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Playing as if everyone is already here, notably Foxglove Monroe is present and Vigilante, Haven, Niro, and Toliy are in various stages of injury. Sorry for the vagueness, just didn't want to have to backdate too much. D: Set in the morning after the raid, the 2nd of October.

500+ words.

The guardians had met them and it had been a mess. Their mission had not been a complete failure—they had rescued Foxglove, at least—but they had been unable to rescue Anu and the other prisoners before the tribal wolves had fought them off. Vigilante had led his defeated trustees back (sans Anatoliy and Foxglove, who were already on their way to the kingdom) and gone straight to the hotel to seek out Alaine, despite the absurd time. Wounds needed treating and that was her job, so he did not expect she would mind patching them up.

Unfortunately, she did not answer, and he finally did what he should have done when he had first noticed her absence and gone in. Her room was empty, void of signs of life, and his eyes settled on the note quickly. He took it home to Ayita, who read it with heavy heart. Vigilante had not had time to focus on it, though, so instead he set himself to providing first aid to the rescuers as best as he could. He was not perfect, but he could work as a field medic.

Then, he had waited until the sun was only just barely out and called for the pack outside the hotel.

When they arrived, Vigilante did not hesitate in diving into what he had to say. "AniWaya has been taken over by a wolf called Maska who hates hybrids and dogs. They had imprisoned one of their own for being a hybrid. A family of hybrids had escaped the tyranny to Crimson Dreams; the tribe attacked them and kidnapped their leader and some of their members. They threatened to kill Anu and the others. Dawali, their leader, has been demoted and is treated hardly better than a prisoner." Some of this information had come from Haven, some from the letter from Ayasha, and some from Foxglove.

"Up until now, we've had a good relationship with the tribe, but this is far too much. Last night, a small group of us tried to rescue the prisoners. Foxglove is a family member of ours, Anu has family here and is our friend, and Crimson Dreams has always had a good relationship with us. Unfortunately, their guardians met us and fought us off. We did not succeed as we had hoped," he said gruffly. It was obvious what he meant: Only one prisoner had been freed.

"We've avoided conflict in the past. Cour des Miracles is involved in this now, however. We will be extending aide to Crimson Dreams and the tribe's fugitives, and Foxglove will be staying here until it is safe again. Everyone should exercise caution. We cannot risk losing anyone, and it is sad to say, but Alaine has left us. If anyone needs medical attention in the meantime, please seek me out. I can provide basic needs."

It was a heavy message, but it needed to be said. The King stood tall, surveying the members of his kingdom, waiting for the questions or concerns that would surely follow.

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OOC Ayita is not happy

She had been at ome with the children nothing ever changed and thats the way she liked it. Liam was safe, Kable and Amaranth too. She smiled looking at her young children her mate had come in in a huff distracting her from them. Ayita was not pleased with the note she was reading Alaine one of the few who knew anything in the medical field had left them. Vigilante was not pleased she could tell but she couldn't help but notice the state he was in. What was the king of mutts doing.

Ayita watched him leave as quick as he came saying something about a meeting. She watched him leave. running to Zafiers room she woke him nearly tumbling over her daughter who was bunked on the floor with her son. After all she knew something was up Ayita still didn't know what. "Get up all of you" she stated as she gathered the confidence to awaken the three.

Zafier woke with a start as he looked at her. "sis its early whats wrong?" Looking out side the sun not even really cresting. He sat there looking at her as he looked at his niece and great nephew. "Everyone is tired." He stated. "I know I know but please everyone up." And there it was the call. She looked at him "hurry." She grabbed her bag and scooped up her children ever so gently and headed for the hotel. Now it wasn't so far away.

Others arrived and so did her daughter and the rest of her clan. she sighed what had happened to this group they looked so battered. Standing there listening to what her mate had to say her ears flattened poor aniwaya, poor Ralla what had happened to her friend thinking of that her pups were safe here with Strel and Noss thankfully.

