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"You don't have to go with me on this, Oct. I'd rather you stay behind and watch our things, anyways." Loviere nudged his raccoon friend playfully, in the direction they had come. He was setting out from the pack for the first time since he'd been accepted and the surrounding lands were strange to him. He would not be able to bear it if something happened to Octavian.

"Right, Vi. Hungry anyway. Later, brother." The raccoon understood the stress that his Luperci friend was under. Life was changing rapidly for Loviere. In a matter of days, he had gone from being the sole wolf in his life to being just one of many. It only made sense that he might like some time on his own. The masked companion scurried off through the forest. From his neck dangled a wooden pendant that Loviere had given him, so that others might know that the raccoon was not just some prey animal.

Loviere took a moment of concentration and took on his Optime form. It was rare that he used the humanlike shape. But now that he was finally alone, he reached for the pouch that was strung around his waist, taking out the beginning shape of a wooden sculpture and his preferred stone shaping tool that sometimes doubled as a knife. He cast his soft gold eyes around the forest meditatively. Its beauty had astounded him the first time he had come through, before he had stumbled upon Cercatori d'Arte. His leg now required a bit of rest, and so he whittled carefully at the piece of wood, drinking in the sights of the forest every now and then.

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Nothing much has change, Alyssum thought as she walked through the forest at a slow, comfortable pace, nausea draping her mind as she looked upon the familiar territory. Ever since she heard the rumor of a snowstorm, she expected some alteration from what she knew of the land, but the dense trees were alive as ever. Darius, the bird perching on her shoulder, started to flutter his wings nervously, also recalling this place with a less fond memory. “Shh, it’s okay, nothing is going to hurt you,” the coywolf whispered to the falcon while stroking his small head with a finger, trying to comfort him and get his mind off of what was troubling him; she knew that somewhere near here was where she found him, wounded, with a broken wing. She had always assumed it was some other bird, and most likely by now it would have been long gone.

“Go find yourself something to eat, and go back to the camp,” she suggested to the bird, and with a shrug of her shoulder, Darius flew off, pulling himself above the trees and out of sight. She had dropped off what belongings she had at a small clearing which she stayed at last night, where her horse was as well, and she had pointed out to the animal that it was “camp” before they left for their walk. Knowing fully well that the falcon was going to be fine now, Alyssum continued walking, choosing a random direction to venture. Despite the long time span that went by when she last visited the woodland, and because it seemed untouched, it was still recognizable and the hybrid wouldn’t get lost.

A few moments, maybe five minutes, passed in silence, so when she heard the soft footsteps of something, she knew it wasn’t a small animal. Quietly, she sauntered forward, and before long she came to what was making the noise; another Luperci, with some odd wooden form in his hands that he was shaping. She approached the male from behind, observing the sculpture. “What are making there?” Alyssum asked, still peering over his shoulder; she was oblivious to the fact that she might have spooked the wolf with her sudden appearance.

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Loviere had soon lost himself in his whittling. The sights and sounds of the wood melted into a soft ambience that he disregarded almost entirely. The head of a raccoon formed underneath his stone piece on the piece of wood. He outlined the facial mask carefully, making sure it was almost completely symmetrical. He carefully rounded the head, not forgetting to make the ears beforehand. He was only making a rough draft of sorts. The detail and fine shaping would come later. It wasn't going to be a piece he would trade. Whittling the raccoon sculpture was simply practice for a larger project he had in mind. Loviere did need practice when it came to making the fur on his sculpts seem real. So absorbed was he in his art, Loviere did not hear the approaching hybrid.

He leapt up in surprise at the sound of her voice, spinning around with a snarl of sorts. In his surprise, he put too much weight on the defected leg and he nearly fell sideways, but recovered just in time. Embarrassed and worried to be caught in such a weak state, Loviere backed up cautiously, observing the female. She was smaller than he was, that was obvious. Loviere found himself thanking his tundra ancestry. It was one thing to be without the proper use of one leg when encountering a stranger, another thing to be smaller than the stranger. He brought himself to his full height, hair raising on his creamy mane.

