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eris please. It's marked mature because Esme has a very big and violent imagination. The first paragraph is just about nothing so feel free to skip it. This is the bat Daisuke caught

Word Count → 672

Esmeralda had been lonely, she felt almost discarded, as if the pack she left wanted nothing to do with her, and that her mother and father did not love her. It was probably true, because after all this time, she had been wandering even when she was little, none of them had even bothered to look for her. It was sad to think that she, as a princess was so dispensable. She whined because she was depressed, her mind thinking about how her mother had promoted that ugly gray bastard rather than promoting her father, or better yet, her. She was enraged at the woman and she always would be, until that stupid asshole was six feet in the ground. He should be burned on a cross, and then pissed on, and then buried for worm-food, maybe also have his wrists slit so that the fire would burn a nice smell into the air. She fantasized about the male burning at the stake and she actually got herself really excited for that day. Her mind twisted around the fantasy of returning to Anathema and then putting an act on for Rakeeb to where he would trust her, and then cutting his tendons on his legs so he could not walk, and putting a muzzle on him so he could not bite, and then slitting his wrists deep enough to where he would not be able to move his hands. She found herself sexually excited about this, and her fur fluffed out at the exciting thoughts of killing the male. She wanted to be the one to end his stupid, meaningless life. Hopefully she was the one to do so.

Today she and Daisuke were in the mountains again, the wounded girl found it hard to climb the mountain but her staff had helped her as well as Daisuke. Since her encounter with that lupus woman, Esme had been in pain, since the bitch did get some good bites on Esme before Esme had cut the woman open. If the woman had not gotten away Esme would have burned her alive. It had been time to take a break again, and the two had come upon the Stellarton Mines that were nestled into the mountain's side. She walked in and looked up at the ceiling where there was a bunch of bats. Her eyes dilated as she decided that she wanted one of them as a pet. DAISUKE! I WANT ONE! she yelled, which had caused the bats to awaken and they panicked and started to fly sporadically. Daisuke grabbed one out of the air, and it turned around and bit him right away, but he didn't mind it, and he held it up to the woman as it was still trying to get him off by biting him. He's a fiesty one. he spoke to her, looking at the beast and chuckling softly. Make him nice. she demanded. Daisuke spoke to the bat in the low speech that he knew, and the large ears of the bat had flicked, as if it understood, and it had taken it's teeth out of the fingers of Daisuke. It made a sound from it's mouth and it flicked it's large ears to Esme as well as turned it's head to her.

Esme stepped on a bug and then she picked the dead thing up and she held it up to the nose of the bat. The bat responded right away by chomping on the beetle and then it fluttered to Esmeralda and clung into her chest fur. He likes me she spoke, giggling softly before she looked to the floor for some more beetles to feed it. It was quite dark so she did have a hard time, but the bat didn't seem to mind the woman searching while her warm fur kept the beast warm and calm. All too soon she would become hurting and tired so she would sit down and rest her legs, with her back against one of the mine walls.

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There was a shout, and a fluttering, rushing sound. The second sound grew louder, and Eris peered around curiously for the source of it, her sharp green eyes taking in the mountainside quickly. Miqui did the same, the big coyote grunting as he twisted his head toward the mine's entrance. An explosion of bats came forth from it, earlier than they should be. Eris tilted her head and murmured to her companion. It was not that she didn't feel safe outside of Salsola, but truthfully, she couldn't fight worth a shit, and neither did she possess a single weapon with which to defend herself. She felt better roaming the neutral territories with some kind of escort, and Miqui served another purpose, too: he would ascertain for the rest of the pack that Eris was, in fact, attending to her duties and avoiding excessive fraternization with outsiders.

The bigger coyote lumbered to the entrance of the mines, peering around with his crimson eyes. Eris quirked her brows at him, flickering her tail in impatience. Miqui merely shrugged, and stepped forward into the darkness. Eris followed a few feet behind him. She had never visited this part of the mountain before, and was unlikely to return. She had spent enough time in caves while in Anathema, and she could do quite well without getting lost in these weird, man-made ones. There were wooden beams along the walls, but the light faded quickly, and it was only after they stopped and Miqui made a quick torch of a branch, carried within the mine by some old storm or long-dead creature, that Eris could once again see.

