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The autumn sky was dotted with clouds that threatened to mask the sun as Anann and Anatoliy had made their way towards the borders of Inferni. The coyote clan was one of their closest neighbors and so it would only take them a couple hours or so to make the trip at a fairly leisurely pace. Anann should have been enjoying the time alone with her mate in the brisk autumn air. It was one of her favorite seasons as the air started to turn cool enough for her pelt to start to thicken.

Instead her mood was rather solemn as they walked. The coyote clan had a reputation that proceeded them and it worried Anann slightly. It was well known the clan, or at least several of its members were prejudice against wolves and Anann was wolf through and through. As was the other alpha of the pack. It was hardly naive to think that the clan would not notice and be suspicious of a pack, largely comprised of warriors spring up right next door. That was the main reason Anatoliy was coming with her on this trip. He was half ‘yote and his brother was a member of the clan. She hoped it would help to get things started down the right path.

As they came to the skull line borders Anann began to second guess if it had been so wise of her to leave her swords behind. Still she had felt that the dual blades would hardly seen a message of peace, but as always she still had her dagger. Having stopped a respectable distance from the line of skulls and scent markers, Anann set down the large leather satchel she carried. After giving a glance to Anatoliy, Anann tilted back her head. Her alto voice carrying well in the colder, denser air. Calling for a leader of the clan.

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This was something needed to be done. The Russo made no impression that he didn't believe otherwise. It was key that the other packs were not threatened by the Cavalieri, especially when most of them were very weapon savvy. The coyotes were probably the most immediate threat and concern, which Anatoliy would not hear anything about his not coming with. His blood was half coyote and Silas had lived in Inferni. Was he still there? Regardless, his blood was more than enough to ease the tension, though they would not approve of his choice of mate. Yet, her coloration was hardly wolfish, golden as she was. Maybe his presence was not necessary. But he would not hear of his not coming regardless.

They came upon the border, that ring of wolf skulls. Anatoliy stared at them, knowing well the warning they entailed. But he had crossed them once and had nothing to fear. He may not have been a full bred coyote, but his mother was one. And the Inferni coyotes had nothing to fear of the two of them, unarmed as they were. Well, Anann had her dagger, and he had his gutting knife, but that was something he carried on him at all times, no matter the situation. As his woman let out a howl, he watched her, eying the satchel on the ground. Would they approve?

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The savage in man is never
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It had been early on that they had recognized their growing closeness to the wolves. First the pack, Ichika, where his uncle led had settled in the north. While Myrika had been plain with her appraisal of them, Ezekiel did not forget (nor did he forgive) Dahlia de Mai for what they had done to his family. While his sister had stood by him on this, he was alone now with Sage…and Sage was far too friendly for his liking. He had chosen her because it was part of his game, but now his pawn had gotten all these ideas and ideals into her head and actually imagined they would see peace. It was a shallow thought. Life alone existed without peace. They lived in chaos, tossed and thrown about as those damned in the Inferno. Maybe his grandmother had known that even without knowing Dante.

His body was sore. Training Max had become more difficult now that he was almost fully grown. While wolfish in his body and face, the halfbreed’s sharp lines and grin were coyote in truth. The boy was a devoted apprentice, and he was learning quickly. Archery was difficult for him, but he was taking to the lupus combat like no other. Like it or not, his heritage was an advantage—Max was already heavier than Ezekiel and used that while they trained.

Still, he was glad that the boy had come. He was devoted. This was what Ezekiel needed, now more than anything else. Halo had come for him once, what would happen if an outside force saw such weakness? Inferni had to at least appear to be a solid, unified front. Especially now, when a pack of well-armed wolves had taken up residence in the south. They were far closer than Dahlia had ever been, and this worried him. Still, it did not surprise him when the call came, for the other packs had done this before. He debating taking his horse, but was halfway to the borders and on foot. It didn’t matter. If they were foolish enough to come armed, he would have the advantage—his bow had the distance and the strength behind it to kill.

