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Ayasha is being treacherous. Backdated to Oct. 7.

Poor guardians. Maska had taken Ayasha’s offer to lead a group of guardians into Cour des Miracles. They didn’t realize that she had scouted out the area and talked to the members there. They had decided to lead the guardians astray and into their death. She only felt a bit sorry for them. She had to wonder if they agreed with Maska or not. She wasn’t to worried about that though.

She led Adam Parson and Wilhelme Yoon with her. They left AniWaya about an hour before the rest of the group. They thought that they would report to Maska about the defenses and maybe fight some people from Cour des Miracles. She was having trouble not smirking about what was going to happen. Dichali was silent and invisible to all but her. She could tell that he approved of what she was doing.

They entered the territory and stalked towards where her friends were waiting. She had her hands near her knives, the one she had pilfered from the guardians. Not that she would let anyone know about that. She wasn’t stupid. It would look to many as if she was ready to fight, which she was. But she wasn’t going to fight the Cour des Miracles but help take care of the guardians.

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OOC: I assume Liam knew in advance about the attack; if I need to change anything at all, let me know! Also, Liam can't be too injured because he will be fighting on the 15th as well.

Ever since his father had called the pack together a couple days ago to speak of the conflict with Aniwaya and Crimson Dreams, Liam had made himself out to be quite the little warrior within the pack. Or so he wanted to believe, anyway. The large wolf was in his seldom seen Secui form, brute force evident in all of his toned muscles. His eyes darted back and forth as he stealthily lay in wait for the Aniwaya pack members to cross the boundaries of the Miracles' Kingdom.

His heart was beating fast, his claws digging into the cool autumn earth as the seconds ticked by. Slowly. Steadily. He was quiet and patient, his entire pack relying on him to do well. He was doing this for his parents, the King and the woman that had given birth to him a little under a year ago. He was doing this for his little siblings – still too young to know what was going on; way too young to protect themselves against the incoming threat. So many were relying on him and he wasn't going to let them down. This was his first time really doing something to prove himself to his pack. It was his first time fighting for those he cared for and loved. He wouldn't make them regret giving him the chance to do this.

Then he saw them. It took just that one glance for him to crouch down into a defensive stance, his massive body quivering with anticipation as he prepared to pounce. Just a couple more feet and they would be close enough... His bi-colored eyes locked on one of the Aniwayans; his target. His body tensed as he prepared to pounce – five, four... three...

His mind went to his father and mother before going to his three little siblings. To 'Mara and Kable... to his Uncle Zafier and his brother-in-law Niro. He thought of the adventurous Robin Aatte he had grown fond of over the last couple months. About the tiny Eli Rosen...

Two... and one.

Liam pounced, his sharp claws slashing at the Aniwayan's underbelly in an attempt to hinder him. For a brief second his green and blue eyes caught the young Ayasha's. The Arctic beauty that had betrayed her pack. All of a sudden he hoped she hadn't just gotten him in a trap – that this hadn't all been a ploy. The idea of fighting for the Miracles' pack had been present in his mind – the pride, the satisfaction. He had forgotten to think of the 'what ifs'.

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You said that you wanted a couple of others from CdM, I hope you don't mind me joining in. If Liam knows about this plan, can he have told Robin? That's how I shall write it. Also please do not injure Robin more than bumps and scrapes.

The little pacthwork female had been expressly forbidden from leaving the packlands until the conflict was over, after her ordeal at the Aniwayan borders her father had made that perfectly clear. She was ashamed of herself if the truth be told, she had gotten lost on the way to her great grandmother's pack and had managed to waltz straight into the waiting arms of the large grey guardian. Her sable great grandmother had somehow been there though, spying on the lands she had explained later, and had come to her aid, recieving a knife wound for her troubles, Robin felt terrible, it was true that she had not asked Soran for help, but had it not been for her then she would ever have been in harm's way most likely, her great grandmother seemed to be a stealthy creature and was far away enough from the borders that she would not have been caught. Of course what the younger Aatte had not know was that the ebony Aedile of the Crimson Dreams pack would have indeed been getting close into the dangerous waters of the turmoil between the packs, had Robin not been captured then Soran would more than likely have been dead, her plan to rescue young Cambria was too reckless even for a wolf of her fighting experience. After the attempted kidnapping Robin had been jumpy, nervous and filled with more guilt than she could describe, her sable great grandmother had recieved a serious injury all because of her, she had also frightened Haven, her father half to death, he had given her a long speech and now the girl was learning to be more cautious, along with being confined to the pack lands. She was already getting a little stir crazy, but it had given her time to make some arrows and to practice more with her bow, she was not a perfect shot yet, but she was inproving greatly.

