Heart and home

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Word Count » 000 For the whole family, Niro, mara, vigi(if you want to), Kable (if you want to) Ayita and the pups. No posting order because idk who'll be here.

Ayita sat with Zafier as he watched the squirming things. Ayita had almost exhausted herself shifting from one form to the other. She sat on the floor by her 6 day old pups. This time they had healthy vibrant puppies that would grow into fine members of the pack. She was glad to have another little girl. She had Mara but she had almost lost her and now she had another girl to spoil.

Ayita looked at her brother as she heard her older son stirring from where he had been. She found him sticking closer to the house since the pups arrived. Much like her brother the boy had almost become her body guard. She looked up at the stairs as he stood there stretching. He had grown so much and was becoming a handsome young man. "Mom do you need anything?" He asked yawning. She smiled "no come down and relax" she said as she smiled. She was alright now. Her children were all she needed to survive. She had to admit though this last litter had really put a strain on her body.

Liam joined them as he looked at her and then his siblings. It was just so amazing to the young boy. He had a half brother who came home and now he had these balls of fluff. He looked at his uncle who seemed content. for once the man he'd known to be so grumpy was just not so grumpy. He shrugged it off as he smiled rubbing his scruffy hair.

Ayita looked at him. "You seem happy. Things must not be that bad." She tried not to think of Noah because she knew deep down someday he too would return home. Liam smiled at her then looked at his little tiny siblings. They were so new and so amazing.

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Liam was happy. He had amazing new brothers and an adorable baby sister that was probably going to annoy the crap out of him in a few weeks – but he still found her cute. He was looking forward to playing with his baby brothers and showing them the ropes of Cour des Miracles. It had been an amazing week so far and as Liam entered the house, he'd had a glint in his eyes that seemed to express all of the emotions he was feeling.

Now sitting next to his mom and the furry squirming balls, Liam glanced at his mother when she stated rather than asked if he was happy. It was that obvious? He just shrugged, his paw moving over to softly stroke Lottie's back before he withdrew, as if he was scared to burn the little girl with his touch. Clearly he wouldn't. Mom things are good. You're good and the pups are good... He knew his mother was also thinking about Noah. These last few days, Liam had wondered where his brother was and what he would think of the pups – of his brothers and sister.

Unlike his mom though, Liam wasn't as optimistic. He wasn't sure his brother was ever coming back. When he'd said goodbye a few months ago, he'd seemed really upset and dead set on leaving without ever coming back. He wasn't going to say anything to his parents though, deciding that this moment should be treasured as a good memory with Skoll, Hati and Lottie.

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Truth be told he had avoided his mother like the plague since he'd heard the news. It scared him to be brutally honest. To him the whole thing seemed unnatural. He loved his mother, yes, very much indeed. And he was sure he'd love his new siblings too. But since he had been out of territory around this time he had only heard about the birth a day or so after. Only today had he plucked up the corage to actually visit.

He moved up towards the house in Lupus form, he'd be able to get a better view this way and also be near silent. He didn't even know wether he had brothers or sisters, or how many. A pang or guilt surged through his body as he rethought his desision. As he arrived he fumbled with the door handle, finally pulling it open with the paws, before sneaking inside.

As he caught glimpses of his siblings he smiled. 'Hey' he said as he sucked in beside his mother and younger brother. 'How are they?' They looked so perfect and while Kable had no immediat thoughts about even going any where near a woman in 'that way', he wished he could have a small creature that didn't caught a riot, much like the ferrets he tended to. 'He doesn't know what he's missing' Kable said, speaking of the brother he hadn't had chance to meet upon his arrival.

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Niro figured it was time to visit Amaranth's parents now that they finally had their pups and they were able to bond more with them. Jiva was finally able to change, which was great for Niro, he loved that his son could finally change now, and the boy was quite proud of himself. It was sad Niro was not there for his first change though, but as it was a painless endeavor, Niro knew he handled it well enough. His news was sad though, and Niro was not the happiest of wolves he once was, how could he be if his daughter was imprisoned in AniWaya? He wasn't sure, but Vigilante was making it so that he did not rush in blindly and kill whoever he could to get at her. Plans were already started, though quiet, and Niro felt more at peace with the idea so he was able to do his day to day things with out a hitch.

Walking up to the house that the leader and his mate shared, he knocked on the door, and opened it. He knew he was expected, and Amaranth was probably there or on her way, as they had come from the stables rather than their home. He had kept the birds away, due to the new pups and their own instincts, he didn't know what they would do. He was more apt to keep the pups alive than anything else. He say Ayita by her pups and he smiled at the woman and her sons were there too. He'd had a brief encounter with both and he nodded. The red peppered male nodded as well but stood by his father looking over at the puppies that were so very tiny.

“It's good to see you Ayita, you look very well and so do your pups”

He said, finding a place to be out of the way, he was interested in the pups but he wasn't ready to handle any yet. He thought they were still delicate and they were his leaders, so dropping one on accident would be bad, besides there was plenty of company over already.

