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After her meeting with Zalen, Tayui had been thinking about a lot of things. Many of them, she had conferred to her son, but there were also some she kept close to the chest. Of all the creatures she met, she wondered if she could find a kinship with Zalen, and Drizzt too, perhaps. Even Lucia had seemed standoffish enough to tickle Tayui's fancy, and somehow, this made her feel less apathetic than she had in months. A plan was forming, and although it was foolhardy and likely manipulative, Tayui felt better than ever. She needed to do something and now, she knew what exactly it was. She had been searching for over a year to find this thing, and finally, she had it.

She'd sought out Lucia and Zalen once more a few days earlier. She knew where Zalen lived, so that had been easy enough; and she'd found Lucia, too, at the time. She had informed them of the meeting place: a small run-down tavern with a lopsided sign. It stood, barely erect, on the fringes just north of Halifax. The building was almost completely destroyed, but it was a good marker for the location. She left her scent near the building and then headed northeast to Arachnea's Revenge, where she would wait for the rest of them.

Drizzt, too, she had tracked down. That had taken her days, but she had asked him to meet her there. As with Zalen, he did not have her real name, either, and she planned on keeping that little truth to herself. But she did ask him to meet her at the tavern and to follow her scent to the meeting place. She could only hope he would turn up.

That just left her son, Attila: he had been with her for over a month now and she was strangely happy to be able to include him in this affair. It was a twisted happiness, she knew, for no mother should ever ask of her son what she was asking of hers. Nonetheless, this was happening; she only now had to wait.

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It was time. Finally time. No more waiting about, no more routine. He felt it in his bones and he swiftly moved through the trees towards Halifax. The wolfess, Noir, which he had met with previously, had finally called upon him to aid her in her mission to change the ways of the land. Namely, these changes would take place in Salsola, a pack he hardly knew much about, save the fact that they kept slaves, something that did no portend well for their fate if Zalen had anything to say about. How low could a species get, that they become so lazy and arrogant in themselves that they put into forced servitude their own kind? He recalled his meeting with the coywolf Vesper the other day, how some Luperci looked down upon her for what she was, and untainted creature. How despicable, what had his kind become?

These things roiled in his mind like a rough tide as he came close to the appointment meeting place, a shack, out of the way and forgettable; the perfect place for a secret rendezvous. Noir’s smell was in the air and he knew she had already arrived, but he smelt only one other besides herself. He was early. Like a soft breeze he moved into the shadows of the building, it was delapodated and becoming one with its natural surroundings, which brought him comfort, something that did not happen often when he was placed in Hume houses.

Upon entering he saw the lightly colored wolfess and nodded briskly to her in greeting, then set his eyes upon the lightly colored male there and nodded to him as well. They seemed similar, both in appearance and scent, and Zalen guessed that they were related, most likely mother and son. Zalen moved to sit in on a dusty old window seat, its fabric torn and removed by decades of mice and other varmints. He sat, drawing his legs up beside him in a crouching, animalistic manner, and watched the others and waiting for more to arrive.

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Drizzt watched the run down tavern with mild interest, his hands running a whetstone along his combat knife with practiced ease, the sound lulling him into a trance of sorts. His mind flashed back to his final encounter with Dinnin, which had left his left hand twitching for several days, ended with the larger male falling to his younger brother’s blades. His hands slowly came to a stop, and he turned his nose up to draw a deep breath and closed his eyes, drawing in nearby scents and allowing his mind to analyze all the different smells that came to him. His lips twitched ever so slightly when he caught two familiar scents coming from the west.

With a soft huff, the man sheathed the small blade and secured it, while returning his eyes to the building. The woman who had contracted him tracked him down several days prior, with some difficultly no doubt. Though his travelling usually focused in the central areas on Nova Scotia, avoiding the shores, so at least she did not have to travel far. He had been anxious when he noticed her scent, believing she had finally found his target, though he was disappointed when she had instead told him to follow her scent. He had attempted to get her name once again, but she simply shrugged off his attempts and departed, raising even more suspicion of her deeds from the assassin. Still, he was a man of his word, and had gathered his few possessions and quickly set off for Halifax, searching the northern borders of the city, finally having discovered the tavern early the prior day. Drizzt rose to his feet and stretched out his body, preparing to head for the building, before dropping back into cover behind a tree as he noticed a new figure approaching the building. The man relaxed and began heading forward once more as he identified the new figure that blended so easily with the buildings shadow.

