All War is Deception.

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  • Sekou Ka, Male, Gray Wolf (DOB: June 1st, 2006) - Please leave alive and relatively unharmed
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Deaths: CdMers will kill Maza. Leon will kill Chayton.
Objective: Maza after Ayasha, Saxif jumps in, Saxif gets injured and a lot of other stuff.
Geographical setting: Near the Stables.

.: Liam can be hurt, minor and more severe wounds are okay. As long as he isn't killed. If I need to edit anything let me know. -stabs newb status- :: 315 words :.

Liam could see the Aniwayans clearly – they were ready and waiting for them. They were waiting to fight.

In the back of his mind revenge was fighting to take over. Revenge for the innocent deaths and for all of the lives that had been affected; for all of those grieving over loved ones. Liam had lost one of his own in this good for nothing war. He had never been close to his Uncle but the older Catori wolf had fought for the pack like Liam had that day and hadn't turned out as lucky. Liam was going to fight for him today.

He was going to fight for the entire pack, really. It was time for all of this to end; all the fighting, of all the pain, all the... everything! It needed to end. Liam remembered a couple weeks ago, when his father had called them all for the pack meeting and the news of the Aniwayan War had been shoved onto the pack. Out of pride and shear desire to help his pack-mates the young Catori wolf had offered up his services but now as he was closing in on the enemies Liam half-regretted his decision. Why hadn't he done like Kable and told everyone he did not want to participate?

Because he was his father's son, that's why. He wanted to help everyone and make sure they were all safe and sound. Sometimes his caring personality was a pain in the ass.

When he was in just the right proximity, Liam glanced around him quickly before launching himself into the war, his jaws and claws working to injure anyone of the bad guys. It only took a few instants before one of the wolves clawed back at him though – Sekou Ka. Liam winced slightly as pain shot through his mostly-healed shoulder. It wasn't enough for him to stop though.

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It started and the two sides clashed, weapons drawn, teeth bared and claws extended. Wolf fought against wolf, hybrid against hybrid all because of one man and his ridiculous ideals. With a second bellow of hatred and anger one echoed by her rider and beloved friend, Faith plunged forwards into the harrowing din, brown eyes sparkling bright with the fury of war. Sharp hooves stuck out and great weight crushed down, people were injured and forced aside, the black demon careful never to injure a friend or ally and watchful of the fallen and dead.

A cry he knew far too well for all the wrong reason cut through the air and the white eyed knight lunged to the side and Faith turned back on herself, pushing through the fighting people to reach the white princess. When they wouldn't move he struck out with his sword until one tried to grab onto his sword and ended up with an earthen colored fist in his face. He leaned almost entirely out of the saddle and grabbed onto Ayasha's arms and hauled her up with the strength in his arms alone onto the back of Faith behind him,

<span style='color:blue'>"Chicka, hold onto me!"</span> The black mare did not have to be told twice, she knew her orders, she turned about again and plunged out of the main fighting, away from the reach of swords and bows towards a smaller fractured group, where a younger male was grappling with a guardian. He pulled Faith up short and leaped from the saddle, shunting his weight against the Raven guardian and knocking him off balance and giving the Cour des Miracles male a short reprieve. He turned then and helped Ayasha down from Faith's back, the mare was too tall for her to get down herself without injury.

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Ayasha joined up with many people she knew and then weaved in and out of the fight, stabbing guardians when she could. Her stabs did little to actually hurt any of them, she just wanted to use them to distract them and let her friends attack. She didn’t really notice much around her so didn’t see the guardian coming after her as she left the crowd to swing around the side.

As she felt the guardian grab her arm and start to pull her around. She gave a shriek and for some reason became paralyzed with fear. But she soon heard the sound of hoofs coming toward her and next thing she knew she was being lifted on to a horse. It was Leon! She nodded as he told her to hold on to him. She wasn’t about to let go and risk getting pulled off the horse. She held onto him tightly but loose enough for him to move easily.