Ayita looked at Vigilante as he spoke of alaine and himself. "I can help." confidence in her voice. "I may not be Alaine but with my vast book collection and all the studying I do I can do a multitude of things. I know what herbs are good for most things Please if anyone needs help I'm willing." she said looking at him falling silent again almost embarassed.

Zafier looked at his sister then the King."Vigilante, what if they attack us what will we do." He took a deep breath. Allow me to help, If anything shall happen I'll hold down the fort and become Ayita and the puppies personal gaurd. I will never allow harm to come to them."


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Amaranth wasn't sure why Niro was going out but she had promised him she would not leave the pack lands. She told him that she'd take Jiva and go see her mother to spend some time with her since Jiva deserved to know her. She had come here as soon as he had left and Jiva seemed to be so happy to be around his family. She had to admit she enjoyed it too.

Everyone had gone to bed late and Amaranth couldn't help but be angry when her mother burst into the room waking them all. She had only been asleep for what seemed to be mear minutes and she wanted more sleep. She wondered then if something was wrong with her siblings and poor Jiva was not impressed with the wake up call either.

Everything seemed a blur from there as she heard her father howl for all to come. She could not believe this what was happening what was going on. Motivating Jiva was a task as she looked at him. "We'll see grampa and Daddy if we go." she said getting him to motivate more.

Upon arriving her mother a few minutes ahead of her and her uncle as she looked at Niro and the others. She raced over to him Jiva at her side. "Dear lord what happened?" She asked as quiet as she could bow staff in one hand. "dad are you ok?" Jiva asked looking at him. The husky marked boy full of concern for his rough looking dad.

Amaranth was to hot headed for her own good as she looked at her father. "No, how could they do this." Her uncle glaring at her. she could see it. She didn't care all of them were hurt and even foxglove looked bad. "We can't live our lives in fear, count me on the front lines I'll defend our home. Protect Foxglove and any others who come into our borders in need." She said slamming her staff into the ground. She had done so much growing up only to make herself look like a child again.

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WC: 260 OOC: grrr niro angry

Niro was sore, bloody, and wore out. He felt a great loss not getting to everyone in the prison, but he was so thankful that they had gotten Foxglove out. He would protect her as well as he could even in the state he was in. No bones were broken, and he'd put up a good enough fight to keep them at bay, but there were too mny and the small party couldn't keep them all off. The retreat was a hard one but Niro did as he was told. Now he was in Cour des miracles, and had little time to figure out what was going on. His mate and son came to him and Niro gave a defeated smile to his mate, and Jiva, he ruffled the boy's hair.

“I'll be fine just need a bit of rest.”

He said gruffly, reassuring to the boy and his mate he hoped. Nodding to the rest of the family he waited for Vigilante to talk. Niro had to agree, they needed to be ready for anything to happen especially since they had one of the AniWayan prisoners. Then Amaranth spoke out and Niro looked at her shaking her head.

“No, you need to protect inside the pack, your mother, the other pack mates and Jiva, there's no use to get rash about this sweetheart.”

He said sturnly to his mate, reminding her she had more duties than the front lines, that loved ones were there that needed her with them more than ever.

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Anatoliy post coming soon

Strel stood to the left and behind, letting his King take the center stage here. His arms were crossed over his chest and he held onto his elbows tightly. His nails were digging into the flesh; war was not something he had been hoping for. He remembered the Dahlian war, and he remembered death that came with it. And he remembered the death that came from others. He was there when Svara killed herself, and when the war came to their front with Jacquez's own speech. It felt like he had been present for every declaration of war that had been made in the kingdom. And he realized he had been. It was a nasty thing that left things ravaged, like the blizzard that tore half the packs away.

He looked blankly at the kingdom come before him, and he had nothing to say on the matter at all. Not one for warriors and their ways, the Dauphin found he was useful only on the home front. "I'll help provide supplies. If you need something for the fighting, cloth, the like, come to me. If I don't have it, I'll make sure to get it within a couple of days." Strel's look was serious as he spoke, little of his happy-go-lucky carefree look on his cream colored face. Lavender eyes were firm.

