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The savage in man is never
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He's at the furthest western border, between Sal Palus and Hallow's Ruins. Ibsen and his new horse are present.

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She was gone.

He stood at the western border, a sky of charcoal gray and heather purple twisting above his head. Cold wind blew from his back, spreading the scent of smoke, cloves, and his own musky stench across the wasteland beyond Inferni’s border. Talitha was gone and he had been powerless to stop her, even after all this. After what she had promised. After what he had done for her.

While his face was carefully locked in the same blank expression he had seen on hawks and eagles, his body betrayed his inner turmoil. While his back was rigid, his shoulders were tense, hands half-curled at his sides. He had smoked on his way here, and he would smoke before he left—but for now, they were empty. Another blast of wind tore his hair across his face, causing him to shut his eyes against the assault by blonde-white strands. Behind him, the mare snorted uneasily. While he was grateful for her docile nature, she had not yet settled into the clan’s territory.

However, he needed a horse that would serve him until Viggo completely healed. While the stallion was comfortable on the grassy areas near the barn, Enkiel had warned the Aquila about being cautious. So he was; paranoia had made him into a man who risked very little. Paranoia too, had begun this new idea he now held onto. Many had left now, and what he had left were not what he had always imagined Inferni to be.

Above him, the clouds continued to roll. A black speck grew and circled down, landing awkwardly against the sharp wind onto the Aquila’s shoulder. A single shake of the head was all it took for his suspicions to be confirmed. The big raven (far bigger than any Ezekiel had seen) for once said nothing, mercifully.

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Helotes had been wandering all this day, and now the sun was slowly starting to set and he was a long ways of from D’Neville, he wouldn’t be getting home until late into the night but he didn’t mind this, just another excuse to sniff around the borders for any trespassers, something he had been doing more and more now that he had settled in. In all honesty, he was a little bored, and itching for a fight or a female, two things that brought him much pleasure.

As he walked through the expanse of windswept terra in front of him a lone figure and his horse caught his eye and he recognized the golden man as none other than the leader of Inferni. Without hesitation Helotes headed towards him slowly, no need to hurry, seemed the Aquila was deep in thought and Helotes didn’t need to be disturbing him. As he approached, a large raven circled and then landed on the Aquila's shoulder and Helotes looked with curiosity. He must sooner or later get himself an animal companion, it seemed to be a trend in these parts. When he finally did get to the blonde man’s side he stood there in silence for a moment, the claws of his feet digging into the ground nervously. It was strange that Helotes felt he needed to prove himself to this man, but ever since arriving he had gained a sense of purpose that he deemed was a gift from the leader, and he respected him for that.

Finally, after a long pause, he turned to Ezekiel, A lot on your mind this afternoon, boss? It was a simple question, one that could be easily brushed off if the man wanted to. Helotes could understand the need to keep one’s thoughts private, he usually did so himself, due to the fact that many around him seemed too stupid to understand. But not the Aquila, he seemed to have his wits about him at all times. He was a leader so different from Kerberos that Helotes was a little dumbstruck it, how strange that one leader he could detest so much and the other so easily fight to the death for if asked.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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Ibsen noticed the coyote long before Ezekiel did, and cocked his head to eyeball the stranger. Of course, Inferni members were not really strangers to the raven; he kept a literal eye on everyone, spying on the coyotes just as he spied on the nearby packs. Ezekiel’s ears fanned back towards the voice, though he did not turn his head. One hand twitched, betraying irritation, but it was not because of this cousin and so the Aquila dismissed the always-present desire for violence.

“Something like that,” he admitted, amber eyes darkening. It was too soon to say it aloud. How long had he waited with Gabriel? He didn’t remember. Perhaps the de le Poer blood was to blame. The coyote tilted his arm and reached into the bag at his hip. “Do you smoke, Helotes?” Until recently, Ezekiel had given up the habit. Physical activity demanded such a thing, as did the lack of availability in the wilderness. Inferni made it easy. A single, hand-rolled cigarette was pulled from the bag along with a worn box of matches. Without waiting for a response, the Aquila lit up his smoke. It was not a true cigarette; the sweet scent of cloves rolled from his mouth. Ibsen cocked his head at the hybrid, but said nothing.

