A tad too early, Mr. Frost.

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.: OOC I'm in the Halloween spirit with this nifty template! This however takes place on November 1st. It will end up a little hunt for food - I really want the thread prompt icon! xD Hati will be participating as an NPC because he needs lovin' :: WC 563 :.

That morning, the young Catori had awakened from his relatively good slumber to find frost coating the yellowing grass and the remaining leaves on the trees. frost! That could only mean two things. A) Jack Frost had gotten drunk last night and had hurled chunks all over the Court or B) Winter was coming. As his foggy mind processed the two options, his feet lazily working towards the outside of the Catori home, Liam Catori decided the latter was more plausible. Jack Frost probably didn't drink alcohol. As he completely stumbled out of his sleep mode however common sense kicked in and the King's son realized that winter really was coming and that meant a lot of things needed to be done in order to prepare. After the small hunt with Terra the other day the brown-pelted male had gone to the cellar to drop his catches and had noticed how scarce the food supply was becoming. It surely wouldn't last all winter. Like the squirrels Liam had been seeing recently, they would need to scavenger for food. They'd have to do it fast too because Jack Frost was going to puke his entire insides out soon.

Okay that analogy had lost all humor now that he was wide awake. With a long yawn, his stiff muscles stretching as his hands reached high into the cloudy sky, Liam began walking towards Chien Hotel to see if he was needed. It was still very early in the morning – the sun had barely gotten up yet – and he doubted many would be awake but it was worth a try. He had walked maybe a dozen steps when a tiny voice squealed behind him. “Liam, wait up!” Hati yelled groggily. He was already trotting towards his older brother though and all Liam could do was oblige as he stopped mid-step. “Hati? What's up?” Liam inquired. It had been two weeks since the end of the war and while things were definitely improving at the Court Liam knew his mother was still a little wary when it came to the three pups going off on their own – or with Liam. The Catori boy knew his mother would be worried sick if she woke up to find her young son gone. “Skoll woke me up with his stinky paws in my face! I want to come with you!” the younger Catori male said. Liam knew that fighting would probably end up hopeless on his end so he shrugged. “Alright, but you have to do as I say okay little man?” Liam said sternly. “Yes sir!”

So a couple minutes – and a note explaining his and Hati's absence left where Ayita would find it – later, Liam and his little brother were walking along towards Chien Hotel, Liam in his muscular Optime form and little Hati in his Lupus one. The two boys exchanged pleasantries along the way, Hati giggling at every word his brother said while shoving him – his efforts to no avail. “Oh we're here!” Hati squealed gleefully as he bounced off. Liam could still see him in the nearby distance so he wasn't too alarmed. Slowly the brown-pelted Catori made his way inside the hotel. “Anyone around?” he asked, not too loud as to awaken anyone who may be sleeping in the rooms above.

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Of course he was around. What was he going to do, waste the day? He had woken to frost on the ground and a grumbling mate beside. Noss was mumbling something about winter's icy fingers. Strel didn't know crap about winter's fingers, but he was starting to feel the cold tingling feeling that it was definitely coming on. Especially, if that frost on everything was an indication. To get the warrior up and his blood rushing, the redhead opened the window with a painful squeal. It croaked as it was wedged into place. Strel jammed a block to keep it from falling, not that it needed it; the wood was so bloated that it wasn't going anywhere. Oh well, as long as the thing closed, it didn't matter a whit.

He was in the studio, sketching absentmindedly when he heard voices in the lobby. He put down his charcoal nub on the table, careful not to nudge it against the wood. He hated wasting the charcoal by scuffing up his nice dark wood table. It was so so shiny and everything. The lithe man pulled out of his studio, closing the double doors behind him with a loud clack. Strel was adjusting his shirt and vest, pulling loose hairs out of his collar and back against the full mass of his dyed locks. "Yes?" he said with a sigh, wondering who it was. Maybe they needed some assistance from the Dauphin.

It was a younger wolf, upright, and an even younger one still on four paws. Strel looked from one to the other, and saw the familiar tinge in their pelts, and their scents were familiar. "You two are the King's kids, aren't you?" he asked them, gazing at them curiously with his lavender hued eyes. "Is there something you need? Is anything wrong?"