The young Aatte was perched very high in a tree at the moment, watching the brown form of Liam, her dear friend, in his Secui form far beneath her. The patchwork girl herself had her carved bow resting across her lap, along with a handful of arrows laying on the high branch next to her, she was hoping that a handful would be all that she needed. She was nervous, partially because she knew real danger now, she knew what it felt like to be powerless, to not be able to fight the foe that was pinning your arms to your sides and dragging you into foreign territory, but also because of her father, what would he say? Then again he had forbidden her from leaving the lands, and she had not left them. Her sense of duty was too strong to contain, she had a family to protect, her friends, her pack, she was a squire now, she could not allow the war to pass as if it were a folly, she needed to protect those she loved. Her mind wandered as she looked down at Liam, giving him a brief smile, if nothing else then she would have to protect him at all costs, she could not lose her good friend; but there were Linden and Felicity to think of as well, her siblings, Fee most certainly could not defend herself, and if Robin could pin Linden to the ground then surely an Aniwayan wolf would, she needed to look after them. The patchwork girl's curled mane was pulled out of her eyes today, she needed to be able to see to shoot properly. The little female watched the horizon closely, watching the wolves approaching, she pulled her legs up onto the tree branch, not wanting to be able to be grabbed, keeping as far away from the close fighting as possible, after all she was not very strong and only had her bow. Watching Liam tense and ready himself for the fight Robin raised her bow, notching an arrow onto it with a shaky hand, she had had some practice with Dresden as her tutor and had been practicing hard ever since, but she had never fired her bow at a living thing before, what would happen when she did? The flint arrow head was sharp and pointed directly at the guardian to Ayasha's left. As Liam raced forwards and leapt at the wolf, attempting to slash his underbelly the patchwork girl was silent, practicially holding her breath with nerves for her friend. Robin loosed her arrow, hoping that her shot was accurate enough to hit the guardian she had been aiming for.

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218← Word Count :: That’s fine. And feel free to powerplay the guardians. They aren’t supposed to survive this ambush.

Ayasha could tell that there were two wolves from Cour des Miracles. She knew that one was Liam Catori, whom she had met a few days earlier. She had no idea whom the second person was but was grateful for them for coming. She didn’t realize that they were as young as, or younger than, her. But she wouldn’t have been as worried about it if she knew.

Her ears perked up at the sound of the boy running towards them. Adam and Wihelme turned towards the sound and Adam suddenly got an arrow his thigh. Ayasha then let Liam deal with Wilhelme as she whipped out her knives and launched herself at Adam. He was surprised that she would attack him and she used his surprise to her advantage.

She was glad that J’adore had taught her how to fight. She was able to dodge a few of his attacks while attacking Adam. She however got slashed across her left eye, not blinding it but creating a nasty cut that would likely scar. She growled in anger and pain and renewed her attack on him, circling around and positioning him so Robin could get a clear shot of his back. She looked up at her and nodded, hoping to tell her that she was ready for arrows.

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Liam trusted Robin Aatte with his life – she was closer to him than anyone outside his family and although they had only really gotten to known each other a month and a half ago, Liam would probably risk his life for the adventurer.

She was definitely his best friend – the Nala to his Simba. Or so he thought, anyway. He didn't really know much about the definition of 'best friend' and had never asked Robin how she felt about him. Did she trust him like he trusted her? Would she put her life on the line for him? Would she feel safe knowing he had arrows pointed a few inches from his face? Then again – Robin was better at archery than he was so maybe it wouldn't be so terrible if she didn't... but... he trusted her. He was going into battle today and the idea of her having his back reassured him greatly.

From the corner of his eye, Liam saw the white wolf with the blue eyes launch herself at the other wolf with her knives, a little like Liam had done – only with his claws. He didn't focus on her for more than a split second though as his claws caught Wilhelme in the underbelly and left a long jagged mark tinted with fresh blood. Liam didn't stop there though, suddenly fueled with adrenaline. He bit down hard into the wolf's neck, Wilhelme letting out a loud, angry howl of betrayal. Ayasha, his own pack-mate, had evidently switched sides and Liam could tell that did a number on his opponent.

