When Shall We Feast?

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The alpha wandered the territory, hiding his hulking halfling form in the shadows of the forest as he quietly breathed in the air. He had been stalking a small herd of white-tailed deer for a while now. The herd consisted of a fair amount of doe, a couple of fawns and a few stag. To feed the small group, that he know called his pack, only a stag would do. The though of winter had been haunting the new leader. Although they were small in numbers Casa di Cavalieri seemed to be growing at a steady rate, while the food storage was looking as bare as ever. He knew his members were capable of fending for themselves, all of them were healthy canines and able to catch their own food, but what would happen during the winter when they were larger in numbers and food was scarce?

Golden eyes stared out at the herd from his hiding place, picking out which stag would make the best meal. The difficulty in hunting alone, for such a large wolf, was getting close enough to the target. The warrior crouched low as he made his way along the edge of the open valley, being careful not to move so the wind would catch his scent and warn the forest creatures. He was so close. Placing one of his back paws down a sudden ‘snap’ of a brunch caused the herd to scatter. Without wasting a moment Jazper launched his large body forward, reaching a massive paw out just in time to trip the nearby stag. Both animals stumbled and continued the chase, the distance shortened by the scratch along the stag’s back leg. Gaining momentum the warrior tripped the stag once more and the creature tumbled to the ground giving Jazper the opportunity to go for the throat, relieving the stag from the pain.

Looking the creature over he noted the clean job. The only marks on the stag’s body being the throat wound and some bloody scratches on the legs. Sitting down by the belly he raised a large head into the air, releasing a song calling for all pack members to join him. It was time he took action as a leader.

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Word Count → 170

Gunnar had been coming back from a quick scan of the borders when Jazper's voice reached his ears from afar. A beckoning howl that called upon the pack in a gathering. The first pack gathering he'd been to since joining. This would be interesting, for sure.

He picked up his pace and headed for the location of the alpha male, still in his lupus form, favoring that right hind leg. He was used the limping pace so of course, it did little to hinder his speed as he all but sprinted through the forest, eager to know what was happening with the pack now.

The scent of a fresh kill and his leader were the first to greet him as he pushed through the foliage and into the small clearing. He stopped and dipped his head respectfully, in greeting, then took a moment to catch his breath. Am I the first to arrive? His voice was raspy as usual as he sat down and glanced around the clearing. Apparently so.

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The girl walked about quietly through the forest, the sweet pine-smell filling her nostrils. The fae had always loved the forest, every bit of it. It gave her a sense of calm and ease. It helped her to relax at times of mayhem.

Suddenly a loud call was raised into the air, a familiar howl that Fia knew at the very first sound. Quickly and easily shifting into her Secui form, she began to run quickly, the wet earth flying by underneath her quick and stealthy body. Faint scents of her father and Gunnar suddenly reached her, indicating she was getting closer. A wide smile spread on her maw at the thought of the on of the most two favorite male wolves of hers. Slowing her pace down a bit, Fia slunk through the thick undergrowth and bushes, a few needles hooking onto her silky white fur.

The woman shifted back to her lupus form right before she came in sight of the two, ice blue eyes shimmering. The scent of the fresh kill was intriguing. "Hey guys!" Fia said happily, her tail waving at a bit of a slow but quick pace behind her. She grinned and brushed softly against the black-furred curly man softly in sort of a silent greeting.

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Jazper’s call was very loud and powerful, pretty much commanding that his followers come to him, wherever he may be. Dixie was so new to the feeling of being ordered around. She wasn’t used to being under someone’s command, having to listen to and follow directions. However, she figured that Jazper and Anann were the two leaders best to break her in to pack life. They were both level headed and very smart, not overly demanding and knew how to deal with the little twerp.

Wayne was with her when they heard the call and nudged her side with his muzzle, indicating that they should start running in the right direction. Sighing softly, she dropped the books she’d been carrying from a messed up house and shifted into her halfling form. The large male led the way into the forest and followed the other canines’ scents to where they were all sitting. There was a large buck lying dead on the ground, Jazper standing near it with a bloody muzzle, looking serious and ready to start some sort of meeting. ”You called?”