Drizzt allowed Zalen to enter the tavern before emerging from his observation point and quickly closing the distance to the building’s door. He allowed on hand to fall upon his knife’s hilt before turning the door knob, wishing once more that his cloak had not been lost, then entered the room on light feet, his leather armor bending perfectly with his body. His eyes checked the room quickly, making out only three occupants. He straightened his stance and dropped his right hand from the knife before placing it over his heart and bowing to the woman and who he was certain was her son, and offered in a language he knew she understood; “Puisse notre rencontre être bénéfique pour nous tous, camarades.” Once his formalities were finished, he turned to a more trusted face and smiled briefly before taking a seat near him. “So, you know my mysterious employer than, Brother Zalen?” He queried, turning his gaze curiously to his fellow shadow. Though unexpected, Drizzt was happy to see the man again, and felt more at ease knowing someone he trusted was here as well.

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Recruiting Claudius, whether to his mother's direction and ploy or to a place of safety, resulted in little success, leaving the older Aston to remain in AniWaya with whatever goals and missions he had set for himself. It was for the best, Attila decided: Claudius need not bloody his hands amidst a mess of what might become a storm of spies and betrayals. Attila informed Claudius of their mother's peculiar behavior, and overall took it upon himself to supervise it from the sidelines. What would become of Tayui, once the vengeance in her heart was accomplished? More importantly, what would become of her if it wasn't?

He held such worries silent within his heart, and on his face he only wore an intrepid stoniness in the presence of his mother. First to arrive, Attila said little to her, and remained silent as they tricked in, one-by-one.

Attila recognized Drizzt instantaneously and acknowledged him with a nod, though the other he only watched quietly. When they began to speak, Attila stood and brushed behind the rest, choosing to stray towards the back and out of the way where he could make observations and silent decisions.

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Tayui was quiet and contemplative as she waited for the few canines to file in. Though she would have welcomed assistance from any creature which agreed with their goals, she wasn't so sure if any other creature would care like she did of the wrongs that had been committed. What would a large feline think? Probably nothing. So, she figured it was fine to think of her comrades as canines, but not luperci -- since Vesper was indeed a non-luperci -- as a form of generalizing. Or, perhaps, she could just call them comrades: friends united in a goal. That would suit her fine.

Zalen was the first to arrive. Tayui inclined her head in greeting and let her eyes flick to the door briefly before glancing back at him. More would arrive; she was sure of it -- but she couldn't help but feel a little anxious. She watched as Zalen took up a seat near a window, glanced back at her son, and then at the door. She was nothing without the others.

Soon enough, Drizzt arrived. She smirked when he spoke in French and quickly retorted with the click-clacking québécois accent: "Ouai, moi aussi, ben." She couldn't contain her smirk any longer when she saw Drizzt turn to Zalen, apparently already acquainted. How humorous! She would have never thought these fellows would know one another.

Tayui glanced at her son and then paused to calm her racing heart. They were four now, but she wondered if she would see Vesper or Lucia here, too. She didn't want the group to grow too large, for smaller numbers were safer, but she also understood they needed to have some strength.

With that in mind, she began to speak.

"Everyone," she began, almost sharply, and then paused to add: "comrades. We will right a wrong, and hopefully more. These lands are lawless when you live outside a pack, and sometimes even when you reside in one. We can bring justice to these parts by virtue of our morality. First, of course -- Salsola. You may have heard of them, and I was previously a member there. They harbour murderers and monsters and take slaves to do their bidding. Slaves! If you have at all any love of your fellow canine, this may repulse you to think that they steal others away and keep them as their own." She paused, wondering how much more she should say. She owed them the truth -- they should know who they were fighting.

"It is led by Eris Eternity and Sirius Revlis. Eris is the daughter of Kaena Lykoi and Salvaged Etenity. I don't know if any of you were in these parts before the fire, but Salvaged was a madman who murdered many. I'm not saying Eris inherited this, but she certainly seems to following a dangerously similar course of action. Of course, my anger against them is personal, so I'll understand if you do not wish to help," she explained, and then drew her gaze over to where Drizzt was sitting. Watching him closely, she stated: "Haku Soul, now dead, along with Eris Eternity murdered my daughter and I want to make her pay. It just so happens that she's gained power as she is a sub-leader of Salsola. I wish to destroy this pack. What say you?"

