insults. It was easier to pacify the princess. Enkiel offered an escape, but even Enkiel couldn't save her from the fate offered -- if she disobeyed Talitha, she feared the results, but what if Ezekiel learned of his sister's demands? Would she suffer for the paranoia and worry of the russet Centurion?

She'd put her things away for the day, her weaving and other such handcrafted things, and prepared herself to seek out the golden leader, but he came to her instead, demands and explanations unfamiliar to the jackayote who simply accepted them as another part of her duty. They were taking a trip, going somewhere to do something that she wasn't entirely sure of. The purpose was unimportant -- what mattered was that Ezekiel wanted her to go. Alongside the unfamiliar, dark hybrid with the same starred mark as the de le Poer princess and another male, she set out to unknown lands, faintly recalling passing over them at one point in her delirium, though she had hailed toward the sea and they were heading south.

Her silence was not a strange thing. In the presence of the men, there was no need to talk; it was rude, it was audacious. They weren't Enkiel, who could speak with her in their shared Mother Tongue, who understood somewhat her soft-spoken ways and seemed to enjoy her company enough to allow her to pester him. Her silence became a barrier to protect her from them, the strangers, as she followed them to some end that she had no choice of.

They paused before the borders, she could smell the wolves that lingered there in the distance, and he turned to face them but focused on the red-eyed creature. His order was...strange, but Sa'adat quickly moved away from the rest to scope out who might be in the vicinity. She was incapable of much else, too small to be a warrior and too fragile to fight -- she couldn't best a woman, let alone a man that her culture, her raising, dictated she fall to -- but she would do her best to see what it was that might hinder their task.

Nothing. Satisfied, albeit anxious, she found her way back to the Aquila and bowed her head, bringing no news and finding no reason to say the words that acknowledged it -- she could only hope he would understand her, rather than force her voice.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

Tammi, jump in when you can. Zeke is taking Sa'adat with him, but Halo and Hybrid are free to split up. We're going towards the barn, you guys can head towards where weapons are stored :>Word Count » --

They had come rather directly, though crossing the river had washed the strongest scents from them. Unlike his companions, Ezekiel would always smell like Inferni—it was his scent on the borders after all. Plants had aided in masking them as they went, as he had noted Halo doing, but the savage Aquila was a thing of the wilderness. His quiver still stunk of the dead animal even now, and so his scent was a chimera of wolf, coyote, and wolverine. Yet Ezekiel did not fear any retaliation from AniWaya; why would they come so far north when the war was next door?

His companions confirmed that they were alone, and this encouraged the Aquila. With bow drawn yet, he spoke in low, hushed tones. “We’ll take what we can, and leave quickly.” Motioning for Sa’adat to follow, he crossed the invisible line and began heading westward. Soft, nearly silent steps carried him through the thick forest and into the AniWaya territory. Now and then he would stop suddenly, stiffen, and swivel his head to and fro as a deer might. They had not encountered anyone yet, and this was what he had hoped.

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It seemed they were turning into simple thieves in Gabriel de le Poer’s absence. The Triarii’s lips were sealed after her dishonourable defeat weeks prior, though the fire in her eyes could never be quenched unless it was death itself that pulled her into its cold embrace. She made certain to turn away from her leader’s gaze then, unwilling to allow him to see the temporary glare within her bloody shades. Cream painted fingers brushed off sticky traces of crushed flowers with light resentment as alert eyes continued to patrol their immediate surroundings.

It didn’t seem coincidental when he chose the other woman to be his temporary companion. It was all good; it was better for her to go off on her own. The Lykoi woman brushed heavy locks from her face as she followed the two for a few yards only before she broke off to head southwest. Alone and without unnecessary baggage in the form of other coyotes, she quickly darted deeper into enemy territory. She had never intruded into the tribe’s territory before, but her senses knew what to search for, and what she desired most.

The fine shades painting her pelt didn’t stand out in the hybrid scenery of summer and autumn, but with the light touch of the wind, she could be unlucky if she approached busy areas from the wrong direction. It took time before she recognized some oddly shaped objects in a mostly cleared area. Solid, wooden pillars with hides wrapped about them in a foreign manner. She had never seen anything like it in the past, and found that she couldn’t even recognize the hides used. Staying near the outskirts, she walked up to the closest structure, stroking the foreign leather.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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Sa'adat al-Masri
her testament to the sky

The anxiety was building, the sense that something she was doing was wrong resonating in her chest with all the discomfort she expected it would have. Her ears fell faintly against the salt-and-pepper locks that fell over her shoulders, green eyes staring absently into the territory they had come to while she waited further orders -- her moral compass was incapable of pushing past her sense of masculine superiority, and as Ezekiel spoke and motioned for her to follow, she did without hesitation. Small footsteps carried her further, behind him, into the strange land.

