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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

J! Previously approved death of Donder.Word Count » +3

The ravens had been the first sign.

Ezekiel had seen the black cloud spiraling to the heavens from where he sat, above the mouth of his cave. Smoke trailed from one hand, from the base of a crudely rolled cigarette. There was no tobacco within it; marijuana smoke alone floated from his red fingers. Since the raid on AniWaya, Ezekiel himself had begun to fall back into old habits. He smoked more, spoke less ,and spent more time in the nearby woodland. It was not the forest he longed for, but he could not abandon the clan yet. Not while Talitha stood to lose everything.

With an easy movement, the Aquila rose and leapt from the rocky outcrop, moving with swift strides towards the living tornado. He walked with the same ease now as he might were he in his lupus body; fast and nearly trotting, a coyote’s hasty stride as opposed to the languid wolf stalk he used while hunting. Bad blood gave him power and advantages there. His size alone, nearly that of a wolf, was proof enough of that.

He did not know how long it took before he found the carcass. The birds and other scavengers had reached it first. Chunks of flesh, muscle, these were gone. The eyes were picked clean. A gaping hole welcomed him with a bloody rib-cage smile. Amber eyes gleamed with savage light. Another attack, and one that no doubt came from a coyote. No wolf would dare with such a large animal on its own. Ezekiel advanced and barked out to the birds, who parted enough to allow him through. He sniffed here and there, looking for obvious signs of poison, looking for anything that might kill the animals. There was none. Whoever had done this had done so with teeth and claw, and why not? The stupid animal was familiar with the coyotes—it wouldn’t have fled until its throat was bleeding out.

With a low growl, Ezekiel took several strides back and let out a yapping demand for his sister’s mate.

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Sorry for the wait on this, I've been counting posts and I didn't want to have Cotl way in front of my Primary, Panda, and apparently her threads are more slow moving than Cotl's >.> I hate cotl so I don't want him as my Primary either. WC: 548

He'd been looking for his livestock all morning. Blitzen had come easily, but Donder was still missing, and that was something that was out of the normal because wherever the reindeer was, the buffalo was not too far behind or vice versa. Cotl had been letting out yowls for the beast, trying to find where the beast had gone. Maschine had come shortly after a few of his yowls were cast into the air, and the stallion looked quite disgruntled. Something was up, something bad. Cotl calmed the beast down while his familiar touches and a soothing coo to the stallion. The beast nickered and calmed himself so that Cotl could try and find out what had happened. It would all be easier if Cotl knew how to low speak but he didn't so Cotl would have to try and find things out the hard way, cold hard investigation. He was just about to start this when a long howl came from the middle of Inferni and it reached to his large ears. He identified the call as his new Aquila, and that he was a howl specifically for him. There was an uncomfortable churn in his stomach. He growled lightly at the thought of what the Aquila wanted. He never wanted anything from Cotl, so what could it be now?

Cotl mounted his horse and pinched the sides of the beast with his heels so that the stallion would move. First it had drawn back on it's hind legs and it roared a stallion's cry. Cotl held onto the beast with all his might and then the beast had taken off under him in a full gallop towards where the howl had come from. Cotl looked as if he was death riding upon his skeleton steed because of his black hair that had grown more in the past few months without him trimming it at all as well as the dark frown that hugged his maw. Maschine added to the picture because of his dark features along with the tattooed face that Cotl had done himself. It'd take some time for the two to get to where the Aquila was, and once they were in a certain range, Cotl could smell death. Most specifically, some sort of prey animal. His ears bent back. Why would the Aquila be inviting him to lunch? He wouldn't.

Maschine grew more and more nervous as he entered the scene that he had seen before he had gone running to Cotl. Cotl sensed the increasing nerves of the stallion getting wired, and so he had dismounted and taken to foot the rest of the way. He didn't even look at the Aquila first. What he saw was the dead body of his son's beloved pet, donder. Cotl's jaw dropped for a moment and his neck twitched angrily. His entire ridge on his back stood on end (what was left of it, since most of it was shaved so that the large tattoo would show on his back) as well as his tail fluffing out and lashing back and forth. He still did not look at the golden Aquila. Vho did zhis? he asked, his voice writhing with anger, spite. He wanted to know who was responsible for this, and he wanted to know now.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

Sorry he's being a dick. Word Count »

Thundering hooves announced the man long before his arrival. Ezekiel stood, impassive and unafraid of man and beast. While he respected Cotl’s stallion, his distaste for the man had bled over to the feisty mount. The fact he was all but required to house Viggo away from the smaller horse irritated him. Red fingers curled as he stared at the dark-faced dog. His lip curled into a sneer, long hair framing his scarred face.

“If I knew that,” he said slowly, as if the foreigner might not understand him. “I would not have called you.” He did not moved towards the animal, and did not approach the dog. “This was your brother’s, right? Take what you want from the body. I’m not going to let this much meat go to waste.” Savage, simple. He did not ask, but demanded. Inferni would need food and here was a gift, even if it had once been a pet. A pathetic kill by whatever coyote had struck it, yes, but one none the less. The ravens had taken the eyes, but they had not yet gotten into the soft internal organs that the Aquila considered prized.

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OOC: Hey someone needs to hate Cotl. Not enough people actually hate his guts. I also don't know if you wanted to continue this or not, but we can if you would like.

Cotl noticed the man's slow speech, and Cotl took this offensively. Cotl was not retarded he was just different, and it always seemed that the other Lykois and de le Poers had some kind of vendetta for Cotl, even though he has been nothing but loyal to the clan for the almost two years that he had been here. Not only did Gabriel look at him with that same disdain in his eyes, but his stupid son thought the same of the coydog. If Cotl did not have such a size disadvantage, or if he at least had his sword he would have probably threatened the male with the sharpened steel by now, or his teeth and claw. However, Cotl did have an explosive temper, so his mouth would not be reigned in by the male whom was not even around until it was time for him to take the crown from his older father. Don't fucking talks zu mich like Ich ist fucking stupid, Ezekiel, oder Sie können immer reden bereuen, mich bei allen. he spoke, a growl coming from his maw as he lifted his lips to show the canine his fangs. He did not like to be made a fool of, and he wouldn't allow his Aquila to take such low blows at him, especially since Cotl was here when this fool was not. As far as Cotl figured, Ezekiel was a traitor, and he still was. He hadn't done much for the clan in his short amount of time as leader, but change the leadership and the rules to his own favor.

He twitched his neck and his hackles (what was left of them because of the back tattoo he wore; done by that boy's grandmother) stood on his back as he stood there, as tall as his small form would let him. He snorted and looked at the Aquila in the eyes as he spoke again to him, asking if it was his brother's and that he was going to use the rest of the meat for food since there was a good amount. Donder was nothing but a year old, so he was not full grown but the buffalo was big enough to at least feed a small family. Cotl decided quickly that he wanted the horns, the skull, and the pelt, what he normally took from deceased family members. If du knew anything about mich und mein family, dann du vould-NYEHT- realize that dis ist mine sonne's livestock. Ich suggests du brush ups on du members, Ezekiel. he growled again to the male, his large ears flattened on his head and his tail lashed to the right as his throat cleared. He did have a small dagger on him that would help him with skinning the beast but he would need his sword to actually cut through the bone to get the head severed from the body.

Ich needs zu go back, die Mansion fur mein sword. -FUCKINGDICKBITCH- Ich vill be taking die horns und skull as vell as die pelt. Don't touches ist til Ich ist finished vith ist. he told the Aquila and then he moved back from his spot and he stiffly moved over towards the direction Maschine had stayed back in.

"Cotl speaks." Cotl thinks.

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