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Fae, let me know if this needs to be changed. <33 I just replied first because I had some free time today.
Also Meghann, if it’s not too late, I’d love to volunteer Ezra to help in the fight! I don’t know any details surrounding the future of the war, but if you need another soldier, Ezra’s yer man <33
Words: 522

Ezra had only fallen asleep moments before the call came out. It sounded frantic and exhausted. Ezra knew the howl of his leader well, and his mind reeled at the thought of what could have possibly gone wrong. It was so early in the morning and the hybrid didn’t want to get up out of his comfortable bed, his mate at his side. But duty called.

The Major licked Ever’s face with care but also insistence. Ever, he said gruffly Vigilante needs us. I’ll grab Eli, let’s get going. The male hopped out of bed, still groggy and tired. Sighing, he walked over to Eli’s bed, giving the little boy a nudge with his ivory paw. Eli moaned, eyes still clamped shut, and refused to budge. Ezra rolled his eyes in impatience and picked him up in his mouth instead of making the boy wake up any more.

Ezra waited for his mate to collect herself before the trio made their way over to the hotel. Vigilante, Amaranth, Ayita, and Niro were already there, and the major gaped at the shocking sight before his eyes. Several of his pack members were bleeding and hurt, and there were strangers among them. Ezra nodded to his king before sitting off to the side, tail wrapped tightly around his mammoth frame. Eli had stayed asleep the whole time during their trek and quickly curled up beneath his father’s feet, asleep in seconds.

He listened to the news, eyes widening in horror at the news. Alaine left? He sighed, looking down at his slumbering son. He could have used their apothecary’s help when his family had trouble back in august. He shot a troubled look at his mate, then to the two leaders. Ezra was unaware of the tribe’s existence til now, and had no idea of the magnitude of what was going on. At the mention of hybrids, however, Ezra felt his blood start to boil. He was a hybrid as well, and damn proud of it. His whole family were hybrids… himself, his mate, and his newborn son. Ezra wouldn’t let this happen on his own home turf.

He listened to the others voice their opinions, but chose to stay silent til the Dauphin finished. Vigilante, he said angrily, looking at his king. I will help fight, too. I can’t sit idly and let savages destroy our home. I don’t want my son to become another prisoner because of my own blood, he looked to Niro with compassion written in his face. Now that he was a father himself he couldn’t imagine what torture the Majordomo had felt knowing his daughter was imprisoned. He looked at his mate again, almost asking her if this was alright. He knew he didn’t need her permission, but he wanted to make sure they were on the same page. It felt awful to offer to leave just as things were finally becoming okay in the Rosen family again, but Ezra couldn’t help it. He would fight for his home, his family, his own genetics.

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Another dawn awakening - this one from a blissful dreamless darkness; it was the alarm call itself that sent a shiver down her spine, not a nightmare. Another meeting. Caspa knew at once this was no good omen. Warily she rose and descended the hotel stairs, shrugging on her expansive leather coat; she was looking more robust and feeling stronger than she had for a while, but she still reckoned she could use the added bulk the garment gave.

Meeting no one's eyes with her own still heavy with sleep the mutt collected with her packmates, watching the king closely for a sense of what was going on. Noting the scent of blood, she glanced about and saw the wounded few- among them Niro, the others unfamiliar - and her feelings of foreboding solidified.

her concern grew as Vigilante spoke. But in some ways the news only confirmed what she'd known deep down, all along. There was true evil out there and you had to be ready at all times.

And Alaine was gone. Caspa spoke at this, speaking quickly, aware of the urgency of the gathering. 'I have strong sedatives, useful if operations are needed,' not offering the information that she also possessed anatomical knowledge - she would regret deeply if through inexpertise she caused greater harm, only having trained to dismember the already deceased.

On the subject of dealing violently with the aggressors Caspa knew where her loyalty lay, but was unsure if with her light build an obvious disadvantage in close contact combat she would meet requirements, or if she had gained any trust from her leaders at all, but she supposed she had to start somewhere in proving she was a loyal courtier.

