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OOC ayita 6 days till birth. Location new house just a few miles from the hotel.

Ayita had moved into the home her brother had repaired for her. Though she was almost unable to get rid of the man. He was at the house almost everyday and was bringing her food like there was no tomorrow. She had to admit she was getting sick of it. Vigilante had told her to take it easy but she couldn't. She was days away from birth hell she was nervous about this. She had lost her daughter last time and now she was having another litter.

Ayita got up out of her seat as she eyed her sleeping brother. She wondered what the hell was going on with him. One minute he's ranting about her ruining their blood line and the next thing he's over baring. Ayita moved to the door way of her new home. She was feeling so heavy and tired nearing the end. but she just couldn't sit around waiting anymore.

The air outside was fresh and full of fall life. The summer was ending and winter was coming upon her. She leaned on the wall of the house tossing her head back she let out a howl. Searching for hungry souls that would enjoy a meal. She was so sick of Zafier bringing her so much food.

A smile laced her face as she walked back in. Her mind hoping that others maybe at the hotel would come. The queen felt her mind at ease as she saw the man still sleeping. She almost wanted to kick him bough fought the urge as she moved to the kitchen. She looked at the meat that her brother had caught. The food he was trying to stuff her with. She picked up her knife and began to cut up the rabbit. She wanted to cook the rabbit in something but what??

Zafier wake up and start a fire for me. She said as she startled him awake. Good god he was here he might as well do something. Pulling out some string made from something. Her brother had made it he was good with things like that. She sliced carrots and other root vegetables so that it would have good flavor. Laying the vegetables on the meat she began to roll it. tying it together to hold everything in. Zafier that pot now please. She said as she waited for him to bring it over. Placing the rabbit into it she looked around and sorted through the things she had sent him to gather. She did not wish to hunt for things. Throwing dried herbs into the bowl of blood she had saved she smiled adding water to it. She poured it into the pot. Just enough to come half way up the rabbit meat. She sighed she didn't have many things though to make bread or anything. Maybe she could make a small loaf if she could find all the things she needed.Place it on the fire.


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I hope you don't mind me jumping in on this? :)

The young patchwork girl had been bouncing about here and there for a long time, she had been racing about all morning, playing many games, she had been fighting dragons and pirates, defneding the lands from all of the unseen terrors that everyone else was so ready to ignore. But they were everywhere! When one looked closely with their imagination's eye, they could see them everywhere, at the moment the little female was engaged in a dramatic battle with a particularly nasty foe, the large dragon was coiled around a tree, it's eyes were a firey red, bright and angry in the light, it's scales shimmered in the light, vivid greens and blues, it's claws were long and sharp, as were it's teeth, but the small girl was well armed, her sword shined in the sunlight as she leapt here and there, attacking the foe. The sword was of course just a small stick that she had found in the nearby woodland, but to her it was a fine blade, like the one her father carried, it's hilt was ornate and glittered in the sunlight, the gemstones buried in the hilt were what the dragon was after, it's lust for treasure making it attack the little multicoloured girl. And so she bounced about the place, shouting and attacking the imaginary foe, ducking away from it's teeth and claws as it attacked back, sharp, deadly weapons aimed at the small girl, she was quick enough to skip past it though, weaving away from all of it's attacks, finally with a mighty blow she vanquished the foe, sticking her sword into it's heart, the dragon died and faded away as she stood there, victorious. She grinned to herself, another foe vanquished, another battle won, she was very proud of herself and let out a little victory cry as she bounced from foot to foot, pleased with herself. This revelry was broken by the sudden sound of a howl, she turned her head, the howl was asking if anyone was hungry, indeed the little patchwork girl was, fighting monsters was tiring work and her stomach was grumbling now, it had been a good effect when she had been fighting, she had been able to pretend the rumbling noises had been coming from the dragon, the large creature attempting to start breathing fire. But now it was an inconvienience, she was hungry now.

