These hooves tread softly

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Date: November 1
NPC companion: Gvwalodi (male 100% coyote)
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It had been a long journey, perhaps particularly for her horse. The stallion was the short, stocky type, not built for speed. Gvwalodi's horse was a much more majestic sight, but Ulilohi was certain no one would mistake him for the leader of their party of two. He had been much more ordinary-looking than she, despite her mount. Her braided hair almost reached the stallion's sides, complete with woven-in feathers and delicate ornaments. Her blue and black shawl had covered it halfway, making her overall appearance seem like a mix of mottled blues and browns and blacks. She had given great attention to her appearance that particular day, as she knew they must be closing in on the area. It would not do well if she was not presented properlt, presentable.

Today, these blue orbs yearned for change. She had not been able to hide her eagerness when Chief Achak had asked her to go on an expedition to AniWaya, their branch. It was such an adventure! No children or adults would be able to say the same, and this excited Ulilohi. She tread forward to handle this task with pride, and eagerly anticipated her meeting with councilman Ahote. Even if Maska was considered one of the most conservative of the council members, it was difficult to circumvent his strong position in the Great Tribe, and with the Chief. It would prove a challenge for her to get any opinions through, but it was a challenge she welcomed. It was always interesting to argue with an Ahote.

Upon reaching the boundaries of the pack, Ulilohi called out, strongly and firmly, for a leader to join her in her arrival. It was, after all, he more polite thing to do, even if she anticipated that Maska would be that leader.

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Claudius had never greeted a newcomer at the borders before like this. Indeed, his duties had always been minimal and he had secluded himself from the world so as not to assume any responsibility. But now that he had finally done something, he understood that he had to own up to his actions.

In the chaos that followed the attack by Crimson Dreams and Cour des Miracles, Claudius had somehow been the one to "lead" the AniWayans. No, that wasn't even right: he was the face of the tribe while the other two packs occupied their lands. There was nothing to say that he had any real responsibilities aside from those given to him. But nonetheless, he had a job to do and that was to represent the tribe in Maska's absence. Even now, Claudius still referred to the depot by his first name; it was a simple, but liberating act of defiance.

He arrived at the borders as quickly as his bruised body would allow him. He used his Optime form now because he had gained these wounds while using it. He had not shifted, fearing he would only exacerbate his wounds further. So, he was slow to arrive at the borders, but would not be apologetic. He had been injured fighting for his home; he did not owe anyone an explanation.

When he saw the wolf, he had not anticipated he or she would be accompanied by a horse. A horse! Claudius hated those infernal beasts more than ever: that orange wolf had nearly cut off his arm while riding one. But he had to be strong: he could not let the wolf -- female, he now realized -- know of this phobia.

"He-he-ello," he called out. He now saw feathers and braids adorning the hair of the horse and Claudius wondered if it was another wolf from the Great Tribe. "Y-you a-are a-at AniWay-a-a lands. Wh-a-a-at do you-ou seek?"

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NPC companion: Gvwalodi (male 100% coyote)
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A very strange and wounded wolf greeted her. She studied him atop her mount and glancedto Gvwalodi, as if the male would have been able to help her anyway. The coyote shrugged. Of course they were on AniWayan lands. His wounds made her curious, but alarmed at the same time. Those were no ordinary cuts and bruises, and she could not smell much of Maska's scent. She knew there would be wolves here not from the Great Tribe, but she had not anticipated this. Somewhat confused, but firm, Ulilohi stated her business. "I have been sent to oversee the current progress of Maska's work here. He has not sent messengers for some time. I wish to see him and discuss my orders from Chief Aatu." There. She sat there calmly, though she knew the sheer size of her would likely be interpreted as dominant behavior regardless. Especially against this wounded male, and especially as he was on foot. Had something happened? The wounds of him spoke of war, or at least conflict. Perhaps it had been a simple case of crime, but with the lack of his scent... If they had rebelled, she ad just placed herself in the middle of it. It was a less-than desirable position to be in.

Quietly, Ulilohi gave a hand signal to her companion, and Gvwalodi slipped down from atop his horse. He did not draw a weapon, but he would be prepared to defend her against the stuttering wolf if it was necessary. The coyote was no warrior, but Ulilohi had had training. Her spear, however, was fastened at the back of the horse for transport - she would not be able to reach it. Hopefully, Gvwalodi would not need to do anything. It all depended on his reaction.