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Not soon after Zalen had settled, his ears alerted him to the presence of another outside, and in entered Drizzt, and Zalen ears perked and tale wagged as the man greeting Noir in a different language before taking a seat next to him. Zalen clasped him heartily on the shoulder and answered his query, Yes, though she is no less mysterious to me. He knew Noir could hear him so he didn’t want to say anything too insulting.

Zalen watched as Noir looked among the three in the room and tried to read her. Was this it? Was this the band of brothers she had gathered? It wasn’t much, Zalen had to admit that, but he knew Drizzt was a master with the sword and he was sure the quiet man who had moved to the back of them also had skills. Perhaps a small group would be better for what she had planned. She then spoke and Zalen listened intently, his face growing ever darker as she exposed the wickedness of Salsola in more detail. A grow threatened in his throat, thinking of his canine brethren who were subjected to be turned into slaves and the outright murder committed by this Eris Eternity. He did not hesitate to answer her.

Such abominations should not be allowed to exist. There doesn’t seem to be any negotiating with the Salsola, then the pack must be disbanded or at least their leadership removed. I will aid you in the fight against them. But even as he spoke this his stomach grew queasy. How could the four of them stand a chance against a full grown pack? Noir best have an ingenious plan up her sleeve.

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Word Count → 364

Justice. Vesper had chased after that ideal for only a brief time before she fell short. When she was young, she had been too weak to deal out the justice her dead mother deserved. When she was out on her own, fighting for someone she loved, she had been called a monster. Bloodying one’s jaws was a price she’d had to pay for the justice she wanted, and yet few accepted it.

They were all too ready to accept a host of other vile crimes, however.

She had touched on the subject briefly with that pale loner, Noir, and the woman’s scent was in her nostrils now as she trotted down the cracked pavement of the overgrown neighborhood streets. The scent blended with a few others, all headed into the same sheltered area—more than just the female wolf’s tickling at her memory. Frowning, she glanced at the dilapidated building and approached cautiously. Something was happening, and a part of her told her that it was something she needed to be a part of.

The coywolf pushed against the door to the old building, sneaking in quietly other than a soft creak of wood. She had the time to stare at the gathered canines—mostly males, though Noir stood to address them. Her ears pricked as the woman began to speak—telling them that they would be the law in Nova Scotia. She went on to describe the Salsola pack she had warned the non-luperci about.

There was a pause as Noir waited for an answer, and a familiar male voice spoke up. Vesper, who’d been hanging back uncertainly, whipped her head around to stare at the black wolf in puzzlement. Zalen…? Her confused expression flickered into a small grin, a surge of happiness filling her lungs. He was one of the few luperci she’d talked to that seemed to share her views.

The tawny female finally announced her presence with a cleared throat and a lifted head—though the perceptive probably would have noticed her already, and she would have been in Noir’s line of sight. She took a step forward, her scarred visage bearing a crooked grin.

“Count me in, too.”

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Jaden was much further from Ichika now then he had been since the founding of the pack. Before now there really had been no reason. Nothing but laying the foundations for a fine pack had consumed the past three months. As Shishen, a combination of hunter and lead archer, it was the brute’s responsibility to assure there was enough food stored to last through the oncoming winter. Day in and day out, any time he had free Jaden spent hunting and caching prey unfortunate enough to catch his deadly arrows. Only because he had recently clamed a home in New Glasgow had this venture from pack land been appropriate. The place was in need of supplies, containers, and anything useful he could stuff into the dwellings dark green walls.

He wore little: Jaden had on him were his dagger, bow (with a few arrows of course), their respective quiver and sheath, and his deflated and empty satchel. The anticipation of free cargo room in his usually full leather satchel made it blatantly clear just how much the man had intentions of claiming. The brisk journey toward Halifax had been kind to his paws and to his endurance, but with that satchel full of metal cook wear and whatever else, the journey back would be much more tiring.

Halifax was surely a promising destination for any scavenger. Jaden easily recalled the massive cityscape from his memories of days a as a loner and knew from experience what the crumbling walls had to offer a persistent scrounger. The only real down side to it was that it took nearly two days of travel on lupus legs to reach the city. This was simply because of Inferni; cutting around those retched coyotes was essential. You see, Jaden was in fact a trained killer with a nasty disposition to mouthy coyotes. Should one come to find itself slowing down the ex-assassin, Jaden knew he might not be able to keep himself from painfully showing that coyote the natural dominance of bigger, smarter wolves. Though doing this would likely not have the Shishen loose a single wink of sleep, Ichika prided itself on peace. Explaining a brutally beaten lippy coyote to Nayru wasn’t appealing. So he strayed away from them and, before dusk on his second day of travel, Jaden could smell the tell tail tang of rotting wood and crusty concrete.