She watched as Leon stopped and got off the horse to help a man form Cour des Miracles. He then helped her down from the horse and she stood near him, looking for anyone she could easily fight. She knew that he would protect her but she wanted to go after the guardian that had tried to grab her. So she slipped away from Leon and stalked after the Guardian, using her scouting skills to her benefit.

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Maza be mad! I have a plan for Maza to end up at the stables... so that is probably where he will run into anyone who wants to run into him first. PM Saxif account with anything you want to happen with him, he slave to your will XD :: WC: 318 ::

When battle began Maza’s mind had finally become filled with one thought as he saw the white female among their mass of numbers. She had betrayed her people and spit on the very ground of their leader. He knew she deserved every bit of punishment he was about to deliver to the little bitch. With his massive brown form he cut through the clash easily his large mace batting and winding. He felt frustrated that he could not strike with the same force as usual for his brothers were far too close for his wide swing. It was ok though he thought because his fury had now gained only one goal. His simple mind only ever had one goal in a fight and that was either to win or get revenge. He finally reached her grasped her arm with a feverish tug and raised his mace in the air ready to strike her down for her insubordination. His body tingled with excitement as the female struggled in his tight grasp. He would watch her skull crack and eyes go dead with a grin on his face.

An arrow suddenly whistled through the air slicing into the male’s forearm forcing him to release the girl. Then a large beast of a horse ripped through the chaos narrowly running down the brown guardian. All it took was a few seconds before he realized the female had escaped and his eyes met with a golden hued female. Her smug expression infuriated the male even more. He searched for his mace just barely dodging her arrows as he sought and found the wooden weapon. He grabbed the fallen mace and started for the female only to discover she had followed her friends. That was it… now he had to get revenge. He shoved through the crowd knocking people over in his wake and sought out the little pale girl and her friends.

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WC: 424Yay! War.

Saxif had never felt anything so thrilling and amazing as when her arrows had rushed from her bow into the masses of the enemy. She could not directly aim so she had not been sure if they had actually struck. She knew it was the way of war though and just firing into them felt unlike anything she had ever known. When bodies started to clash she had been forced to use the dangerous looking bow as a staff, its sharp ends scratching and cutting those she swung at. All her troubles all her worries evaporated into nothingness leaving only a warrior atop her steed.

Analise had stayed atop Jager with Saxif. The pair had been watching each other’s backs keeping those who attempted to rip them from the horse well at a distance. She felt a tug at her shoulder after a while as her sister of heart Analise yelled into her ear. The fury of the huntress momentarily subdued as her focus was shifted. She saw Leon rushing toward something so she quickly dug her heels into Jager batting away those who got in their way. Then she saw something that forced her to pull Jager’s reign to a halt. She skillfully and quickly notched an arrow releasing it with a sing into the air. She had only cut the male who threatened to bludgeon Ayasha but she grinned as her action succeeded nonetheless. The large thick brown male needed to be put down, she had thought. Do it Saxif. Analise urged on behind her. She notched arrow after arrow but her targets through the crowd limited her success. She could see the blood spill onto his fur but nothing was crippling.

The huntress realized then that it was a pointless attack in all this mess so she followed Leon out of the crowd. She internally hoped the male would follow. When she caught up to Leon she and Analise demounted Jager just before he came to a halt. You ok Ayasha? She said her bow lowered but at the ready for anything. She looked to Leon. What’s the plan amigo? She asked as she thwarted off guardians with her aim, she couldn’t shake the grin of excitement. Then she realized Ayasha had suddenly disappeared from the small grouping of chaos. She cursed in her native tongue as she threw the bow over her shoulder mounting Jager. She quickly followed the white female’s trail. The last thing she wanted was her friend to get hurt because she ventured off alone.

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OOC: Chay grabs at Ayasha, but you can say if he got her or not... or someone intervenes, just stating what he would do if he caught her :)

Oh he was in his element. He knew that this war was for something great. He knew the Great Tribe would reward him for helping a pack that would soon be as sound as the great tribe itself, of course there had to be pruning, like those that were sneaking around.... like this beautiful white aniwayan, who wasn't even attacking the intruders. She would have to learn, He moved outside the crowd of fighters as he made his way to the near invisible girl. Grinning toothily he moved forward when he found his chance. He snatched at her, to grab and hold her close with his spear to her throat, oh he would enjoy this chance to teach the traitor AniWayan's what it meant to go against Maska.

