I Want to Go Home

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There was a newfound confidence in the giant male as he made his way past the court and into Whisper Beach territory. His journey was focused and he only stopped at the boarder of Cour des Miracles to call to Anann and Anatoliy. It had been two days since he had talked to Savina and Ghita about making a pack, two days since Savina had chewed him out and Ghita had kicked him out of their room. For the past couple of nights the coal male had been living in a makeshift tent just outside of Crimson Dreams territory. In his heart he knew that there was no chance that his mate would follow him and leave the Dreamers to start a new life with him but he refused to believe that their mateship was over because of it.

Now the Knight traveled closer and closer to the fort where he would be living from now on. Inside a whirlwind of emotions twisted. He loved both Marino girls so dearly and yet he had been rejected for wanting to better protect them. It was a difficult situation for the male who had always believed that if he was to leave Savina would say a sad goodbye and he would leave forever welcome in his old home. Instead he had been kicked out of his room by his own mate and left waiting for her in naïve hope for two days.

The fort came into view and his broken pride struggled to defend itself. He was no mere man, he was a warrior and he would make this pack regardless of the Marino’s views on it. He would defend everyone to the best of his ability and make the sun god proud of him. Placing his backpack against the Fort wall he began to shift down into his halfling form. Today’s work would require a more primitive form in his eyes. Lifting his head into the air Jazper called all those who wished to join to gather. In his and Anann’s travels they had met many loners and always offered membership to them. He was not sure which of them would show up but he could no longer wait for their decisions. The time had come for action.

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About a week ago, Rurik had run across a pair of wolves who had told him about a war he had previously not even heard of. They went on to say that they were forming a pack to make sure that future wars would not occur. Seeing as Rurik was at 'Souls due to pack wars he naturally wished to join them. They were joined by another wolf pair that told them they knew of a fort they could use as territory to form a pack. Since then, Rurik, Dixie, and Wayne, the wolves who had told them about the fort, had been working on clearing out the court house in the middle of the fort and a few of the near-by houses. They had managed to get the main room of the court house cleared out, but had not yet started on the houses.

Rurik had been asleep in his lupus form when he heard Jazper's call outside of the gates of the fort. Seeing as he had been a loner his entire life he has used to ignoring random sounds like that, so he did. At least until he woke up a little more and realized who it was. He groaned as he stood up and stretched, his back cracking a bit as he did. He shook himself in an attempt to wake him self up. It worked enough so he wouldn't fall back asleep while walking. He left the semi-ruined house he didn't even remember entering, leaving his stuff behind, and went to see what Jazper wanted.

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Dixie and Wayne were working again, this time on the upper level of the court house. One the main floor had been cleared out they decided to move up instead of down because the alphas were most likely going to take top floors. Things needed to be ready for the leaders to move in first, and then they’d worry about getting everyone else situated. There were a few broken windows on the top floor, so Dixie took to throwing the useless stuff out of them and laughing as they feel and broke even more on the ground. Despite her being such a sweet and docile little creature, the girl had a morbid sense of humor sometimes.

After a while Wayne grabbed her and drug her down to the ground level floor, telling her to work there since she wasn’t getting anything done up top. Huffing softly, she obeyed and did just that, recounting and organizing all of the things that they had kept for later use. Only a little while after did they both hear Jazper calling for them, the powerful howl coming from the direction of the gates. Dropping everything that they had been doing; both of them shifted to lupus form and took off running, skidding to a stop when they saw the large black furred male and Rurik. Wayne was slightly bigger than Rurik but smaller than Jazper…and Dixie was absolutely tiny compared to them all.

The little fluffy white dog bounced around with excitement. Her tiny paws lifted off the ground in a high step, almost a prance as she scampered around the males; until Wayne let his body melt into Secui form and grabbed her scruff in his big jaws. Lifting her gently, he turned his body and dropped her on the ground a few feet away with a soft growl and nip to the ear. She was to sit still and wait for any others to arrive, quietly, and while he had made that clear…it was likely that she wouldn’t be obeying.

