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For Liam! Lucky you, you get the first thread where Eli appears :3 Sorry this is long, I haven’t had any IC posts explaining the circumstances yet so don’t think you need to match this length :p Set right outside Ezra’s home on the water ^^
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In the past month, Ezra thought he had lost everything. His unexpected children were born, and with it, immense sorrow surrounded the Rosen clan. Two beautiful, twin children were brought into this world, and by the end of the whole affair, only the yellow-eyed boy had stayed alive. The news hit Ever like a brick wall. Immediately she became withdrawn and spent her days in misery. Ezra felt just as hollow as she; it was one of his own that he lost, too. The darkness surrounding the boy had cast a shadow over the previously happy family. Something was very clearly missing.

Before the birth, the couple had planned on Ever naming whatever females were born and Ezra would name the males. Her name had been Arydia and she was born with the same beautiful blue eyes as her mother. In the dead of night Ezra buried the child beside their beach home, and despite the sole surviving bundle of joy in their home, the couple could only mourn their loss.

Still, Eli proved to be strong and healthy. When Ever was absent during the day, Ezra struggled to keep him under his watchful duo-toned eyes. Ezra stayed in their home, only choosing to leave once the pup had fallen asleep for the night. He tried his best to stay cheerful, after all, this was his own flesh and blood that had entered the world. Eli was a beautiful mix of his two parents; he had Ezra’s husky face and large size, and Ever’s pointed features and sweet personality. The child was stunning, and was turning out better than Ezra could have ever expected.

In the bitter October air, Ezra chose to let his son venture out of the house for the first time. It was an event that Eli’s mother should be around for, but she was gone again. The mottled pup was playing in the living room, on the floor with an old human toy Ezra had dug out of Halifax. He had found lots of supplies for the child right before he was born because he didn’t want to be caught unprepared. The ragged doll was dirty and ripped, but the boy didn’t seem to mind. His baby teeth dug into the fabric, ripping and tearing with childish glee.

Eli, Ezra said carefully, not wanting to excite the boy too much. Shall we go outside today? the pup gave his father a look, and bolted to the door as quickly as his clumsy limbs would allow. Daddeeeyy!!! Ouuuttsayyyyde, was the little boy’s response, and Ezra, for the first time in what felt like years, gave his son a grin as the secui hybrid pushed the door open for his son to walk through.

It was chilly, and the wind from the water hit the boy’s face on straight. He whined, whipped around, and gave his dad a pout. Oh you silly boy, said Ezra, holding back a laugh. He picked the tiny child up in his jaws very carefully, and walked over to the water’s edge before plopping the boy down on the sand. This is nothing, It would indeed get colder very soon. He prayed the boy could handle it.

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OOC: so unless you state otherwise I'll assume this takes place on the 3rd. =)
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While members of the Cour des Miracles pack mourned the loss of a young pup, Liam was celebrating the birth of three. It seemed as though his new siblings were the only thing on his mind as of late, but slowly he was beginning to live his own life, partially separated from his Victorian home and his family. Every moment spent away however got him wondering if they were okay. Did they need his help? Should he go back? But not now. For the first time since Skoll, Hati and Lottie had been born, Liam wasn't thinking about them – at least not too much.

"Ha! Take that, stinkin' pile o' – oof!" the young boy in his lupus form growled, only to find himself flat on his back, his breath coming out in a huff as he mustered up the strength to leap back onto all fours and try again.

No, he was surely too busy defeating the Evil Lord Karamazov from lands deep beyond the sea to obsess over his siblings. You see, Liam was a very large wolf with sharp canines, a muscular frame and broad shoulders. At only nine months of age Liam was already bigger than some adult wolves in the pack. It was a trait he'd obtained from his father, the males usually large and muscular. Still, as big as he was, Liam was still a pup and playing pretend with a large stick was something he still loved to do. "You will stay away from my pack you filthy ghoul before I – argh!" With one steady hop, Liam attacked the stick, who in this scenario was playing the ruthless Karamazov. With a loud crack the plaything snapped and Liam stood victoriously on all fours, his chest heaving as his eyes glanced around triumphantly. A part of him was disappointed that no one was around to see his accomplishment.