Strelein spoke then; it seemed his contributions would lie away from the battle lines, which made up Caspa's mind. Her voice followed the Dauphin's. 'As a hybrid...and loyal to all of you... I offer all I have, an additional body if needed- I have some skill with weapons,' she added persuasively, glad the moment was too urgent to call for more explanation. Most of her skill lay in juggling her knives and clubs, although it was true too she could throw them very accurately - and surely lethally, if need be.

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Pearl saw only a few people that she knew at the meeting but was fine with that. She was shy and didn’t purposefully go out and make new friends. But she did like having friends. So she smiled at Kable. He was such a sweetheart and possibly more shy than she was. She was amused by that thought but her smile went away as her leader talked about what was going on.

She gave a frown at the use of violence. She disagreed with using it personally but could see why others would see it as necessary. She a bit confused about some of the names of wolves and packs but figured that it was because she was new here. She couldn’t offer many services to whatever cause was going, except maybe her cooking but she did that normally. Plus, she hated to bring attention to herself so she kept silent.

She however needed to know something. ”I have a question. Are there any in AniWaya that will help us?” Her question was shy and uncertain. She really didn’t want any bystanders to get hurt in the confusion. She also decided to offer, ”If anyone needs a good meal, I can cook one for them.” That was her main contribution to the discussion. She would now wait and watch.

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It felt odd. The oddness of it all came in more than one ways, that morning. An unfamiliar weight was settled on her hip, and the source radiated a sweet smell much like her own she had acquired since mated but mixed with a little sea salt. There was joy in the foreign sensation along with a bitterness that couldn’t be described through words.

Her face was painted grim, shadowed, withdrawn from the world, but less so than it was if you had seen her earlier in the month. Sere hands were wrapped around a child she could call her own, a child she had scooped from the ground almost automatically. His eyes were closed, closed in juvenile exhaustion. Open they would have been bright, disheveled like his father’s, but frosty like her own.

The morning was a murky blur and settled like fog over a river in the back of Ever’s mind. Now she was here, exchanging looks with members that were all too memorable, but now appeared like threats with fur. Her tongue had not moved since the night, more or less common for her now. Each breath felt like a habit, a reaction, and unreal. But Ever did her best to listen. Vigilante spoke immediately; his voice was unfathomable as it spoke names she did not register or events she had no knowledge of. Once the significance had silenced, she felt a few glances, her lithe body going stiff even under her mate’s gaze. She wouldn’t be surprised if her ghost-like absence seemed bizarre suddenly connecting to a pup.

At first, she ignored the eyes closest to her. But when his voice cut through her haze, she turned. Her son stirred, burying his ashen muzzle into to lamb-white tuft of her stomach. It was similar to pain, theoretically. Ever’s gaze was hard, but not unkind. Her expression rounded out the sharp edges, making her silent phrase a concerning question. As if in response to her own inquiry, the lady pressed Elias to her side. She had no skills to offer the pack and with a child, free time seemed impossible. However, without Ezra’s protection more than just their small family would suffer.


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Stand up and show me some pride

Taking care of Rem had been the first priority once they had reached the safety of the pack lands. Her own injuries would be taken care of later. She had let him drink while she had squeegeed the the sweat from him with a deer rib that had been carved for the very purpose before blanketing him and giving him and extra ration of hay and a double handful of oats in his stall. Later, she would come back and give him a more proper grooming, but for now rest was what they all needed most off all.

Anann listened quietly at the meeting while Vigilante spoke. The golden warrior could feel her own fatigue growing as she stood there and the dual sabres on her back felt as if they were growing ever heavier. The night had certainly taken a toll on her and left her feeling weary. Her stamina not yet what it had once been. The King had little to say that she had not already learned, though she knew it was more for the benefit of the other’s and it was their reactions she was curious to see. Sadly, Anann was not unfamiliar with the views Maska held on breed, for it was the same as the culture that she had been raised in, though it was not an opinion she shared. Quite obviously.