"W-who are you?" He found himself regretting changing into his Optime form. He was definitely more impressive in the other two shapes. Watery gold eyes found themselves taking in the appearance of the female. She had bright blue eyes that looked friendly enough. Nothing about her seemed to speak of aggression, but Loviere could not be sure. His eyes dropped to the raccoon figure he had been working on, which now lied closer to her than to him. He had dropped the sharpened stone as well, which was also his only means of defense besides his teeth and claws. He attempted to look fearsome, but inexperience dripped from his voice as he stumbled over his words.

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She blinked quizzically as the man suddenly leaped upwards. Then, she realized that she might have spooked him, and after a moment of thinking over it, she decided that she did scare him; she came to the conclusion that perhaps she spent a little too much on the road, and only begun to remember how some were not as aware about their surroundings as she was. After all, she was trained to stay on her toes, sometimes even when she was asleep and seemingly defenseless. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said earnestly, though her expression still remained curious and somewhat unaffected by his fright. “I really didn’t mean to scare you.”

In response to his question, she dipped her head, a formal greeting of her’s, and said, “I’m Alyssum de Fonte, but you can just call me Alyssum. What's your name?” She noticed the scent of one of packs that were in the south, something d’Arte, was on him, and wondered why he was away from their territory; but, she didn’t ask, since it wasn’t her business. Instead, she saw him glance towards whatever he was crafting, and she was reminded what he was doing before she startled him. Alyssum looked back to the Luperci, and saw how he tried to look striking, but she simply didn’t feel alarmed; it wasn’t the fact that she saw through his bluff, she just felt quietly confident that if he did try to be hostile, she was capable of defending herself even if he was bigger.

The hybrid stepped closer to the figure to pick it up, and after she approached the wolf, she held out her hand with the wooden raccoon in her palm. “Here, you dropped this,” she said tactlessly, having to slightly angle her head upwards to look him in his gold eyes. “Also… are you injured? I saw you limping, on right leg.” This time, concern flashed across her face as well among her words. Alyssum disliked seeing others hurting, though to her displeasure she only knew little of medical assistance.

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The creamy-colored wolf relaxed as the woman apologized. He had overreacted, definitely. But then, a disabled man like him could really never be too wary. His lips curled in a sort of apologetic smile and he took a moment to rebalance himself. Now that he was relaxed, this stranger did not look so intimidating.

"Oh no, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have jumped like that." He eyed her curiously. She did not have the scent of any of the packs he had traveled by on her. Now that he was focused, she even looked like she had a bit of coyote in her blood. Hybrids were much more common in this area than where he was born, he noted to himself. He nodded when she told him her name. Allysum. A bit odd, but a nice name. Unique like his.

"I'm Loviere Dinabalo." He smiled proudly as she offered him his sculpture. He picked it up from her hand, dusting it off on his side. With the exception of traders, Loviere had not met many lone Luperci. For most of his life, he had been good at keeping to himself. Ever since a certain trader had shown an interest in eating Octavian, Lovi had kept his distance from strangers. He realized, with a sigh of relief, that some strangers were probably a lot like him.

At her next question, he cast his eyes downward. It always got to him when he talked about his leg. He hated the deformity. More than anything else about him, it set him apart from other Luperci. "Er, well, I was born with it. Bad leg, you know? I don't usually like bein' caught with it like this. Can't do much on two legs."

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She watched the man as he got himself in order. As she thought, he wasn’t as inimical as the front he tried to put up. But, Alyssum did not judge him, nor blamed him. She just thought that he should have been more confident with his poker face, yet she was not going to tell the wolf what to do so as to not provoke a negative reaction. Instead, she just smiled back as positively as possibility without the motion seeming hollow and fake.