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Helotes stood stiffly next to Ezekiel, mirroring his posture, and glanced quickly at the raven who was eyeing him fiercely. Somewhat off putting but Helotes tried to shrug it off as the Aquila spoke coolly, brushing off the question just as Helotes suspected he would. The air was chill and the clouds roiled above them; strange how the two of them meeting now for the second time in similar weather conditions to the first. Helotes gave out a small huff of annoyance, damning the clouds for making it rain whenever he was with the leader.

Ezekiel asked if Helotes smoked and the Lykoi’s ears perked up, it had been a few days since he had shared a smoke with his grandmother, and was keen on the idea of having another, Sure do. He said, trying to hide his eagerness. If it wasn’t violence or sex it was booze and cigarettes; Helotes was very much married to his vices. He watched carefully as the blonde man lit up and let loose the wonderful smelling smoke, which was quickly blown past them by the wind.

His mind drifted with the smoke for a moment, to the meeting he had had with his cousin Zana the other day. That little spitfire coyote was something else, and Helotes felt very fond of her now even after a short amount of time. He regretting making fun of her, but was glad he had stopped when he had otherwise he might be nursing dart wounds as well as the ones he had suffered from the fight at the borders a week ago. Subconsciously he ran a hand over the bandage on his upper arm and realized it was probably time to remove them, since his wounds had since scabbed over and healed nicely. He wondered if the female he had chased off could say the same.

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The savage in man is never
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One red hand turned in the air, passing the tightly-rolled cigarette to the older man. He proceeded to draw another, taking his time to light the match and breathe in. The cloves burnt in a way far different than regular tobacco and the scent was pleasurable to him. Having it cling to his pelt was not unwelcome. If he intended to spy, he would have needed days to wash the scent from his pelt. As the Aquila, however, he was afforded the luxury of sending others to scout for him.

“How do you like Inferni?” Ezekiel asked, smoke billowing from his mouth. His voice, even and oddly quiet, was typical. It was rare for him to yell or to raise his voice to others. He had nothing to gain from such behavior. Yelling at Talitha had only made her twist the guilt onto him, and what could yelling do against the grating madness of Alaine’s curse? He finally turned his face to his cousin, eyes as sharp as the bird’s. Ibsen muttered in his own tongue, but Ezekiel did not betray his knowledge of the language yet. Behind them, the mare continued to graze, no longer concerned about the non-aggressive canines.

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The Grotto dei Avernus was well enough for the young Lykoi but she still found it in her a need to wander and explore. She was rather lucky that Saol, the stallion she rode was mild mannered with others of his kind or she would have never been able to gather the mare and her broad he had befriended in the foreign lands. There was nothing left for her in her birthplace but she had ventured there to see herself. Spending the past night in the lands while her stallion had rambled with the mare and filly in the fields she'd realized the next morning that they must have belonged to the pack that had abandoned the lands for they hadn't bolted when she'd returned for Saol.

After finding a halter and lead in the old barn she had sat perched upon the fencing with a few apples while Saol worked his charm and brother the two to her. She knew the youth would follow wherever the mother went and she had held her breath while the beast let her slip the halter over her muzzle and behind her ears. She gave the girl and apple and softly attached the lead, then tied it to Saols tack before she climbed onto the male's back. She gave a sigh of relief and had turned the stallion out of the yard and down the path towards Inferni's lands.

She grumbled to herself as the rains had begun to fall. She tucked herself under the wolf pelt cloak she always wore out as the rain pattered down upon her nose. It had been a long trip from one lands to the other but luckily the other horses followed meekly. She hadn't expected to see others at the borders but there were. The horses in sight gave it away and instead of ignoring them she turned Saol to join the two males at the border that she'd finally recognized. She was quiet as she drew her stallion to a halt before Ezekiel and Helotes.

She lifted the wolf face hood of the cloak from her brow as she smiled slightly. "Hello Ezekiel..." She turned her eyes towards Helotes as she addressed him as well. "Well met cousin." she finished as she ran a hand along Saol's neck.