The city’s long fingers extended some way into the country and dotted the land with small buildings and other structures. Each was a great place to start scavenging and Jaden quickly changed to his Optime form to do so. A dilapidated little tavern just north of the main city materialized out of the forest. An eerie, clandestine purpose clung to its rotting walls. As he approached, the scent of various wolves ebbed out of the surrounding area. They were all tangled and difficult to separate from one another. Simple curiosity as to why made this Jaden’s first stop for exploration.

Nothing seemed out of place at first glance besides the ominous energy that Jaden could swear wept from the builds murky windows. Murmurs and voices were enough to indicate an energy source inside. Creeping closer to the building’s far left wall, Jaden maneuvered around junk and derelict trashcans before pressing one ebony ear against the wood and began to listen. Movement, voices, wolves were defiantly inside. Faded foreign gibberish was one of the first things he heard and it had him sure that this vantage point was no good. When one of the voices, strikingly familiar and male by the sound of it, cleared into something easier to understand, it called to a ‘Zolen’ or ‘Zalen’. Which exactly was difficult to tell from the muffled conversation but neither name rang familiar. The word ‘Employer’ was an indication of some mysterious other character besides two males. There were at least three wolves inside and two were being contracted. This was begging to sound exactly like a sinister collusion to the trained warrior.

Suddenly movement cut the last thought of sinister notions from Jaden’s brain and he ducked behind the tavern’s derelict trashcans. Peeking out, he watched and grimaced as a female coyote hybrid found its way out of the forest and toward the tavern. She disappeared out of sight and Jaden stepped quickly to the building’s corner and peeked around. The she-mutt pulled open a door not too far away from his corner and stepped inside. Before the crimson and ebony male could think, he silently leapt at the prospect of a better vantage point and caught the door gently with his paw before it closed. With the cracked door, there was much better transfer of sound. The voices were one longer muffled and he listened carefully as a female began to speak.

The leader of this gathering, as it would seem, spoke confidently and clearly her intentions to destroy Salsola. She spoke of slavery, murderers, and the lack of justice not just there but in all of the surrounding area and unclaimed land. All of this was shocking and defiantly did not cooperate with Ichikan notions of peace. But to destroy the pack? Would the death of a few dishonorable wolfs be appropriate to stop such a thing? Not to Ichika. Never would killing be considered right by the laws of his pack but Jaden knew better. He knew that to let an atrocity like Salsola live and thrive without check would be just as bad, if not worse than killing a few dishonorable wolves. But he had never heard of Salsola before now besides a little information from one pregnant coyote…

Eris Eternity! He had met her in the rich sunflower valleys and she had given him his limited knowledge of Salsola. She had been pregnant then and was one of the few coyotes Jaden had ever met with a pleasant disposition. She had lied to him, claiming to be a lowly new recruit to the pack and had failed to mention anything about slavery or murderers. The brute felt anger bubble within him and had to hold in a curse as his mind built a rather nasty picture of this lowly coyote. His grip tightened on the door’s knob. He should have known not to trust an honest and pleasant weak blooded creature like her!

As soon as the female in the tavern finished speaking, voices met hers with praise and they included the female closest to his held onto door: the weak-blooded coywolf. Jaden had to do something. There was some more clarification needed but he mostly agreed with this group’s goals. Perhaps he could inquire about it. If this group was as noble as it sounded they wouldn’t be too put off by an innocent inquisitor. If they weren’t, he would need at least a face to tie this valuable information to. Only one way to find out. Jaden finally pulled the tavern’s door open and ducked silently inside. The dusty atmosphere shrouded every creature within. He didn’t intrude far and was completely silent. Only those with view of the door or paying attention to the coywolf he had stepped in behind would notice him. He crossed his arms and waited patiently for acknowledgement; words suddenly seemed to escape him in the presence of these five other canines.

Jaden does. "Jaden speaks." Jaden thinks.