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Drizzt once again pocketed his note pad as he drifted further and further inland from the eastern shore, having finished marking down the borders of Cour des Miracles. He flexed out the fingers of his right hand, shaking out the numbness. Writing and sketching did that to the Russian, though he knew that the map would be handy in the next few months. His hand found his scimitar, and drew the blade before he realized it. He idly swung the weapon beside him as he walked on, pondering what he should do next. He had the southern stretches of Nova Scotia marked down, as well as the the north western shore. He had made fair time on his assignment.

The assassin twirled his blade about himself before pausing. Lavender eyes looked to his surroundings, and he raised his free hand to scratch his chin. He was certain that he had heard a howl just now. It was open, a summons to any who would answer. Drizzt leaned his head back and watched the clouds travel east. 'West than.' His left hand tapped his temple three times before wandering off towards the caller.

It took him a few minutes, but the Russian soon found the fort, and the wolf who had sent out the call waiting at the broken gates with several others, one of whom seemed to be very eager about something. He paused to scratch his head once more before continuing on his way towards them, intrigued as to why they would be assembling at an old human fort. The blade in his right hand forgotten to him, Drizzt pulled his cowl over his head and shrugged off his pack before trotting up to the group, giving a short call to announce his arrival.

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Leonard, I assume at some point Anann and Drizzt will talk about the prospect of the pack in their thread ^^

Maska and his goons had been thwarted and driven from the lands; the war was over. Life would be returning to normal for many, yet for Anann it only marked the beginning of greater changes. Now it would be time for Jazper and her to make their shared dream a reality. Neither of them capable of leaving their packs in a time when they were needed and so they had waited; waited until their packs were safe from unwarranted attacks and the tyranny that had emanated from AniWaya under Maska's rule. Once the final battle had been won Anann and Anatoliy had begun to prepare for their departure from Cour des Miracles. Jazper's call had come a little sooner than Anann had expected, but it was no matter; goodbyes had been said and their possessions were in order.

Anann howled a call of her own, a final farewell to the pack mates that had been like a family to her since she had come to 'Souls. The decision to leave had not been an easy one to make, but Anann believed in what she was doing and that it would lead to a new found security for all packs. After fetching the horses from the stables Anann and Anatoliy split leather packs of their things between Rem and unnamed horse Anann had captured from the AniWayan raiders. Noire too, ended up with a couple of the smaller and light packs, having thrown a fit when he felt he was being left out. Though the wolves would take the packs when the young colt, not even a yearling yet, began to tire.

Having not been quite ready when Jazper had called, it had taken some time for the pair and their horses to arrive. Poor Noire hadn't lasted long at all with the bags on his back, much as Anann had expected and so one of the packs rested over her shoulder as she lead the once AniWayan horse. Rem of coarse followed obediently behind without any sort of tether and Noire was a chip off the old block. A broad smile spread across her face as she those that had already gathered at the gates, her tail swaying gently behind her. Most of those gathered she had expected to see, though there was a pleasant surprise amongst the crowd. She had not been sure if the Russian, Drizzt, was going to join them or not, but was happy to see he had decided to accept her offer. She greeted everyone with a smile and nod, not having a whole lot to say for they all knew why they were gathered here. There was an excitement in the air around this place they would all soon come to know as home.

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Brief, melodramatic XD

Anatoliy had been rather quiet the entire time they packed. The war was over, thank god, but it still left heaviness in the air. He had be nervous the entire time, especially the moment Anann left his sight and her smell fading into the wind. All he had been able to do was patrol as best as he could, but the anxiety had gotten to him and he had returned to their cabin. It was a pity they were leaving it behind. It had been hand built, but where they were going, there would be plenty more carpentry work to do. He made a deal with the Dauphin, after a brief meeting with him. The boat was going nowhere and that strange man allowed him to return into the territory and take the boat with him. That settled, he could leave a bit with an easier weight on his shoulders.

At Anann's call farewell, the Russo gave a brief one of thanks following hers, letting their duet of song simply fade out as they left the kingdom. How long had he been there? Over a year, almost two. But now they left, and the two of them were leaving together.