That was when a steady gust of wind brought forth the scent of two other wolves nearby, wolves he recognized as also being part of the Miracles pack. Liam sniffed for a moment before his tongue flapped slightly in anticipation. He was hoping maybe the wolves would want to play with him! Roughhousing with a stick lost its charm after a while. So with a bounce in his step, Liam took off at a fast-paced jog. Ultimately he ended up near a cabin and water source. In the vicinity he could see an older wolf with a pup – a little younger than Liam himself, but still a little older than Lottie and the boys. Hello! the young wolf chanted happily, making his way over to the wolf he assumed was the younger boy's father. "Can I come and play?" he asked, bi-colored eyes looking hopeful as his muzzle gestured in Eli's direction, signaling that he wanted to play with him.

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That’s cool with me :3 Just for reference, Eli is a month old so hes an itty bitty baby! Also, I haven’t discussed this with Fae yet, but I don’t know if the rest of the pack knows of his existence yet hahah.
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It was probably wrong to keep the young boy in such isolation. Pups were supposed to have playmates their own age to learn to play, grow, laugh, and be free young things. Ezra knew there were a large amount of young in the Miracles pack, but his unwillingness to let his son out of his sight meant that Ezra kept him very close to himself and far from others. Eli didn’t have playmates; Ezra didn’t want to risk the boy having anything go wrong. He didn’t want him hurt, and Ezra certainly didn’t want to go through losing another child. Ezra tried to be the best playmate he could, though. From the moment his son opened his eyes, Ezra was always teaching him and reinforcing the values he wanted the boy to have. Eli was curious, intelligent, and best of all he questioned things constantly which impressed the Major. When Eli didn’t understand something the boy wouldn’t stop interrogating his father until he was satisfied with the answer his father had given him.

Another young creature made his way over to the duo and asked to play. Ezra hesitated until the scent of the stranger wafted over. Vigilante’s son, he thought to himself, nodding in approval. Of course you may. You’d like that wouldn’t you, Eli? Ezra nudged the boy with a swift movement of his paw towards the other kid. Ezra got off of his haunches and his beastly body took him over to the auburn boy, Eli behind him out of his sight. Just be careful, the Major warned, He is very little and hasn’t had the chance to interact with many other pack members yet. It was very obvious this was Ezra’s first child; he would be watching the two of them with a sharp eye.

While his father had gone over to talk to the other male, Eli clumsily walked to the edge of the ocean. Delighted, the puppy dipped his pallid paws into the water, and let out a shriek when he discovered the waters cool temperature. The exclamation quickly turned into a fit of giggles, however, when he started splashing around, wagging his tail with glee and getting himself soaking wet.

Eeets cowld! the little one called out, amused at his discovery. Eli, Ezra called back to him, motioning with his paw for his son to come to him, This boy wants to play with you! The pup stopped splashing and looked at the stranger, ears suddenly flattening and tail drooping. Its okay, he won’t bite, Ezra said carefully, giving the boy the go-ahead to join Eli in the water if he so wished.

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Liam was partly glad he'd grown up with a brother – someone to play and socialize with all the time, keeping him from growing bored. For months Liam had idolized Noah, until one day Noah had said his hasty goodbyes and had just left the pack. They hadn't heard from him since and Liam wasn't even sure if Noah was dead or not. Would he ever see him again? His mom believed so, but Liam? He wasn't so sure anymore. How could someone abandon his family like that and think it would be alright to just come back months later?

The curious Catori wolf with the bi-colored eyes looked up at the Major, excitement bubbling in every fiber of his body as Ezra allowed him to play with the little Eli. He liked the name Eli – it was like Liam only shorter and without the A and M... and Liam didn't have an 'E' in his name. Still, the names were very similar and Liam liked that a lot! “Don't worry sir!” Liam said with a playful grin, glancing at Eli for a moment before looking up at Ezra again. “I have new baby siblings and they're even smaller than Eli is! he paused and then a question popped into his mind, coming out of his mouth before he could stop himself. “Does Eli have any big brothers or sisters?” he wondered in all curiousness. He loved getting to know members of the pack, especially the younger ones.