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The Russian nodded when Zalen replied that he knew little of the woman as well, turning to clasp the other man's shoulder with his hand. It seemed that she hadn't only hidden her identity from him after all... He crossed his fingers and placed his muzzle between his two thumbs, staring at the woman, waiting. She had promised an explanation, and comrades. So far, she was one for two. His ears flicked when the white pelted female finally chose to speak, Attila moving to stand behind the two dark men. Lavender eyes twinkled mischievously as the Russian finally learned what it was he had been recruited to help with, and who he had been contracted to kill. The assassin lowered his hands and leaned back, flicking his ears as he heared the door creek open, and the soft padding of canine feet on the wood as Zalen spoke up, declaring that he would stand with the mysterious woman.

As soon as Zalen finished declaring his intentions, the new female also joined the cause. Drizzt paused a moment before answering, waiting patiently for Jaden to pitch his stance. When no voice rang out, the Russian turned his head and waved to the man to ensure he had not mistaken the scent, before turning back to face his employer. His eyes met her and he stood up, moving over so he stood only a few feet from the woman. He ignored everyone else for a moment, focusing on his choice. A leather clad hand slid to its corresponding scimitar, drawing it for all to see. Lavender eyes flashed, and the male slowly turned the weapon, so his left hand held the tip of the blade to his heart, while his right offered the blades hilt. He bowed his head, and opened his mouth to speak. <span style='color:black'> "I have not met your enemies, nor do I pretend to understand your suffering. But if Zalen has joined you, I'll trust your judgement. J'offre ma lame au service de votre cause. Puis-je verser le sang de vos ennemis. My blade is yours for this task." </span> He stated formally, before adding quietly; <span style='color:black'> "Do not prove my trust misplaced." </span>

The Russian waited patiently for her to accept the sword, and hoping Jaden would also join them. They needed all the help they could get, and that wolf was very skilled with his weapons.

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Sorry this got so long! My next post will likely be them discussing how to go about achieving their goals and Tayui will give everyone the go-ahead to try and recruit some more folks, so after this, only a few more rounds of posting. ^^ We can keep this thread up as long as you guys want to keep posting in it~ :3
When Zalen spoke, Tayui wasn’t sure if she had any answers for the questions she thought were forming in his mind. Could they negotiate with Salsola? Tayui knew she didn’t want to try and obviously this was a horrible bias to have. And really, her dislike ran deepest for Eris since her murderous crimes were more personal to Tayui. But what of the other members? They had all aided and abetted in the willful holding of other canines. They had allowed for others to lose their freedom for the sake of convenience. That wasn’t moral.

After Zalen spoke up, Tayui saw Vesper enter the building as well. Tayui had hoped to see the girl again, so when she appeared, Tayui offered her a thoughtful nod acknowledging her presence.

“Good,” she replied to Vesper. After she spoke, she heard some rustling in the background, but couldn’t determine the cause and just figured it was mice or some sort of creature wandering about. They had taken over a building, which was likely some animal’s home now. Although the roof gaped with holes and the walls sagged as the foundation cracked, it was surprisingly stable. Tayui wanted to get them out from the open, but she had never felt very safe in these old dilapidated structures and would have rather been outdoors.

Then, Tayui saw Drizzt gesture to something behind him, what she had taken for a mouse or small creature at first. Tayui wasn’t sure what to make of that, but before she could do anything else, Drizzt spoke. Again, his words tingled with French and Tayui found herself replying in a mélange in kind.

“We will all be comrades then, together, then,” she spoke, glancing around. “We’re all equal, even me. This will be our fight, but we’ll need more.” She looked back to Drizzt, her eyes dark. “J’vais tu donner les ennemis, et mes ennemis vont devenir les ennemis de nous tous, pour notre cause. J’t’accepte et j’accepte ton épée,” she replied. She reached out, unsure, but then with more certainty. She took the sword.

“As I told Drizzt, I will give him my enemies and they will become our enemies for our cause. I accept him and his sword,” she explained. She paused, and then added with a smirk: “it sounded less stuffy in French.” A wink and a chortle and then more to add: “and you, in the back? Come over here so we can all see you. Who are you?” She suspected – from Drizzt’s actions – that there was someone hiding in the background. She was curious to know why Drizzt had not commented further on it and wondered if they knew one another.

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Zalen was quite surprised when he saw Vesper appear, and despite her being a yote he had pretty much accepted her and wagged his tail at her arrival. Soon after her in slinked another dark male who remained silent as Vesper acknowledge her willingness to help. Then Drizzt raised his sword and eloquently pledged himself to Noir’s cause and Zalen felt a fire start up in his belly.