What he found was a she-wolf and a hybrid. It was obvious from the way they stood, and the fact that it had been the woman who called, that she was the leader among the two. Ezekiel’s red feet carried him with ease along a worn trail. There was no doubt where Inferni’s borders began; besides the skulls, they had worn trails after years of patrols both on and off horseback. They smelled like the ocean, horses…and metal. “I take it you must be our new neighbors,” he said, smiling in a way that did not meet his eyes.

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Sage had not been bothered by the news of another new pack forming to their south; in fact, she welcomed it, so long as they were friendly. But with her father's pack to the north, and Anathema and Salsola to their sides, Inferni now sat right in the midst of plenty of wolves. The Optio knew how Ezekiel felt about that; he had been especially wary lately, she had noticed. When the stranger's feminine voice called out, Sage started, sitting upright on her bed. She'd been caught up in a daydream, and shook the sleep from her head, tangled waves of hair tossing about. If she were to arrive to meet the leader before Ezekiel, maybe she could head off some unneeded aggression.

The coyote put her feet to the cool wooden floor and threw on her pack as she raced out the door and down the creaking stairs of the Mansion. Sage stood on the porch for a moment, rubbing her arms in the chilly air as she called out for her horse, golden eyes searching for him amidst the brush. She frowned when he didn't come, but knew it would be better to wait. She'd be faster that way, so she kept calling. The Optio paced around the Mansion calling out Lennon's name until he finally came, trotting up to her as if he'd never been gone. Shaking her head, she mounted swiftly and took off for the border, following the stranger's scent and sound.

It wasn't long before she recognized Ezekiel's scent mixed in with the others; and another familiar one, too. When she arrived at the border she slowed Lennon to a stop some feet away, not wanting to stir up an unpleasant dust cloud. There, she dismounted slowly, her eyes watching Zeke and his clearly displeased face. She knew the ivory boy beside him, too; Max. She remembered the young man's active imagination, and smiled in greeting to him as she approached. He looked much older now, she thought, and wondered why he was here. Sage was almost meek when she greeted their hulking wolf company, feeling small beside their height. Even their leader, a woman, was so tall. Sometimes she forgot; maybe she'd been spending too much time here after all. But Sage smiled happily and extended a hand in greeting to each, introducing herself. "Hello to you both, I'm Sage River Lykoi, Optio here," she greeted softly, and then retreated to stand beside her Aquila. If Zeke had anything to say, she would let him say it first. Nervously, she watched him, hoping that there would be no trouble.

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Who knew how long it was that they might have to wait at the borders for someone to come. Expecting the worst, Anann was rather surprised at how quickly the male had arrived. His posture and scent, which dominated that of the borders, was more than enough to identify him as the leader of the clan. The amber hued woman greeted him with a dip of her head as she lowered her eyes and her ears tilted back a moment. ”That would be us.” She said with a far more genuine smile. ”I am Anann Kelevera, alpha female of Casa di Cavalieri, and this is my mate, Anatoliy Russo.”

She had just been about to begin her little spiel on Casa di Cavalieri and what it was they hoped to achieve when the sound of heavy hooves caused her to pause. The sound soon produced a rather beautifully colored horse and it’s female rider. The new woman seemed a little timid as she approached, thought given their size Anatoliy and Anann could seem quite the intimidating pair. Anann gave the woman a warm smile as she introduced herself, which Anann took in a gentle shake. ”Anann Kelevra. Nice to meet you.”

Once Sage had stepped back to stand next to her leader, Anann started to speak again. ”Now, as I was saying, while the majority of our numbers are currently warriors, our intentions are diplomatic." Anann knew it would be hard to believe, especially for the clan known for its militant ways. Anann knew that they would need to prove themselves and their word, and in time they would likely be tested.

Anann crouched to pick up the satchel that rested need her feet. ”I have brought a gift, in honor of the traditions of your borders.” Cradling the object in her hand she opened the drawstring and pulled back the leather to reveal a wolf skull. It had been picked rather clean by scavengers and show the marks of some chewing. Anann wasn’t sure how the Aquila would react to her gift. It was a bold move, but she felt it was only fitting that Keese’s head should rest upon a pike along the borders of clan she knew he would love to hate.