She was far from a skilled scout, or a skilled thief, and her kaftan often rustled foliage or dragged twigs until she decided it was becoming a hinderance. Quickly as she could, she shed the outer garment, falling behind the Aquila as she detangled herself and tossed it away, but the space was regained as quickly as it was lost. Her eyes focused on Ezekiel, watching him with the faintest curiosity before managing to swallow her nerves. "Why do we come here?" The whisper-quiet words, barely a breeze of voice, broke a tenent of her lifestyle.

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He had trailed behind the group ever since their departure from Inferni. Like the others, Hybrid had worked to rid himself of his scent. Unlike Ezekiel or anyone here, he bore the scent of a longtime member and someone who had been in both incarnations of Inferni. While it wasn’t detectable, since such a political thing had no smell, he still had trouble finding ways to mask it. He went through rivers and rubbed his fur on the different bushes and plants he passed. But still, even if he didn’t smell like Inferni, his appearance alone betrayed his origins.

He waited patiently when Ezekiel sent the other two out for reconnaissance. There, he wondered if he could try to execute the plan in which Talitha had failed. But if Sa’adat and Halo returned to see Ezekiel dead and Hybrid alive and bloody, they would assume the worst: the truth.

So, Hybrid stayed silent and motionless as they waited. Ezekiel did not speak to him and so he did not return with any words of his own. He had no need.

When the two others returned, Ezekiel issued a new order. Hybrid nodded and then set out slowly trailing after Halo. He figured that if the other two were moving as a pair, he could at least shadow Halo to keep an eye out. If they were lucky, he might spot someone to remove.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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Inferni was without honor long before Gabriel left it. Ezekiel recalled the strife within their borders; civilized people did not turn on their kin. Yet his clan had proven, over and over again, that they would tear each other asunder. He alone could lead this clan—Ezekiel was savage in ways that the Inferni coyotes were not. This had been proven to Halo. If she dared come after him again, he would kill her one way or another. Perhaps she did not see the value in this excursion, but he did. There were gains to be made without a risk of loss.

Sa’adat was hardly silent, but her noise lessened as she left her heavy garment behind. He slowed at the edge of the forest, red ears turning back at her soft voice. Without speaking, he gestured forward. If she had learned low-speech, she might had understood the words his body and fingers spoke. Still he was clear enough with what he wanted; horses, grazing within the enclosed area. After several long, tense minutes of observation the Aquila decided things were safe enough for them to proceed. His bow was pulled back across his chest.

Strong arms helped him clear the fence, and once across, he turned to Sa’adat, clearly expecting she might need assistance.

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Hybrid and Halo shall have the honour of killing off an Aniwaya pnpc, and as I've understood it, we've been given permission to do so.

Foreign leather with a foreign scent, and all she recognized was the stench of wolves. Dangerous hues of red barely took a break from their tireless patrol, and only once did her heart make a jump with adrenaline-soaked surprise. She hadn’t’ expected Hybrid to trail her, but it would benefit her greatly. Two were not always better than one, but Hybrid was something quite else than the silly, dressed woman Ezekiel had dragged along with him. Hybrid was a warrior and a madman, and she could use one of them.

A sly smirk was thrown in the hidden male’s direction before she turned and half circled the hide coated building. It was hollow, and the coyote quickly stepped into the shadowed room and turn around in a circle while eyes worked to get accustomed to the scarce light. Oh, weren’t she the lucky one today. Crouching down to let soft fingertips gently touch weapons, she smiled to herself, ruby hues half lidded. Such a shame she had left her usual piece of cloth at home, because she needed something to carry the objects in.

The hides wrapped about the structure were too tough and unbendable to use, though she found something she thought to be a sleeping roll, unless she was quite mistaken. Halo’s whiskers crinkled as she sniffed in the stench of wolf, but it couldn’t be helped. One bone dagger and a quiver were added on top of the light leather before she rolled it up and placed it under her arm. A finely designed bow was hoisted down her neck and shoulder, and she pulled her arm through.

On the balls of her feet, she rushed to another entrance, equipping another bow and seizing a small throwing axe. But then, the woman froze. Footsteps of an optime were registered by keen, coyote ears, though they quickly lost sound. Had they inhaled the stench of intruders? The Triarii stepped back from the open entrance of the structure, breath soundless and controlled. Fingers were quick to ache for the twin sword resting against her back, but she did not reach for it.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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The optime Hybrid sees is Will Stone. (WC: 329)
Hybrid was glad to see Halo notice him trailing behind her. While he didn't believe they were on friendly enough terms to warrant him popping up and introducing himself as her self-appointed ghost, he was glad he didn't have to bother with that. Hybrid hated justifying himself and was relieved to see that as a warrior, she had picked up on him not-so-stealthily trailing behind her.

He figured that if something happened to her, he'd be close by to determine the problem before it got out of hand. Also, since AniWaya was unaware of their sneak attack, they might not realize another followed the first intruder. This would give him an element of surprise if they were discovered; though, he was hoping Halo would be discovered and cause the distraction to let him sneak around and do what he needed to do without being caught.