Anatoliy carried an extra two packs on his shoulders from the young colt, who had been too young to carry a heavy load for long, but the Russo regarded the extra work with little more than a grunt. He had been needing a workout of late, and it was good. Soon enough, they saw the gates of their new home, but the Russo barely gave it more than an apprehensive look. There was no point to hate this place, as he was going to live here now. As much as he had loved the easy access to the sea, he could have it in that bay. There would be more fish in the bay and the risks of open sea were lost. But something about it was missing. He was not thinking of running, but at least he had the sea at his feet.

At least he had Anann beside him rather than facing a strange place alone.

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300+ Hey guys!!
The young female scuffed her paws along in the dirt silently, her head hung low. The war had taken toll on the young female. Picking at her healing skin, more skin was soon revealed. She had needed to stop picking at the flesh where the ropes had cut her. The black and white female had heard that her father was starting a new pack, and that Savina and her mother had kicked him out. How could they?! Fia thought that especially her mother would be interested and join the new pack! But she kicked him out and made him sleep in a make-shift tent outside?! Did this mean that her mother and father where not going to be.........Tears threatened to pour down the young female's face but she held them back. No.....she would not, could not, believe that. Her mother and father deeply loved each other........right?

Sighing, ice blue eyes looked around her. Old run-down houses surrounded her, human remains of artifacts lay about, scattered all around. The young female had decided that she would live with her father in his new pack. It offered a new life and a new adventure for her. Plus...she couldn't live with someone who had kicked their own mate out of their own bedroom. A small, hurt growl emitted from her white-furred muzzle, her heart truly hurt. Black dipped ears turned in the direction when she heard a familiar howl. Quickly changing and dropping to all fours, she quickened her pace. Soon she arrived to the group. Shyly looking around her, she reclined backwards on her hind legs and sat towards the back. Turquoise eyes flickered all around her at the unfamiliar wolf's faces. Was this really what she wanted? She gave her father a look, filled with such complicated emotion that only a father and a daughter would truly understand before dropping her gaze and biting the pink flesh around her paws again idly.

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Sitting alone he couldn’t help but to reminisce over his personal growth. He had been hurt numerous times in his life, so the heartache he felt now, the instinctive need to go running back to his comfort zone in Crimson Dreams and ask Ghita to take him back, was just another stepping stone. He could never get use to such pain but he could grow from it. If it weren’t for his parent’s death he would have lived a very different life, probably involving moving back to Scotland and if it weren’t for each event, big and small, he would not be here waiting to start a pack.

A forced smile spread across his muzzle as the brown hued loner came wandering sleepily out from the gates. His silence was shattered quickly as a wound up Dixie, in a very petite lupus form, came running out of the gates, Wayne close behind. It wasn’t a shock to the giant male to see the dusty grey force the tiny cowgirl to sit still and while normally Jazper would find her display amusing, today he was not in the mood. Instead of his normal chuckle the coal warrior gave a warning growl in Dixie’s direction, she needed to listen to Wayne. Although he knew that the loners were not use to pack rules and manners he hoped they would be respectful enough to learn.

A new scent filled his nose, one he was not familiar with. The call announced a loner’s arrival causing the Knight unease. Shifting his weight on his paws he was about to speak when a familiar scent over came him. A genuine smile now graced his face, happy to see Anann with Anatoliy in stride. There was even some pleasure in seeing Rem wandering behind them contently. She seemed to know the grey and black male, which reassured him into relaxation once more. Finally everyone was here and he could begin.

Just as he opened his mouth to speak another unexpected arrival joined them. Looking to his daughter he was once again over come by emotions. She should have stayed with her mother. It was never his intention to split up the children from Ghita, however, they were of age to be leaving their parents anyway and he would welcome the time little Fia would give him.

Raising his head high and rolling out his shoulders he began to speak with an air of confidence, “Today marks the start of Casa di Cavalieri. Rurik, Dixie and Wayne have been working on the fort for the past week alone but now it is time to join them in preparing our new home.” Glancing to the fort’s gates he fought the urge to wiggle his tail in excitement, “Today we mark the boarders. Everyone is welcome to pair off or go individually as you please. We will be claiming the land along the bay from whisper beach and to the northeast. Do not go as far as the waste lands.” The rocky and barren lands would make for a fine divider for their land and Inferni. Pausing for a moment he looked around at the faces that belonged to the first members of the new pack, “Before we leave are there any questions?”