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The leadership had changed, and Anatoliy had not been aware. Was Silas still there, even? The Russo watched the man, and a younger male, approach them with a smile that was terribly fake, that a youth could have easily seen through. But why ought he seem happy to see them? They were calling him, and for their size they looked to be two wolves come to bother them. He let Anann talk to them; she was the leader and he was there because he insisted he come with her for extra protection. Soon enough, a woman appeared, her mood much lighter than the man's, her smile actually genuine when compared to the other's fake one.

After a shake of hands, and introductions, Anann began to talk to the leaders. She opened the satchel and presented to them the skull of the bastard man. Anatoliy looked at it coldly, glad that the man was dead and they were presenting his skull as a gift to appease neighbors. It was offered to the two leaders, and the Russo watched their expressions for a sign. Would they accept such a thing from a wolf and a hybrid? And would it actually affect their relationship at all?

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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The sudden appearance of Sage changed things. Ezekiel’s posture shifted, as if eased by this secondary presence. Yet his attention lingered with the woman, who went on to go on about their new little pack. Warriors. This meant they were dangerous, even if they came speaking of peace. A part of him remained wary and listened with this in mind; of course, he was wary these days regardless.

It surprised him, therefore, when she drew forth a skull. Ezekiel’s eyes widened slightly. Obviously these people had little qualms with murder, least of all their behavior when it came to decorating the borders. Her mate looked unhappy about the skull—Ezekiel wondered just who it had belonged to. With a nod to Sage to take the dead thing, he looked to Anann. “I’m Ezekiel de le Poer, Aquila here. I accept this gift, as well as this agreement of peace between us. Contrary to what most people say about us, Inferni’s only intention is to be left alone…unfortunately, sometimes others don’t believe we have that right, given our blood.” A harshness clung to his words, dull fury obvious when it came to such a concept.

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Sage remained quiet as the tall she-wolf spoke her peace to the pair. A dark ear flicked at Anann's words, and Sage nodded, smiling appreciatively as the woman assured her their pack was a diplomatic one. She seemed friendly enough, the Optio thought, and was even more impressed that the woman had brought a gift. Perhaps Sage would need to do the same for the Casa di Cavalieri family. Clasping her hands together behind her back, she watched the item as it was removed, her expression quickly turning to a frown. A hand moved to her face then, covering her mouth as golden eyes flickered from the Ezekiel back to Anann. Sage glanced around for a moment, assured by the presence of the skulls already spiked on the borders that they had not been missed by the wolfess. Surely, she knew what she did. But Ezekiel's reaction was not the anger that she seemed to expect. Instead, he was civil and polite; well, polite enough. The girl couldn't help but notice the bite on his tongue as he spoke as she reached out to take the skull. "Thank you," she managed softly. It had once been a living canine's skull, and she was horrified by that fact. Trying not to fully express her distaste, Sage managed a queasy smile of thanks and a nod before falling silent once again, staring stiffly at the tattered skull. She noticed small bits of dark fur still clinging to it in places, and she tried to focus her eyes on the ever-so-gracious man and woman that stood before them; after all, they were just trying to make friends.

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Anann had expected that her gift would be a rather unexpected one and the Aquila’s expression seemed to confirm such thoughts, yet Sage’s own reaction was quite different. It was Anann’s hope that the skull would show that open acknowledged and respected the culture of the clan, even if Anann herself did not have a deep understanding of the clan and its history. With Sage’s reaction though, the Luna feared that perhaps she had overstepped that boundary and perhaps insulted the woman with her offering. Anann gave a respectful bow of her head to the Aquila as he granted them an agreement of peace, even if it was followed with a warning. Anann knew too well of the prejudices in the world. Her own homeland had been forged on such views, yet it was something Anann had always been able to see beyond. ”I judge one by their actions, not their blood.”

Anann then turned her attention to the Optio that still seemed rather squeamish about the skull she held. ”I assure you, he deserved the fate that befell him, though it did not come at my hands. It is all too suiting that his skull become an addition to those of your borders.” The words were meant to comfort the other woman, though their tone was tainted with the bitterness Anann still felt at the silver male's memory.

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