For just a split second Liam lost his focus, giving Wilhelme enough time to send Liam sprawling to the ground. Wilhelme didn't waste another moment to get the upperhand, hopping onto Liam and aiming to rip out his neck with his long canines. Liam was pinned to the ground and hoped to the Gods above that Robin was more focused than him and that she could save him.

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Yay! This is a good thread :) I am getting to ours Kit, sorry that it's taken me so long!

Everything appeared to happen at once, the little female was rather shocked with the speed of the events unfolding below her on the ground. Liam leapt and slashed at the nearest guardian, lunging at him to bite his throat. Robin could not help but swell with pride as she looked at him, he was her best friend, the closest wolf to her that was not of her own blood, she was only here because of him, had he not been coming then she would have stayed in the relative safety of the centre of the lands. She was here today for the brown male who she had met not all that long ago in his mother's house. The patchwork girl was going to be a hero and she had to practice, but she had been forbidden from leaving the lands and the unspoken part of that was to stay away from trouble, but she could not allow Liam to go into this battle alone, she did not want to see him hurt, not now they were finally on the track to being the best o friends. The blue eyed girl watched as the fight unfolded, it seemed that the white furred Aniwayan had changed sides, the male that she so fiercly turned on seemed more than surprised at her actions. The little female's arrow had flown true and buried itself in his thigh, she had felt a little guilty for a moment before she realised that he would have more than happily done the same to her, or to the young wolves that were fighting along side her. With a more steady hand the young girl gathered another arrow, notching it on the bow string, she drew back the bow string as she stared into the throes of the battle, she caught the young girl's eyes and they shared a moment of knowing what the other was thinking, at least Robin realised that she wanted her to fire another arrow at the male's exposed back, she drew back the bow string but before she could loose the arrow there was a cry.

The female turned her head to see Liam sprawl across the floor, the large guardian leaping upon him to set upon him. The little patchwork girl's ears folded against her skull and her eyes narrowed in fury, how dare the male attack her friend! They were going to be great warriors together, she could not lose him now, he was her most favourite companion. The girl turned the bow quickly, pointing the arrow at the exposed space between the guardian's shoulder and neck, firing the bow quickly.
"Don't you hurt him!" She screamed as she loosed the arrow. She watched as the arrow sunk into the male's shoulder, missing where it had been aiming for, but lodging itself in the male's body quite effectively. The girl notched another arrow, firing it at his back, this one hit his shoulder blade, distracting the male and eliciting a howl of pain and fury. The girl reached for another arrow, turning the bow back towards the fighting pair, the pale girl and the second guardian, she loosed another arrow, missing the male, the long arrow skimming across the ground and into the nearby undergrowth. The little female winced, hoping that Liam would be alright and that the pale stranger would not be upset that she had missed her target.

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OOC: Ayasha's first kill.

IC: At Wlihelme’s’s howl of betrayal and the look of disbelief on Adam’s face just made Ayasha smirk. Did they really think that she was a good little girl after her scene at the meeting a few months ago? Though they might not have been there at the time. She lost track of when which guardian came. But she didn’t dwell on these things long enough and used Adam’s disbelief to her advantage.

She feinted going to the left but struck to the right, hitting him in the side with one of her knives. Her eyes rose up and met Robin’s, nodding that she should take a shot. She saw her nock an arrow and waited for her opponent to get an arrow in the back. But a cry came and Ayasha was momentarily distracted by it. Liam was down!

But it seemed Robin was helping and shooting arrows at Wilhelme. Adam tried to use her distraction to his advantage and she let him knock her down, getting a bruise in the process. But as he approached her, she used her feet to knock his from underneath him. He fell towards her but she rolled out of the way. Ayasha sat up and launched herself at Adam, knife aiming for his throat. He tried to stop her and reached up to try and choke her. She bit his hand and in his pain, plunged her knife into his throat. He looked surprise and after a few moments died.

She got up and launched herself at Wilhelme, hoping to distract him enough to let Liam go. She was fond of him, but mostly because he had the same name as her boyfriend. Plus, he trusted her not to turn them in.