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Ezekiel handed the cigarette to him and Helotes took it with without hesitation, nodding in thanks as he did. He took a drag, and the smoke enveloped his lungs like a heavy fog. It was a wonderful taste, he had never had one like it. His father had preferred stale human tobacco in his cigarettes, and that was what Helotes had come accustomed to. But this, whatever it was, was quite wonderful and he made sure not to drag it down to the end very quickly.

As he released the smoke into the air Ezekiel asked of what he thought of Inferni so far, he grinned at the Aquila. He had had quite a time so far, having filled the majority of his appetite for females and fighting within the first few days of his arrival, but since then he had fallen into a bit of routine that suited him well. It is good here. I’m with family, and I have a purpose. The game is good, the sport is good and the women are good. He took another drag and released it quickly, You’ve got a nice set up here, boss.

The sound of horse alerted him to the presence of a newcomer and Helotes turned his head quickly to see if it might be a trespasser, but instead it was little Zana riding atop a stallion much too big for her, and leading a mare and filly. Helotes chuckled as she neared, Speak of the devil! Hello little cousin. He grinned at the feisty woman. It was good to see her again.

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The savage in man is never
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No problem at all! Just make sure to PM me details about the horses :>

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It was still surprising for him to see someone the size of a child behaving as an adult. This was an error of his own thinking, perhaps, but she was visually peculiar. Had they not been born Luperci, she would have been ousted for this flaw—any variations that did not ensure survival were meant to be erased. Yet intelligence had given them the ability (if not the right) to challenge these old ways. After all, was this tiny girl not riding a massive horse? Wearing a wolf-pelt cloak? Leading what appeared to be new animals for their yet growing herd?

Helotes seemed pleased, both with himself, Inferni, and their small cousin. Less receptive was the mare behind the two, who snorted at the additions with slight discomfort. She had quickly been claimed by Viggo, and had no intention of letting the largest stallion lose his prize. Assimilation meant survival. “Found yourself some prizes, eh?” His accent, a peculiar mixture of native Canadian and that of the tribe he had spent time with still lingered. On his shoulder, Ibsen finally let out a cawing laugh. You coyotes are going to be outnumbered by horses soon, he mocked, voice harsh and brittle as to be expected for his High Speech.

Pausing to take a drag, the blonde’s eyes shifted between the pair and settled on the larger male. “Are you at all versed in weapons? Or horses, for that matter?” Maybe he had mentioned it when they met, but who could blame him for forgetting? Not when his mind was miles away.

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Young Zana couldn't help but grin when Helotes spoke up. She shook rain from her mane and raised a brow. "Not having a jest at my expense again I hope?" She asked as she slid down off Saol's back and dropped down to crouch on the ground a moment. She eyed Saol a moment before murmuring to him in Gaelic, more comfort to herself than the horse as he roamed off a distance, the mare stuck with him moving along with a slight grumble as the filly frolics a few yards behind her mother. He ignored the alarming voice of the other mare as he shambled off.

Zana turning to eye the clan's horse as she asked.."It's alright, right?" She looked back to Ezekiel as she spoke frankly. "They were in the old Phoenix Valley territory.. by birth I claim right to them.. it's not like anyone else was there or they cared enough to take then when they left..." She wasn't sure if the horses had even been there when the pack had disbanded but she did believe in some right they were hers. She had been born of the pack, a princess in her own right though she never really had claimed it. She should get something out of it all, even if this late in the game.

A grin split her maw at the words that cawed from the raven's beak. She raised a brow at this, wondering how true it was. She didn't know of all the beasts that the clan owned but if the raven spoke true their numbers were growing quickly indeed. Zana looked to the other horse again before her eyes turned back to her own stallion and the two she had claimed for the clan. She didn't even know what she would do with these new horses, she doubted that they could be set free to roam like Saol did when she was with him. She hoped that Ezekiel would known how to fix her problem she'd just inherited.

She fell quiet again as she watched the two men. The discussion at hand was one she knew well. She had learned what weapons she knew to survive a war, and her ability with horses was limited to Saol, probably more of a trust relationship than her own skill and ability. She could ride, but a saddle was pointless and her weight was so slight that the horses tended to ignore her for the most part. Saol was different but no one really needed to know the whole of it.