These caves were more curious and eerie than Anathema's caves, she thought. Most everything man-made gave her the shivers, though she set those feelings aside easily enough when it came time to take advantage of the old human technology. Miqui stopped, and Eris very nearly ran into his back. Two wolves, miss, he said, stepping aside for her to see. Thank you, darling, she said, stepping past him and brushing a hand against his chest. She did not look for his reaction, and instead inspected these strangers with curiosity in her chartreuse eyes. One was adorned wildly, and the other possessed multi-colored fur and brilliantly blue eyes. Both intrigued her, and she stepped away from Miqui without second thought.

What a pretty new pet, she said, smiling broadly. We wondered what frightened the bats so from in here, the hybrid said, peering toward the multi-colored one with the blue eyes. She watched the small bat, and did find it quite the adorable pet. It would have fit right at home with Sandalio and Itzcitla, though Eris doubted Molcaxitl would appreciate any new animals to care for. They were lucky Dalio and Itz were both primarily self-sufficient, capable of hunting more than enough to sate themselves. Eris, and this is my companion, Miqui, she added, introducing herself with no pack affiliation, as usual. The ocean dip and bayberry smear treatment generally did the trick for concealing Salsola's scent, though Eris knew they would have to take care to avoid the same plants over and over again. Did you venture so far into these man-caves to find such a pet? The Auxiliary inquired, eager to make conversation with these interesting strangers. One never knew what might become of such a chance meeting.

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There is a hell, believe me I've seen it,
there is a heaven let's keep it a secret

The sound of other was soon present, and the woman was quick to grab a knife from her fanny pack and she growled softly. She was in an excited state of violence in her mind, but her body was much less willing to actually follow through with the act of dismantling one's body from it's head like she had wanted to do. She sat there, tired and hungry, a look of tiredness on her adorable features. She looked in the direction of the two whom approached her and her slave. Daisuke put his pack down on the floor, assuming that they would be here for some time before he proceeded to sit down and look at the ground for more beetles since the woman had abandoned the effort. He warned the woman of the oncoming Luperci with a low coo from his voice, almost a hiss of sorts. She hushed him with a "shh" from her maw as she watched the shadows form into a beautiful woman with these bright yellow-green eyes. She gasped at the beauty of the woman that appeared in front of her and her golden serpent slave man.

Esmeralda had felt like she was breathless at the woman's beauty, her shimmering black pelt and those jewels for eyes that she had, but those floppy ears caught the woman's voice that was aimed at her like an arrow shot through a bow. The woman smiled at her, a rare thing that Esmeralda almost never got from people. She touched her crown that adorned her head and then she smiled back at the woman. He has no name yet, but ain't he the cutest thing? My snake-boy here just caught him for me. I really like him, wanna keep him too. she spoke to the woman, nodding her head and petting the back of the still very wild animal that had taken to her breast if only because it was extra warm. The beauty then introduced herself and her scarred companion, and Esmeralda nodded her head again and still held an innocent, siren's smile on her maw, her eyes shining with innocence and youth. I'm Princess Esmeralda Acidic. This is my slave-boy, Snake. she replied, her fluffy tail thumping against the ground softly. Eris then went on to ask the girl of if she had come here to solely acquire such a beast. She shook her head immediately.

I just found them here when I came in, decided I wanted one then. I have no home, anymore, so I've been wandering around a lot lately. When I was Anathema I didn't really do that, so now that I'm free from the false prophets, I do what I want, and can to survive, though I do already miss my home in the caves. Had my own den and everything. It's hard being a loner. Tiring when you have no one to protect you from ugly, violent she-wolves. Snake here can only do so much before he's overpowered. she spoke a lot of words to the woman, not really knowing why, but feeling like she should because the woman here was beautiful, and she wanted to know more about the woman named Eris, so what better way to do that then by sharing the small story of herself? Plus, it wasn't like Esmeralda did not like to hear herself talk. where are you two from?