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Ralla plans on having the fire-staff hit Chayton on the head before she comes about and smacks him again in the side--you can choose what hits/what does not hit :3 (Nootau: Visible)

Coming a bit further off than the rest of the war party, Ralla kept her distance so that she might remain undetected amongst the chaos, however brightly her torch burned in the shadows. She knew that she was perhaps spotted once or twice, but the fire was her best weapon, and everyone else seemed too occupied (or too unaware that she was not on their side) too take notice of her as she hurried off, intent on finding her daughter. She knew that Leon and a few others who had previously shared her home with her were mixed in with the Dreamers and Court canines, and finding them would certainly be a blessing: Strength in numbers, as they said.

Even in all the chaos and mixed scents, Ralla was able to pick up her daughter's unique smell and track it. Soon, everything around her was a mighty mess--screams, growls, messes of blood and the scent of rage--but she continued to run through the woods, following Nootau as the barn owl took the lead, taking her to where she was needed. It seemed as though she were just in time: Not a few yards away, Ralla could see the white pelt of Ayasha running through, and then behind her a shadowy figure that she recognized as a nameless goon--she had not the thought or care to name half of Maska's Guardians--who seemed quite intent on a target: Ayasha. All at once a rage--a motherly protection--burst forth from inside Ralla, and the man's only warning to her interference was the faint sound of her paws scraping over the crunchy layer of leaves beneath--drowned out by the cries of war all around--and Nootau's high-pitched screech. She leaped forward in a mighty jump, swinging her flaming staff above her head as she brought it down to where the Guardian's head was, aiming to stun and burn him. When she had finished that move she came to stand in-between him and her daughter in a defensive stance, fangs bared in a display of aggression that she had never shown before, as she brandished the fire staff before her as a barrier.

"Nihi wili nasginigesvna uha nasgiageyv!" she cried as she moved forward with all the grace and speed that her fire-dancing had afforded her to strike the man again. She could not explain the anger that she felt inside other than a pent-up resentment for all the pain that Maska and the Guardians had caused, and though violence had always been the furthest thing from the mother's mind, she found that having her family so close to death brought about a change in heart, at least as to how she would perform defensively.

The time for passive defense was far over; it was time, as she had promised, to unleash the fire within AniWaya.

Moon walks. "Moon talks." Moon thinks.

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In the melee, everything swiftly became turmoil. Caspa remained a strange island of calm, seemingly unthreatening - just a skinny dog - but clear-headed and perfectly aware of everything going on around her, waiting for the perfect moment to use her lethal weapons. She had an eye on her leader, and his son; an eye on the confusion of the blows that were being landed all around. Ducking and weaving, she kept herself free from injury, ensuring an area of space around her to give her a good view - she was not strong, no good up close, she could keep her distance and still do damage with her thrown projectiles. Covering her comrades, she gave a low snarl to see an antagonist too close to Liam and his shoulder was struck. It pained her to see one of her own under attack and she loosed her first knife, aiming it straight for the assailants forehead. Their group had broken away a little, though, and something was going on with two white-coated women and Caspa was a little distracted - they were fighting the Tribal wolf, but their scent was related to theirs, too - she did not think she had managed to strike her target, but hopefully she had sent a warning message. Leave our people alone.

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.: I apologize to Meghann/Vigilante but it's been four days and we kind of need to get this rollin'. :: 358 words :.

"We're really heroes now Liam, it's not pretend anymore."

Robin's words echoed in Liam's mind as he managed to escape Sekou Ka. An unknown male mounted onto a horse was responsible and as the light brown wolf wordlessly sped away, Liam noticed Ayasha was holding onto him. For a split-second Liam wondered if Ayasha was well enough to fight – it had only been a couple days since he'd seen her crumpled on the ground breathlessly – but then thought better than to question it as he suddenly found himself narrowly avoiding a stray arrow. Liam growled at nothing in particular, his strong legs moving as fast as he could as he started looking around for something useful to do.

