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Cleaning the fort up was going to take a long while, but Dixie and Wayne were fully ready to take on that challenge. They weren’t sure yet if Rurik was going to stay and help as well, so the pair decided to get to work without him. While Wayne went to start with the main barn, saying he wanted to clear the space for all the horses just in case another storm hit, Dixie struggled to break open the front door of the court house. The large doors were locked, obviously, and there were huge vines climbing up the sides, holding them closed. After tugging and trying to rips the vines up, she growled and dropped herself into Secui form. Even in her halfling form she was small enough to look like a small lupus wolf, but her muscles were thicker and her nails and teeth were sharper.

Snarling in frustration, she leapt forward and lifted her paws to the vines, sinking her nails and teeth into the thick pieces of plant and slicing through like they were water. Finally! Stepping back a few paces, she gathered her strength again and rushed forward, slamming her little body into the doors. There was a low groan and then they slid apart slowly. Shifting back to two legs, she stood and pushed the doors open further, letting some sunlight stream in. The place was in ruin, things lying about, furniture overturned and broken, water damage in some spots. However, it wasn’t quite as bad as one might think it would be after years of no care.

Dixie walked in and stood in the main hall, looking around. There were doors off to the sides of the hall, and stairs at the very end going up and down. Walking further, she kept herself alert, wanting to be ready if there was anything living in the building that could possibly attack her. Being taken by surprise wasn’t something the little girl was fond of, so she wasn’t going to let it happen here. Pushing more doors open, she peeked into the rooms and saw much of the same as the hallway. Common disorder and destruction. As long as they could avoid tripping over things and getting themselves hurt, this building, just like any other, wouldn’t be very hard to clear out and begin repairs on.

Taking a deep breath, she got to work on the hallway, grabbing the smaller things scattered around on the ground first and tossing it outside on the cobblestone walk area. Things that she knew were called ‘telephones’ and some other machines, but didn’t know what they were used for. They were all broken, so she just threw them around, knowing that the canines would have no use for them. The desks, chairs and odd stool, on the other hand, were turned upright and pushed against a wall. Those were things that could and probably be used for something or other. The job was tedious and repetitive, but she was good at it and tuned everything else out…just worked and worked hard.

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Rurik wasn't as concerned with cleaning up as he was figuring out what buildings would be sound enough to provide shelter, which ones were in need of heavy repair, which ones would could be scraped, and whether or not the wall surrounding the place was sturdy all the way around. He was in the middle of checking over a section of wall when a loud racket caught his attention from the court house.He didn't think it was likely that they under attack but he wasn't sure if any of the others had stayed behind. checking his katana by his side he went to see what all the ruckus was about.

As he approached the court house he noticed several odd items scattered about on the pathway, and even more being chunked out the door. His curiosity aroused he moved forward to investigate, dodging around the machines and staying out of the way of incoming debris. Once he made it to the door he peeked inside and saw Dixie and Wayne picking threw the trash inside the place, throwing what they wouldn't need outside, which was about 90% of what they were picking through. Leaning against the doorway, he decided to watch for a little bit.

After a while of watching them throw random junk past him, with his dodging back behind the door frame when needed, and move the furniture around, he figured he should help too. two need any help with this? He said, remaining where he was in the door way. He hadn't spoken to the much, but if they were going to be pack mates he might as well at least try to get to know them.

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After a while of working by herself, Dixie had gotten the floor pretty much cleared in the main hall. It wasn’t until she had gone into one of the smaller rooms and saw the bigger things that needed to be moved did she think about going to get the males to help. Wayne was easier to find, so she ran out to the barn and asked him to assist in moving the large furniture and machines. Her goal was to get everything together and take an overall inventory of the things that they should keep and throw away. Wayne was larger and had a laughably easy time at lifting chairs, machines, moving desks and shelves. Within twenty minutes of him helping, they had two of the room cleared out.

Dixie had decided to just stay out in the hall to sort through the things that Wayne began bringing out. Her eyes caught onto any of those silly machines that they wouldn’t be using and tossed them out the front doors. They’d all have to be put somewhere or destroyed somehow. Not willing to dwell on it at the moment, she just continued to short and toss things out. Once all of the useless stuff was gone, she assessed the books sitting on the shelves, throwing out the ruined ones and piling the ones that were still intact in one of the clean corners. There was also a large stack of empty notebooks that had mostly fresh and undamaged paper, along with a small cup-like thing filled with some kind of writing utensils.