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Liam heard rather than saw Hati as he entered the hotel to stand a few inches behind Liam, curious eyes glancing around as though he would miss something if he wasn't fast enough. To think the young boy had been here time and time again over the last couple weeks, being dragged by their mother during and after the war. “Stay close, okay?” Liam asked his brother, who nodded. To be honest, Liam would be surprised if the words he'd said hadn't gone in one ear and escaped from the other. The newly appointed Duke didn't have to think about it too long however, for he heard footsteps coming from another room, quickly followed by a somewhat familiar scent and a voice.

At the sound, Hati bounced from his spot, only to land behind Liam, his head curiously peaking from behind the older male's left leg.

It only took a few moments for the voice to have a body. While they had never officially met before, Liam recognized him as the pack's dauphin. He was an older male with red hair and an air to him that gave Liam the impression he had been hard at work long before Liam had gotten up. “Hey there – yes... I'm Liam Catori. This is my brother Hati.” Liam introduced as he met the lavender eyes with his own green and blue orbs. “Nothing is wrong. Don't worry – we've been up for a bit and wanted to be of use...” Liam explained, Hati forever taking a place behind Liam's leg – the young boy didn't budge. “I went to the cellar the other day after a hunt with our new member Terra and I noticed we've been running out of food. I was wondering if you were looking for hunters?” Liam inquired. Anything to make himself useful.

He was actually looking forward to a hunt – it was one thing that helped him sort out his thoughts and make sense of everything. It was also a good workout and a way to get better acquainted with your pack-mates, if his hunt with new member Terra had been any indication. After hunting together he'd learned to trust her a lot more than when she'd found him in the tree, eavesdropping on all of those passer-bys.

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Strel was starting to forget which of the Catori/Haskel children had been born with Leroy as the father, but these youths had none of the man's husky traits, which meant that they were born of the King and his mate. It was Amaranth that was Leroy's daughter, that much he remembered. Who was the other one? It was a son, he knew, but he could barely remember the name. But these were the King's sons. Regardless, the redheaded man gave them a smile. He would not admit it, but he did almost let out a sigh of relief. Bad news was news he did not want. No news was good news.

"It's getting chilly out," he said in response, felt the coldness through the window. It had been coated in light ice crystals that melted once the sun peeked over the trees. "And low on food? I haven't checked lately," he added, rubbing at the back of his neck as he fumbled to remember when it was he had gone. But if they were low on food, it was high time that they went and did it. "I think you two may be onto something. We're going to need to get more meat in that cellar before the herds move and meat becomes scarce." It would have to be a smaller hunt, with just the three of them, and one a younger wolf. "But maybe we ought to focus on small prey?"

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OOC Sorry it took me a moment to get some muse I'm really sick. And Ayita is in Lupus.

Ayita had not been sleeping well, after all she had to patch up her daughter and bury her brother all in the same month. This was not what she traveled so far away for. She traveled here because she hated war and hated violence. She was angry and was too much of a nice person to invoke revenge. She just stayed at home and cared for all her children and that was how it was. She didn’t want to submerge herself in anything that wasn’t her problem directly.

Ayita was up and had heard the light sound of liam up downstairs. She figured he was heading out and about to do something. Mama, mama.” Charlotte and Skoll came in. ”Where’s Hati? Ayita asked. Looking at her two children. ”gone, I no no where.” Said lottie looking at her mother. Ayita huffed looking at them. Not one of them were allowed to leave without her permission. She stood looking at them. What to do bring them or leave them Zafier was not here to protect them. ”Come on let’s find Hati. She said. They were almost two months it was chilly but ayita could keep them safe she knew she could.

Ayita mushed her kids down the stairs and out the door. She figured it would be easy to fallow Liam’s scent since Hati had obviously gone with him. She could smell the young boy. Moving smiftly Ayita smiled as the two ran alongside her sometimes falling behind. Ayita knew the boys hadn’t gotten far after all one had shorter legs.

She slowed as the small group approached the hotel. She smiled as she walked up holding her head and body to show respect to Strel. Greetings She said bowing her head then turning it. She glared at her youngest son, no mama was not pleased. Mama ook mita Stellen and oo I finded ti. Lottie called tackling her brother. Ayita sighed. Look, Charlotte its Mister Strelein but you can shorten it to strel dear its still hard when your learning. Ayita looked away from her kids. Hmm, I mean if that’s ok with you. She said.