Quite like the raid back home, Liam was in his Secui form. It was his least favorite form and the one he did not use very often, but it proved to be very useful in battle. While he wasn't as fast or as stealthy, he was stronger in his Secui form and could do more damage faster. That was his intention today – injure as many wolves and get out of this mess as soon as possible. He really didn't like fighting... the last time he'd gotten way out of control and had killed someone – or, to be more precise, over-killed. He hadn't done it out of pleasure, far from it. Robin had been in danger and the idea of her getting hurt... it had struck a chord in his mind and he'd gone momentarily insane due to the adrenaline. He had scared Robin and he had scared himself... he didn't want to do that again. He didn't want to kill again.

That was when he saw a familiar face in the crowd. A white female that although had been taller than him once, appeared short and thin now. Liam doubled back and went to meet her, a stern look on his face that made him look years older than he actually was. “Caspa.” he said. “Do you want to fight together?” he asked, his bi-colored eyes glancing back and forth for signs of danger.

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Don't worry about it, feel free to skip me if I'm moving too slow. I'm very busy and I'm ill, so I'm not online much and I def. don't mind being skipped. c: No table, posting in the ten minutes I have between classes. I'd like Vigilante to scrap with one of the guardians before he goes off to join the thread with Maska and Dawali. c:

The dog King had never doubted whether or not involving Cour des Miracles in this war was a good idea. It had always been important, had been worth it. The tribe had been taken over by a hybrid-hater and that alone endangered his kingdom. His children were at risk, his grandson, and his extended family. Then, they had imprisoned Foxglove and Anu, the former a family member, the latter a friend. At that point, he had known they would be involved. Not everyone had supported the notion, but most had become involved. Vigilante was proud of his pack. He was especially proud of his son for working to protect his home so vigilantly, and Amaranth, as well. The loss of Zafier had hit his family hard, but even still, both had been fighting for the pack's safety. They brought him great amounts of pride.

Massive as his secui form was, the fray was confusing enough that he was not immediately noticed, as he had been during their first raid on the tribe. Then, the guardians had pegged him as the leader and gone directly for him while the others fought them off, but this was not the case now. Jade eyes took in everything around him as he considered his options; he wanted to find Maska, but he was not willing to leave his son now, not until he knew that Liam was safe. If something happened to him, the King could never forgive himself. With stealthy movements, the caramel-colored mutt moved among the fighting, his eyes on Caspa and Liam.

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Since everyone is engaged, leon will be stealing the pnpc to fight a bit

Everything was moving almost too fast for the spanish man to process, a whirlwind of activity as more and more fighters showed up turning their small pocket of resistance into something as mad as the maelstrom he had pulled Ayasha from. As fast as he could blink, Ayasha had disappeared into the fray again, Saxif appeared briefly with Analise asking what the plan was before she was off following Ayasha. Ralla was suddenly here as well although he couldn't see what she was doing, and there were more guardians skulking around.

The man he had jut shunted out of the way, returned himself to his feet as the Cour des Miracles boy ran off and charged at him, sword raised high. The Spaniard snarled and rushed to meet the guardian, swords clashed and sparks flew as the two sought to batter each other to death. They growled and snarled at each other, fur puffed up and talons extended. This was the war he had come to fight, to eject people like this from the land of peace and tranquility.

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WC: 000+ OOC Stuff?

Ayasha saw that the guardian that had grabbed her had an arrow in his arm. That combined with Leon grabbing her, made him let her go. She met the gaze of Saxif and she grinned at the golden woman. She wasn’t too close with her but was glad she was helping. She wondered briefly what had happened between Shiloh and her, but there would time for that later.

She nodded at Saxif’s question and figured that the golden female would follow her. She heard what sounded like a curse but kept going. She had to find the guardian that had grabbed her. Her head was starting to hurt but she wanted to pay him back for all the hurt he had caused her and her friends and family. She stalked into the nearby trees, searching for her target.