Finally he had a purpose, finally he had something to fight for. But he couldn’t help but notice that one particular wolfess was not present, and this worried him. Where was Lucia? She had told him upon their last meeting that she also had been approached by the mysterious Noir and Zalen was glad that he would have her by his side in whatever was to happen to them. But she was absent, and this made him sad.

Noir spoke again, saying that her enemies were now theirs and Zalen suddenly became a little uncomfortable with the whole situation. She also called upon the dark newcomer and Zalen quickly glanced back at the crimson stained wolf, wondering if he would speak.

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Drizzt backed away from the woman when she accepted his blade, his hands returning to his sides. His face held a happy grin as he returned to his place beside Zalen. He had already accepted her enemies as his, and was ready to face them. The Russian saw the shudder of hesitation pass through Zalen at the sentence though, and dropped a comforting hand on the other man's shoulder. <span style='color:black'> "If words won't reach them, than we will have no choice other than violence. Her enemies are ours, and ours each others. I'll watch your back for you, Brother." </span> The male turned his attention back to the woman after giving the man a reassuring smile. Jaden stood quietly in the shadows of the tavern, his eyes watching from the shadows.

The Russian considered their endeavor. There were five of them, six if Jaden chose to stand beside them. The northern pack, Salsola had eighteen canines of various backgrounds, though only sixteen were 'adults'. The odds weren't horribly stacked against them, though he would have felt better with a few more hands on with them. His eyes found Jaden once more and Drizzt wondered where the mans twin weapons were, the moon blades if he remembered correctly. They had intrigued the assassin greatly, being able to lock together or separate for travelling. Everything considered though, his skills with the bow could be even greater than with the blades for all he knew.

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Jaden’s wait in the dusty shadows was not at all lengthy. A face he recognized from before his time with Ichika spoke to the leader of this group. Drizzt, if the Ichikan remembered correctly, was the wolf’s name. The name alone was quite unique even if one were to over look the fact that he was a Russian assassin. Almost comically, Drizzt gestured a greeting to Jaden as if the Ebony Artic wolf belonged there and wasn’t intruding at all. Then Jaden watched as he vowed he sword and life somewhat dramatically to this cause. The amount of trust he gave had a large impact in solidifying Jaden’s positive outlook on the group. He felt the two shared a somewhat similar view of the world despite the fact that he himself had completely renounced his work as an assassin.

Despite this, implications of destroying an entire pack sat heavy on Jaden’s mind just before he was called upon. Hearing “you in the back” caught the man’s attention and his ears perked but he hesitated to step forward, at first unsure of to who exactly had been called upon by the woman leader who’s back was still exposed to him. When eyes searched and settled on him, he knew well enough that she had discerned his existence. Who else could she be referring to? The crimson stained wolf uncrossed his arms and stepped forward, wearing an expression of calm neutrality. He shoved gently and without malice past the coywolf but kept his eyes locked on the tan leader’s back. Those he didn’t trust, except the weak blooded female behind him, were kept in his peripheral vision just incase an attack came. His hand settled easily on the dagger at his hip, not in a movement to draw the weapon, but to simply rest his hand and, perhaps, draw any would-be attacker’s attention to the blade. My name is Jaden Ohanzee. I am a warrior of Ichika no-Hoen. he glanced around at a few of the other wolves he didn’t know and purposefully made eye contact with each but kept stony neutrality on his muzzle. The implications of this meeting, if indeed you plan on crushing the life from Salsola, are quite destructive to peace which I have vowed to uphold and protect. This was part of a test. Jaden wanted to know of the true nobility of this cause and of this leader. He agreed with their motivation and thought them to be noble enough, but this test might give him a glimpse into how exactly she would handle him, a possible threat to the secrecy of their plans, or get him killed. His confidence in this plan wavered a little and his deep blue eyes flashed momentarily to the sword of Drizzt before drawing back to the woman before him. No doubt, the man who had just pledged his life to the cause might be ordered to deal with a problem wolf. Jaden’s fist tightened on the hilt of his dagger and he suddenly wish he knew Drizzt a lot better. And who, may I ask, are you?

Jaden does. "Jaden speaks." Jaden thinks.