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(634) I forget whether Eris was supposed to explicitly invite Esme or not. x_x Remind my dumb Irish ass?

Eris is by Poppz!

Though the faintest hint of a growl echoed through these man-made caves, the hybrid was not afraid. Her companion would provide ample protection; he was, after all, obliged to die in her service. If she made it back to Salsola and he was torn to pieces, that was all right, wasn't it? The growl did not sound particularly rankled, merely excited -- Eris thought she herself might have reacted in such a manner at hearing noise in these deep caves. Miqui's shoddily-made torch cast a flickering, dim light against the deep gray, almost black of the walls; despite its light, Eris could not see so very far ahead. Just behind the two figures, the world was again enveloped by blackness. She was right to have dismissed the sound as one of excitement -- there did not seem to be aggression here, and Eris did not seek to provoke it.

Eris beamed harder, her grin growing ecstatic as the other canine spoke of pets -- two of them, if Eris was correct. There was the little furry bat, and her snake-boy. The dark hybrid listened intently at the introduction, nodding at both the names. Princess Esmeralda and a slave -- this was quaint, quaint indeed. She remained quiet as the other canine continued to speak, occasionally nodding her head this way and that. Miqui stood off to the side, seemingly disinterested in all; Eris figured he would be watching, waiting for any signs of trouble. Eris herself didn't figure there would be any. Stoic Miqui was likely to remain silent in the presence of these outsiders, unless Eris took care to include him in the conversation.

In any case, there were a great number of things that interested her about Esmeralda's words. Anathema, homeless, false prophets? Her chartreuse eyes blazed with curiosity, and she took a step forward. Naked as she was, it was clear there were no weapons on her, and her physique did not lend itself toward athleticism. There was no threat to either of the canines before her. We're from the south, she said, the lie as effortless as it was untruthful. We, too, found we did not like Anathema -- but alas, there is nowhere else for us, the hybrid said, rolling a shoulder. To her surprise, Miqui cut in.

I didn't mind the pack, but the caves -- no, he said, his accented voice polite as she'd ever heard it. Both chartreuse eyes glanced toward the man in surprise, albeit positive. No offense, but being underground isn't my thing, the coyote said, rolling both of his broad shoulders in a brief shrug. It's better now that we're under the open sky, he said, at last. The dark hybrid, who had half-turned toward her companion, now brought her yellow-green eyes back to Esmeralda, nodding gravely. He speaks my feelings on the matter of the mountain pack, sorry to say, she added, reminding herself to compliment Miqui on his support for their story later.

I do agree, though, that life alone is not so easy, either, the dark woman said, now settling right onto the ground, motioning for the others to take their seats, should they so wish. Though she gestured,if the hybrid had spoken, she would have spoken only to Miqui and Esmeralda -- the orange one, the snake-boy, had been identified as a slave. You are lucky to keep a slave, though. He looks like a good one. Why do you call him snake? she inquired, customarily directing her questions toward the master rather than the slave. There were a great many adornments to the golden-hued man, and Eris looked over them with admiring interest, finding the slave Esmeralda had chosen for her keeping rather pleasing to the eye.

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Word Count → 559 :: I Pmed you. Daisuke was laying on the ground and esme was sitting against the wall already when they arrived, just thought I would let you know. <3

There is a hell, believe me I've seen it,
there is a heaven let's keep it a secret

The woman spoke to Esme, saying they were from the south but not speaking of what pack they were from, if from any. They did not smell like they were part of a pack, but they did smell similar to each other which made Esme wonder if Miqui was Eris' slave, but then looking at them again, they did not seem to have that type of relationship because of the fact that Miqui stood pretty tall , not submissively like Daisuke had taken to, by putting his eyes on the ankles of the other wolves and pulling his torn ears back on his head. She was told by Eris that they did not favor Anathema either, and then Miqui cut in and spoke of how he did not like the caves. She did like the caves, for she was a darkness dweller because of the sun and it's ability to burn her skin. It was not the caves I did not like. My mother is the leader of Anathema, she promoted this ugly gray wolf to Rakeeb when I was supposed to get that rank, or my beautiful father. she did not hide her hatred of gray colored wolves from the two, and the word was littered with disgust as she had spoken of it. Both of them seemed to think the same thing about the mountain pack though, Eris and Miqui it seemed. She shrugged. The sun burns my skin if I'm outside too long in the sunlight. The Mountains were also my home of sorts, they were not hard on my skin. she explained.

