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Half a day had wasted away since he had come across his first stranger in the new lands. Things had gone well he guessed. She hadn't wanted to kill him when they parted ways and she had left him with some good information about the lands she knew. He should have asked more direct questions but truthfully he wanted to find things out for himself because gossip was generally always second rate and there was nothing better than finding the border of a pack and seeing just what potential they held or lacked.

His stroll down the mountains had led him close to a pack it seemed, but the scent here was not one he knew, or even wanted to know. He wrinkled his nose in disgust at the pungent scent. Coyotes. They were vermin, worse than vermin, at least he could eat a rat if it vexed him. Killing a coyote wasn't something that bothered him, but it was almost pointless if he couldn't eat the meat from his kill, not that he wasn't up for possibly entertaining the idea if his mood was foul enough.

Instead he skirted their borders, eying the lands with distrust as he stayed far enough away not to seem a threat but close enough to keep watch over the pint sized terrors. He would have kept moving along if it hadn't been for the warning signs along the edge of their lands that kept flashing by. The large wolf slowed and finally gave in to figure out just what in the world he was looking at.

A slow growl rose in his throat when he came to sit before the caution sign that was there for all. His fangs glittered slightly in disgust as he realized that what stood before him was a skull. A wolf's skull. He shook his head and rose to leave, clearly coyotes here were not put in their place.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

Ezekiel will likely just strike with grazing blows; I figure they can do this back and forth for a bit before Zeke actually lands something bad and Thoirni runs off?

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It might have ended there. The wolf could have walked away and left their borders without encountering anyone. He might never have seen the brutality of Inferni or known it for what it was. Yet Ezekiel had found him; watched him with the same disconnected coldness as a predator and waited. Unlike so many of his family, there had been no singular event that drove him to despise life. Hardly; Ezekiel was a man who loved living, and because of this, sought the only truth he knew.

He rushed from the grass silently, ears flat and fangs bared. Would this stranger know that this savage was mourning the loss of his family? The Aquila doubted it. No one could speak to him in the way he needed. So this silent, fury filled wrath hurtled towards the mottled wolf if only to, for a moment, feel alive again. Red paws tore the ground up from under his feet as he leapt, snapping for the exposed shoulder. Wounding the male would ensure the fight was one of desperation and of need—not simply a pathetic excuse for such a thing.

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The male had just turned away when the slight vibrations in the soil alerted him that he was not alone. The large male turned his head back just in time to catch sight of the blur of another swiftly hurling towards him. He twisted at the last second to avoid catastrophe but he could feel the fangs of the other slide through his fur, scraping past his skin as a growl burst from his throat. Had he not just turned away from their borders in peace to seek his solace somewhere else and yet unprovoked the coyote had come at him.

His twotoned orbs flashed as he turned to face the beast before him, trying to get a good look at the beast before he gaged his space and allowed his weight to ground him. A snarl broke from his lips as he dove after the male. He sure hadn't started this but it wouldn't bother him to get a few blows in before it was over.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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They always cried foul, cried innocence. Why warn a trespasser? Why warn someone who would just as likely strike him down without just cause? Ezekiel thought little of honor or nobility. It was not his way, and it was not the way of the world. Savages, the lot of them, masquerading as if they were more. It offended the very core of his being, the very idea that something within them was made for morals and justices gauged by soft values and the weak thoughts of pacifism. No, he knew the truth. He knew what it was to fight and to live, and the rush of adrenaline that reminded him what it was to feel.

His blow scraped by and Ezekiel’s momentum carried him forward. Teeth came after him, but the coyote was faster than the wolf. All of his feet pushed against the earth and turned him around sharply, diving fast and low for an exposed haunch. Strike and retreat was his style of fight; he slashed at the wolf’s leg and darted aside, moving with the speed his mother’s bloodline had given him. Fight to kill, was what his uncle had said, and so he did. Either this man would run or he would join the ranks of the dead along their borders.

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At first he had been disgusted that he would be attacked without cause, but then that voice reminded him that this was no creature of thought and morals. It was a coyote, or at least some brute that associated himself with them, just as horrible as the real thing, worse really in his eyes. Fury had begun to bubble up in his soul at the thought of even possibly sharing some sort of relation to a creature like this. His eyes shown with hatred and anger as he dove into the Frey once more.

