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Liam found himself toying with the bone necklace that hung loosely around his neck, his features expressing boredom as his long, muscular Optime legs rocked back and forth. About an hour ago he had climbed onto a low branch about a dozen feet from the ground and he had been wolf-watching ever since, sometimes managing to eavesdrop on a few conversations as his pack-mates went to and from different areas of the pack-lands. He had managed to stay unseen thus far and the young Catori wolf prided himself in knowing that his stealth skills weren't completely hopeless. Unless of course the wolves that had walked past him had just been too preoccupied in their own business to give him any attention. That could very well be the case too.

Sighing, Liam glanced at his wolfy hands. They were still a little battered from the two fights he'd been in this past month. Some of the fur was missing from around the padded parts of his hands and a jagged, stitched up wound was only just beginning to heal. He also had a few injuries all over his body but they weren't keeping him from doing much as of late. His arm was throbbing like hell, especially when he used it too much, and his legs were sore – not to mention shifting from one form to the other was a pain in the ass – but overall he couldn't complain. Considering how his brother-in-law had turned out and how some wolves had lost their lives in the war... Liam didn't have a right to complain. Instead he just did what he could to help, healing others and keeping his trap shut about his nightmares.

So what if he couldn't really sleep these days? He wasn't about to bother his family with such meaningless news. After the loss of Zafier Liam didn't want to give them anything else to worry about. A few more minutes went by without anyone walking by. Growing more and more bored, Liam grabbed a nearby twig and broke it in half, the sound echoing around him. He had accidentally given himself away, but all Liam could hear was the birds chirping around him and the distant voices of pack-members a little further south of his hiding place.

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Terra chuckled at the wolf's impatience. He looked silly hanging in the tree. Grabbing a branch she quietly slipped up, enjoying the view for a moment. She'd never tried climbing trees before, yet it was almost instinctual to move up. Pausing just behind him Terra crouched. She'd seen him around before, so she knew he was higher ranked. It bothered her a little, but she was new. In the meantime, respect was required.

Hello. Enjoying the view? Terra gazed past him, awed at the world opened up below. The pack had been torn apart in a war, yet already she could feel the old rhythms falling back into place. That's how things should be. Her pack had never clinged to the past, always moving forward. Soon she'd be able to join them, her new member status forgotten. Terra laughed happily.

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While Liam wasn't much of a tree climber himself – not many wolves were – his Optime form worked wonders and with the branches at perfect places for him to get a steady footing, he'd managed to make himself comfortable in little to no time at all. It had taken him practice to get to this point though. It was one of the things he attempted to do in his Optime form and something he had never dared attempt before his first shift.

The King's son hadn't noticed the female until she was climbing up the tree, taking up a spot near him. Liam crinkled his nose at her for a moment, trying to familiarize himself with her smell. She didn't smell familiar at all – perhaps she was new? Liam tensed just the slightest bit, a habit of his since the war had begun. He was slowly breaking free of it, but it was still difficult. To him, every stranger could be a threat. “Yeah, you can see quite a lot from up here. You can hear a lot too – check it out.” He went silent as two wolves from the pack came strolling by, the two wolves sitting in the tree going unseen. They spoke of the raid for a brief instant before reaching a point out of earshot.

He then turned to the small hybrid, bi-colored eyes scanning her quickly before he decided she was safe and not an immediate danger. Liam's furry hand went to play with his necklace again, his left one used to balance himself on the branch. “I'm Liam Catori – I don't think we've met before?” he said, his would-be statement coming out as a question – a request for her to state her name. She seemed a little older than Liam was but she was smaller – much smaller – and a stranger to him. Following recent events, Liam believed it was his duty to make sure she wasn't a stranger and that she was very well a new pack member.

Come to think of it, he had heard about a new female joining the ranks not too long ago; just a couple days maybe. He gave her a tentative smile, a sign that he was not being completely hostile and that she shouldn't be unnerved by his demeanor.

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I'm Terra. Yes, I am new here. For a moment more she looked out. Her new pack was strange, but she was enjoying all the new things. Hopefully she would learn more of the stuff. It made her rather nervous, seeing that she might not be able to learn everything. She'd heard someone talking about it taking a whole five years to learn about something! Terra glanced sideways at the young wolf, careful not to meet his eyes. She wasn't a pup, such disrespect could endanger her.

Shock filled her eyes when she realized that he was injured. Obviously he had been fighting as well. The pain involved would tear apart a pup. Instincts she hadn't even realized stirred, making her yearn to protect him. Young ones should never be forced to bear such pain. Terra snorted at her own silliness. She was just six months when she'd struck out on her own, as foolish as that was, and he was older than that. Still, the tears in his paws and haunted gaze in his eyes bothered her. There must be something she could do!