Dixie came bounding up behind Wayne in a flurry of white fluff and he had to reach out and snap his jaws closed around her scruff to keep her from running into the dead deer. She yelped and jerked backwards, falling at his feet in a ball, growing at him softly. Chuckling, he used one big paw and thunked her on top of the head playfully, grinning toothily at the other canines as she huffed and turned away, seeming to be pouting.

They were an interesting pair, but it was obvious that through all of the bickering and teasing they did, both cared for each other immensely and would die for one another. There would be no separating them without great pain and suffering.

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No don't touch me there, that tickles! This was the last thing Rurik remembered of his, rather pleasant, dream before a call shattered it to pieces, waking him up. His eyes snapped open with a look of utmost boredom and irritation "This had better be important..that was a nice dream..." Rurik mumbled to himself, looking out threw the tall blades of brown grass where he had lain down not an hour before to take a nap. He was just outside the gates of the fort, far enough to not be seen while still being able to see the gate himself, that way if anyone asked he could say he was on guard duty. With a loud yawn and stood up, in his lupus form, and arched his back, stretching, and plopped back down, debating answering the Alphas call. "I could probably just say I didn't hear it...I mean he did sound quit a wa- The thought stopped short as Dixie and Wayne came out of the gate in their halfling forms Well there goes that idea. he said to himself with a sigh. He was still getting used to being told what to do, going from loner your whole life to suddenly having a chain of command took a bit of getting used to.

With a small, stiff grunt he shifted into his halfling form and trotted off in the general direction he had heard the call from, using Dixie's and Wayne's scents to guide him. It didn't take him very long to reach the Alpha's location, but before he even saw them he could smell quite a few things. There was already a small group there, and someone had killed something. Instantly he picked up the pace, now that food was involved. As he approached the group he looked to Jazper and gave a slight nod of his head in greeting, noting the dead stag on the ground and Jazper's bloodied muzzle. The black furred male walked silently around the group and sat down next to the white furred female Fia, awaiting to hear the reason they were summoned here wordlessly.

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Drizzt silently and thoroughly examined, then cleaned his armor, making sure that there was no significant damage to any of the leather. He would not be able to repair it, and therefore would be pushed into searching for someone familiar enough with leather to make him new armor. Not something he wished to do. His hands deftly twisted and turned his removed armor, a dry cloth removing dirt and grime, followed by a damp one. His eyes glazed as he worked over his gauntlets, shin guards, and abdomen armor. As he finished each piece, he placed them carefully on his laid out cloak. It took him only a few minutes to finish his cleaning, which allowed him to move on to his blades.

He had just pulled his belt off and retrieved his whetstone, when a commanding howl made his freeze reflexively. His ears swiveled around and his eyes found the stairwell. The Russian had taken up refuge in on of the gates guard towers, using an old guard room to keep his equipment stored. He knew that with winter approaching, he’d likely have to move in with his pack mates at the town hall, but he appreciated his quiet retreat. Grey hands carefully removed twin scimitars and their sheaths from the sword belt and placed them on and old table. His body moved towards the towers window and he stared out, watching as first one, then two others went trotting out to answer the call. Drizzt felt himself hesitate and shook it off. ‘You’re part of the pack now. You must go.’ He told himself.

Quickly, he shed his under shirt, and pants, running down the stairs to shift into his seldom used lupus form, his spider scar obvious where the hair had refused to re-grow. He trotted at an easy pace, allowing himself to remember the feel of his natural body. It took him a minute more than other Russian wolf, but the smaller male arrived and positioned himself so he wasn’t near the kill, but was among the attending party. Bright lavender eyes flickered amongst the assembled and he found only one whom he had not seen yet. Then his gaze fell upon Jazper and his kill, patiently waiting for the Alpha’s words.

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Something buzzed by his ear, the dark male flicking and twitching it in response to discourage whatever it was from hoovering around him. Rolling onto his side, he stretched four legs out before him, yawning loudly before turning onto his back, paws limply handing above him and dark strands of semi-long hair plastered across his face. After wondering the terriorty he had finally settled to choosing one of the many rooms located within what he was told to be the 'courthouse'. Judging from the scents he believed his living quarters were between the obnoxiously tall lad Lorenzo and a stranger. Once he'd chosen the room he'd spent some time here and there personalising it and making it home; pleased to have a place to store his tools and craft resources instead of having to lug them around with him all the time. He's just finished constructing a make shift storage box out of twigs, branches and rope and had move to rest on his bed, choosing his secui form for no real reason. It was then he heard the call, summoning those within the lands.