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Claudius' suspicions were confirmed once the woman spoke. Her voice carried that quiet accent of all natural Cherokee-speakers and once she mentioned Maska's name, Claudius understood what had happened. Maska had been sent first, and now this woman, too, to indenture them further. Claudius regarded her gravely -- so much so that he was horribly startled when he noticed another figure looming in the distance. Like the woman, this canine was mounted atop a horse. Claudius felt his heart begin to race as he considered how big these horses were and just what these canines could do to him atop such fearsome mounts. The woman finished speaking and the coyote dropped to the ground. Claudius fought the urge to step back, but he felt his body begin to shake. He tasted panic. Wait, no -- that was blood; he'd bitten his lip trying not to explode.

He exhaled loudly and then coughed in embarrassment. He cleared his throat and raised his arms to fold them in front of his body. He clutched his elbows with his opposing hands, hoping to hold himself together.

"Ma-a-a-aska ha-a-as bee-een impri-i-soned... for... w-uh-wuh-wuhr-war crimes," he replied with as much a cold tone as he could muster. "W-we-wuh-we ha-a-ave not yet... decided... o-ou-our p-u-u-unish-ment fo-or hi-im. Y-you ma-ay... yuh-you a-a-re we-e-elcome in... AniWaya... as a g-uest... but... we will no-o-t be gr-a-a-nting you... any... speci-a-a-al titles... like... Maska... demanded," he explained. Somehow, he managed to bite out the last few words with nary a stutter.

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NPC companion: Gvwalodi (male 100% coyote)
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As she studied his reaction, Ulilohi found her eyebrow arch arrogantly. What was wrong with his breathing? The wounds did not appear to hinder his breathing, only his one arm and such. Puzzled, she noticed how his breathing problems were exasperated by Gvwalodi's silent movement off from his mount. Almost distracted by the coyote for a second, her gaze snapped back to the pale wolf as he replied, stuttering so much so she could barely understand what he was saying. Her eyebrow landed, though, as she quickly realized her assumptions had - unfortunately - been correct. His tone, pose - not to mention his words - could only indicate this. So, they had rebelled. Was the Amara worth it? Clearly, it had not been a diplomatic affair, and this puzzled her, seeing as she had never interpreted the Amara blood to be agressive. They were one of those families who barely ever did anything, and certainly not war. Gvwalodi moved forwards threateningly, so as if to scare the wolf male out of the idea of attacking them there, but Ulilohi knew an easy win when she saw one. Her hand gave a signal and he stopped, still close to his mount. This one would not attack them alone; he could see that he would lose. He might still call for reinforcements, however, and there was no telling how many warriors AniWaya had. She did not want to share imprisonment with the Ahote. He was less than pleasurable to be around, not to mention that his appearance was horrid.

The femme stayed where she was, and her voice was deep and rolling when she demanded more information about the situation. Clearly, Maska had not been welcomed here, for some reason. It was not unlikely - he was hardly a ray of sunshine. Despite her ray of confidence, however, Ulilohi was urgently aware of the tension in their situation. "I know nothing of what has taken place, or any war. Last we heard from Maska was some moons back - I came to see that he was unharmed, and that he had not abandoned his mission. Additionally, Chief Aatu has requested a messenger system to remedy such situations, and I am to lead the establishment of it. These are my orders. I will need to discuss them with whoever is in charge here now, if it is not Maska." She hesitated, but drew her breath, clearly indicating that she was about to say something more right away. "Tell me... What are the crimes he is imprisoned for?" Now the stuttering wolf knew something about her mission. It was only fair that he revealed some information about their pack, else she might not get so lucky and spend the night with the councilman. Hardly a treat.

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When Claudius saw the coyote move closer, his posture alert and threatening, he finally showed some teeth. He dropped his arms and balled his hands up into fists. His entire body tense, he bore his fangs and silently watched the luperci as he inched forward only to be stopped by the woman wolf. Claudius loosened his hands, looked at the wolf, and then back at the coyote. If the coyote would just stay there, he would feel much more comfortable. He didn't like the idea of being attacked, especially by two luperci. He huffed and listened closely as the wolf woman began to speak, but kept one ear turned toward the coyote in case he decided to do something fishy again.