Eris then asked her of the reason her slave was called snake. She looked at him and his arm, in which he outstretched. There was a black snake tattooed there. His tattoo. she had spoken, nodding her head. He has the appearance of a snake in my eyes as well. He slithers around like one. she had spoken as well, as her hand went to her new pet that hung on her chest hair and she stroked it's small body. It trilled in response, which she took as a good sign. It did not move though for it was comfortable in it's spot. Esme sighed as her stomach growled though, a signal that she was hungry yet again. She had not forgotten but she had been in conversation with the two so she had ignored it. It also wasn't like she couldn't hunt, she just was wounded on her leg, and some on her hip so she had been taking it easy and Daisuke had not found her some food to eat yet. She was not comfortable here to let her slave search for food. She got the most pathetic, innocent, adorable puppy look on her face, one of a begging puppy as she looked at Miqui and Eris. I'm so hungry... she spoke, wondering if the two would be able to satisfy her hunger with any food that they might have on them. She hoped that they did. Her maw even let out a small whine, pathetic and puppy-like. Afterall, she still was a pup, and she still did expect others to feed her rather than her just fending for herself like she had been before she had been in Anathema, and now, after she had left because of her mother's stupid mistake.

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Eris is by Kiri!

The dark hybrid listened with rising interest as the pallid woman continued, her chartreuse eyes lit from within. She would not have guessed that this woman was relative to Naniko, but she would not have balked at the revelation of adopted parentage. It was the very same concept as the one Salsola employed, after all -- family was a feeling, certainly not defined by the blood running in one's veins. Eris was curious to know who now led Anathema beside Naniko. In her memory, only the dark stranger, Azalea, had sat at the head of the Anathema pack before. That woman had been a ghost, though -- barely more than a faint spark in Eris's memory.

Despite her curiosity, the dark hybrid reigned in her inquiries, remaining seated and quiet to allow the mottled girl to continue speaking. Miqui sat a few feet to her left, apparently intending to to do the same as his Auxiliary. Whether this was his own will or whether he was simply following her lead, Eris could not say, and Eris did not care. Her sharp eyes were busied, taking in the younger canine's form. There was no doubt in Eris's mind of this one's youth. She wondered if her own age was apparent in contrast with this Esmeralda; she certainly felt it. While Eris was far from ancient, the coyote woman knew she would lose her charm and physical wiles sooner rather than later. This pale beauty had years yet before that deadline, and The Auxiliary could not suppress a twinge of jealousy in her chest.

Miqui grunted what might have been a laugh. Is good for slave to slither like snake, he said, nodding approval even as he reached into their satchel of light provisions. The man produced a skin filled with water -- Eris had sweetened it with a pinch of dried mint leaves, wrapped into a shaving of hide so paper-thin it was translucent. Molcaxitl had taught her this, as with many of the practical things Eris now knew. The tawny coyote drank and motioned to pass the drink to the sable coyote, who waved it off. He made to offer the skin to Esmeralda, immediately digging back into the pack to produce a strip of dried meat. This, too, had been seasoned and dried expertly by Molca. Eris thought it was rabbit, but one could never be certain with the smoked bits. All were tasty enough, in her opinion. The hybrid offered a rare smile; it flashed across his muzzle and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

Didn't bring much, but sharing is good, the dusky-hued man said, his accented voice gravelly, as always. Eris thought she detected a hint of warmth in the man's voice nonetheless; perhaps Salsola would break him out of his shell, after all. She turned her thoughts back to the mottled woman before her, having fully absorbed what she'd spoken and formulated her response. Well, my poor dear girl, she purred, putting a hand to the end of her muzzle and shaking her head. I can't imagine the sun burning so. You might dress yourself in a cloak? One with a hood, she offered. Though some find it difficult to wear clothing -- I am among them, she said, as if this was not obvious by her stark nakedness.