Grunting, he rolled over once more and eased himself up onto all fours, stretching and shaking his coat out, then sharply exiting his quarters and heading in the direction the summons had come from, or at least, he hoped he was heading in the correct direction. Following his nose, he slowly made his way to where the others had already gathered, choosing to hang towards the back of the group and only dip his head slightly in welcome to Jazper. Turning his attention to the others now he'd welcomed the present leader, he looked upon each one curiously and recognised only the strange white female, Dix-something or another. Hesitantly, he moved over to where she stood with another, grinning slightly in welcome at the female. “Yo” he said quietly to her, as to not draw the attention of others gathered.

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Anann had been allowing herself to indulge in a bit of a guilty pleasure for the day. After her morning around the border, Anann had headed up the bay with Anatoliy to look for place where they could hide away his sail boat from the winter elements, as well as get in some much needed alone time. The Russian could have done well enough on his own, for Anann knew relatively nothing about boats and the like. Though she did know a thing or two about structural integrity so her presence was not completely wasted.

They had been checking out small dock and boat house when the call sounded through the air. The dock was in poor shape, but the building didn’t seem too bad, considering, though there was a rather gaping hole in the roof. Anann gave a slight sigh, their time always seeming to be interrupted by something anymore. ”We’d better get going.” She said with slight disappointment as she adjusted the strap at her thigh so that it would fit properly once she had shifted down to her secui form.

It had taken the mated pair a little longer to reach the site of the kill than the rest of the pack it appeared. The sight of gathered members brought a broad smile to Anann’s face as she trotted up beside Jazper. It was nice to see how their numbers had grown, though there was still a missing face or two yet to arrive. She gave a look to each of the gathered, but remained silent. It had been Jazper that had called this meeting and she would allow him to speak, once they had all gathered.

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It was an almost fruitless search for a shed suitable to house his new boat through the winter. Most of the time they walked and inspected the buildings. Half of them weren't even big enough to hold it all, let alone have room for the body to be in with the sails dismantled and supplies being housed in it. A few were perfect, but Anann's eye caught more than a few with rotting walls and crumbling roofs. It was a hard day, but it had to be done. He would not lose his boat, not after all that goddamn work he had put into it. But they found a promising one. The walls were a bit moldy, but that was easy to clear out. The structure was still stable. Though, there was a hole in the roof. The man looked at it in dismay, but figured there was still time to repair it before snow fell.

But Anann nudged him and told him it was time to leave. He heard the remnants of the echo of the call, and sighed with her as he adjusted himself, following suit in his least favorite form. Unfortunately, speed was needed, so he tightened his lips and ignored his displeasure at the form. His pants were in his jaws as he ran beside the woman, wondering what the meeting was about. It was not her meeting, but Jazper's, so Anatoliy had no clue.

They arrived rather late, it seemed, with almost everyone already present. Certainly they had been a ways off, and the man could see a few of them looking at the two of them arriving, Anann left his side then, and went to be beside Jazper. Anatoliy chose the back, setting his garment beside him. He had the decency to shift to the slighter form, namely because of his distaste for the hulking secui one. Regardless, he was still a pretty massive form in the smallest.

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Lilith Ylva

Word Count → 374 :: Out of Character text

Lilith was lounging around in the woods as she had been doing quite often since she arrived at the Casa pack. Laying on her back in a grassy area Lilith stared up at the clouds. What it would be like to be up there, to be able to fly up there in the clouds like her birds were able to. She had asked Andras once but she didn't understand Lilith, and she wouldn't be capable of giving her a real answer anyways due to her broken high speech. Andras could only say and understand certain words. Tangling her fingers in the tall grass she just laid there in thought. Her mind skimming over ideas and memories. She could just lose herself here.