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Word Count → 436

Noir nodded to her, and Vesper could feel excitement wash over her—not the high-energy excitement of a pup, but something smooth, invigorating but controlled; the excitement of having a purpose. She’d been alone for so long, she’d neglected to ask others to assist her in her quests, and she certainly hadn’t been assisting others. Now she could feel that she was a part of something. She knew she respected Noir and Zalen, though the other had yet to prove himself; she did not know even know his name.

The male extended his sword, hilt offered to their pale employer with the point of the blade touching his chest. He spoke, first in English and then in some language that Vesper did not understand. Coyote-large ears swiveled forward before he finished, pledging himself to the task they shared.

After the man’s pledge, Noir addressed them once more. “We will all be comrades then, together, then. We’re all equal, even me. This will be our fight, but we’ll need more.” She returned the man’s foreign words then translated them for the others in the room; an amused smirk cracked Ves’ expectant façade, but then the woman addressed another in the room.

Just then, a stranger that even keen Vesper had failed to notice shouldered past her. She bared her teeth but kept her silence, not wanting to be seen as some quean that got fussy at any misinterpreted action. She took a seat, watching and waiting.

Ichika no Ho-en—where had Vesper heard that name before? She recalled meeting that young luperci by the falls and nodded faintly. She hadn’t heard a lot about the pack, only managing to grasp that they were “peaceful,” which she hadn’t realized was such a key part of it—unless these were simply strong morals on the part of the stranger, Jaden.

Vesper held back a scoff, knowing that she wanted to make a good impression on the other wolves gathered here—so far she realized she was the only hybrid, and of course the only non-luperci. She spoke lightly, not challenging the other’s views but merely pointing out, “Taking innocent canines as slaves seems to be destructive to peace, too. I’m not saying that we should kill every member of Salsola—that would be a massacre rather than punishment—but no one else seems to have struck any blow against them yet.” She paused then dipped her head slightly to Noir, more of a respectful than submissive gesture since the woman had stated they were all equals. “Not that I am speaking for more than myself.”

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After Tayui spoke, she surveyed the room to gauge the reactions. Zalen seemed to be quite stoic, if a bit put off, while Drizzt appeared to be fairly pleased. When Drizzt spoke up, Tayui found herself wondering if she should have tried to communicate her dislike of slaves in a less violent manner. She didn't want to voice these doubts, since she thought it might make her lose all legitimacy -- if she ever had any -- as the introductant of this group. But even then, maybe she had never thought of that solution because she didn't think it would ever be possible. When she'd expressed her distaste of Eris owning a cat as a pet and a slave, Eris had laughed her off. One had to have a rather rotten soul to believe taking slaves was humane or just.

As Tayui pondered this, she saw the newcomer step closer and introduce himself. He did this all the while resting his hand on his hip, presumably where he had a weapon attached. Tayui couldn't make it out, but as he stepped forward, she recognized it as a knife. Quickly, she felt the fur on the back of her neck bristle and she changed her stance from one of confidence to one of suspicion. One does not enter a foreign dwelling, eavesdrop in a conversation, and then walk in displaying their weapons for all to see.

Tayui clenched the sword as he questioned the "implications" of this meeting. She bared her teeth and stepped forward, glancing to Drizzt as she held out his sword for him to take. She had no skills in the use of this weapon and hoped that if Jaden decided to draw his knife on her, Drizzt would be more skilled of handling that than she.

When Vesper spoke up, Tayui flashed her an appreciative look. Yes, she did not intend to murder every inhabitant: only those complicit in their guilt.

"My comrade is correct," she stated, gesticulating to Vesper with her one hand. "Not all are guilty and not all need justice. The children are young and can be taught otherwise. The old, who harbour these slaves, are the ones who we seek. Murder is not a necessity: we are not without morals. They perpetuate structural inequality by denying other canines, their blood relatives, rights of freedom or mobility. Within each pack, there is a law, but the law within Salsola is loose and vicious. They cut the tongues out of the insubordinate and let their children watch. I judge these actions as an equal, as a fellow canine, and not as a holier-than-thou decree. Do not pass your judgement on us until you understand." She let her voice go cold at the end. Although she realized that she was judging the culture of another, and that this was a horribly human thing to do, she had experienced these things as a member of the cursed pack. She did not need murder when a riot would express her dissatisfaction with the pack. But this wasn't a choice hers alone to make: it would be whatever the group decided. And so, she decided to give the man no name. If the group decided he would be best knowing her, then she would be content to see one of them give him her name. Until then, she did not trust this stranger with their secrets -- even a fake one.

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