Paused Terra thought it over. Do you want to go see the stables? I haven't been down there yet. I'm sure I could think of something to do there. They could eat the horses, they could scare the horses, they could scatter the horses...Really, the games were limitless!

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Ah, his assumptions had been correct. She was fresh meat at the Court. Liam wondered if his father had met her yet. It wouldn't be too surprising if he hadn't though. Lately Vigilante had been really busy and the reasons behind his schedule were very much understandable. “It's nice to meet you, Terra.” he said. One thing Liam found odd about her though was that she seemed oddly timid. She wasn't making any kind of eye contact, seeming to fear his reaction if she said something wrong. He didn't ask her why she did that though, merely assuming that she was a shy creature.

Liam was looking out at the scenery below when Terra noticed his injuries. He didn't see her sudden change of emotion, therefore he wasn't aware that something seemed wrong according to her. In his eyes, Liam had been a fighter among many more in his pack – some even younger than him. Instantly his thoughts steered from his current position in the tree to his best friend. Robin. She was a month younger than him and she had fought. She had been brave and strong and pride overwhelmed every fiber of his being every time he thought about how well she'd done. He was proud to be her friend – her best friend. Liam Catori knew that Robin Aatte would make a great warrior someday... someday soon. She would definitely live up to her namesake.

And then in a flash his thoughts were brought back to the 'then and now'. He glanced at Terra, his face expressionless. The stables. Liam mentally shuddered at the prospect. He had a strong dislike for horses. What the hell though, right? “Sure, we can head down there if you want... You like horses?” were his words, followed by a quick shrug. He had gone near the stables many times and once or twice he'd been close to actually setting foot in the structure but hadn't actually gone in there. Considering he was almost a year old, that fact needed to change. He needed to overcome his fear. Ah, wouldn't it be complete bliss if one could conquer all of his fears?

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Of course! They taste great! Why do you have them penned up anyways? Terra had stored food before, but usually it was dead, and only lasted a few days before it was stripped clean. Leaping down Terra spun around, laughing as she looked up at her companion. Despite his solemness he was willing to come along with her, something she definitely appreciated. Excited she morphed back into lupine form, allowing her shape to shrink back, her muscles shuddering as they altered. It'd be much faster that way.

Hopefully this would allow Liam to take his mind off the grimness of the past while. She could use the chance to learn more about this place too. It had been a long time since she had been around others, let alone in such a strange culture. Since he was younger, he probably wouldn't mind her clumsiness as much. Pausing beneath she waited for Liam to join her.

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Liam glanced at her questioningly. He had never thought of riding horses like some of his pack-mates did, let alone actually eating them. “You've eaten a horse before?” he asked the wolf-coyote hybrid. Perhaps they were indeed tasty, but Liam had known horses as means of entertainment or transportation, surely not food. “Here at the court the horses are used as transportation or for carrying stuff.” Liam informed her, replying to her question. He wasn't sure how things worked where she was from, but Liam knew from experience that things varied from pack to pack – culture, dialects, ways of life... Down south most packs were quite similar but even then the Court, Crimson Dreams, Aniwaya... they were all quite different.

Liam followed Terra's lead, hopping from his position in the tree so that he landed stiffly on the earth below. His legs pained him slightly but he managed to keep his balance and stood straight again. Liam watched her shift, keeping his distance from her while she did so. He himself stayed in his Optime form, finding it much more convenient. He remembered when he was a younger pup, the first times he'd been in his Optime form. He had been so wobbly and clumsy, having a hard time with his legs and humanoid hands. Now it was him. Optime was by far his favorite form.

Liam nodded towards the general direction of the stables before he began to walk in that same direction. “They're this way – Where are you staying anyway?” Liam inquired. He knew some lived at Chien Hotel while others, like his own family, had homes and dens all around the territory. Indeed packs varied, but it was interesting to see different ways of life even within pack boundaries. It was all so fascinating!

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Terra paused at the new information. They didn't eat horses. How strange! Then again, they could actually use them. She supposed being able to actually ride them made them useful that way, as opposed to being unable to hold on. Terra sighed in disappointment. Guess that meant the horses were off limits. Liam knew what they were there for, though, so maybe he could teach her.

I'm staying at the hotel. It's a really nice room. I can see the pack's movements from it, kinda like the tree. I made a nice nest inside this mattress. Terra couldn't help wagging her tail at the thought. It was warm inside the fabric, different from the cold outside. The wood only really acted as a break from the weather, but her nest was quite comfortable.

Easily Terra trotted alongside Liam. He was really nice, despite his caution. She couldn't really blame him. After all, when she'd been alone she hadn't even dared to approach another coyote, let alone a group. Terra sniffed the air as they approached the stables. The horses were quite calm. It was a perfect opportunity. Want to stampede them? She grinned at the thought of the panicking horses. It was so amusing watching prey flee!