He followed Halo quietly deeper into AniWaya. He waited patiently outside the rudimentary door in front of the hut. He could not hear her moving about inside, but he suspected she was gathering a number of weapons to take with her. Unlike Hybrid, however, Halo was in her optime form so she would be able to carry the weapons back, while Hybrid could not. That worked fine, because Hybrid understood his role in this operation very well, and his secui form was the only one he would use for that.

He looped around behind the hut when he saw Halo emerge and followed her as she moved to another. He carefully moved behind the small buildings, waiting quietly to see if anyone would find them. From his vantage point, he could see a large grey wolf approaching the hut. Realizing Halo's cover was about to be blown, Hybrid quickly darted around the hut and came up behind the wolf. He lunged for the wolf's heel, hoping to tear through its Achilles tendon and force it to the ground where he could properly kill it.

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Sa'adat al-Masri
her testament to the sky

Without the addition of the heavy kaftan she was so familiar with, movement was easy. Her steps were softer, her strides longer. Everything went more smoothly than it had under the fabric. Still, she was anxious -- this was land that belonged to others, others who were unfamiliar to her and that she feared instinctively. Perhaps she'd return home no worse for wear, but she was sure that she would suffer something in the long haul. But that was future, and this was now and she needed to focus on helping the golden leader who scaled the fence easily, turning to wait for her.

If her knew Aquila expected the frail jackal hybrid to need assistance, he was sadly mistaken, as she scaled over the wooden fence with ease gained only by her smaller, agile body. Expectantly, she stared at him, green eyes fixing on the scars about his eye rather than on the golden gaze itself as she waited for him to explain what it was they were taking away from this unfamiliar place.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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His feet carried him towards the scent of horses. While Inferni held several horses already, it was Ezekiel’s horse that had been wounded. Someone had to pay for that. He stalked through the pasture with well-placed steps, large ears high and listening for anything out of the ordinary. Amber eyes narrowed upon the sight of the barn, and the horses mingling within. Whoever was supposed to be caring for them had certainly gone to lengths to keep them close.

The horses looked up at the approach of strangers, but they were domesticated and used to wolves. Ezekiel began speaking to them, making soft noises and gestures. They all perked up, but two in particular began to approach. One was white, the other a deep bay. Through them, he gathered that things had changed—they no longer were tended to by the woman they recognized as safety. The white one was pregnant. Ezekiel smiled, and motioned to Sa’adat. The white mare approached her cautiously, sniffing with wide nostrils and fidgeting.

“Do you know how to ride?” He asked her.

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This was the best feeling there was. The few, precious seconds that seemed to bulge with the essence of time itself. Lifetimes could certainly rise and fall while waiting, though in truth no time passed at all. Pupils in scarlet seas dilated until the hut’s innards seemed to be washed in bright light. Halo felt the muscles in her face contract and tense, drawing her lips back to reveal her perfect row of pearly teeth. Few drugs could compete with this sense of existence. Always, it would be the last seconds before violence she cherished most. Though after half an eternity and much too soon, the moment ended.

She exited the strange cabin just in time to see the Hydra’s hungry teeth dig into the guardian’s heel. With the instant scent of blood in the air, the warrior woman could feel her hackles rising. How unfortunate it was that they had been spotted so soon. She wished this twist could have been dealt with differently. Hybrid’s move to cripple the man was well played, but an open mouth armed with vocal cords could summon assistance with ridiculous ease. The sharp sound of pain and alarm exploded in sensitive, coyote ears, but her arm had already started the preventative strike.

She found that she must have drawn her sword as she walked out, because it was now in her hand, following her arm’s visually gentle curve. But impact would not be gentle. However, she hadn’t stepped as close as she should have. The sword aimed to take a slash at the wolf’s throat. If not instantly killing it, it would certainly cut the wolf’s pathetic cry short. His life should belong to Hybrid anyway. All Halo wanted was a little taste of it.

Your faith walks on broken glass

Halo Lykoi

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Halo exited the hut just in time to see the wolf scream in agony. As if they had orchestrated the attack pre-emptively, Halo had her sword ready in her hand and slashed at the wolf, quickly silencing it. The wolf continued to scream, but they were gurgling sounds that didn't carry as far as the original cries had. The wolf struggled to stand: it lacked the balance afforded by the necessary tendons and was horribly confused after Halo's vicious strike. The wolf fell to its knees and Hybrid wasted no time. He looped around the kneeling luperci and jumped onto its shoulders with his front paws and snaked his head around just to the side. With a loud snarl, he dug in to the wolf's neck with his teeth. The wolf began to thrash, but it was already dying. Hybrid let go and then bit in deeper. He continued to bite as the wolf moved and flailed, but after a few moments, the thing had died.

Hybrid spit out a bit of the wolf's blood before he glanced up at Halo.

"Think we have any more time, or should we make a run for it?" His face was covered in blood, giving him a rather grotesque maquillage. He felt like a geisha lady. He grinned wickedly and wondered if they should drag the body into the hut to hide it. It would likely be a fruitless effort; the smell had already begun to permeate the surrounding areas. It might in fact be prudent to leave now.a

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