"While Ma-a-aska is… inca-a-a-rcera-te-ed, I am… in… charge… of the… Ani-Wa-a-ayans. The t-t-tri-ibe is occ-u-pie-i-ied b-b-y… the two… packs… Ma-a-aska wronged. He… br-r-ou-ought… his… prejud…ices… with him… he ca-a-a-st out a wo-olf and he-er ma-a-a-te: Lili-a-a-a-ana… Vess… a-a-a-and he-e-er ma-a-te, Naya-ti-i Ut-i-ina… be-cause… Lilia-a-a-ana… was a hybrid…" he began. He took a deep breath and then continued: "They… took th-e-e-eir chi-i-ildren… bu-u-u-t Ma-a-a-aska said… they were…. the children… of this… tribe. He… attacked… the pack… i-in which… they… took refuge: Crimson Dreams. I wa-a-as ta-a-aken prisoner… a-a-and interrogated… for information. I didn't… know this… until la-a-a-ter, bu-ut… Maska took a child… hostage, too… fro-om a pack of hy-y-ybrids ca-alled Cour d-e-e-es Mir-a-a-acles… the-e-e-e end result… was war… a-and… Lili-a-a-a-ana a-a-nd Nayati… have no-o-ot yet returned. Lili…ana… is dead… and AniWa-a-a-aya is sha-a-amed… because of… Maska." He paused and then added hastily: "I-it would… be best… if I ca-alled the… occupy-ing lea-ea…ders; the-ey sh-sh-hu-ou-ld… be here… for… this…"

With that said, he lifted his muzzle and howled for Vigilante or Savina to meet him at the borders.

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It had been difficult, these times of war and uncertainty. The caramel-hued dog King did not like being involved with the keeping of prisoners, finding it no better than the crimes Maska had been dethroned for, but they had not known what else to do with the councilman. Most prisoners had been freed, allowed to return to their homes, and they had called for the banished or fleeing members of the tribe with a welcome return. Foxglove had not returned. She stayed in the kingdom, as far as he knew, but he did not know how long that would last. Most stayed away, it seemed.

Jade eyes narrowed at the call. Claudius had the authority now to handle any border calls or any problems in the tribe until a final decision was made, so the dog mutt did not know why he was calling for the King or the ebony Consul. The large secui male moved in the direction of the call, curious about the nature of the tribal wolf's need.

Soon, this would be over, he hoped. He wished desperately to return to his own pack and his mate, his children. They were growing with each day and he knew it would seem like a lifetime had passed when he finally saw them again. The kingdom of Miracles was where he belonged; the tribe was not. He knew it, and the members of the tribe must have known as well. He was certain that it bothered them to have two strangers occupying their land in place of the leader they had once loved and the leader they had feared. Soon, he told himself. Soon.

Claudius was not alone when he arrived at the borders, just as he had expected. There was a woman and a man with horses, canines he did not recognize. "Hello, Claudius," he addressed the tribal wolf, eyeing the others momentarily as he waited for the pale wolf to explain his need.

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NPC companion: Gvwalodi (male 100% coyote)

She said nothing as he explained, having trouble understanding his broken words. Ears shuddered in confusion, and her tail stilled completely. For a moment, only the horses moved, as one of them made a sharp breath. Gvwalodi's reactions were less subtle, though, and he stared at the male in disbelief. Instinctively, Ulilohi did not believe the pale wolf. They have got it wrong - they had rebelled against the Great Tribe. Maska would not go to war for nothing, Ulilohi trusted in the title of councilman, and the judgment of Chief Aatu. But.. he had cast out a Utina? While Ulilohi did not know the wolves in question, that had come here, she did know of their families. Ulilohi had taken care to get to know the history of her tribe. Regardless of whether this view was the right one or not, this was discouraging news. Gvwalodi felt it too, and she considered for a moment simply attacking the stuttering male and using him as leverage. If he was the leader... But no - it would do her no good. Still, this welcome was not what she had hoped for.

It was to be expected that as soon as they realized her position (perhaps not this wolf, but certainly the occupying leaders), she would be able to do nothing. This was the picture that was painted, that she would become a prisoner now, as soon as they saw that she was not on their side. The occupants had clearly not understood AniWayan ways - were there no trustworthy neighbors in this world? Wherever they went luperci would cut them down, and if it was not them it was the elements or sickness. Nowhere could AniWayans simply live and prosper and be peaceful on their own. Always this pathetic killing - Ulilohi wondered if the world ever tired of robbing them of what they tried so desperately to maintain.