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Liam smiled. “That's nice. When I was younger I used to love exploring that place. So many neat things to find and places to hide. I played hide and go seek with my brother a lot, too.” he said, the somewhat blurry memories of his puppy days filling his mind. He would have to show all of his puppy games to Skoll, Hati and Lottie soon. They were getting to the age where exploring was something they enjoyed doing more and more. “I've grown up here my whole life so I've gotten to know quite a few secret places around the territory.” he added as a side-note. Of course, Terra was probably too old to be interested in any of them, but Liam prided himself in knowing that he was very savvy as far as his land was concerned.

As they arrived at the stables, Liam noticed how the horses were all in their respective places, Robin's horse Scarlett eying him suspiciously – as though he had done something wrong. He disliked that creamy mare with a passion. Ever since she'd nearly trampled him because he had pounced on Robin over a month ago... It seemed as though she would forever have a grudge against him even though he hadn't done anything to harm her master. He had been playing with Robin, that's it! Fortunately his thoughts were turned away from Scarlett when Terra spoke next.

Well now, her suggestion was one that caught him a little off-guard. Liam looked at her for a moment, thinking. To be honest, Terra made him feel uneasy – as though she was a wild card; a bomb just waiting to explode. He didn't trust her. Running a hand through his messy dark brown hair, Liam shook his head, “You know, considering some of the pack members actually ride these guys, I doubt it would be a good idea to spook them half to death.” Liam suggested. “I mean, the whole trust thing and all. Wouldn't want any severe injuries now would we?” he said with a gruff laugh. So maybe he wasn't just looking out for his pack's well being... but Terra didn't have to know that, right? He would have probably agreed if it wasn't for the fact that these were, well, horses. “Do you know how to ride?” Liam asked. He wasn't sure he wanted to know her answer though – if she didn't, would she want him to teach her? And if she did, would she want to ride with him? Liam was worthless when it came to riding horses and he preferred having both feet firmly on the ground.

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Terra was a little disappointed by Liam's response, but the idea of secret places was good. She had grown up with hiding, always ready to dash to a new spot. It was a survival game, one she loved and needed to feel safe. Without places to hide and the territory mainly unknown Terra was hardly relaxed.

I'm afraid the closest I've gotten to them was a good meal. Do you ride them yourself? Terra had noticed Liam's discomfort, and felt glad. She wasn't all that interested in riding them herself. There were too many unknown things. Maybe when she was more used to their ways she would try, but for now the only thing she trusted to get her places were her own four paws. Terra sat down, studying the horses. They were pretty calm. If they really were used the way Liam claimed, she could see it being a bad idea. She didn't want to get kicked out of the pack.

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If there was one thing Liam had noticed about the new Cour des Miracles member, it was that she wasn't like Liam and the wolves he had grown up with. Terra was more feral and hadn't adopted many of the human customs Liam and some of the Courtiers had adopted – like sleeping in nests rather than using a mattress to sleep on, or even riding horses just to name a few. She seemed like the type that was always looking out for herself and only herself – survival of the fittest, so to speak. Liam knew things didn't entirely work like that here. All of the wolves helped each other out, especially when times were hard like at the moment. They relied on each other for help, comfort, entertainment, pleasure... for hope.

Liam shrugged at her question, leaning against one of the tall beams that had hooks on the other side of them for some bridles. He glanced at the horses and then back at Terra. “Nope, I don't.” he said, glad that he could tell her the truth and that she hadn't asked him to teach her yet. He could teach her how to read and write, or the basics of medicine – those were things he knew, but riding horses? He would leave that one for Robin and the other wolves in the pack that happened to enjoy horses more than he did. “So where are you from, anyway? I mean – before you came here?” he inquired, still leaning against the wood, crossing both arms against his broad chest.

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Terra shifted uncomfortably. She was starting to find her past embarrassing, as wonderful as her old pack had been. I came from the west, past the mountains. I lived in a coyote pack. We didn't have any luperci there. The only reason I'm one is because my father was passing through on his way east. I don't think anybody even knew he was a luperci. I only found out because I'm one too. Terra thought about the human customs she'd seen, remembering her pack raiding through a house the humans had abandoned. There had been books, but they could find no use for them, and tore them apart in a game. She knew now that they had had knowledge, but it was too late. Whatever had been there, was gone.

Maybe you could tell me about something you enjoy doing. You stay in your optime form, so there must be something really fun you like? Terra closed her mind as she shifted to match him. Her spine straightened as her balance shifted, making her stand on two legs. Opening them again Terra blinked up at Liam. She really was small compared to the wolves and dogs in the pack. Terra stretched. So what do you do in this form?