Many spoke up to offer their help, whether be supplying medical aid and other supplies, or declarations to fight against any danger that might come to threaten their home. It brought a smile to her tired features to see her pack pulling together. After giving others a chance to speak, Anann cleared her throat, and took a step forward to take her own turn to address the others. ”Anyone interested in training, whether you are experienced or would just like to learn some basic self defense, I will happily provide instruction or a sparring partner, whichever it is you require. As many of you know, all are free to use the training grounds near my home. If you would like my help, I can generally be found there or at the stables.” She spoke clearly with a firm tone, as she looked around at her gathered pack mates and gave a respectful dip of her head before stepping back to her place beside Anatoliy.


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I'm here! :D WC:549

The little patchwork girl had risen early this morning, she had been off to see to Scarlett, her pale mare that lived in the stables, she had been planning to take her out on an adventure, perhaps she could find Dresden and convince him to continue her archery tuition, but all these thoughts were stoped as a call went up in the lands, a call to a meeting. It sounded serious to the little female so she turned on her heels and made her way towards the hotel, padding quickly across the lands, now that she was a squire it was her duty to know what was happening within the pack, besides her father had told her the importance of these meetings, that one needed to know what was happening within the family environment of the pack. The girl arrived quickly, brushing her dark mane from her eyes and looking around as she entered. She smiled at familiar faces and gave polite nods to those who were unfamiliar, it seemed that something serious had happened, everyone's faces seemed grave. The Aatte girl was nervous, she could smell blood, as her eyes fell on her father she rushed towards him, wrapping her arms around him in a hug, standing close beside him, eyes filled with concern, was he hurt? What had happened? She watched the meeting begin to unfold. A war? Why? How? All of these things were explained in due course but the little female was concerned, she could barely believe what she was hearing. She had always wanted to be a hero and an adventurer, but for the first time in her life she felt scared at the idea, actually scared, she worried for her family, her friends, what would become of them if the war reached their doorstep? What would happen? Would anyone be hurt? She did not like the idea of her father being injured, the ochre knight's job was to protect the pack, but she could not bear the thought of him being hurt in the line of duty, her father had always been invincible in the girl's eyes, this was the first time that it had occured to her that he was a mortal wolf who could be injured. Her small ears drooped as everything was explained, standing close to her father, her eyes filled with concern.

All around wolves were offering their services, the small girl knew that it was now her duty to be of help as well, many offered to defend the pack; although the patchwork girl was scared, she knew that this was her duty, it was her moment to be helpful to the pack that she had been born in.
"I have a bow now, I am not very well practiced with it yet, but I could try and be of some help?" Robin offered, large blue eyes gazing first at the king, then at her father, waiting for his nod of approval, she knew that he knew of her plans to be a hero, she knew that he would be proud of her for offering to protect her home, at least she hoped that he would be proud.

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The last couple days had been odd, all ending with Amaranth and Jiva spending the night last night. Something was going on, but his parents weren't saying anything. Liam had seen his father though and he was in rough shape. Something had happened.

Liam had been up for a couple hours when he heard his father's howl and started to run towards the hotel for the meeting. Finally questions Liam had been asking himself for days would be answered and maybe some of the wolves around the land could rest easy. Of course it couldn't be anything too bad, right? Sadly, Liam had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on outside the pack boundaries. He wasn't clueless though, he had seen some of the pack members leave the boundaries, including his older sister's mate Niro and Liam's own father. And then there was the gossip. Some of the wolves had been whispering and Liam had caught a lot of it, although he'd never really believed much of what was said. No one but those involved really knew what was going on though – Liam was one of those left in the dark. And he hated it. He was waiting for his father to explain things and finally that was going to happen.

He just stood in silence among his pack mates, listening to his father as he spoke. He could feel himself growing more and more angry as each word escaped the King's mouth. He didn't really know what to do – how to react. He had to admit though, while he was naturally an over-protective wolf, always looking to take care of his fellows, a part of him couldn't help but be a little scared. Scared that they would be attacked. By the way everyone was talking about fighting, protecting, weapons and training... All Liam knew for sure was that he wouldn't stand by and do nothing. He was going to help. Sure, he wasn't as old as some of the members and as mature, but he was as big as most of them.