The female padded towards where the howl had come from, bouncing along in her usual excited way, still holding the stick in case she came upon any new foe that might need to be vanquished. Soon enough she came upon a little house, the warm smell of cooking meat and vegetables wafting from the door, the little female smiled, though she was not sure who lived here she knew that they were cooking, as they were in the pack's lands they must be a friend as well, the pack were her family her father had always said and she firmly believed this, she trusted all of the pack members, even Noss, although he was grumpy. The young female quickly padded to the house, slowly she knocked on the door, before peering in, her blue eyes roaming around the small house, looking for a familiar face,
"Hello! Is anybody home?" The young girl called out, stepping into the room, it was delightfully warm with the fire going. She looked around, it seemed like a lovely little house.

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OOC ayita 6 days till birth. srry for the crap post I'm to tired

the sound of nothingness had filled the house. She had to admit she'd kinda miss the peace of not having the time to do the things she loved to do. She looked at Zafier as he sat in a chair staring at the pot over the fire. He could be such a child she laughed as she watched him drool. Zafier please don't drool on the floor. she said as she laughed and seated herself down.

Just as she had finally settled herself down she heard a voice. She stood using the table to help her stand. She much enjoyed the fact that Zafier kept a fire going in the living room. "Welcome to my home young miss. she said smiling. She hadn't seen the girl before but the scent on her fur told her all to well who her parents were. You must be one of the Aatte children the dark woman said as she moved her hand to point to the kitchen. "I'm cooking supper would you like to eat with us?" she asked.


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Six days until the birth, is she all chunky now? And no worries, I liked the post :)WC: 734

The little patchwork girl looked around the room, there was a male sleeping by the fire, seeming very comfortable in the seat that he was in. She was soon greeted by a brown female, who was very large, Robin had not had much experience around pregnant females but she knew what was going on, she had read about it and although she did not know how the babies got there she did know that babies grew in their mother's stomachs, just as she herself must have done. The idea was rather mind boggling to the small female, the idea that there were pups growing inside the female that was standing before her. Large blue eyes scanned the female, before her face broke into it's trademark smile, grinning at the female. It seemed that although the pair had not met this female knew who she was, she must know her parents, this did not surprise the small adventurer, her father was a high ranking member of the pack, it was his job to know the pack members, surely they must have come across one another in the past, she smiled at the female.
“Yes, I am an Aatte, I'm Robin, my daddy is the Haven Aatte.” The little female replied, her tail wagging as she looked up at the female, already she had warmed to her, if she knew her father then she would be a good wolf, her father was a good judge of character after all, he was the moral compass in the little female's life, one learned from their parents what was good and what was bad, her father was the one that she followed, who she got her guidance from.
"Who are you? If you don't mind me asking?" She asked, watching the female with large eyes, she was filled with curiousity and questions about the female and her pregnancy, although she had had it explained to her her parents had left a lot out, telling her she would be allowed to know when she was older. This was one of the things that annoyed the little female, she wanted to know everything about everything as soon as she possibly could, the idea that she needed to be older was very frustrating to her.

At the invitation of having dinner with the brown female the little female's tail began to wag even more vigourously, the smile on her face still present.
"Oh yes please! It smells lovely, I would very much like to join you." The small female replied, bouncing from foot to foot slightly with excitement, she had made a new friend, the outgoing female loved making new friends, she adored it in fact. Slowly she turned to look at the sleeping male, her large blue eyes examining him closely.
"Who is this? Is he your mate?" The little female asked, knowing that most often one needed a mate before they could have pups, if this was her mate then everything fitted neatly into her little child like world, her parents had explained that you had to be in love with your mate before you could have pups, so surely this female's mate would be here with her, living in the same house as her, enjoying meals with her. This made sense to the little patchwork girl, of course she had not yet realised that sometimes parents were single handedly raising their pups, or that they might not be mated to the one who had fathered their children, it also had not occured to the little female that this male might be the female's brother, though of course her uncle lived with them so she was used to having siblings live together under the same roof. In fact the little house was beginning to feel very small, her and her siblings were growing rapidly and her mother and father and uncle living in the house as well made for very little living space within the house now. Perhaps the pups would have to think about getting their own places to live soon, surely their parents would eventually want more space for themselves and the pups were growing, it was about the right time for them to move out and find their own places to live. Perhaps they could wait a little longer though, she was sure that her parent's didn't mind, although everyone was constantly under everyone else's feet now.