She remained silent after the pale male called for a leader, and she said nothing as another male approached them. She glanced every now and then at her companion, mostly to make sure he wasn't acting on the nervousness he felt. It was obvious in him - he was shifting his weight from one foot to the other constantly. Just by appearance, the second male seemed a lot more able - he did not glance at the horses like the pale one. Silently, Ulilohi waited for the stuttering wolf to explain their situation to the new arrival, and then... Well, she couldn't know, could she.

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Claudius gave Vigilante a quick, jerking nod once the doggish male had arrived. He meant for it to be more graceful and accommodating, but he couldn't help how his body refused to obey his commands. Vigilante's tone seemed curious and kind, but Claudius couldn't help but wonder if the other thought him to be incompetent. Nervously, he glanced from the woman back to the King and explained.

"Sh-e-e-e is fro-om... the... Great... T-t-tribe... from where thi-is tri-ibe origina-a-ated...." he began. He took a deep breath and clenched his hands into fists, trying to focus on Vigilante so that he could explain without stuttering. "She-e-e ca-a-me fo-or Maska. She-e is a messen...ger... sh-e-e reports... to-o the le-e-eader of... the Gre-eat Tribe... I thought... you should... be here... since it's about... Ma-aska..." he explained. He wanted to suggest they bring her to Maska's cell so she could see first hand what the horrible brute had done, but he wasn't so sure if he wanted to propose this publicly. He just wanted to know what Vigilante thought of the whole mess.

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The dog King had come to realize that the pale tribal wolf was a nervous creature, though at first he had thought it to be simply because he was the leader of an opposing pack in a war. In the short time that he and Savina had spent in the tribe so far, however, he had come to a point where he was aware of the stutter and the twitching, he thought nothing of it. He could not quite tell whether or not Claudius supported what they were doing, but he had been against Maska and Vigilante did not doubt that they could trust him.

Listening intently as Claudius described in broken words who the woman was, Vigilante's stoic features turned to study her and her companion. His initial thought was that they could not trust her; anyone from the Great Tribe would surely support their own members. "What is it that you want here?" he asked her, then looked to Claudius. Once they knew what it was she sought, they could decide what to do with her. Maybe Claudius already some ideas.

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Claudius presented the problem to the unnamed wolf, who turned to Ulilohi. She glanced at the stuttering wolf, at first uncertain, before absent-mindedly correcting her shawl and speaking calmly. "I wish to speak with Maska Ahote. I have been sent from the Great Tribe to find out whether he is still pursuing his mission, as no messengers have been sent to us in several moons. We did not know whether he had abandoned his cause, or if he was even still alive." They had feared a rebellion - never had they truly feared that Maska would stray from his mission, because he was to morally obsessed for that. The giant wolfess continued. "If you are the one in charge, I ask that you allow me to speak with Maska and yourself. The issue of Ahote's imprisonment and actions must be resolved, and reported to Chief Aatu." What had the councilman done to piss these wolves off so royally that they would imprison him? If the morale of the Great Tribe so clashed with the ideology of this place, a rebellion should have taken place years ago, under Amara's rule. Still, she could only be grateful that they handled her coming in a controlled manner. She was glad they had not just imprisoned her upon sight - on her journey here she had become increasingly aware of how her appearance gave her away as a member of the Great Tribe.

What remained now was to see if they would agree - and to speak with the councilman. Gvwalodi said nothing, his gaze lingering on Claudius' face in the tense silence that followed her statement.

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Claudius glanced from one luperci to the next, trying to assess their reactions but to no avail. The doggish King was so calm all the time that Claudius found it difficult to discern what he was thinking. Claudius knew that it was always very easy to tell with him: his stutter made quite certain of that. However, when Vigilante began to speak, Claudius realized that the other male was just as nervous as he was! He didn't really trust this woman, so he didn't like what she proposed. He didn't think she would just consent to seeing Maska; for all Claudius knew, she was some of the reinforcements Maska had called in. He couldn't risk having her reignite the war.

He glanced from the Councilwoman to the coyote and back again, trying to figure out what to do. He didn't know. He needed help.