“Loviere, I see,” the hybrid murmured, nodding as she repeated his name. She did not know many foreign canines, but the Dinabalo’s must have been the most alien to Alyssum as of then. Perhaps it was Spanish? She was not sure, and she still did not know why the meaning of names still interested her. The de Fonte always had the strangest of hobbies that she pursued, and would go after them without rest; she even learned a little Latin to better understand root words in names. She always assumed that her pastimes were only made to purposely annoy her old pack, but as she got older, they stayed around, so now she thought that she was just born out of the norm.

Alyssum’s concerned face creased further as Loviere explained his situation. She somewhat understood the male, to emotional extent; being out casted as a pup, she knew how felt to be alone even when surrounded by people. “I see,” she said quietly, then, suddenly, she asked, “Do you know how to defend yourself?” Though the question might seem random to the wolf, it was sensible to the hybrid to know if he did know how to fight for himself. If he didn’t, then that was not good at all; she knew not all here in Nova Scotia was kind, and would attack him without provocation.

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He smiled gently as she repeated his name. She seemed to be a bit eccentric, popping up out of nowhere and talking to him so freely. Loviere had always been able to appreciate individuality. In a way his mind was programmed to disregard the small differences that others frowned upon. He did not see a flaw, but a distinct personality trait. It was natural, not forced.

When she asked him her question, he was slightly surprised. Not exactly common conversation, asking a stranger if he could fight or not. He understood her curiousity though. It was odd that a wolf, even a luperci, with a bum leg could manage life alone. Not that he was completely alone, but he did spend a fair amount of time wandering. He bent down to retrieve the stone knife that he had dropped earlier and held it out to show her.

"Well, I've got this, but... I'm not a very good fighter." Something about the woman brought down his walls just enough that he could tell her the truth. Indeed, Loviere often relied on his words not weapons to resolve conflict. In this new, more populated land, he had heard stories that some did prefer battle to peaceful compromise. He had used his knife exactly twice in his year of wandering. The first incident, a juvenile bear had almost killed Octavian. Loviere almost got his other leg broken in the small fight that occurred, and the memory of the adrenaline rush and the chill of fear still lurked deep within his brain. The simple man blanched at the mere sight of blood - the act of purposefully drawing it was almost too barbaric to imagine. The second incident had been less traumatic. A trader had attempted to steal Loviere's sculpture collection and the young man had challenged him with the knife in his fury. It was not an event that Loviere enjoyed remembering, by any means.

He took a closer look at Alyssum. She looked strong. Strong enough to easily take him out in a fight. He blinked sheepishly. A woman, more athletic than he ever would be. The young Luperci found himself slightly impressed. "I'm sure you're far better at fighting, Alyssum."

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She smiled more genuinely as he did so himself when she said his name. For the coywolf girl, it was easy to talk to wolf so far, which did not occur very often; Most would have either snap at her tactlessness or be too awkward to reply to her on the spot questions. But, neither had yet happened, which made Alyssum happy and made her muzzle turn up at the corners. She decided that the d’Arte wolf must have patience to handle her rather absurd and personal questions, and now respected that aspect of Loviere.

She watched as he reached for his knife, and listened attentively to his response. “It’s good, that you got a weapon. But, if you do not know how to properly use a knife, it can be used against you.” She knew this good and well; when she first began her early training, she was taught an important lesson of how to grip a weapon if one was being used. Though some would scoff and say that learning to hold a weapon was a waste of time, it was their words that were unwise. “If someone experienced enough with knives decides to fight you, they can easily knock it out of your hands if you don’t handle it correctly and then they’ll have a sharp object against you, and you’ll be left with nothing but your wits.

“Yeah… I’ve had a couple of months training to learn how to fight, and I’m still learning, Loviere, every day is a lesson,” she explained, and continued, “But, even if you’re inexperienced, one piece of knowledge of how to defend yourself can be the thing to save your life if it comes down to it.” After a moment, she was silent, quietly contemplating. Then, she spoke. “If you want, I can show you a few techniques. It’ll be better to know some than none.” She would have liked if the wolf accepted her offer, since she appreciated his quiet company, but she wouldn’t force her presence upon him if he declined her proposal.