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Dixie huffed at Wayne when he relocated her body, growling at him slightly. The sound came out a bit soft and high pitched compared to the males’ vocals, but she didn’t seem to notice. Her head snapped up and to the side when she heard the deeper, more menacing growl, soft green eyes zoning in on Jazper’s bright amber. That was a sound and look that her instincts just knew not to mess around with. Immediately her ears fell back against her little head and the fluffy tail curled atop her backside tucked up tightly between her back legs. Wayne had the insatiable urge to snap at the large dark male, to protect his little girl, but instead he backed up another step and allowed her to feel the full weight of her new alpha’s eyes and displeasure.

The moment that Jazper got distracted, she darted over to Wayne and tucked herself against his side, feeling like a child again. There was the initial fear of being around those that might hurt her, but overall she was scared of the urge to be closer to Jaz. For some reason his chastisement made her feel like one of his own, despite getting onto her, he would protect her…More canines were showing up…and there was Rem! The gorgeous black horse sauntered up with Anann and whoever else the others were. Dixie’s eyes didn’t leave the stallion, simply watching his movements and assessing his attitude. They would be good friends.

Hopping up again, she began wiggling around and prancing once more, though not making so much noise or disruption. Wayne kept an eye on her, not wanting to get Jazper pissed off again; no good would come of that. He nodded to the others as they arrived, but kept silent, adding to his whole ‘cold and strong cowboy’ demeanor. Their task was to mark the borders…not that hard and generally a quick job. It just depended on how fast they could all take a leak. The large male snorted softly and grabbed the prancing girl by the scruff again and walking her out to the left. Yelping, the pint sized white fluff ball squirmed and kicked her legs out to all sides until she was set down and a large paw pinned her tail to the ground. He wasn’t particularly excited about Dixie trying to pester someone into coming with them, so if anyone wanted to join the duo, he’d leave the choice up to them.

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Rurik glanced at Jazer as he neared him and noticed his smile, forced though it seemed. He returned one in kind, though it probably looked more like a "I don't want to be here" smirk. He laid down on the ground and rested his head on his paws. He was just about to go back to sleep when a jack-up Dixie came dancing out of the fort close behind him. He shot her an irritated glance that went unnoticed under the sternness of Wayne and Jazper. Even though Rurik hadn't been doing anything, Jazper growl made him own ears flatten out some. It had carried a certain tone that Rurik had never encountered before, even with his step-father, which was probably due to the fact that his step-father was drunk on vodka most of the time and let Rurik do what ever he pleased. Once Dixie had calmed down, Rurik tried to resume his nap.

But, that wasn't going to happen. His ears pricked up as several howls went up all around them, and Rurik watched as more wolves arrived, more than he had expected at first. Tension began to take root in his gut, which then spread to his mind and blossomed into a flower of uncertainty. Was this really what he wanted? He had been a loner for a good portion of his life; he had never needed anyone but himself to survive. On top of that, he didn't really know anyone here. Sure, he knew Dixie and Wayne, and Jazper and Anann, but he didn't really -know- them, and everyone else gathered was a complete stranger to him, and he didn't trust strangers too much.

He tried to take note of everyone there, find something that would let him remember them later on, but he was too busy wrestling with the thorny flower of discontent and uncertainty to do a great job of it. Though he did manage to wrestle it down enough to hear and comprehend Jazper's orders. Mark the borders...I can do that. It was a simple enough task: take a leak. He did it all the time. He had no questions so he stood to leave.

Before he left though, he trotted back into the fort. He figured if he was going out he might as well go at least a little prepared. He went back to the semi-ruined house he had passed out in at some point the night before and located his black staff, katana, and dagger. He shifted into his Optime form, put his katana on his left hip, his dagger on his right leg, and his staff in his hand. His pack he would leave since he didn't figure he would be needing it.