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I love this thread! Liam is hardcore! Take all the time you need for our thread Maddi, the raid plot is more important right now. =)

To be perfectly honest, Liam couldn't really remember what had happened moments prior to the raid. He remembered Ayasha talking to him, telling him about the incoming events – he remembered going to Robin... knowing that she loved adventure and wanted to become a skilled fighter, not to mention the fact that she was his good friend, she had seemed like the obvious person to go to. He remembered maybe mentioning the event to somebody else, but stupidly enough he hadn't said a word to his parents, hoping that perhaps Ayasha had sought the King all by herself. He hadn't wanted to risk his folks telling him he couldn't fight – sure, he was the size of an adult, even bigger than some, but he was far from fully mature just yet.

But now everything was going so fast that every second was a foggy blur. Liam couldn't see anything going on around him – only his target. He felt Robin's presence, her eyes on him somewhere up above... and he could hear Ayasha and the other Aniwayans just a couple feet away.

He felt a long, sharp pain in his arm, beginning at his shoulder and going all the way down to his claws. He could feel a liquid warmth oozing out of the wound and he didn't even have to look in order to understand that Wilhelme had managed to bite him hard and that he was bleeding. It hurt! Fortunately it only took a few seconds for Robin to react and before Liam's eyes, an arrow pierced his opponent's skin, lodged in a similar place to the area where Liam's own shoulder had been wounded. And then another one hit Wilhelme right in the shoulder blades, the female Aniwayan letting out a piercing howl of pain. If the first hit hadn't made Wilhelme loosen her grip on Liam, that second one, along with Ayasha launching herself at the opponent, did. It gave Liam ample opportunity to get out from under the female.

Liam glanced at the fallen Aniwayan for a moment, seeing his cut throat and all of the blood. It seemed he had bled out already, considering a large pool of blood had already accumulated over the last minute and a half. He didn't pay the male much more attention though, glancing up at Robin and giving her a quick, comforting smile before his eyes fell on the two other females. He leaped onto Wilhelme in order to help Ayasha. “What do you want to do?” Liam panted, the pain in his shoulder making it hard to focus at this point. He knew he was bleeding but he didn't care right now.

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It has just occured to me (and caused some amusement) that this is a thread where three kids essentially are kicking some serious ass XD.

Watching the snowy pelted Aniwayan fight was rather impressive for the patchwork Squire, she had never been a close combat fighter and watching the grace and skill with which Ayasha fought was rather impressive. She would have to get her father to teach her a skill like this she thought as she sat in the tree; that way if she ever found herself in a situation like when the grey male had attacked her, where she was too close to use her bow, then she would not be totally defenceless against her attacker, she was not the strongest of wolves after all and although from a long way away with her bow she could be fairly deadly, when face to face with danger then she was at a great risk. For a moment a feeling of guilt washed over her, she had not mentioned this to her father, assuming that he might get to know as Liam would no doubt tell his father, mostly the patchwork girl was longing to prove herself as a heroine, as a true protector of the pack, just as her father was, she would not have wanted him to forbid her from coming here today, she needed to prove herself she felt, needed to know that she could defend her home when she needed to; her father was of course not being overprotective, there was real danger here, but she did not feel that she could not handle it. She knew that he simply did not want her hurt, but she was more than capable of doing this, she was a confident creature and would be perfectly capable of handling this situation; so long as no-one pulled her from her tree or shot back at her. Luckily it appeared that these two guardians did not carry bows and were rather too occupied with attacking her friends on the ground. The little female was glad now that she had come with Liam today, the attacking guardian had bitten him, without her he might have been able to attack him further, she needed to be here to protect him from these huge horrible wolves. The small female was delighted that her arrows had found good targets, sinking deep into the flesh of the wolf, one into their shoulder and one into Wilhelm's back, she grinned, that ought to slow the male down enough for Liam to get away.

The little female turned to fire another arrow at the other male wolf, to help Ayasha after her last one had missed, but it seemed that the pale female did not need her help, taking the large male's legs from underneath him and plunging one of her daggers into his throat. The patchwork girl's eyes widened, she had never seen anyone die before, it was rather a sight to see, she had of course seen blood before, she had seen her great grandmother stabbed, seen all the blood that had flowed from such a small wound, but here there was so much blood, the pool growing beneath him with every passing moment, he was clearly dead now, but he looked exactly the same as he had before. The small female had practiced killing enemies over and over in her mind in the past, but it had never occured to her that this is what it might look like. There was no time to dwell on this though, there were far more pressing matters to attend to, even though time seemed to have slowed down as the small girl watched the male die, it sped up again as Ayasha launched herself at the other guardian. It seemed that Liam had struggled free, Robin's face was suddenly filled with concern as she saw his bloodied arm, she managed to return his smile weakly as their gazes met for just a moment. He spoke to the pale female, but from her high vantage point the small girl could not hear what had been said, she raised her bow once again, firing an arrow at the final guardian, aiming to bury it in Wilhelm's arm, to render one of his arms useless so that he would not be able to attack the pair anymore.