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OOC ayita 6 days till birth. She's like al prego looking ready to pop XD

Ayita smiled at the little girl. She was a member of Haven's his daughter robin. Ayita had never gotten a chance to see them as little puppies. She had to admit it was funny how fast time flew by she had grown kids and now looking at the Aatte girl they were almost grown too. She was getting old to old for her own good. She nodded. "I know your father and mother"

She ushered the girl into the kitchen as she smiled. "I don't mind at all. My name is Ayita Catori." she said as she sat down. She had to admit being this far in her pregnancy moving around was tiring. She just didn't want to do nothing though.

"Your welcome to sit and talk and when the food is done I'll serve it" she said as she motioned to an open chair. Ayita looked at zafier. "Who him oh no he's my brother" She said smiling. "My mate is the king, Vigilante this is my brother Zafier he watches over me." She said smiling. She wondered what the little robin was thinking.


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Aw bless her, I used to love playing Soran when she was pregnant, mostly because she hated it and it was quite funny for her to realise that she couldn't squeeze through small gaps and the like XD

The little patchwork female found the house enchanting, it was a small place, but cosy and in general the little female thought that it was wonderful, it seemed a lot more peaceful than her own home, which was always filled with the hustle and bustle of wolves moving here and there, talking to one another, one of her siblings was always up to something in one of the rooms, and her uncle was often moving from here to there. Here it seemed that there was a chance to sitor stand still for a moment, rather than only stopping to sleep. She smiled up at the brown female, she liked her as well, she seemed like a plesant wolf, she was most certainly polite. The brown female knew her parents as well, that suggested to the little female that she was indeed someone to be trusted, if her parents knew her and trusted her then she would as well. Her tail wagged as she listened to the female speak, nodding as she mentioned her name.
"It is very nice to meet you miss Ayita, thank you very much for inviting me in to your house." She replied politely, she was in the habit of calling all of the older females she met by the title of miss, although she supposed in this situation a human would have referred to this pregnant female as mrs, if she was indeed mated to the male that slept quietly on the other side of the room. The small female was still brimming with questions about Ayita's pups, but decided that perhaps it would be a better idea to wait before she started asking questions about it. Perhaps it was better to get to know the female before firing all sorts of questions about what sort of pups she wanted, did she think that they would look like her or her mate and the like. No, perhaps such a firing of questions would be a little too much for her, those who did not know the small multicoloured female well could often find her constant questions, her thirst for knowledge a little overwhelming, they were not prepared as her parents or uncle were, this the little female knew, so she decided to ask only one question at a time for the time being, as not to fire a quick succession at the brown female and overwhelm her.

The little female followed the older woman to the kitchen, nodding as she was offered a seat, sitting opposite the brown lady. She wondered if she had to sit down a lot, she did not know all that much about pregnancy but she could guess that the large bump would be very heavy to carry around all day, then again for all she knew it could be filled with air, it could be as light as a feather. But her first thought was more likely to the little female, the idea that a bump filled with puppies would be rather heavy, she wondered how they all fit in the bump, were they all pinned together like in a tin of sardines? Or were they all piled on top of one another just how she and her siblings slept? She gazed at the female opposite her, smiling slightly, her ears pricking up as the female spoke to her. Nodding as the explanation of the female's mate was explained to her, she herself had never actually met the king personally. She did however know of him, she knew what he looked like, she had been at the pack gatherings which he had presided over, she knew though that her father thought very highly of his leader and therefore his mate must be thought very highly of as well. The mysterious male that was asleep in the room turned out to be the female's brother, this all made perfect sense to the small female, though she did wonder why Vigliante did not sleep here in this house with his mate. Perhaps though as he was terribly busy, maybe he did live here with Ayita, but was off attending to pack business, Robin's father had explained to her that the king was very busy most of the time. Yes, that would make sense, the king being off somewhere attending to business whilst Ayita stayed here and rested.
"I see, does Vigilante live here with you then? Isn't it strange having puppies in your tummy? Do they wriggle around? Are they heavy?" The little female asked, losing her restraint slightly and firing off alot of questions at once, she could not help it, she was very young and her inquisitive nature often got the better of her. Sometimes she would get herself into trouble by wandering about the lands, adventuring, her curiosty taking her further and further away from home.