The voice from outside made both Wayne and Dixie’s heads snap up, turning to look at the male. Rurik, hi there…we could use some help, thank you. she smiled at him and gestured to the book stack to the left and the area where they were organizing the ‘keep’ things to the right. Books and writing things over there, undamaged furniture and useful items over there. We want to keep these things until Jazper or Anann can look them over and approve.

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Rurik looked at the piles of stuff as Dixie indicated them. He wasn't exactly sure why they would need the reading and writing things, he had never used any of them and turned out fine, but he didn't question it. He set his katana and cloak down by the door, resting the sword against the wall, and walked over to a pile of stuff and began sorting threw it.

He had never learned to read or write, so he saw little point in keeping books and writing tools. How were they suppose to communicate with pieces of paper that had odd squiggly lines all over it? If it were up to him they would take all this stuff, pile it up, and burn it all. But, it wasn't up to him, it was up to Jazper and Anann. he sorted threw the stuff quietly, tossing the usable books, or what he thought were usable, and writing tools into one pile while tossing the damaged ones near the door to be disposed of later. Any furniture he ran across he tossed into the pile that Dixie pointed to before. It was rather boring work, mundane and repetitive, but it was something.

He wasn't really looking at the things he was throwing, just glancing over them to see if they were damaged or not and tossing them into the correct pile. He had just thrown a badly water damaged book into the discard pile when a thought occurred to him, making him glance at Dixie and Wayne before turning back to his work. He was wondering if one or both of them could read. He debated asking, but didn't really want to since he wasn't sure if reading was a common skill, being a loner his whole life he wasn't sure what was common among other's and what wasn't. After a few more minuets of work he decided he would never know without asking. Hey... He said, without looking at them, but at his work instead. Can either of you read or write? He felt foolish for asking, but it was nice to have the silence broken, even if he had to be the one doing the breaking.

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There was some cool stuff sitting around in the dark recesses of the old court house. After ransacking a few of the rooms upstairs, Wayne brought down five knives that looked to be in good shape. After wrapping them in a skin, he set them in the keep pile of books, knowing they’d be safe there. Dixie kept finding books of all different sizes, and the stack was constantly growing larger and changing shapes.

After a little while of working with Rurik there to help, it was obvious that just one more set of hands was doing wonders. Most of the main floor was cleared of unneeded items, and the rest were organized. It was time to start working on another floor, whether it be the top or bottom. Dixie’s head tilted to the side when the dark male asked his odd and out of place question. Well…yes. Mama taught me to read and write when I was a pup, and I’ve taught Wayne a bit through our travels. Her mouth parted in a slight smile as she watched him. Do ya wanna learn?

The grin only grew as she got back to work moving things, inspecting them and then deciding whether or not to keep or toss. However, her mind was already wandering into a bit of a teaching lesson for Rurik, if that is what he wanted. First she’d write the letters down and have him trace them…and then sound them out and get familiar with them. Then his name, of course! Books wouldn’t come until after he was comfortable sounding out his name and a few smaller words that could be useful for figuring out more complicated things.

Wayne just shook his head and eyed the dark male with amusement, his floppy ears perking up a bit as he worked. ”You ain’t got no idea what you just got yourself into, buddy…”

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Rurik thought about her proposition for a while before he answered. He continued to shift threw the book and things, sorting them where they needed to be sorted to, but his mind wasn't concentrated on it. He was thinking about whether or not he should take Dixie up on her offer. There were up sides to learning how to read and write, and no downsides he could think of, other than it would probably be hard for him to pick up on since he'd never even tried reading or writing.

In no time they had most of the main floor cleared and organized. Work that looked like it should have taken hours had seemed to take half that. Now they needed to move on to another floor, but Rurik was all for a break. He stretched out a bit and sat in the now cleared floor. "Sure" He said, grinning a bit at Dixie. "I don't see any harm in learning..." He glanced over at Wayne, noting the amused look on his face and wondered if he had just made a mistake.

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