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OOC: I know :) Also, you guys are free to PP the two guardians.

IC: Ayasha barely noticed the blood, including the bit that was on her, especially her hands. She had it on other parts of her body, mostly Adam’s blood but also her blood. It was rather obvious that it was there since her fur was pure white. Not that she really cared what she looked like so it was rarely perfectly clean. She wasn’t particularly dirty but she definitely wasn’t a neat freak.

At Liam’s question, she turned her attention to him, keeping and eye on the remaining guardian. Wilhelme was getting up and looked at his fallen comrade. He saw Ayasha’s bloody knife and charged her. She had little time to react and went flying. Wilhelme followed her body and started to choke her, straddling her legs so she couldn’t kick him off. Her knives were way out of her reach.

She looked at Liam and Robin for help. She was trying to save her breath but it was starting to get harder to breath. Ayasha pushed at his arms but that caused him to tighten his grip on her throat. She started to gag and lose consciousness. She hoped that one of them would get this guardian off her.

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Along with the more than evident injury on his shoulder, Liam could feel a few other wounds on his body that would turn into bumps and bruises tomorrow morning – or that were perhaps already forming now. His paws were bloody, some of the blood belonging to him while the rest belonged to Wilhelme. He had a few tiny scratches along the right side of his face but they wouldn't even leave a scar. Liam could see the pink and red colors matting Ayasha's fur – it was evidently blood but he didn't inspect it long enough to know if it belonged to her or not. He just hoped she wasn't injured. She had decided to betray her own and Liam did not want her to go down for wanting to do the right thing. Not that deception was truly a good thing... Liam didn't particularly respect her for that decision, but the fact that she was fighting with the good guys made up for a lot of the bitter taste in his mouth at the thought of her lack of loyalty.

She had so easily betrayed her pack-mates. Who says she wouldn't do it again tomorrow to Liam and the rest of Cour des Miracles and Crimson Dreams? If not tomorrow, then what about the next day or the one after that? Liam didn't particularly want to watch his back when he was so busy watching his front.

But now he was thinking about all of his sides as he furiously watched the events play out – all going by in such a blur! Ayasha's opponent was dead behind them, a couple bows stuck out here and there in Wilhelme's body and it looked as if Ayasha and the two young Cour des Miracle wolves were going to win this. Knock on w... Oh no!

Of course something just had to happen. It only took a split second for Ayasha to find herself under Wilhelme's strong body. He saw her as she struggled for breath, her legs stuck under the other wolf's weight. Instinctively Liam took action, glancing at Robin again before the Squire aimed another bow at Wilhelme's arm. At about the same moment Liam pounced, making sure not to jump in front of the arrow as his jaws locked on Wilhelme's left side near her ribs. Wilhelme gave a loud screech as an arrow hit one side and Liam's canines managed to get the other.

Wilhelme painfully let go of Ayasha and Liam pounced on the opponent. “Can you come down and check on her?!” he yelled at Robin, hoping she would hear him from her position in the tree. He really hoped they wouldn't be surprised by a third guardian though because Liam knew that close-combat wasn't Robin's strong point. The last thing he wanted was to put her at a higher risk than he'd already had. If something happened to her...

She was like a sister to him... only they weren't blood and he got this fuzzy feeling when he was with her, a feeling he never did get when he was with 'Mara or Lottie.