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OOC ayita loves being prego and being around kids

Ayita smiled as the little pup joined her at the table. Her brother slowly waking he seemed so tired lately though if he’d sleep at night he’d be fine. She turned her attention back to the ever so polite Aatte girl. She had to admit princess did one heck of a job raising kids. She had seen a few in passing and never spoke to any until now. She felt blessed that the little girl wanted to sit and talk with her.

Truly the pleasure is all mine Robin, its very nice to meet you. she said as she felt so pleased to have someone in her home. She hadn’t had company here and where they used to live had just been so small so now she had rooms and space and she could do the things she enjoyed.

It was as if a human had shaken a thing called a soda can and it burst. The Aatte girl in front of her could no longer hold back the questions she had. She allowed one after the other to roll off her tongue as she looked at Ayita. Ayita let out a laugh so motherly and light. ”You remind me of myself as a child I wanted to know everything.” she said smiling.

Ayita nodded lightly. ”Yes the king lives here but he has many important matters to deal with and being his mate I have to understand that. She said smiling as she thought of a way to answer the other questions. Here come over here and place your hands right here. she said gently patting her stomach. With it being so close to their due date they often moved and wiggled. They can get quite heavy because they are grown strong inside so they will live outside. Ayita said trying to explain.


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Hey there, I hope I can join!

Liam had to admit, he was very proud of the work he'd done with his Uncle for the renovations of the new Victorian house that would now be called home. Currently he was about a mile away from the place however, spending some time by himself before the birth of his little siblings. He wasn't sure what it would be like to be an older brother – how his mother would feel having him around – but he decided he'd be 'the best big brother in the world' no matter what happened.

Yawning, Liam glanced around him quickly, noting for the first time that his stomach was growling furiously, nagging at him for some food. He hadn't realized up until now that he was starving. Maybe he should have eaten earlier that morning... He hadn't eaten since last night and the consequences were painful. Closing his book, Liam slipped it into his rucksack before getting to his feet. He had been sitting under a tree for the last two hours. His one green eye and one blue eyes glancing around him again, unsure as to what he wanted to find, the young wolf began walking towards his house. He had only taken a few steps when he heard the piercing howl that could only belong to his mother. As if she had read his mind. Liam chuckled lightly to himself.

He walked for a while, the silence around him deafening. He was looking forward to talking to somebody – his Uncle, his mom... anybody. Spending most of the day by himself wasn't something Liam was used to and it wasn't something he enjoyed.

Before he could even see the Victorian home that belonged to the family, his nose caught the scent of other wolves. His uncle was one of them of course, as was his mother, but there was someone – a stranger to the house. Liam did recognize the smell, it belonged to a female pack-mate roughly his age, but it wasn't one he was very familiar with. Moments later his mind was concentrating on yet another new scent: food. His tongue brushed his lips excitedly as his two back paws – he was in his Optime form – scurried faster, trotting towards the front door of the house. Hey, ma! Liam said carefully, suddenly wondering if he was welcomed. He eyed the sandy-colored female that had joined Liam's mom and Uncle. His black lips twitched into a wolfish smile towards the newcomer.

Hello. he said politely. After all, he was some kind of Prince, his father being the King and all.

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Hey there Kit, I'm happy for you to join so long as Marie's happy with it :) Also Marie, I adore this table, thank you so much again <3 Soran loves pups too, she just hated being pregnant XD
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The little female's mind was always buzzing with questions, she could not help it, she naturally was just incredibly inquisitive, she wanted to know everything about the world around her, after all she was planning to be a heroine, she needed to know everything about everything if she was ever going to be a success. The female seemed to understand her though, she seemed to be a kind and thoughtful lady and she was understanding of Robin's nature it seemed, smiling at her and telling her that she was just the same in her youth, this made the small girl smile as well, her tail thumping against the leg of the chair as it wagged.
"I see, did you want to be an adventurer as well? That is my plan when I grow up, I'm going to go on lots of adventures, that is why I need to know everything, so that I can know all about the places I am going to." The little female explained with a smile, her tail still wagging as she looked at the brown mother with her large blue eyes. She liked Ayita already, it was nice to have another motherly wolf around the lands, her own mother was often busy nowadays, this female gave the small patchwork girl hope that she might have another place to come and visit when no-one was around at home to play with, she hoped that Ayita would not mind her dropping in every now and again to say hello. She would like to meet the puppies when they were born, she wondered what they might look like, would they look like Jiva, Niro's son that she had met recenty, but smaller? She had no idea what a newborn pup might look like, having never been around one before, she herself had been one of course, but she could not remember that far back, she assumed that she had always been a smaller version of her Lupus self, it had not occured to her that she would have been born blind and small, with folded ears and little tiny paws. She had never really thought about what she looked like when she had been born, she resolved to ask her mother when she saw her next, or perhaps her father, yes one of them would know for sure.