It was Eli's shriek that next caught Liam's attention. His blue and green eyes both locked on the younger wolf, afraid that something bad had happened. When he began laughing however, Liam trotted over to join the younger male. “I'm Liam Catori! I have baby siblings just like you!” he said cheerfully, his left paw testing the water before he decided it was way too cold for his liking. Instead he just took a seat on the edge, watching Eli with a keen, protective big brother-esque eye.

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Ezra wouldn’t allow the anger that was bubbling in his chest to show on his face. The kid didn’t know what misery the man had endured lately, and didn’t want to ruin the pleasant atmosphere by mentioning it. All he said was No, Eli is my only, and with that, walked away from the brown male to watch the two children from the shade of his porch.

Liam didn’t join Eli in the water, and the puppy started pouting again. He turned around so that his rear end was facing Liam, and the boy started shoveling the icy water on the boy’s body. He burst into a fit of giggles, and promptly trotted away from his friend, trying his best to be sly. TAG! he screamed again, instantly changing his mind and charging the other boy to pounce on his toe. Yuuurr it! he said with glee, running away from the older pack mate again with every muscle he had in his tiny body.

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Liam felt bad for Eli. How awful would it be like to grow up as an only child! Liam had had his brother Noah for a few months, but of course Kable and Amaranth were around and he was getting closer to them as the days went by. Of course, he also had three new additions to the family, putting a whole lot of excitement in every day. He was always keen on becoming little Eli's surrogate brother though! Maybe Kable and Amaranth would like to be his surrogate older siblings too! And when his three new siblings were older they could play with Eli! Liam was already excited. This would be so much fun!

For a few moments Liam stared at Eli's father as he moved back a few paces but it didn't take long for him to forget about the adult as his attention focused on the younger wolf, ready to play! "Hey!" Liam said, half-growling, half-squealing as Eli got water all over his fluffy brown coat. It was so cold!

Of course he had forgotten about the cold as a challenge was thrust upon his thin shoulders. The game of tag! For a moment Liam remembered playing the game with his brother but soon thoughts of Noah – like everything else, really – were pushed aside as he began running towards Eli, his longer legs enabling him to catch up quickly. When he was about a foot or two away, he pounced on the younger wolf. He was careful not to hurt him, his nose poking at the other male's left side. "You're it!" he beamed, running in the opposite direction.

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The two pups were a delight to watch. Ezra stood guard, shifting his weight between his two front legs as he sat beneath the tree carefully making sure nothing could go wrong with his son’s first playtime. Eli squealed in delight as Liam caught him, and it took the pup a moment to get back on his feet because of how stubby his legs were. But Eli was quick, and despite his fit of giggles he sprinted towards his new friend. Eli wasn’t quite fast enough, though, and couldn’t catch up to the much older boy. Liam was basically an adult, and Eli was still so young. Ezra pouted as he watched the gap between the two children grow; he had forgotten how little children could be.

His exertion to the better of the infant and so he fell to the ground in an undignified heap. Yur too fwast for mweee, t he boy said with a pout, even though his eyes were glittering. Ezra let out a small chuckle, looking at Liam. He knew Eli would be back up in a second, he just needed a little encouragement.

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Liam could very well feel Ezra's wary eyes on him but he wasn't about to let that intimidate him into retreating. His mother had watched him carefully those first couple days after his siblings had been born, analyzing her son's every move every time he was in proximity of her three newborns. No, Liam wasn't about to stop playing with Eli. He liked playing with little Eli – maybe it had a little something to do with the fact that he was a little older than his own siblings so Liam wasn't so afraid of breaking him.

That didn't mean he wasn't careful though, because Liam was quite massive in comparison to the little Rosen boy. The pair ran, Liam in the lead. At one point he glanced behind him, only to find Eli a little too far behind for his liking. Liam stopped running and turned around to face the younger wolf.