He left the house threw the mostly gone front door and headed back outside the gate. He didn't know, or care, if anyone would join him. He walked at a slow pace, just to see if anyone would join him, if they didn't, it wouldn't really be much different from the rest of his life thus far.

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>[ @ you Melissa, all your chat nonsense

These people were all strangers. Only two faces that the Russo knew were his love and the man he had briefly met on the borders. There was something strange about this motley group of people. How were they supposed to unite into a brotherhood? Anann's wish for this pack was something that the Russo could definitely admire and he liked her views on these things. But what bothered him was that he was still a stranger in this group as he ever had been with the strange courtiers. He was not a fighter and there was little to no warrior in his blood. He was a fisherman, he was a man who preferred the quiet route. And here they gathered together to be a brotherhood of fighters, of mercenaries for rent.

Anatoliy stood behind the golden woman, planning to follow her wherever it was she wanted to go. They had the horses to tie up, and their possessions to secure. As much as he looked forward to pissing border markings (he really wasn't), he wanted to settle down their things where the two of them would stay. He hoped to fall asleep with Anann in his arms that night, but darkness seemed too far away. Instead, the Russo eyed the group, trying to figure them out from a glance. The white small wolf seemed too excited for her own good, though he felt he could relate to the man sitting her straight. He seemed the quiet type, much like himself. But all the Russo could do in reaction to the ball of fluff getting excited was give her a solid look.

This was going to be a long day. Anatoliy rubbed at his eyes, cursing under his breath, "черт возьми." His eyes refocused, golden orbs peering at the back of his woman's head, wishing they could just go their new home and be done with it. But it was far too complicated for that now, wasn't it?

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The fae backed a little whiles away when she heard the growl. She was the daughter of the coal giant known as Jazper, and yet she had never heard that growl before. She saw a few others shrink and made themselves smaller as well at the growl, and the young woman followed. The same questions rolled in her head over and over. The poor she-wolf tried to block out the possibilities of what would happen to her family. What would happen to them? Her siblings? Would they all be separated by the 'what-seems to be' split of Jazper and Ghita? A small tear fell from turquoise eyes, but she quickly turned her head, hoping she was fast enough so others would not see. "What will happen to mother and brothers?" She asked, her voice small and quiet, but she looked up at her father, straight into his eyes. She deserved to know too. It was her family too.

The powder white and black-dotted female looked around shyly and slunk back a bit further, a little more away from the group. The fae used to be an outgoing, bold girl, but with recent events, she had withdrawn and had become shy and quiet, mostly keeping to herself and only really talking to those close to her. Now, she was surrounded by a bunch of strangers who she wasn't sure of their past or if they'd hurt her like the Aniwayans did. Or hurt her worse then they did. Fia knew she had her father who would protect her, but with the new pack and all, he wasn't going to be there all the time. The timid female looked at her father expectantly, awaiting an answer. She tried to ignore the other looks of the other wolves and focus on the familiar giant, broad, black-furred male.

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There was a broad smile on the woman’s face as she looked over those gathered as Jazper addressed them all. She did not know any of them particularly well, save for Jazper and Anatoliy. It was a surreal feeling to realize that she had once again left behind her home to start again; with new wolves that she hardly knew. Though this time she found herself a leader once again. And of coarse, she had Anatoliy at her side.

There were things Anann would miss about Cour des Miracles. The court had been a wonderful home and had blessed her with good friends. She would certainly miss the cabin that Anatoliy and his family had helped her build with the help of others. How could she not, it was where Anatoliy and her had found their love for one another and built their life together. Despite all the good it had offered, Anann always felt that something was lacking.

Anann believed that Casa di Cavelieri would have that spark that she needed. It was like a second chance to rebuild what she had lost in Tosawi. To rebuild the dream without the corruption. In her own excitement Anann was blind to Anatoliy’s more sour mood. She may not have made out his mumble, nor would she have recognized the words if she had, but she knew a curse when she heard one. Though she gave no sign of hearing it. Anann waited a few moments after Jazper had spoke to see if there would be any questions to address. ”We will need to take care of our horses first.” Anann gave a glance to Jazper before starting to lead the horses through the gate but the comment was simply thrown out there for all, not being directed at anyone in particular.