But a sound cut through the air like butter. Her Sole was calling to the pack. With a deep breath Lilith sat up and began unstrapping her daggers from her legs. She would run in her Secui form, she was quite a bit away and didn't want to be late for her first pack meeting. Lilith looked up and scanned the trees, she needed one of her creatures to carry her things. It was Eurynome she spotted. "Eury, come." She knew her hated that nick name but it was so much easier to say than his full name and she thought it was kind of cute too. At his masters command, he glided down next to her, feathers in a ruffle. "Oh be calm bird, I need you to carry my things and follow me. We are needed else where" Lilith began to stroke him, flattening his feathers. Standing to shift, she could feel her bones crush and change in size. Once finished she ran off towards her Sole's call.

As she arrived she noticed she wasn't the first one here, there were quite a bit more wolves that got here before her than she did. This was the first time she had really seen any of the other wolves in her pack. Still hidden she shifted back into her Optime form and called her bird to her. Taking the daggers she strapped them back on and walked closer to get a better view of her Sole.

I'm at war with the world
'Cause I ain't never gonna sell my soul
I've already made up my mind
No matter what, I can't be bought or sold

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In the past few days the woman had been trying to rest and heal as best as she could. Sadly her nerves were driving her up the wall. She got stir crazy rather quickly, and today was no different. Awaking early enough not to see the sun yet, she tried to find a way of getting out of the house without hurting herself. Sadly it seemed her body was not ready for it yet. Frustrated she sat around the Jazper's place trying to cure her bordem.

She read some things here and there, got bored. She made food, ate, got bored. Finally she resorted to exploring. There wasn't much, it was a nice little place filled with old things left by the humans. She saw many ferocious-looking weapons and silver and gold items that looked so very strange to her. She gently laid her hands on one, a slender looking silver item with many wholes and intricate pieces on it. However, in fear of braking the seemingly-fragile item, she took her hand away.

That was when she heard the call. She looked out the window, unsure of what to do. She knew it was Jazper. He was the alpha male and one of the ones only to have such a call with such purpose. Snorting she went to the door, interested in following the call. Only when she had her hand on the knob did she pause. Why should she answer the call? She wasn't part of this pack and wasn't really even sure why she would want to do such a submissive thing as come to the musketeer's call. She chuckled alittle at her new name for the dominant male. However....He did want you to stay and heal....So going out there and goofin off would be defying him...wouldn't it? She thought the excuse to make her feel better.

Finally sighing, she opened the door and stepped outside, saying that it was because she wanted to defy him, and not to go to him. Shaking her head she very slowly made her way towards the call, telling herself in her mind that it was the only good thing to do around here, and not because she secretly didn't mind seeing him. Yiska made her way slowly, so as not to re-open her wound.As the woman arrived on scene she realized she was one of the last one's to arrive. Feeling strangely outed she decided to stay near the outskirts of the pack and observed what the comanding male wanted.

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Constructive wasn't the word he would use it would be more time wasting or useless. The act of trying to carve the chunk of wood into something even resembling a bird was abandoned with a bad natured sigh and the attempt at woodwork tossed onto his desk along with the knife he had found. Like the teenager he was he was sulking.. again. Although he had no reason to sulk about anything and nothing in his life was going particularly wrong apart from the stupid wood not carving properly! Ugh. The light colored man sat down upon his bed in a huff and refused to look at the wood or his knife.

Lightened ears turned however and a flash of silver momentarily sprayed the wall behind him with sparkling lights. The two earrings pierced into the base of his right audit had been in place for less than a day and the Knight male was proud of them. The first move he had come to make to differentiate himself from his numerous siblings. His father's call reached even his secluded away room and presence. It sounded important whatever it was that Jazper wanted so he dragged himself up and set about shifting into his Secui.

From the size of his forms nobody would ever assume Lorenzo was a boy but in his mind he still was, a silly awkward boy. When he was finished Enzo shook out his fur and let himself out of the courthouse. Large paws carried him quickly through the grass and trees but he still managed to arrive after everyone else. The sight of his father and sister had cause to improve his mood and he gave Fia large grin as he passed her by. He nodded to his father and cast an eye over the people that were supposed to be his pack mates, most of them he didn't know, he spotted the guy he had met at the borders,

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Patiently the warrior sat. He had gained confidence over the first month of leadership and was slowly turning into a leader. He had spent his entire life waiting on an alpha to give him permission, to give him orders, but now he could do what was in his blood and lead a group of his own. The first to arrive was Gunnar, nodding he held back a smile, Yes sir. It was good to see that the mixed male was so eager to please, a good quality in a boy courting your daughter. However the father wasn’t so impressed when Fia arrived, looking totally love struck by the boy. Maybe he had better have a talk with the kid sometime.