"Ju-u-ust a-a-a mo-ooment," he stated, addressing the woman. He then turned to Vigilante and asked: "may I-I spea-he-eak with you... in private?" He didn't like the idea of confessing his concerns where the woman would hear him.

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The dog mutt listened as she spoke, though he was not certain how to feel about it. The customs of the tribe were nearly completely foreign to him, and the customs of the Great Tribe even more so. He knew nothing of the potential communication between Maska and the Great Tribe, and though this woman claimed that there had been none at all, the King did not know if they could believe that. Everything thus far had proven that they could not trust council members if the original tribe, and he had no way of knowing whether or not she could be trusted, or if she was a hazard to them and the calm of the storm and should be imprisoned, too.

"Claudius is the acting leader for AniWaya. I am Vigilante Haskel, King of a nearby pack, and the leader of another pack is here, as well, and were are occupying the tribe in the interest of preventing more problems. Our packs were targeted," he clarified, as it seemed that she did not acknowledge Claudius as the one "in charge." He was under no illusion that they would be successful in their occupying movement if they did not have Claudius on their side, and a few others as well. It was a shame that Dawali was not one of those.

Vigilante nodded at Claudius question, turning to Ulolhi and her companion. "If you will give us a moment," he said evenly, though he did not give her much of an opportunity to answer before he began to walk with the pale tribal wolf, creating distance between them and the others.

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Vigilante corrected her views - although misinterpreted her politeness for something else - and she stood by to simply listen to the words. "Certainly." she responded meekly. Gvwalodi had done nothing so far and she was glad - he could easily have complicated her situation. Still, she was getting impatient now. Fine, fine - there was an ongoing occupation, it had been explained already. Now knowing there was a crisis to handle, and with her own status in the middle of it in limbo, she felt the need to push things along. She was not the type to do something inefficiently or half-way: in that sense, she was a rather operose person. Waiting was the worst, and she wanted to get to a point where she could do something about anything, whether that was her own situation or the tribe's situation. It was saddening to see that AniWaya was in trouble: after all, this tribe was the true "Great Tribe". In the move, all the important people had gone to establish this tribe right here, while those who were left never made it this far. AniWaya held all the important relics and moral core, and if it eroded... well. It was cause for concern any way you looked at it, though she had no doubt that it that the latter point which had appealed the most to Maska. Perhaps this was at the core of the problems he had faced - she couldn't know until she spoke with him.

As they retreated somewhat to discuss, Ulilohi swung down from her mount. It was not a favorable position to be in while trying to seem polite and obedient - especially not when her frame was so ridicuously large in comparison to the others present. She felt like - and looked - a giant. She dared not speak with Gvwalodi, or she feared they would think she was conspiring, so she turned to the horse and spoke to it softly, patting it. It was hard to do nothing with this impatience in her, urging her to pace.

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Claudius hadn't really expected Vigilante to speak up in his favour like that. Whatever he had thought of the doggish King was perhaps a bit different from the truth, since he never would have thought that Vigilante would want to assert Claudius' temporary position like that. However, as Claudius considered it, it made sense: Vigilante needed Claudius as the face of the tribe to keep the situation calm. Although Claudius did not have a spirit guide lingering nearby and did not braid his hair or adorn it with feathers, he was perhaps as close to the AniWayan tradition as one would find. Claudius felt himself stand up a bit straighter when Vigilante named him the 'acting leader.' He now realized that he hadn't really said as much to Ulilohi: he had just assumed she would understand he had some sort of power, even if it was faint and fleeting.

Claudius gave the woman a polite nod of his head in thanks as he moved to walk with Vigilante. He did not feel comfortable expressing his concerns about this woman in front of her. Not only was it rude, it was also a tactical maladresse.

"Vigilante," he stated. "She-e-e wa-a-ants... to see... Maska... to see... if... he is pur...suing... his cau-ause..." he explained. He wasn't sure if this was code for something or if she really was just here to check up on the councilman. "I don't tru-u-ust he-e-er... I do-o-on... n't... fee-ee-eel... that... we-e-e-e should... le-e-et her... see... Mas-s-s-ska-a-a... I am... wo-o-rr-r..i...ied... tha-a-at sh-e-e-e may... try to... help... him." He tried not to glance at Ulilohi as he spoke, focusing his attention on Vigilante and what the older man would think of this.

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