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Helotes continued to grin as Zana poked fun at him. She released her horses and Helotes watched as they trotted off a ways. She spoke about her birth right to them, and Helotes made a mental note to ask her what that meant later. It was interesting that Inferni had so many equine creatures, he wasn’t quite used to it. He was about to put the cigarette to his lips when the bird spoke and he nearly swallowed it. He looked at the raven surprised, but then calmed. It had kept it beak shut just long enough to make him think it was like any dumb bird, but this one knew high speech. Clever feather brain. Taking another drag of the cigarette he turned to Ezekiel when he asked of his skill. Helotes heart sped up, the idea of being able to boast about his prowess in fighting was nearly overwhelming, but he quelled it as best he could.

I have had no need of human weapons, he said tersely, holding up his free hand displaying his long, sharp claws, My teeth and claws have sufficed. However, he dropped his hand, I have no qualms about learning how to use them. I know how defend against them alright. Just last week I came out on top with a spar with Carrion, and he was using a staff. He paused to inhale some more of the cigarette, trying his best to keep his tongue from letting loose all his pride.

He exhaled again and then continued, As for horses, I’m a decent enough rider, he shrugged, I can get on any horse and not fall on my ass every second. But honestly, I haven’t had much practice, and I’ve never owned one of my own. As he said this, his umber eyes travelled to the three horses that had walked a ways off. He supposed he’d have to learn quite a few things before he was up to snuff.

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The savage in man is never
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Despite everything else; despite his sorrow and his paranoia and his doubt, Ezekiel had inherited a great deal of intelligence. He was the sort who fully recognized potential—which was why regardless of her size, Zana was welcomed with open arms. In some way, he recognized his newest cousin as a threat. By befriending him and using him to his own means, the Aquila would avoid starting a war of attrition as he had with Halo.

Another fighter who valued physical combat was appreciated. Ezekiel smiled in a way that did not meet his eyes. “In the Inferni I see,” he began, pausing to breathe in smoke. While not a fan of theatrics, even he understood how to speak with purpose and use tone and pauses to control and entrap the audience. “Each coyote becomes a master at the combat that they excel in. I have my bow, for example—I can fight with tooth and claw,” he added, sparing a glance to Helotes. “And I know some of other methods of combat, but I wish all of us to be like this. That way there should be no excuse when our enemies come; we can slaughter them.”

He paused, took another breath of smoke, and exhaled through his nose like a dragon. “We should train the horses too. This land is perfect for the larger breeds.”

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She remained crouched low as she listened quietly. Her eyes moving from one male to the other as she judged them silently. She had never really seen either of them in battle but they seemed to know a thing or two in their own fashion. Zana rolled the blowpipe between two fingers as she thought on this and on her own feeling of battle and knowledge. Her life had never been easy once she'd ventured past Inferni's borders the first time but there was much she had learned and she had survived, that was all that mattered.

The small russet woman turned her ears back towards the conversation as she added softly. "And I can use a staff.. and darts." The last part added because Helotes and Ezekiel both knew what she could do with the tiny weapons, even if they didn't know the full extent yet. She shifted her weight to her hind legs as she stood upright and asked. "Who are our enemies currently?" Perhaps she should have known this when she returned, instead of having to ask now.

Zana turned her eyes towards the horses she'd returned with before slyly commenting. "I do have my hands full with Saol as it is.. if one of these interested you.." she said. The suggestion that Ezekiel left them with about training the horses as well made her smile. "What did you have in mind, for training?" she asked.

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Crossed his arms as he listened to what the Aquila had to say. The way the golden man moved and looked at him told Helotes a lot about him, the respect grew even more. Even what he had to say showed that he was a good leader and one that Helotes would have no problem following. However, he was slightly embarrassed now that Inferni’s leader had slightly insinuated that Helotes’ lack of skill in other forms of combat besides hand to hand was not what Ezekiel had in mind for his warriors.