Removing the thought from his head he watched with a soft smile, nodding greetings to those who arriving. The pack had grown quite a bit since Anann and Jazper had started out a month before and Jazper recognized all but one female. Dixie and Wayne’s display went ignored this time around, it seemed that the lab had the little white women controlled. Looking around he took note of those around him as Anann took her spot beside him. Turning to look at the golden girl his smile broadened, here they were after all their preparation and work, with a pack standing before them. Concern grew as he looked out and noted that Yiska was present, her wounds causing him to hold his tongue. She should have stayed in bed.

Finally it seemed that everyone had arrived. Taking a small step forward the warrior stood tall, his pure size being enough to demand attention. Winter is drawing near. He stared, the Scottish accent slightly pushed for emphasis. We are growing very quickly as a pack and up until now everyone has taken care of themselves. Moving out of the way of the Stag he began to walk in a pacing motion so all gathered could see him, I have killed this Stag to present to you as one pack, in order to remind you of how many others there are, besides yourselves, who will need food this winter. As loners you care for yourself, as a pack if you do not hunt one day, another member does not eat for one day. We need to fill the storage in the Courthouse before the prey becomes scarce. I expect that you will work in small teams and put hunting as your top priorities. Stopping he took a seat a couple meters from the kill, You may feast as you please but remember the labor I put into feeding you and return the favor. With that he motioned with a paw for the members to come and eat at their own will.

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Others joined them near the carcass of the stag, and Wayne realized with a slightly sinking feeling that he didn’t know most of them. In fact, other than one or two he’d seen at a distance, he recognized only the founders. He glanced at his friend out of the corner of his eye to see if she’d drawn the same conclusion or if she’d been out and making friends without him again—which was fine enough for him so long as she kept out of trouble, too. His large body settled down as the last few wolves trickled in, many smelling like former loners.

He shifted when one of the newer members, Cain, greeted Dixie-May, though he held his tongue and focused instead on Jazper as he began to speak, his massive black body standing upright. He warned them of the coming winter as well as what it meant to be a pack—gathering food for others rather than just the self. It was probably best with the myriad of loners that made up the pack, though Wayne was familiar enough with the concept of hunting for another. His brown eyes drifted to Dixie for a moment until Jazper gave them permission to eat.

Floppy ears lay back against the Labrador’s broad skull at the offer. Now that the Sole had said that, he wasn’t sure that he would want to take advantage of the meat laid out before them—and he certainly didn’t want to be the first one to take the meat. He looked instead to his friend again, and then at the others of the pack, before saying at a neutral volume, “Anyone who wants help for a hunt can come to me. I have ropes we could potentially set up to trip prey or lasso them.” He nudged Dixie with his shoulder then, indicating that she should speak of her baskets.

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Dixie shifted into her optime form as Jazper talked to the pack, telling them about hunting and how they needed to work as one big team. The little white woman wasn’t used to working for anyone but herself and Wayne. However, she loved to learn and adapted pretty fast. Those who were now considered her friends would be well taken care of, at least to the best of her ability. Once she was fully shifted, she leaned against Wayne and smiled at the male leader. She really liked him and Anann, they were both no nonsense types, and while Dixie thought they could use a little fun, she knew they would be wonderful leaders.

When Wayne nudged her to speak up she shook her head and looked away, uncharacteristically embarrassed to be speaking in front of everyone in her new found pack. They all knew she was pretty much useless anyway, with her miniscule size and inability to focus on anything for long periods of time. A few of the other canines in the growing group moved forward and started tearing into the elk. Instead of joining them, she moved away and rested against a big tree, watching and thinking. Her baskets weren’t going to get much done at this point, as trapping little critters was great…but they didn’t provide much nutrition for the big luperci. Perhaps later on she’d try her hand at fishing with them, both in the river and in the bay that the pack pressed up against.

Her head tilted back and she looked at Jazper, studying his huge mammoth-like form, and then Anann, the large and beautiful female half of the leadership. Now those were two wolves that could really take care of business, unlike herself…the midget who was virtually a hindrance for the pack to have in the ranks.

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