She was so caught up her search that she didn’t hear the approach of another guardian until he was right behind her. He grabbed towards her, grinning like a maniac. This time she didn’t freeze. She had already killed a man and helped kill a second. But she didn’t have much time to do anything when another white body came between her and the guardian.

It was her mother! Mom? But she backed against a tree, further behind her mother. She had never been more glad to see her mother than now. She knew that later they would have words since Ralla disagreed with decision to fight. But that would have to wait until later. She then had an idea. She took a deep breath and charged the guardian, trying to sink at one knife in his side.

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Maza was infuriated, frustrated as his mind exploded into nothing a pounding thought of finding the young female. Whacking his mace around in a wild manner he had no real target. Finally a clue he saw the large pale horse in the distance its rider a matching golden hew. He grasped a rock and with his might he threw it over the crowd of chaos. That was when he saw her just at the edge just there for the picking. A grin grew across his face. He witnessed the older female by her side attack Chayton. Maza chuckled. He would draw her away.

He changed direction busting through the crowd as it seemed to part for his mass. The brown wolf set his flaming gaze on the little white one and he grinned a devilish grin. Let me see what you got princess. He said to himself in a slow deep husking laugh. He set on a slow jog toward the stables stopping and waiting before he reached the building. This game was only just hitting the climax for the brute warrior. He was going to have as much fun as he could before she died under the force of his mace. He just needed to get her away from the eyes upon her to play it.

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WC: 235 Meh

Saxif slowed Jager to halt as her jaw dropped open. Ralla kicked some serious butt impressing her greatly. She smiled softly. Good job! She yelled out in the commotion giving Ralla a nod of approval. She was about to dismount and engage the male the red marked female so astonishingly attacked when Jager reared up with a surprising cry. A hallow thud could be heard just as he did but did not compare to the one following Saxif’s loss of balance. The huntress tried to grasp to her horse once more to hold herself steady but already prepared to dismount the male she was in an awkward position. This had lead to her sudden launch from the steed as the blonde rider met the ground. Her head had struck a rock and though later the cut would reveal to be but a minor wound blood immediately started to cover the surface of the stone. She was motionless as everything went dark for the female.

For those moments she felt as though death had taken her but the girl fought. Hell if I die cause of my damned horse. She thought. Then she gasped awake and grasped her pounding skull. She sat and felt the moisture over her left eye its vision partially stained with blood. The world took a moment to set right but when it did the female felt shaken and arose to her feet.

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OOC: Been a week, sorry to the two people I'm skipping but this wouldn't impact on your action anyway probably?

A few minutes after her thrown missile had dissuaded Liam's attacker, Caspa saw him turn and come towards. She curled a lip, looking at the wolf who had been that small boy on the staircase. The peril had changed his face to a grim mask. It pleased her, though. If he hadn't been mature enough to face up to this occasion they would have been one man down, but as it was he was more than holding his own. She could see all this from her outlaying point, and now she nodded at him, short and wordless; of course, they were already fighting together - she'd had his back for most of the fray so far; the other members of the Court were lost to vision, so she'd thought that best. She replied only "I am covering you. I can kill from a distance, but I only have a small amount of knives," and even less poison but there wasn't time to go into details, here "so I will wait until it is vital. But rest assured I have your back." Her eyes fixed into his - would he trust her enough to believe her? She was no good for hand-to-hand, she was too weak and lacking training - but she could give him free rein to enter the melee without too much risk.

Her dark eyes shifted, completely oblivious to Vigilante - unfortunately, as she would have been heartened to catch sight of her King - but intent upon the Guardian who had threatened Liam; now engaged with a fawn-coated male. Her knife had strayed, and now the Guardian was poising himself to kill another wolf. A delicate snarl wrung her mouth and she pointed in his diraction, speaking to Liam. "We still need to finish that one off. He's dangerous." She tightened her grasp on a knife-hilt, but the combatants were making too much of a flurry to risk a throw.

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