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Amaranth had wanted to see her mother for a few days but she had been so busy and she hoped that her mother was ok with it. She also wasn't sure if Niro was coming but she wasn't going to bother him too much. She smiled as she looked around. She smiled red hair cascaded down her shoulders as she moved closer to the house. She and her uncle had started fixing this and then liam joined and the house got done in time for her other siblings to be born.

Amaranth moved to the house she could smell Liam and even Kable they had beaten her here. Though Liam still lived at home it was a good place for him safe with a loving mother and father. She smiled as she pushed on the door that was left a jar you would think those boys were raised in a barn. La maman, sont vous bien She asked as she placed a hand on her Mothers shoulder bending over smiling. Looking up she smiled at her mate, She hadn’t even noticed his scent or Jiva’s She couldn’t believe she had missed that.

She glanced over at Liam Petit frère, votre occupant du droit de Maman She then stopped and smiled. "Wait has Mama even taught you any french?" She asked looking at Liam she hadn't ever really spoken with the young man much he had grown so though. She was glad Kable was home and all her half siblings were doing well. Turning to look at kable. tsk tsk, la Maman ne nous a pas élevés dans une grange vous avez oublié de fermer la porte she laughed sticking out her tongue teasing him.

Amaranth moved around her siblings and sat down looking at them. "Mama what are there names?" She asked. She hadn’t spoken with her mother since before they were born and she wondered if Kable had seen her or if he two were seeing them for the first time.

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Ayita had been alone with her brother Zafier and her son Liam. She and her son had been talking happily and she had to admit it was nice to spend time with her son. ”My sweet boy, what would I do without you around?” She asked smiling at him. She glanced back down at her young children.

Sitting there focused on her puppies she hadn’t heard Kable enter but she was happy none the less when he came up beside her and sat down. ”They are very well, its so good to see you.” She said as she smiled. ”Kable dear what have you been up to you? You should not make your mother worry.” she said as she moved to pick up a whimpering charlotte.

Ayita placed her daughter back down after calming her. She looked at her two sons as her ears pricked seeing Niro and Kiva enter the room. ”Well I’ve got a party now. Niro, you’ve met my son Kable correct?” She asked as she looked at Kive. ”Jiva Please stop growing on Grama, come here and give me a hug.” She said smiling. Goodness he was growing so fast and looking more like his mother everyday.

Just as her son in-law entered so did her daughter. The woman spoke French as fluently as her mother did and it made Ayita proud. très bien Ayita said as she looked at Amaranth. ”I’ve taught him a little, and don’t tease your brother.” She said in a scolding voice as her daughter moved across from her. Shaking her head she smiled. ”Skoll, and Hati are the boys, and Charlotte is the little girl.” She said too tired to bounce between the to languages.


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It didn't take very long for other wolves to flock in, notably Liam's half-brother Kable, Liam's half-sister's mate Niro, who was soon followed by Amaranth herself. Liam nodded at each of them, acknowledging their presences into the family home. His wolfish lips twitched into a smile at his sister's words. He felt as though it was his duty to protect those he cared deeply for. With his father away from the family a lot, and with Kable spending less time at the home, Liam realized he was one of the few males around. He was about to tell his sister that when she spoke again, this time in English. Of course he knew french – although he wouldn't admit that his knowledge of the language was perhaps not as vast as he wanted it to be. Bien sûr, grande soeur, he replied. He didn't have to, considering his mother had spoken for him, but he decided to prove his point anyway.

As the family began to settle down around the three newborn pups, Liam stayed quiet, looking at his mother, then turning his attention onto his brother Kable – and then Niro. He liked that they were all gathered together like this. Is father going to be here? Liam asked suddenly, his question directed at his mother. He was the only other wolf not present for this, aside of course from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The elephant in the room, so to speak. A pang of hurt was clawing at his chest every time he thought about the fact that Noah wasn't around. Hell, did he even have a clue that he was now the big brother of three new siblings? Would he ever know?

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Kable Catori

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'Course she taugh him 'Mara' Kable said rolling his eyes tiredly at his siblings antics. 'And I was last in, forgot to shut the door'. It seemed that all the stress as of recently had bore down on him and he had left his cheery childish persona behind and replaced it with something mildly emoish. He turned to his younge brother, 'Probably not' he answered softly. A second part, 'Bloody war' was mumbled harshly under his breath. His mood couldn't help being dampened by the mood outside of the borders. 'If he runs off...' Kable started solemnly, shaking his head as he refused to carry on his speech.

As the rest of his family crowded in, he noted the ones he hadn't, 'Niro, Jiva' he said along with two nods in their direction. He didn't think it was wise to be crowding the tiny pups, but what did he know. Kable still liked to think he was right and with a sigh he scrambled back slowly, not wanting to scare his newest siblings. He paced over to the window silently, sighing again as he stared out.

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