Eli was on the ground next and Liam grinned amicably, taking a few steps in the direction he'd been coming from, stopping when he was about two feet from Eli. “You're still very fast, Eli!” he said encouragingly. Liam was older so it was only natural that he was faster, but for a pup his age Eli was definitely on his way as far as quickness went! “Come on, you try to tackle me now!” Liam said, moving into a defensive stance, a goofy grin on his face, waiting for Eli to bounce back onto his feet.

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Eli had inherited his father’s size, which made him shaky on his tiny paws. He was bulking up a lot already and Ezra chuckled as the boy lay on the ground, defeated. He was being difficult, Ezra knew, because he decided he was done chasing Liam. Eli watched the other boy change the game, though, and his russet ears perked back up in interest. The boy with the peculiar eyes was trying to see if he could tackle him! Well, that was one thing the little boy could do. Eli crouched into a pouncing position, tail wagging furiously as he tried his best to aim for Liam’s chest. He pounced, barking as he did, and landed on the chevalier’s chest. He giggled, and batted his new friend’s ears with his large, husky paws. But it wasn’t very long before the little boy was bored again and hopped off Liam, determined to play something else.

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It was nice playing like this – Liam felt like a pup again, all of his worries forgotten for just a little while. All of his focus was on one thing – that young, innocent husky wolf with the golden eyes and patchwork fur. Liam watched closely as Eli braced himself for an attack. Liam also braced himself, but not exactly for the purpose of pushing back the young Eli. He was a good sport and knew how to make young pups happy, even if it meant a loss on his part – not that the loss really mattered, considering he was play-fighting a puppy that probably wouldn't remember this specific day a few months from now. And besides, making pups happy and proud of themselves was a lot more fun than winning, especially considering Liam was a whole lot bigger than his opponent, putting the odds instantly in his favor.

Liam's bi-colored eyes were locked on Eli as the younger Court member pounced. A few seconds later Liam found himself lying on his back, the cool October grass crumpling under his weight. Liam let out a wolfy laugh as the pup toyed with his ears and then laughed again when he lost interest in the game and bounced away. “What else do you like to play, Eli?” Liam asked as he glanced towards Ezra, just to make sure he hadn't overstayed his welcome. Liam thought for a little while – something to do... something to do. He pushed himself up so that he was on all fours again, shaking himself free of the dead grass that had accumulated on his brown fur. “Eli, do you know how to read?” Liam inquired. He himself had started to learn the basics of reading when he'd been around Eli's age but he'd never really been able to read actual books until months later.

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Eli looked around to his father, feeling more comfortable that he knew where he was again. The stoic hybrid stayed by the tree, bi-colored tail wrapped tightly around his limbs. He smiled at his son, and Eli made a few steps over there before Ezra shook his head and motioned back to Liam. Eli trotted back to his playmate and sat to listen talk. The little pup cocked his head at the mention of reading, curious. "Whassat?" the prince asked.

He didn't have any other ideas for how to play, though. He just smiled at Liam and chewed on a stick that was adjacent to him. It was rather large, and the branching pattern kept hitting the little boy's ears. "Whaaduu wannado?" The boy asked the older one, tail wagging innocently.

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Liam was excited to tell little Eli all about reading! His tail wagged in anticipation as he mentally prepared his words, bi-colored eyes glancing at Ezra quickly before falling onto the young pup once more. What was reading? “Well – reading is... Sometimes you will see funny looking markings on different surfaces like...” he drifted off, trying to find a sign or a stray piece of paper or anything at all that had writing on it. When he found none, he just shrugged. “Sometimes wolves can read those markings. It's called reading. It's like a treasure hunt! You try to figure out the markings and then you end up with an exciting treasure!” he said. Using the treasure analogy was the easiest way for him to convey what he wanted to say so that it was easy for a pup to understand.