The female then explained that Vigilante was off being busy, the little female nodded in understanding, that made sense to her, after all he was the King, her father was very busy and he was only a Knight, surely the King would be terribly busy. It seemed that the brown female was very understanding of her mate's duties.
"You're very good to be so understanding, I bet he's busy a lot of the time, Daddy always says that running a pack is a big job and very hard work." The little female replied, smiling at the female, meaning the part about her being understanding as a compliment. It was then that the female offered to let the little female touch her stomach, Robin rose and padded over to the pregnant Marquess, looking at her for permission even though she had just been offered the chance to touch her stomach. Finally she raised a tentative muted grey hand, placing it on Ayita's large stomach, the strange wriggling and twitching beneath her palm made the little female's eyes widen in shock, her mouth hung agape for a moment as she looked at Ayita, who was explaining that they had to grow large to be big and strong in the outside world. The small girl closed her mouth and nodded at Ayita. She removed her hand, the wriggling feeling being very tickling and strange to her.
"That is a very strange feeling miss Ayita, can you feel that all the time? Do you want girls or boys? How many do you think you'll be having? There are three of us, me, Linden and Felicity, will you have three do you think? Is that a normal number?" The little female asked, again filled with questions, they bubbled and burst forth without her really thinking about it. Then came a male voice from the doorway, the small patchwork girl turned to catch sight of a brown male, he greeted the pregnant female as ma, which Robin assumed was short for mother, she smiled at him in greeting.
"Hello, I am Robin, Robin Aatte, are you Ayita's son? What's your name?" She asked, ever inquisitive and ever friendly, her tail wagging at the prospect of making a new friend, better yet a new friend who was close to her in age!

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OOC I'm so very glad you liked it every time I saw her name I started singing that

Ayita just felt so happy the little girl was so curious and full of intrest it made her wish she was that young again. No I never wanted to be an adventure, I wanted to be a queen like my mom and my grand mother. she said smiling. She had spent many hours under the guidance of her grandmother. The woman was hard on her but look she turned out to be a wonderful person. She had to admit she still ended up a queen in a way.

Ayita never really thought much about what Vigilante did when he went out nor did it bother her much when he did. She remembered the husle and busle back home she was left many times home to entertain herself because she was just to young to deal with politics while zafier got to go and join them. I suppose your right, i never really thought about it. His duties are so important to our welfare and with out him we'd have no structure. She said a smile on her face.

Watching the little girl move to her ayita smiled as the girl waited almost asking if she could, Ayita just nodded. She smiled I agree its weird but you know in the end I get a wonderful little children like you. I hope I have healthy little ones who will grow big and strong. she said as she smiled.

She hadn't heard Liam enter the room and his presents wasn't known until he said hello. She turned her head and smiled. Welcome home Liam, oh yes, this is our guest Robin. she said. Forcing herself up she smiled, moving to her brother. Pull the pot off the fire please She said to him as she pulled out a knife from a drawer. you all must be starving She said looking at them. Ayita pulled out some bowls and placed them on the table. Waiting for zafier to pull the roast out for her she placed down a cutting board and looked at him. He gave her a look as he placed the roast on the board. It was small just two rabbits but it would service. Cutting it and the vegetables in the middle. She began placing the food into bowls. here we go


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Woo, cute!