Skoll looked around sitting down he looked at Liam. ”Mama mad” Though Ayita really had done a good job of hiding it minus the glare. "So a hunt is what your all up to this early. well at least the kids could get a good lesson. Ayita said smiling.


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Lately Liam knew that most of the pack members were on edge, waiting for bad news to come at any moment. The war had really scrambled things up inside everyone's mind but now slowly everyone was recuperating. Liam himself was getting loads better. Physically he was fine, his wounds 99% healed, and finally after some struggles he had managed to keep relatively low-key, he was getting better on that side of the coin too. No more nightmares, easier nights, less paranoia... And all in time for the cold to come. Yet another thing they'd have to worry about. “Yeah, definitely.” Liam replied when Strel suggested about the cooling temperatures outside. But the food was more important. “Not enough for anyone to starve in the next month but... definitely not enough to last through winter.” Liam explained. In his opinion, they would need to stock up soon before all of the good preys started disappearing due to winter and its lurking ways.

As he glanced down at little Hati, Liam decided small prey would probably be best. Of course disappointment lingered deep inside Liam's gut at the thought of not having much of a challenge, but it would definitely be fun to hunt alongside his baby brother and show him some tricks. “Sure, that sounds fine by–” he hadn't yet completed his sentence when he caught the scent of three very familiar wolves approaching, followed by equally as familiar voices. Instantly Liam felt himself tense up a little bit. He was hoping his mother wasn't mad at him for letting Hati tag along. The little guy probably would have ended up going off all by himself if Liam hadn't let the him tag along and then of course it would be the older Catori who would find himself responsible for losing his brother. Either way he was kind of screwed, wasn't he?

Fortunately she wasn't angry at him – perhaps at Hati, but not at Liam. “Yeah, I noticed we were running low on meat the other day and thought I'd lend a hand.” he told his mother with a tiny smile that plainly said 'I'm sorry if I scared you for a moment by bringing Hati along.'. “So are we making this a party of six or what?” Liam asked the group in general, the three little ones looking quite excited at the idea.

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quite okay Marie <3

And there was the mother, in good timing of course. The redheaded man bowed his head to her, smiling kindly toward the woman. She had come to him for clothes often enough before, and she was the king's woman. And respectable on all counts. One of her latest young ones tackled Hati, and the redheaded man only looked at them, hoping they did not bump into anything and break something. He had plenty of kids over lately and he was weary of them and their tendencies to break things. Strel let off a rather heavy sigh as he sent his lavender eyes back to the woman and her older son. "It's alright. I don't expect everyone to pronounce my name right, anyway."

He remembered the wrath that came with a mother's love, and he hoped to diffuse any situation here. But Liam did a much better job at it, explaining the problem and what needed to be done. "Yes, Liam just let me know that we need the meat. Winter isn't here, yet, but low stores isn't exactly comforting." Strel nodded his head at the youth's direction, smiling as magnanimously as he could. Teaching young ones? That was part of his job description, wasn't? Oh, god, how much children bothered him; he was not cut out to be the loving parent, not when he could barely stomach the thought of how they were made. The filthy hypocrite.

"A party of six? Well, why not. We could use small meat anyway; it's easier to smoke. I'll have to talk about a large group hunt, though. We'll need deer and moose before they move on." There were plenty of deer herds to be had, and more than a few moose still running around. It was a matter of finding them and killing them. The storing was easy; smoke and lock them in the stores. "Lets get going; if we're itching to hunt we'd best get going. I'll need a moment however." The redheaded tailor slipped back into his studio, shedding his clothes. But he closed the door behind him before shifting into the more compact form. It was not his favorite by any means, but he was not a hunter on two legs. "I say we head southwest and try for deer if we can find any."

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Ayita was calming down she was still not happy with her two boys. They had all been through a lot in this month and she just wanted everyone safe. She really just needed to calm down. Looking at him she could see that he was at least sorry. She just didn't want anyone hurt nor did she want to be the crazy mom who she felt like inside.

"Sawee" Lottie said smiling as she looked at her brother. She gave him a look and the poor little pup almost cried. Ayita chuckled those three were the biggest handful she had.

"Oh yes that sounds wonderful. Maybe even the three of us could catch something slightly larger." She figured that hey they might as well try this was much better then being at home. She still couldn't help but smile seeing the small boy sticking close to his big brother. Liam really was a role model for all these little ones and they loved him so dearly.