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<333333 indeed :D

Everything happened in a swift blurry moment, all of a sudden Ayasha was pinned beneath the remaining guardian's larger form, he hand his hands around her throat and seemed to be strangling her. The young girl could understand his fury, the snowy girl had betrayed her pack and the pair of males here, having killed one and moved to attack the second one, but in truth she was a good guy, she had come here to help the Cour Des Miracles wolves, she had been here to help save them. The little female had assumed that all the Aniwayan wolves were evil and bad, until today it had not occoured to her that many of them hated the new leader and his cruel ways, the small girl did not know all that much about the war in truth, only that Aniwaya had a new leader who was most certainly a baddie and that they had been capturing wolves from other packs. Of course her father had had to risk his life to get those wolves back, he had been injured in the process, no doubt he would have to go into the heat of battle once more, there was a risk that the male might be injured further or indeed killed, she could not bear that idea, but perhaps there was hope indeed that the wolves might win this huge battle against the Aniwayan wolves if there were females like Ayasha here who would fight with them, against the opressor. There was little time to think upon this issue though, as Ayasha was in deep trouble, being pinned by the large male. Luckily the small female's arrow managed to reach its target, impaling itself in the male's side at the very moment that the young male bit into his other side. The patchwork girl's heart leapt into her throat as the male did so, she was scared for him, he created strange feelings within her, she was incredibly fond of him, he was her best friend and creating a funny feeling of butterflies in her stomach every now and again, she did not want to see him hurt. Liam called out for the young girl to come down to check on Ayasha, who was laying there, seeming quite limp, the girl hoped that she was simply winded and regaining her breath, but for a moment she was truly frightened that the pale female was really hurt.
"One moment! I am coming!" Robin shouted in reply, readying herself to climb down the tree.

At that moment Wilhelm raised a snarling head and attempted to bite at Liam's face, the little female reacted quickly, loosing the last arrow in her arsenal as quickly as possible, the result was something rather shocking to the little female. The arrow pierced the side of the male's snout, obviously shattering bone as it protruded from the other side, he looked just like one of those humans she had read about that lived in tribes and would put bones through the bridge of their noses. The male let out an agonised howl and clutched at his face, the blood seeping from the wound blinding him as he shook his head from side to side, hands clawing now at the arrow and his own face. The little female sat for a moment, her mouth agape with shock, before remembering the task at hand, sliding down from tree branch to tree branch as quickly as she was able with her bow still in one hand. The young female jumped from a low branch and landed in a soft crouch, racing over to Ayasha, tapping her face gently, trying to provoke a reaction that would suggest that she was alright.

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OOC: I don't think Ayasha is going to fight anymore in this thread.

IC: As she started to blackout, she could see Liam leap against Wilhelme and got his large bulk off of Ayasha. Her breathing became free and she gulped in large amounts of air, rubbing her neck. She could tell that it was going to bruise and it was already hurting badly. She started to cough and tried to sit up.

She felt more than saw Robin tap her face. Ayasha turned to her and could see but it was a bit blurry but starting to clear. She forced herself to sit up but got dizzy and laid back down. Her head hurt and her neck and her back and her face over her left eye. She was bloody and dirty and sore. She wanted to sleep but knew that that would dangerous for her.

She tried to smile weakly and her vision had mostly cleared. ”I’ll be OK. Go help Liam.” Her voice was a bit raspy as she talked and she felt like she had a sore throat. She tipped her head towards Liam and tried to sit up again, slowly this time. She managed to not get as dizzy and took that as a good sign. She however knew that she wasn’t going to much more help.

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I didn't say if Liam managed to stop her or not so Maddi, feel free to decide! =)

He heard Robin's voice but the words didn't really register in his mind as he continued to wrestle with the remaining opponent. Wilhelme was a tad smaller than Liam as far as muscles were concerned and in her Optime form, so as far as force went Liam had the upper-hand. Unfortunately Wilhelme was a little older than him and was a highly skilled warrior, something Liam truly wasn't. The only kind of training he'd had was wolf instincts and the play fights he'd had with his siblings and friends – Robin in particular. Robin was a great opponent for practicing fighting; she was making it harder and harder for him whenever they played together like that and that was probably why he was doing so well now. Maybe he should ask his dad for some training when all of this was over – or 'Mara. 'Mara was a skilled fighter and she could probably teach him a lot.

In a flash Wilhelme's threatening canines were inches away from Liam's face and instinctively the brown wolf maneuvered so that the Aniwayan's jaws only brushed with his fur. Simultaneously though Liam noticed from the corner of his one blue eye the blur of an arrow as it zipped by him and ___. It was perhaps what saved him from a second attempt as Wilhelme suddenly found herself staggering back, the sound of bones cracking could be heard from Liam's position half a feet away. Blood began oozing out of her mouth and face – Liam suddenly felt utter pride for Robin. That was a hell of a good shot!