But -- you say -- your mother -- Naniko? Who is this Rakeeb? The sub-leader, yes? she asked, trying to confirm concrete information and turn the conversation back toward that which was useful to her. Anathema interests me, but I would not return, The Auxiliary said, shaking her head and offering a brief, secretive smile. It was one she would have shared with Miqui, but now was not the time. You seem to have been spurned; I was not, but I could not find a place there, either. These were truths, and there was nothing wrong with revealing them -- it was personal and irrelevant to Salsola, after all.

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There is a hell, believe me I've seen it,
there is a heaven let's keep it a secret

The male agreed that it was good for slaves to slither like snakes, though, it was not only that Daisuke slithered like one, but he also bit like one. It was an admirable trait that Esme had noticed if only in the last few days because of the fact that the male had protected her with a furiosity that Esme barely realized that the male had. Esme nodded her head to the male, and she let one of her hands go to the male's colorful spiky hair and she stroked him. Yes, he is a good slave, he serves me well. she spoke about him, a smile gracing her lips, and Daisuke wagged his tail lightly at the praise that she had given to him. Then the male would offer her water, and food, and she graciously took the skin and took a sip of the water, and handed it back, and she took a strip of meat and quickly shoved it in her mouth as if she had no food in a few days, and this was true. She had no food for the last two days and she was weak because of her wounds from the fight with Vesper. I thank you for your hospitality, Miqui she decided to thank the male instead of getting on his case about the three scars on his face because he had been so generous with his sweet water and smoked meat strips. She had seen the smile as well, and returned it with a beautiful one of her own before Eris would speak again.

The words spoken from the female were known, and often times Esme would wear her wolf pelts that she had, but she loved to show off her beautiful pelt, so she would ignore the chances of her skin burning and would run around naked instead. I have a few pairs of clothing, including a halter for my breasts, but I like to show off how dashingly beautiful my pelt is without clothes sometimes, and it's so much prettier in the sun than it is in the night. she spoke to the woman and she nodded her had to the sable woman. Eris then asked about the rakeeb, and Esme's face turned dark, and her fingers traced the bat's furry back. She trilled to it, and then she looked at Eris again. some ugly, retarded, homosexual male by the name of Alaki. the tones of the child were as dark as they ever had been. It was easy to tell that the girl dispised her mother's choice, and therefore not only cursed Alaki, but all of Anathema, few were able to get away from her scorn, such as Jackson- her brother, Ravesque- her father, Panda- Furcas in Anathema, and Itzal- her fuck buddy.

I left on my own accord. Since I seemed to be so dispensable to my mother, after all, I had gotten lost while I was nothing but a little pup, and she lifted no finger to try and find me. I had to find my way back to Anathema with Snake. Naniko is a horrible mother, and a horrible leader. she scorned her step-mother, for she had lost much if not all of her respect for her step-mother. Did you ever find your place elsewhere, miss Eris? I am looking for a new home myself, for the life of a loner is no place for a Princess. she spoke, looking over at the sable woman with a softer gaze that was again, very puppy-like.

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Eris is by me!

The name Alaki was foreign to her, though Eris guessed most of Anathema at the time of her departure for Salsola would be strangers. There had been so damned many of them that even their ample cave-space had begun feeling crowded to the sable hybrid, who had never lived in the earth before. She had seen the outermost caves, the sacred ruins of the Atototzli, but she had never lived there, and while in Eterne, she had found it difficult to imagine doing so. Her time in Anathema seemed, more and more frequently, nothing more than a dream, faintly remembered.

Ah, yes. I'm not so fond of those human-styled clothes, myself, the hybrid said, grinning. Even so, she turned a more scrupulous eye onto the woman then, hearing her request for what it was. Eris was still fond of Anathema, for its problems. Those in the pack were not all bad, and Esmeralda might be one of the good ones. If so, she would do well to take her for Salsola. The merle-hued canine also had youth on her side. With youth, Eris knew Esme could learn the ways of the pack, growing up immersed in its culture. She considered, nodding a few times as the woman spoke. She was still listening even as she contemplated.