Helotes took the last drag of the cigarette (he had ended up burning through it faster than he had intended) and flicked the butt into the wind as Zana spoke of her skill with the blow pipe, something which Helotes new first had having seen her stick a squirrel straight in the eye upon her first meeting. He smirked as she asked who their enemies were and the dark Lykoi looked eagerly to the Aquila, Yes, I would like to know who the enemies of Inferni are. I’d love to have some practice in different forms of combat, and what better way than practicing on one’s enemies. His smirk turned into a dark grin and images of violence flashed through his head.

But then his little cousin spoke of the horses and Helotes’ eyes flicked back to her, somewhat shocked and flattered that she had offered. He smiled now a gentle smile, something rare for his dark features, Zana, you are too kind. Though I admit I might need your help… He trailed off as he looked at the mare in the distance, prancing about with her foal. He would never admit it, but he was somewhat nervous, yet very eager to prove himself, especially to the Aquila.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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Methodical as he was, Ezekiel was prone to fits of fury—he was controlled now, but inside of him brewed a beast that was a raging typhoon. So not only did he wish to prepare for battle, but he craved it. Fighting was freedom and fighting was the only way to truly speak, without walls or pretense. He briefly thought of Sirius, and wondered how he would fight. Like a weasel, a small part of his mind said. An appropriate idea, for such a slick and vicious thing like the Boss of Salsola.

“We are not at war,” he began firmly. “Nor do I wish to be. But history says one day we’ll have to fight. Dahlia de Mai was our previous enemy,” the Aquila went on, his tone sharpening slightly at the name before returning to its easy, practiced pace. “They have since joined with another pack to form Ichika. It’s across the mountains, north of here. Sage’s father—my uncle—leads there. I still don’t trust them, though.” Not like he trusted much these days. “Anathema is south of them. They’ve killed a member of ours before, and from what I hear, they’re all some sort of cultists. You’d likely find a fight from them.”

He paused, considering the outlying areas. “Salsola, to our west, is not our enemy. We’ve traded with them before; both of those leaders have family ties here. Still, it’s best to avoid them unless it’s for business. Inferni doesn’t really deal with the packs south of us, but I’d be cautious. People know our name.”

A shrug, dismissing the idea as he drew in smoke. “As far as training, if we determine who amongst us is most skilled at certain areas of combat they can train others. I don’t expect us all to be masters at everything. Alma is making me two new bows—I can start training you two, if you’d like.” He said nothing of the horses; they were not his, nor would he presume control over them.

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She didn't have a lot to say as Ezekiel spoke, the words on the packs and tribes of the lands being absorbed and stored away for further use as she absently traced small designs in the dirt before her. Her mind was calculating the things he said, knowing some of the war the clan had previously been involved with, her own kin had been on both sides but she didn't wish to remind their leader of this, he probably remembered well enough without a reminded. She flicked her ears at each of the names of the packs, and hints of leaders and trust or lack of trust involved. Zana didn't trust any of the packs, and even within the clan she was wary. A creature of her size needed to be if she wished to see the next season anymore it seemed.

She nodded to herself as Ezekiel finished speaking, her eyes having turned back to Helotes as he spoke of wanting to further his training and wishing to learn new skills. Zana knew well enough about bows but had never really used them before. The mates of her old tribe in Eire had used them, along with slings and spears to hunt at times. She had mastered the sling, it was afterall a weapon of choice for the smaller youth and had come easy enough to her. She grinned almost wolfishly as she admitted. "I would like to try a bow, if size will not limit me." She assumed that bows would come in all sorts of sizes, for no creature she had met was identical in height or strength, but she wondered just the same if she would even be able to use a bow, though she knew there was only one way to find out. She smiled darkly to herself, thinking of how much of a joke it would seem, her with a bow.

She had not forgotten Helotes and the horses as she smiled, genuine this time with no hint of darkness as she admitted. "I will try, but Saol mostly allows me to ride rather than me directing him. I know the basics, but I don't think any horse would so much as plot forward if I tried to command them in the general forms." She wrinkled her nose, knowing that Helotes would have his work cut out for him in learning to ride one of the horses. She could instruct but to be able to actual show him everything proper would look so crazy coming from the tiny woman.

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