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Loviere appreciated the talkative girl's presence. It was nice to meet someone who seemed to actually take an interest in him. He felt slightly embarrassed with himself -- the girl seemed younger than him, but she clearly knew more about life and survival. He found his ears rising with interest as she spoke, drinking in her words. As disgusting as battle was to Loviere, he understood its usefulness. No one had ever offered to help him learn to defend himself before. And as long as it was defensive work, there was nothing that would violate his philosophy of nonviolence.

"Thanks for the advice. And... I would love to learn something new, if you don't mind. I... I don't have anything with me right now to give you in return, but I can get something..." Loviere was definitely not used to charity. In his experience, people did not offer things without wanting something in return. And when they did not receive anything, they were often angry. He preferred to settle the trade quickly, so as to prevent any confusion.

He looked at the knife in his hand, rotating it in his palm. It was a bit dull, having been used to whittle with so many times before. He doubted it could ever inflict serious injury upon anyone, but that was a good thing, in his opinion. "You really don't have to, miss, if you've got better things to do." His mouth curled upward in a grin as he spoke. As much as he would have liked her to stay, he understood that she might not wish to when she realized that he had nothing to offer her in return.

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Alyssum bit her lower lip slightly as she realized she’d been talking more than usual. She did not like to talk much, since some people would just get lost in thought if she spoke too often, leading her to keep most of her thoughts to herself. She couldn’t help it; it seemed that the wolf was attentive, yet she thought he was only trying to put up with her and be polite. Now she watched her mouth, making sure it did not ran for long as to not annoy the patient Loviere. She especially didn’t want to ward him off by simply talking too much.

“No, you don’t have to give me anything,” she said briskly, “I do not require anything from you. This isn’t a trade or anything…” She was momentarily confused as to why he would think that he would have to give her something. Alyssum was content with what she had, since she had to travel light, and taking something from Loviere that she did not need made her feel uncomfortable. “Well, I do ask for one thing. In trade for lessons, I ask for a motivated student. If you feel like not learning anymore, then all we have to do is stop. Fair deal?” It was odd to call the older Luperci a pupil, but then again, if she was going to mentor him, it is what he would have to be.

She thought over a moment of what the man said, of how she might have better things to do. She had thought of returning to Inferni, but... The coyote clan was what not she missed; their beliefs that wolves like Loviere were a bane, and she only managed to at least quietly acknowledge the prejudice. She then understood it was the company inside of the clan that she longed for and called her back to Nova Scotia, but they seemed as distant as the sun with their dark beliefs. “I have nothing better to do,” she said with a smile, “In fact, it’ll be a good experience, to teach someone.”

She continued, moving on to the more pressing subject, “Now, would you rather learn with your knife first or hand-to-hand combat?” It was a personal choice for Loviere to decide, and in her opinion, she favored her own body than relying on an item. Though, the case might be different for the wolf, because of his lame leg.

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He was surprised and satisfied to hear that she wished for nothing in return. It was a friendly gesture, definitely, on her part, to offer him some help for free. He nodded his head at her first question. Though motivated, he was never exactly an intelligent student. He hoped she didn't mind.

He found himself wondering if this was a good idea after all. With most things, Loviere was simply incapable. Useless. He sighed softly, letting his gaze drop from the brilliant blue eyes of the lady. He had already agreed to let her teach him, or try to -- there was no backing out now. He ran a hand along the blade of his stone knife, testing the sharpness. It was by far dull enough for training purposes. "I'd like to learn to use the knife better, if you don't mind."

He sighed again, this time in an attempt to bring himself confidence. He might as well have some fun, he decided. It wasn't as if this had to be a serious lesson. Loviere doubted he would ever want to put this new knowledge to use. It was for an emergency. "Alyssum, might have a bit of a problem though. I'm right-handed, but this crutch..."

He gently put the crutch down, testing his weight on his twisted right leg. He would simply have to account for the loss of stability. He had down fine in the past, without the crutch, anyways. He smiled softly at the female, hands now free but for the knife. "Erm, alright. And really, I appreciate this. You're too nice."

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