Miqui was still and silent beside her, having responded to the thanks with a quick nod. He was apparently ready to leave this task to his Auxiliary, and this the sable-hued hybrid appreciated. It was her right, after all, and her right certainly superceded his. This was why Miqui was valuable, however -- he knew his place, and he did not have the desire or the motivation to step beyond his place. The sharp chartreuse eyes of The Auxiliary regarded the tawny woman carefully, and she nodded.

Yes, indeed. I found such a place, and if Anathema was so unpleasant for you, perhaps you should like my place, as well, the hybrid began, choosing each word carefully. This home of mine -- it demands loyalty, Esmeralda. We reward it, too. You would find a home there, but you would be welcome only as long as you pledged service and trust to this pack. It would mean the acquisition of a new Family, the coyote said, her words explanatory enough. She did not think Esmeralda was a poltroon; however, one could never be certain with outsiders, and it was important to know where this merle-hued woman stood where it came to Salsola's values before she could be trusted any further.

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Watch the rivers flow with blood
Having death stand were life once stood

Esme looked at the sable woman, her dagger-like eyes pinned on the woman, only sometimes looking to the woman's eyes but then finding her gaze to be more acidic than the word 'acidic' itself. It was a sign of unknown submissiveness, which was normally rare in the bones of Esmeralda Acidic because of her narcissism. It was something about the woman's eyes though, something about the acidic green-yellow eyes that were so sickly that it made the woman's stomach churn, and her own icy daggers to be burned by the touch of that acid. Esme's floppy ears were on the woman, while she turned her head down towards the fluffy bat that still held onto her chest fur, trilling at her. She clicked her tongue at it and she put her hands on it's back. She stroked it lovingly, so it did not freak out like she first thought it might have. She did seem to have just the right amount of gentleness to her touch that seemed to make others like her, and apparently the bat liked her touch too. This was a good thing because her pets needed to like her.

Eris spoke to her of a home that she had found and Esme lifted in head and listened intensely. She wanted to know about this new home, and she wanted to know if this home would be for her or not. She hoped that she would be able to get to know such a place that catered to such wonderful beasts. Eris told her that it demanded loyalty, and trust and service. The service part would be hard for her, but she knew that if she put her mind to it that she could help out the pack and be a great service until she rose to where she was catered on. She nodded her head. Loyalty, and trust and service are not things I have problems with. she lied, but it wasn't like she needed to tell the truth about everything. Eris did not mention honesty either way. Having a new family sound like it would be nice. I would love a new loyal, loving family.. the pup spoke, her face being graced with an innocent smile. Is there anything I can do to become part of this family, Eris? she asked, cocking her head to the woman.

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Welcome to Salsola
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Eris is by Poppz!

Honesty was not, in fact, amongst Salsola's virtues. Loyalty and trust encompassed betrayal as an act forbidden by Salsola, certainly -- the dark-furred hybrid did not care what secrets her pack harbored, so long as their loyalty remained true. She would guess Sirius felt similarly, though she had not discussed the matter with him. In truth, such philosophical debates bored Eris -- she did not care to discuss others. Conversations were best when she was the main subject of them, or Salsola, or spirituality. These were topics in which the sable-hued woman could become engrossed, and they were her preferred vein of discussion.

The dark woman smiled, teeth just beginning to show the faint signs of age discoloration still bright against the black of her coat. Miqui stirred at her side, though he did not speak as of yet -- perhaps he was awed to have seen one accepted so smoothly into Salsola? Such was the privilege of her position, though. She could afford to extend open invitations to outsiders she found suitable for their purposes -- one ranked as Family could extend the invitation, surely, but their invitation did not come with a guarantee. Eris spared him a momentary glance and that same toothy grin, turning back to Esmeralda.

A gift -- whatever you find suitable for myself, or my co-leader, Sirius. Would you be prepared to accompany us now, or would you wish to come to us in your own time? The question was innocent enough, but if Esmeralda declined to follow them this moment, there was again a chance for the merle canine to change her mind about Salsola. While that made Eris uncomfortable, there was no way she could force the woman to accompany her. There was nothing to leverage over Esmeralda like there had been Liliya. The dark hybrid could only maintain faith that the pallid woman would come to Salsola, if she choose to come later.