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If Liam was to describe what Terra told him about her background in one single word – it definitely wouldn't be embarrassing. As she spoke, Liam actually found himself listening keenly, every word sinking into his brain. Honestly, if he had to compare his own relatively boring up-bringing to hers, he was probably the one that should be embarrassed. Sure, his father was the King of the pack... and maybe having a brother run off on the family out of the blue wasn't all that likely, but then again most people complained that they had an embarrassing or boring past, even if they truly didn't. “That's really cool. Both my parents are Luperci and... well, everyone I know are Lupercis. I've never met someone that isn't yet.” he said, deciding that he ought to tell her a little something about himself since she had opened up some. Slowly but surely she was beginning to earn his trust – a feat that had gotten harder to accomplish since the raids.

Then Terra asked him about what he liked to do and an entire list began forming itself in Liam's mind as a grin spread on his features. He watched her shift again – it was odd, she did it pretty effortlessly but she also did it quite often, unlike Liam who only did it about once a day, sometimes less. He was almost always in his Optime form, unless he was hunting or needed to get somewhere quickly. Then he was in his lupus form. Recently he'd used his Secui form for fighting during the war against Aniwaya but it had been one of the first times he'd made use of the seldom seen, beastly form. “There's a lot of fun stuff to do, Optime form gives you so much freedom to do things your lupus form couldn't do... Like using your hands. I've been learning how to do stitches – my mom has a few medical books at home and they're really helpful.” he informed her. “I've been thinking about training for the Apothecary co-rank. Ever since our old Apothecary left the pack... the spot's been vacant.” the wolf said proudly. He loved talking about his goals. Only a couple short weeks ago he'd been freaking out to his older brother that he had no idea what to do for his future... and now he did.

Liam shrugged. “But aside from that there's a whole other bunch of stuff you can do in your Optime form like... like climb trees, obviously... And use human tools like... well, my friend Robin uses bows and arrows. She's really fantastic at it – pretty much saved my life when we had to defend the pack from Aniwaya Guardians a couple weeks ago... Um, my brother plays the guitar. It's a musical instrument. Makes a really neat sound!” he paused for a moment, trying to think of more stuff he did or that his family and friends did. When he couldn't think of anything else off the top of his head, he ran a hand through his hair and smiled sheepishly. “So I presume you haven't really used your Optime form much while growing up?” he asked, assuming this because A) she was one of the only ones from her old pack to have the Luperci gene, and B) she was asking him for fun stuff to do in said Optime form.

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No. I was traveling. Four legs was faster. Before that, I hadn't shifted yet. You work as a healer? Can you show me that? Terra didn't know much about healing beyond what she'd done for her own injuries. She'd been scratched quite a few times, but never deep enough for a scar. Washing them and licking them had been the only requirements. If what he said was true, the optime form wasn't just fun, but important. She'd heard about people dying from their wounds. This could prevent that. Having fun was still her priority though.

The idea of everyone around her being lupercis was shocking. Had he really never met a regular canine? She supposed it was possible, being the king's son. All those around him would have been really powerful, and that was the one thing being a luperci equaled. Casually she stepped around, turning her back to the fence. Lousy hunter or not, the scent drove her mad. Even without being hungry she wanted to chase them.

Where do you do healing? Is it hard?

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Liam glanced down at the smaller hybrid, his bi-colored eyes filled with curiosity – he looked more and more like the wolf he'd been before the war, fun-loving and with a sizzling desire to know everything and anything. “I'm not all that great yet – just started out not too long ago... Haven't done much, to be honest.” he said truthfully. But one day he would get to do more things – right now his main goal was to master the art of stitching. His fluffy padded hands were still quite clumsy with the bone tools and the oh-so thin strings. He had never actually done it on a wolf before – only dead things that resembled vaguely the flesh and fur of a wolf. So far his sutures were crap, to put it nicely. But at least he could wrap gauze nicely and was able to change the dressings. Soon he'd be better. As long as he kept his cool, stayed patient and practiced day and night.

“Well there's not a specific place in particular. Chien Hotel is like the pack's meeting place so after the war we mostly gathered there and everyone did what they could over there.” he explained. In any other circumstance he probably wouldn't have had bothered with the specifics but since she was new and needed to learn how things worked around here, he was telling her as much information as he could, yet still with a slight carefulness. Just in case she turned out to be some evil spy from Aniwaya looking for just the right moment to attack and how best to do it. He highly doubted it, considering all of the guardians were either dead or had fled the lands, but you could never be too certain. Even if the young wolf-coyote seemed legitimate in her stories and relatively harmless.

That was when one of the horses decided to screw with Liam's mind by letting out a loud neighing sound, his hooves hitting the side of the wooden enclosure and emitting a loud noise. Liam didn't jump, but it took a lot for him not to. He glanced at Terra with yet another sheepish smile. The last thing he wanted to look like was a coward, but horses legitimately freaked him out. “Anywhere else you want to check out? I can give you a tour if you haven't had it already.” he suggested. There – those words didn't make him look as though he was scared of horses, right? Hopefully.

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