His teeth had missed their mark as a snarl burst from deep within his chest. His eyes flashed dangerously as he was forced to counter quickly for the bastard was fast and teeth snapped shut dangerously close to his haunch. Too close, for he felt fangs sink into loose skin and tear as he had backed away. Sharp pain was his answer as he ignored the pain and snapped back at the other male, his fangs diving for the strangers exposed ears and scruff as the creature best his short retreat out of reach. How he hated cowards.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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This was not the first wolf who had hated him for his blood. Ezekiel looked like a coyote; he was large, yes, but his body confirmations and the sleek lines of his head were nothing short of his heritage. Wolf within him was only strength, only weight, and only instinct. He could look into their thoughts, know them, and so he understood what it was he hated. It was not all wolves, as some so blindly believed them to think, but a general and all-purpose loathing that consumed him and made him think of these others as somehow terrible.

Teeth grazed and pulled at the thick scruff of winter fur on Ezekiel’s neck. He was faster than the wolf. A toothy snarl pulled at his face as he swung wide, feigning for the wolf’s throat and then diving towards his side. Again, Ezekiel snapped wildly. He slammed his weight against the wounded haunch; while not as large as the wolf, he certainly intended to exploit the wounds he created. Medical training had given Ezekiel an advantage—he knew exactly where to strike, and exactly what would destroy those who stood against him,

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Something inside him had snapped. He didn't know exactly what but the disgust and fury had doubled as the fighting intensified. He knew that he should just turn tail and run but he hadn't done anything in the first place to have this fight thrown upon him. Unless walking past claimed territories now was hazardous to ones health and he had yet to receive the public service announcement then he wasn't about to be cowed by some halfbreed who thought better of himself. He was still a creature with pride and the beast within told him to stand his ground.

His pearly white fangs snapped on the scruff of the large male, the pure wolf aware of the thrashing and nashing of the others teeth, only letting go when they thrust out towards his throat. A roaring snarl broke from his maw as he realized too late it was a feint as quick as a snake the beast's fangs caught his uperforeleg instead. He quickly dove in to counter the attack, his fangs searching out the males fleshy side as he felt the clan member throw his weight into his already injured haunch. He tried to ignore the pain but the already throbbing wound blazed now as he was beginning to realize too soon he might have to make a run for it if the oppertunity presented itself.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

You reply and I can wrap this up and close it? :)

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Ezekiel didn’t need a reason. He had no cause to justify his actions, to explain to a stranger why it was he hated him. He was there, he was a body, and he was someone who could take the frustration as others could not. The Aquila had lived without support for so long that sometimes this felt like the only option. Lord on High, it felt good. Bloodied teeth sank into flesh as he reveled in the pure moment. No words, no talk, no stupid noise. Fighting was the only way he know how to speak as the prophets had.

Yet to connect cost him. Ezekiel felt teeth scrape across his ribs. He recognized the difference in their size was one that would put the stranger at an advantage. Unlike his father, Ezekiel was no behemoth. Unwilling to risk serious damage, he released the silvery male quickly and darted away. This too, was a ruse. Almost as suddenly as he had left did he circle back, charging up from the rear. A good pounce would put him atop the male, but his chance was fading yet; the wound had slowed him, if only slightly, and his attention was no longer left singularly on attack.

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His mind had slowly begun to realize that there was no point in this anymore. While his instinct and breeding told him that this creature needed to be brought down his own form was travel weary and he knew that he would have to turn tail and run. It might be viewed as a victory to the golden bronze beast that attacked him but in his own eyes it would allow him to live to fight another day, and marked in his memory now was the scent and sight of this creature who had provoked this fight, one day he would find him again.

Now though, he needed to flee his mind screamed. His fangs had found the blood of the other and his veins screamed victory as the other seemed to bolt away when Thoirni released his form, but just as quickly as he turned his head the stranger had come crashing back again. He snarled and quickly twisted about to try and face his attacker. His timing was off though as the male slammed into him, rolling his body across the sandy dirt before he staggered back to his paws.

He quickly shook his pelt out, a spray of blood flying from his wound as he took swiftly to his paws. This was his chance, while the other was still trying to gather himself Thoirni took the chance to flee. His heavy paws thundering on the earth at the border as he turned back the way he came. The hell with this, he would find another way across the territories and on to better lands.

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