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Word Count → 427

Esme's tail wagged lightly at the smile of the sable woman. The woman had told her that there would need to be a gift, and then, she had learned that Eris was a leader of her new home. Esme's face lit up in a beautiful grin, one that matched her beautiful appearance and it also fit the look of a true princess that she knew that she was. It was innocent, and royal, all while holding a mysterious appeal to it, that could have been mistaken for mischievousness. It wouldn't be a surprise that she was mischievous though, because she was Esmeralda Acidic. Her name even had a warning in it that there was something wrong with her. Either way, Esmeralda was glad that the leader approved of her so much, to even ask if she would be accompanying them today, or at a later time. Esmeralda did not want to prolong her arrival of the new place, and she also had a tendency to get lost and go the wrong way when trying to get somewhere so she did not think that she would wait to come at her own time.

Getting a gift worthy of the woman would be a hard thing though. She thought about it, and she looked at Daisuke. She thought about all of the pelts she had with her, and figured that she could rid herself of some of the nicer ones, even though there were some that she would always want to keep for herself. Daisuke, fetch my things, I'm sure I have something among those things that are luxurious enough for my new leaders. she spoke to him, and he slowly got up, without a word and he moved into the darkness, and grabbed the things that lay only a few feet away from them and he set them down in front of the woman. The girl looked within the things, the most luxurious pelts laying bundled within the dingier ones. She would pull out a long, golden and white pelt that she absolutely loved, but she was willing to give it to the woman. It was fashioned into a cloak, but it would easily serve as a blanket as well. It was soft still, and in great condition. I skinned this wolf myself. She was so gorgeous that I just had to have her pelt. Now, I gift it to you, Eris. spoke the woman and she had handed over the pelt to the woman, making sure it did not touch the dirty ground.

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Eris is by Kiri!

The dark coyote was delighted with the apparently positive response of her pallid new packmate. Esmeralda was young, and she had fiery potential yet. Eris might even see her as a threat someday -- it was entirely possible, but the dark woman thought her potential personal disadvantage in the distant future was far less important than the good done for Salsola as a whole in acquiring this lovely young specimen. She could hone her skills and sharpen her adult teeth in the pack, and they would all be well-served by her presence. Eris would gladly take this one under her wing and educate her in the finer points of Salsola, ensuring her debut to the pack was flawless.

She watched with curious yellow-green eyes as the woman rooted through her things. Miqui stood at her side, stretching. I'm excited to have new pack-mates, he said, his thickly accented voice declared. Though there was no apparent happiness in his gruff face, Eris thought she could sense it within him anyhow; the dark coyote seemed one to avoid excessive physical display of emotion, but auras and intuitions were strong with the dark woman. She smiled at him and extended a hand to his arm, squeezing for a moment before she turned her bright eyes toward the merle coyote, peering approvingly toward the gift she held out.

A wolf pelt -- Eris had many pelts, but she did not think she was in possession of a wolf pelt, and if she was, it was not as nice as this one, with its creamy coloration and red-orange highlights. A purring growl of approval came from the dark woman, and she took the pelt carefully, holding it first to her chest, then sliding it between ribcage and upper arm so she could step forward to the woman before her. She leaned forward to deliver the pack's greeting, whispering her approval as lovingly as any mother speaking to a child. It's lovely.

As the dark woman stepped back, Miqui stepped forward to deliver that same greeting, formally drawing Esmeralda into their fold. Eris murmured her excitement to the pair and turned to lead the trio out of the caves, presumably Daisuke in the rear with his master's belongings. Eris gave little thought to the slave-man; he would be pierced and given additional education, if he was deemed in need of such and his mistress consented. For her part, she again clutched the lovely fur to her chest, inhaling its faintly rotten, dead scent. Soon, they would emerge into the outside world and trek through the trees with their withering frondescence, the marshes and their rolling hills, and to Salsola's border, that protected corner of the bay.

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