In his Optime form, Liam was larger than most wolves, even at his age. His mane of hair resting on top of his head was awkward and hard to tame, dark brown locks seeming to constantly be windswept, even when there were no signs of a single breeze. He wore a leather string around his neck, with a sharp bone belonging to his first kill hanging as a pendant. He stood in the doorway for a moment, watching his mother with the stranger – well, semi-stranger, semi-acquaintance. She was touching his mom's stomach and Liam didn't really know how to assess that. His muscles were a little tense before he decided that she was no threat.

His dark wolfish lips twisted into a smile, showing his fanged canines as he approached further, his tail wagging slightly as he caught the scent of roast and vegetables. His stomach gave yet another heavy growl as he glanced from his mother and uncle to the newcomer. As a greeting he merely nodded at his Uncle, his bi-colored eyes watching him as he pulled the pot away from the hot flames – per his sister's request. Liam wondered if his new siblings would ask him to do things for them when they were older. He decided there and then that he would do anything they asked him to. Ignoring yet another loud protest on his stomach's part, Liam eyed Robin again, his smile widening slightly as he faced her. And I am indeed her son. he said, adding to what his mother had said.

He felt a little stupid though; she didn't have to speak for him! He was perfectly capable of introducing himself... especially to a female! Fortunately his thoughts of the opposite sex were brushed away as he caught sight of his mother serving them their food. He instantly turned into the over-protective son he'd been these past couple weeks. You know mom you shouldn't be fussing with all of this, let me help. he said, and then knowing she would probably oblige he went on, I know how to fill up a few bowls. He had always been quite stubborn, but he also wanted what was best for his mother in her current state. So Robin who're your parents? he wondered curiously as he filled his bowl to the brim with food. He was a growing boy, after all.

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It makes me very happy :) Sorry for the wait on this guys. WC: 840

The little female could not help but think the idea of pups growing inside you was rather bizarre, it seemed that the brown female enjoyed being pregnant though, she did not seem to find it unpleasant to have the small creatures growing inside of her, so perhaps it was not that bad. The small female's nose wrinkled as she watched the pregnant female, it was still a little odd in her mind. Then the young male spoke and she smiled again, her tail wagging slightly as she looked at him. He agreed that he was indeed Ayita's son, this was a good thing, she liked Ayita already, so she assumed that her son would be pleasant company as well, what was even better was that this brown male was close to her age, Robin of course had Felicity and Linden to play with, but she had not been around other wolves of her own age often. Of course there was little Jiva, but he was younger than she was and she sometimes worried that if she played her rough and tumble games with him that she might hurt him, this male seemed to be a lot more sturdy, he seemed a little older than she was, perhaps he was still of the age where he would still want to play. She smiled at the male again, wagging her tail, oh what fun they might be able to have! They could go on all sorts of adventures, Linden and Felicity often seemed busy now; although the siblings were close and loved one another very much they were beginning to do things alone far more often, going off to live their own lives and develop their own skills, the little female was used to playing alone now, but it would still be lovely to have a new play mate. This thought was broken by Ayita asking Zafier to pull the food from the fire, the young girl's nostrils filled with the delightful smell of cooked meat, a smile spread across her face and her stomach began to rumble and protest; she was hungrier than she had assumed. The small girl padded to the table, sitting where she had been before, smiling gratefully at Ayita as she began to dish the food out into the bowls.