“You can also read stories – the markings on the pages tell a story and you can make up pictures in your mind of what happens...” he said, but Liam could tell Eli probably wouldn't be interested in reading. Not now, considering he still could barely form coherent sentences. Maybe when he was a tad older – a month or two, maybe three. It was a shame though, Liam absolutely loved reading! Just sitting with a good book and watching as the words unraveled into an interesting story about knights and warriors and pirates and... other great things! But Eli was too young, so the brown-pelted boy started pacing around the little wolf pup as he thought of different games they could play. He remembered the game he'd played with his patchwork best friend a couple weeks ago. Vampires pirates! “Do you know how to play pretend!?” Liam asked excitedly. “It's just like reading – only we're making up the story this time!” he said.

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Ezra was impressed to see Eli’s attention span last so long on a stranger. If he wasn’t in check, that boy was off in his own world most of the time and he was surprised to see the pup actually listen to the other pack member. Well, he figured, they were closer in age and so Eli probably liked the kid. The chevalier spoke about reading to Eli and he listened intently, cocking his head in curiosity at the explanation. “Dat sounds siwwy,” the pup said, giggling.

If there was one game that Eli was good at, it was pretend. When his favorite game was mentioned he wagged his tail furiously and barked in response to the other boy’s question. “I wanna pway pwetend!!” he giggled again, pounding on Liam’s feet in excitement. “Can we pway that my mommy’s back home? She’s gone away now and daddy won’t tell me when she’s coming back,” The pup didn’t realize the magnitude of his words, but Ezra did. Something horrible grabbed at the secui’s throat, and for a moment he couldn’t breathe. When the feeling left him the Major felt hollow, deadened inside.

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Liam grinned – silly? No way! “Reading isn't silly!” he said but knew that trying to prove his point any further would result in Eli losing interest. Liam did not want his tiny new friend to lost interest just yet, not when they were only just beginning to have fun! “You know little guy, you should meet my little brother Skoll. He probably won't be too enthused with reading either when he's older.” Liam said as he thought of the creamy-colored, green-eyed male that was the oldest of his parents' second litter. Skoll was such a hyperactive little creature – on the other hand, Skoll was a very curious pup and perhaps that curiosity would make him want to learn how to read so that he could learn all sorts of new things. Liam himself had wanted to learn how to read as soon as he knew what the term meant: and it was mostly out of curiosity... wanting to know what all of the symbols meant.

His thoughts quickly made a one-eighty turn however when Eli spoke next – about playing pretend. The brown-pelted Catori did not know what to say so he glanced at Ezra for help. Liam was still quite young had although his father had been away from the territory because of his Kingly duties, Liam had never questioned it, knowing full well that the man would come back. He did not know what Eli was going through – not in the slightest. “I um...” Liam began, hoping Ezra would interfere – at least do something so that Liam didn't have to feel so awkward all of a sudden. “Sure, if you want... but usually playing pretend is like an adventure... Like we pretend that we're warriors and we protect our pack from bad guys!” Liam said, his spunk having returned at the thought of pretending to be a hero. He glanced at Ezra again, a little unsure as to what was going to happen next.

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Perhaps it was time to go now. This was the sort of thing Ezra didn’t want to deal with and why he kept his son in such seclusion. He knew he would have to talk to Eli one day about his mother’s disappearance, but what if the boy grew up not remembering his mother? Would he end up rejecting his father for keeping the information from him, or would he just accept it and move on? Acceptance was something Ezra had to work on himself… But he still couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that the love of his life, his one and only, had left him.

Liam was embarrassed at Eli’s words too. Sighing, Ezra uncurled his tail and got up, plodding slowly over to the children. He gave an empathetic glance at Liam, hoping he would let the awkward conversation go. “Eli, son, we should be getting back to the house,” he said quietly, bi-colored eyes suddenly staring at the floor. “It was nice to meet you Liam, thank you for playing with my son. Any time you like, feel free to stop by our house on the coast for more play time,” the secui tried his best to form a smile on his face. Eli snorted angrily at his father, pouting and sitting right down on the ground. “But I dun wanna go!” the little one said angrily. Ezra pushed his son in the direction of their home, not entirely sure how to react. “I’m sure you’ll see Liam again soon, and maybe you guys can play pretend then.”

Ezra started heading back to their house, turning back to see if his son was following. He gave a courteous nod to Liam before heading off, husky tail curled on his back.

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