Glancing at Robin as she spoke last, Liam took a step forward, although in his tall Optime form the gesture to be noticed wasn't necessary. "I want to help. I can help... In any way possible." He glanced at his mother first, knowing she would probably protest. Then he glanced at his father, a determined look in his eyes. He did not want to be treated like a pup anymore. This was his family, his friends. He couldn't – wouldn't – just stand by. He wanted in.

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Haven be mad >.>

Even though he knew it would have been death to stay after Vigilante had called for them to retreat, it had torn the Aatte's heart out to leave before he could free his mother. He had been so certain that they would rescue her, that he would rescue her. They had prepared so well and all of them could hold their own in a fight. How was it that they had only managed to save Niro's daughter? The shame and rage combined and writhed like a snake inside of him. The Knight had been stonily silent their whole trek back to the Court. He had taken care of Drogon before joining the King when he called for the rest of the pack, and the Seneschal stood to his monarch's side with his arms crossed over his chest, a dark, stormy look upon his face.

Once the pack arrived Vigilante spoke of the recent events and where they stood now. Haven heard it all through a haze of anger. All he could truly think of was his mother and how they had failed her. Honestly he wanted nothing more than to face some more AniWayans right that minute. To again shed their blood upon the edge of his blade. The only thing that brought him around more solidly to what was currently happening was when his daughter rushed to him in concern and wrapped her arms around him. The Aatte's arms uncrossed and he placed a comforting hand at the back of Robin's head. I'll be fine; I've had much worse, he spoke softly to her, not wanting her to worry for his well-being. The injuries he had suffered the past night were nothing compared to what he had gained in his fight with the white stranger who had accosted his mate.

Most of the pack was offering whatever help they could give, and Haven could not say he was surprised when his adventurous girl added her voice to the proceedings. He looked down at her, and while he was proud, he was also worried. He could tell that Robin was afraid of what was going on, but she was too young and too inexperienced to be putting herself out there, even if it was brave and noble of her to do so. The best you can do is to help keep your mother and siblings safe. I'll be spending more time away from home, so they will need you. Hopefully this would be enough to keep Robin away from the front lines.

Looking to his assembled packmates, Haven spoke. Along with Anann, I can help teach anyone who wishes to learn about combat. Also, my sister's mate in Crimson Dreams is a healer. I have no doubt she would help with any injuries that any of you gain. Cambria was one of the most kind and giving souls he had ever met and he knew that she would eagerly help any member of the Court.


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kable be dumb

Kable had been strumming on his guitar when the call came. It was urgent, something was up, something had gone wrong. He was aware of the conflict between the neighbouring packs and his mind pondered the worst. He slipped the guitar onto his back and made the journey to Vigilante. Kable's fingers knotted together as he walked, this wouldn't be nice. When the silver boy arrived he took his place amoung the crowd and listened intently.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. This war hadn't been anything to do the pack and now it was. War was stupid and getting involved in a war that hadn't been anything to do with you was stupid, or at least that was Kable's point of view. He almost shivered with anger. Even his mother was joining in. And his uncle! Though he always knew his uncle was stupid enough to participate in war. And 'Mara! God had every one gone mad?

'I don't want anything to do with this' he said sternly. He wouldn't be the one to gain injuries from something that could have been avoided.

wc: 000

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With the rest of her family, Princess attended the meeting with a curiosity that could rival a cat's. She had always been that way, though rarely did she ever care much, preoccupied as she often was with her own life and being. The young Lady Chance was not very much of an active member of the pack, but she had been there long enough to have high standing and was the beautiful mate to the pack's Knight and councilman—surely that meant that she must attend or risk bringing a negative thought to her family.

She had been terribly worried about Haven's injuries and the raid the night before, however, so this meeting actually meant something to her. Princess listened as the King spoke of their involvement in the war now. She worried greatly for Haven, and Linden and Robin as well, for the girl voiced her interest in helping and Linden seemed enthusiastic, as well. They both took after their father, after all. Felicity seemed less interested, so at least one of her children would not be charging into this battle.

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