It seemed that Liam was a good son, he fussed over her and offered to help, the patchwork girl thought that perhaps she should help as well, after all she might be a guest but Ayita had gone to a lot of trouble to feed the group of wolves that had assembled here, she was also heavily pregnant, she had already said that the pups were heavy, she would have to sit down a lot, she shouldn't be made to stand for too long. The patchwork girl picked up one of the filled bowls and padded over to Zafier to give it to him, saving the two Catori's a journey across the room to go to him, she handed him the bowl and padded across back to the table. Her tail was still wagging as she sat down, it thumped against the chair leg as she looked from mother to son. She then took her own bowl when it was offered to her, inhaling the scent deeply and letting out a sigh of delight.
"This smells lovely Miss Ayita, thank you ever so much for this." The little female said, before turning to the younger male, he asked who her parents were and she grinned. The little female was very, very proud of her Daddy, she adored talking about him, she loved her mother deeply as well, but in her mind her father was a hero, she loved speaking about him.
"My dad is Haven Aatte, he is the Knight of this pack and my mom is Princess Chance, she's a lady in this pack and the pack's story teller." The little female replied, grinning at the male, her tail wagging as she looked at him, she did indeed love speaking about her parents, her heroic father and his princess, it was a perfect match in her mind, she knew that her parents loved one another and herself very much, it made her happy.
"I have a brother, Linden, he's all red and I have a sister, named Felicity, she's a little little and is a bit of a girly girl. Do you have any siblings other than the ones in your mom's tummy? She let me feel them wriggling around, it's very strange, I didn't know puppies did that." The little female added, trying to start a conversation with her potential new friend. Keen not to forget Ayita she added, "are you planning on having any more puppies after these miss Ayita? Or is this enough?... I hope that isn't too personal a question." The little female asked, catching herself and using an apologetic tone as she looked at the older female, she hoped that she had not crossed a line by asking about other pups.

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OOC ayita 6 days till birth. Location new house just a few miles from the hotel.

Zafier looked at the child as she placed a bowl near him. He smiled nodding as she turned away. His sister made wonderful food and he was happy to not have to move to get his own. "Thanks" he said as he watched Leon Fuss over his mother. Maybe she would be fine when he died or left. She really didn't need three men fussing over her.

"Liam thank you" She said smiling as she watched robin take food over to Zafier. This was what she liked to do though. Pregnant or not taking care of those in need made her feel good. She felt at ease but you know her son helping her out made her happy too. "Thank you robin go on eat up" She said as she seated herself back down watching everyone eat.

Ayita smiled Robin was a regular young girl who just had to know it all. Ayita liked that, nodding she smiled. "I hope to have a few, I'm not sure how many there will be. I'm thinking they may be my last I'm not old but I think helping the pack is what I should focus on at my age." She said as she smiled.


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Liam had heard of Robin's parents – especially her father. He worked alongside Liam's own father quite a bit. He didn't really know how close their fathers were per say, but he didn't really care. As far as the story teller went, Princess Chance was a bit more of a mystery. He had perhaps seen her around, and maybe as a pup he had been in her presence a bit, but a few of his earlier memories were blurry at best. His tail wagged slightly, perhaps because Robin Aatte's positive attitude was rubbing off on him. She was interesting – she had this vibe about her that had Liam wanting to get to know her better. He wanted to be the adventurer's friend.

As she began talking about her siblings, Liam felt both a slight discomfort in his chest and an excited flutter in the pit of his stomach. On one hand, his own brother Noah wasn't around anymore, which was definitely sad, but on the other hand Liam was going to be getting brand new siblings soon. Not to mention he also had Amaranth and Kable – they were a little older but Liam still found them both fascinating; he especially idolized his big brother Kable. To him, the older Catori was the coolest big brother ever and Liam wanted to be just like him to the pups his mother was currently carrying. I have a big sister and a big brother here in the pack. They're all grown up now. My sister 'Mara has a mate and a pup of her own... And my big brother is named Kable. he paused, glancing at his mother, as if he needed approval to speak of Noah. He hadn't really spoken of him aloud since he had left a few months ago. There was still a bitter on his tongue and feelings were still raw in his chest. I have a litter mate but... he's not around anymore. Liam decided to say, his tone a little careful and all too distant – as if he did not care about Noah anymore. Truth be told, he really didn't want to care about him. It would hurt so much less if he didn't... but he did. They were brothers after all.

He glanced at his mother, making sure he wasn't overstepping his boundaries – or that he wasn't bringing his mother more pain. She too had lost Noah when he'd ran away. It was as painful for her, Liam didn't have a doubt about it. He listened as she spoke of the pups and how it could be her last litter. Liam gave her a wolfish grin. He didn't mind if these would be his last siblings – he didn't mind if she had more either. He was going to see how being a big brother was with these little ones first before really deciding if he wanted to go through the big brother thing all over again. Who knows, maybe 'Mara would have more pups now that Jiva was getting older and he could partake more as that 'cool uncle' type. Or Kable – Kable could always become a father in the near future.