But the other wolf wasn't dead yet and managed to get the arrow out. The blood kept on dripping, matting the wolf's fur as he once again dived for Liam, adrenaline probably the only thing keeping him up right now. At the same time Liam dived for the injured wolf and managed to hook his claws into Wilhelme's shoulders, forcing his forelegs down and bringing some flesh along with him. The bloody Wilhelme howled in pain once more and managed to break free, blindly biting at air in an attempt to grab at Liam.

It was then that Wilhelme seemed to catch a glimpse of the two girls – more specifically Robin, because Ayasha was partially hidden behind Robin's body – because at that very moment the Aniwayan leaped for Robin, a deadly look in those evil eyes. “Shit, no you won't touch her!” Liam breathed as he leaped in the same direction in an attempt to stop the crazed wolf. His own eyes were filled with hate towards the enemy, hate fueled by his protective side and the fact that he cared about Robin and wouldn't be able to live with himself if she got even the slightest bit hurt. What would Liam tell his dad? Or hers? He didn't even know Haven Aatte but he knew he wouldn't want the Knight as enemy – 'hi I hurt your daughter and almost got her killed today, let's be pals!' Yeah... no, life didn't work that way.

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Ok dokie... shall think of something! XD

The patchwork girl could not help but be rather pleased with her shot, the way the arrow had so neatly found a target in the wolf's snout; that would show that horrid guardian! The three wolves may have been little more than children, none of them yet a year old, but they were strong in spirit and they were brave, they would not let these guardians waltz in here and hurt those that they loved, no, they would not do that at all, they would stand their ground. Robin knelt beside Ayasha, confident that the arrow in the guardian's snout would at least give her beloved friend the upper hand in this fight, the wolf seemed to have blinded itself temporarily with it's flailing, spraying blood into his own eyes and clawing across his face so that he could not see for hands and blood. Unfortunately it seemed that he had a little more intelligence than Robin had credited him with and unbeknownst to her he had managed to pull the arrow out, a task that in itself showed the guardian's threshold for pain, the arrow going in must have been agonising enough, but to take it out would have required willpower to fight against the pain. Especially as Robin had traditionally shaped arrow heads, which tapered from a narrow point to a much wider base, the little wolves were fighting a truly fierce some foe indeed. Robin had not noticed any of this though, having turned her back on Liam to check on the white Aniwayan female, she had not intended to turn her back on him, wanting to watch in case anything bad were to happen so that she could help fight the guardian off, but Liam was a large strong male and she thought that he would manage to hold the injured wolf for a moment or two whilst she checked on Ayasha. The snowy girl was covered in blood and was laying rather still, for a moment Robin began to panic, was any of this blood hers? What if she was dying? The patchwork Aatte was no healer, she had no idea what she was doing, she just had to hope that Ayasha was alright. Luckily for her the girl began to move and spoke, telling Robin to help Liam, the girl nodded and began to ready herself to turn and spring at the remaining guardian. She was no hand to hand fighter, but she would try her hardest.

"I am going, so long as you'll be alright." The girl said, hoping beyond anything that the pale girl would indeed be fine, as she had promised to be. Robin moved to turn, this was when everything slowed down, Liam shouted and Robin came face to face with the last guardian, teeth bared in a snarl, seeming intend on biting down on her throat. Robin's life flashed before her eyes, her childhood, playing with Linden and Felicity, learning to shift, getting Scarlett, playing with her mother and father, talking to her uncle, playing her pretend games, meeting Liam and gaining her bow. Wow, so far her life had not been all that exciting, the adventure games had been wonderful, as were the friends she had made, but so far it had not been filled with much, other than generally being a pup. Something stirred in the small female, some will to survive that she had only ever felt once before, when she had been captured by the Aniwayan guardian near Aniwaya itself, when her great grandmother had run to her rescue; no, she was not ready to die here, she still had too much to learn, too much to see and far, far too much to do for her life to end now. Without really thinking she raised the hand with the bow in it, time still seeming slow for the small girl, she was not the strongest wolf, but now adrenaline coursed through her body, adding to her speed. Robin brought the bow down upon the injured part of the guardian's snout, hearing yet another crack as more bones gave way, the wolf let out a fierce howl of pain and rolled sideways, still colliding with Robin and pinning her legs beneath him, but not making contact with the snapping jaws. The guardian shook its head fiercely as Robin floundered, unsure of what to do next.
"Liam! Help!" The little girl shouted, bringing one of the sharper pointed ends of the bow down on the guardian's injured snout again, trying to keep him at bay.

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