Come on!" Skoll shouted as he looked at the grouping. "I wanna twy to unt." the boy said with a firm tone. "Dats hunt oll" Lottie said trying to correct him. Skoll shot her a look then took off to lead the group. Ayita fallowed her son. She had to admit this is not how she thought she'd spend the day. "I um gunna etch the big est ear" Skoll said looking at his mom. Ayita just shook her head, "Its good to see you Strelein." She said smiling.


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.: OOC Brotherly love! :: WC 579 :.

Liam could tell this was tearing at his mother's insides. Personally, Liam thought that keeping the young ones cooped up inside for their safety would only turn out to be worse for them than if they were out experiencing what could be a dangerous world. At least by seeing the many things that surrounded them, they could learn and grow wiser – learn to trust their instincts and what was right and what wasn't. Of course, Liam was probably almost as protective as his mother and he definitely would have condemned their escapades if they would have done them without supervision. In this particular case, Liam had been watching over Hati and in all fairness, Liam believed he was a trustworthy guy. The last thing he would ever do was endanger his little brother in any way.

Liam stayed quiet as Strelein explained to Ayita what the plan was, not even speaking up when Ayita said they could catch something larger if they were together. Liam agreed with her statement and would have usually said so, but right now he still felt a little intimidated by the woman – afraid that she would snap at him or tell him to go home because he'd done something wrong. Subconsciously he glanced at Hati, who had since joined Skoll and Lottie, quietly playing with them. He had seemed ready to cry earlier at the sight of his mother's angry features but thankfully the prospect of a hunt had really cheered him up. Liam wondered if he hadn't forgotten about his angry mother and the fact that he had disobeyed. At his age, Liam's attention span had been pretty good but even then he would have found himself forgetting – or neglecting to muse over – all about the more banal aspects of life when something exciting came along.

And of course, to the pups, hunting was a very exciting thing, especially since this was going to be their first real hunt. The three pups were quite young but Liam was confident they'd be able to help out. It was exciting to think about how he'd be able to teach them a few tricks! “I think we should get one larger animal and then stick to smaller or medium-sized preys. That way we won't have too much trouble bringing it all back to the cellars. he finally voiced out his opinion before Strel left for his studio, only to come back moments later.

Liam was pretty good at hunting in his Optime form, due to his preference of the two-legged form. He knew he would probably be even better in his lupus one though, and for a moment he wondered if it would be the best idea if he shifted too. Liam eyed his lupus mother and the newly shifted Strel. In the end he decided he could change when they had gotten to the hunting spot if he really wanted to – he didn't want to keep them back any longer than necessary. Liam chuckled as his brother took the lead. Glancing down at Lottie and Hati, the kid in him peaked its head for a moment. “Want to race?” he asked the two younger pups. “Let's see if we can catch up to Skoll!” he said and took off, not running as fast as he could have, knowing full well how young the pups were and how it would be unfair for them and their tiny legs.

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Sorry for the delay

The man listened to the younger male speak, and the Dauphin nodded at him. It was a wise idea. Plus, it was doubtful they would have enough energy to go after bigger prey after. Granted, he had only heard the remnants of their conversation through the walls and cracks in the window where the breeze came in gently. He had to agree with it all, and once he had shed his clothes, he rejoined them.

Strel stood beside the woman, feeling strangely uneasy in this form of his. It ought to have been a second skin to him, but it just felt strange, especially since he could not feel his thumbs as well and they were not flexible at all. The younger ones ran off, with a little male in the lead, the siblings racing behind them as they sought to find prey for their stocks. "It's nice to see you as well. We don't often get time to talk, do we?" he said, shaking out his fur as he experimented with his body, as though it were new. "It's been so long since I've really used this. I'm always on two legs."

Strel let the door shut as he followed after the young ones, Ayita with him. If they didn't quiet down, they would scare every thing with a heartbeat in the area. "Come now, lets focus. We'll need to find a herd or a lonely deer to catch. And you are being terribly loud. I'm sure the worms can hear you all," he chided lightly, looking to Ayita for guidance. He did not know how to properly act with younger ones, having none of his own. Sure, he had taken care of his sister-in-law's youngsters, but Noss was always the one who went out hunting with them, if they did.

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