Puppies were taking over his mind though, the young man decided as he finished setting the table and took a seat in front of his mother. So how was your day? he asked, the question thrown out at the group in general. Like the growing boy he was, Liam dug into his food, looking as though he hadn't eaten in days as his canines bit through the meat. This is great, by the way. he said with his mouth half-full. Yeah, while Liam was usually polite, when he was eating all manners seemed to go out the window.

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The young girl accepted the thanks of the male as she provided him with his food with grace, smiling at him, Ayita then thanked her and the little female who was now perched comfortably upon the kitchen chair smiled at her as well. The patchwork female did not need telling twice to tuck into her food, taking a bite from it quickly, savouring the taste of it carefully, chewing it slowly, enjoying the flavour, Ayita had proven to be a very good cook, just one more reason that the young Aatte girl was pleased to be within the house today; she had so far already shared some wonderful conversation with the brown female, learning many new and interesting things and now she was having some very tasty food. Plus she had met this new male, a potential new playmate, she could not help but feel drawn to the young brown male, perhaps it was because she was already so fond of his mother, but he seemed to be an interesting soul, plus if she played her cards right while speaking to him then she might find that he was keen on playing, just as she was, she might find a brand new adventurer to play with! The young male spoke of his siblings and the young girl turned her blue eyes to watch him carefully, it seemed that the Catori family was much larger than she had expected, she had assumed that it had just been Ayita, the King, her brother and the pups that she was now carrying, but it seemed that she had another two litters. She smiled as she thought of this, perhaps her parents would have more pups one day, then she could be a big sister to them, she could teach them to enjoy adventuring, to play the games that she enjoyed playing, she would be happy to take them off of her mother's hands, if they would be willing to play along in her games for a time. Perhaps though by the time that her parents had another litter, the small girl might have grown out of her playful ways, but Robin could not imagine ever being as such. The male mentioned a sister, 'Mara, Robin vaguely remembered hearing her spoken of at home, in a conversation about Niro, the small girl attempted to place her, she may have seen her around the lands. It suddenly occured to her that she might be Jiva's mother.
"Is she Niro's mate? And Jiva's mother? Your sister 'Mara I mean?" She asked curiously, remembering the young red male and his alabaster father who had so happily schooled her on birds, he had such a collection of birds! And they all seemed ever so large.

The male then spoke of his litter mate, a brother, saying with a casual tone that he was not around anymore, the small girl's ears drooped with sadness for the brown male, she could not imagine being without her brother or sister, how did he play now then? Did he play alone? The small girl often played alone herself, but she knew that her siblings could be called upon when she was particularly bored, often they could be coaxed into a game. Why had the male left? When had he left? And why did Liam not seem to care very much? The little female decided that these were perhaps questions that might probe too deeply, that they might upset the brown male or his mother and so she chose not to ask about them, instead she turned her attention towards Ayita, who answered her question. The female said that she might not have any more pups, the little female could understand that, three litters seemed like a lot to the small girl, then again one litter seemed like a lot to the young female, after all she thought the idea of being pregnant was strange at the moment, she could not imagine doing it once, let alone three times.
"I see, I suppose you will be wanting to help Vigilante with the running of the pack? Were you in charge of anything before you took time off to be pregnant?" The young girl asked, assuming that Ayita must have taken time off to be pregnant as she was here cooking and not doing something else, her father was always very busy, but she assumed that he must have taken time away from his duties to look after her when she had been very small. Robin took another mouthful of her food as the young male spoke again, she nodded in agreement as he said that the food was lovely. She chewed her mouthful and swallowed before replying, her mother having taught her very good table manners, something which the young male seemed to be ignoring. She smiled at him though, he ate like her brother did, devouring his food quickly as if it might run off the table and out of the door at any moment.
"Yes, this is very tasty thank you." She agreed, grinning at Ayita, before turning back to the male to answer his question.
"My day has been lovely thank you, I have spent it playing, I have been fighting dragons." The young female replied, not bothering to pretend to have been doing anything else, she loved that she had such a vivid imagination, she was proud of it, she just hoped that this intriguing male would not think of her as a silly small child for confessing as much. She took another mouthful of food and her eyes roamed over mother and son, awaiting the further flow of conversation.

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