Hooves clacked noisily on the cobble stone road that lead up to the courthouse. Even in it’s decayed state from lack of use and upkeep there was a serene quality to the small settlement. ”Is it really so bad?” She asked rather nonchalantly as they walked, glancing over at her love a moment to give him an encouraging smile before she continued to look around. Nature had been left alone to run rampant here and there was as much natural debris as man-made to pick up.

Once they reached the steps of the courthouse, Anann started unstrapping bags from the back of the large mare. Simply setting them on the steps. They could take their things up to their room and settle in once they were done with the borders. They would simply loose all the all the horses once they were done unpacking them. Rem and Noire wouldn’t be going anywhere and if the mare didn’t stick around, oh well. Though Anann fully expected the horse would wind up sticking around.

"Maybe we could head up by the bay and check it out and mark our way south from there?" Anann offered to her mate, hoping to lift his spirits a little. Now that she had noticed his sour mood she was feeling a bit guilty for it.

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There was a reaction to his growl that the Knight had not expected. More than just the small white loners reacted, shrinking into themselves, and this included his daughter. It had ben a rare occurrence that he had disciplined his daughter, preferring to believe in natural cause and effect learning. Yet he kept a hard face, unwilling to lend himself into the smile that usually accompanied his bright eyes.

Slowly everyone began to head in their own separate directions and a sense of relief spread over the warrior. Everything was going to be okay. About to move himself the warrior was suddenly stopped but Fia’s concerned voice. A ball of guilt tugged at the bottom of his gut as the remainder of the group spread out. Attempted to keep his calm he replied simply, “Come with me.” Walking up to the girl who was dwarfed by his size, Jazper nudged her gently in the direction of the wastelands.

It was a tender situation to everyone involved in the family. Never had he expected that Ghita would react I such a critical way to his dreams. The coal wolf had always supported her and helped her in every which way he could, it broke his heart to have to explain to their children that he wouldn’t be returning and their mother wouldn’t be joining him.

“Fia.” He started, clearing his throat. “You’re mother has decided that my dreams are not as important as her’s once were to me. I love your mother dearly but she refuses to help me and I want to follow my heart.” He was unsure that his daughter would understand but he had to try. “You and your brothers are welcome to stay with either of us as long as you want. I love you all and I’m not leaving any of you, I’m just moving a litter further away.” He was happy for the privacy as they wandered what would soon be their territory. The conversation would likely take a while.

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It's fine! :3

The small fae walked through the weed-filled land, black paw-pads crunching on dead leaves and underbrush. A small sigh emitted from the small females body as she walked, blue eyes staring at her paws as they slowly moved from out underneath her then back out again, over and over. A small but loud growl emitted from the fae's white-boned filled maw. "But that's not fair! You deserve support to! You've supported and helped her dreams so why can't she! It's so unfair!" Fia said, a sharp bark tagging along after the angry sentence. The words hung in the air then slowly faded, the small woman beginning to get herself all worked up. It was unfair! Why couldn't her mother help her mate? "Isn't that..selfish?" She asked, tilting her head almost all the way up to see her father's reaction. Sky-blue eyes began to go from sad to frustrated. Did her mother not understand that Jazper's dreams mattered too?!

The female smacked a small stone, it bouncing off the hard-packed dirt and landing a little whiles away. The she-wolf's white tail dragged along the floor, the tip of it beginning to get caked in the brown, century old dust. "Why can't she realize what she has? You never know what you have until you lose it...." The words drifted out of her muzzle, gentle and almost whisper-like. Ears lay slightly back against her skull, the Knight fighting back frustrated and angry tears. Small Fia still was trying to put all of this together in her head. Did this mean that her mother was the one taking this family apart all because she was being selfish and she couldn't believe in anothers dreams?! Another tiny growl came from the small angered woman as she thought about this. She loved her mother dearly and cared deeply for her, but what she was doing/ had done was wrong.

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