Green ocean on the horizon

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Merlin squinted his eyes as the flash of a new morning whipped into his eyes. He covered his brown eyes with his arm until they adjusted to the light. The day was fresh, a lucky day since it was autumn. Merlin breathed in a cool, gust of air before walking back into his cave.
He wanted go on a little expedition today, his thirst for art was getting worse, but his Cliffside home wasn't the best view for a bit of drawing, so a journey to the beachside was necessary for a good landscape. He padded over to his leather pack and filled it with the needs of a day’s journey. He packed some paper and charcoal, some berries in case of small hunger, and a scarf. Autumn was a strange season; it could look sunny at first, but could be as cold as a mountain breeze. He stood up and lifted his pack over his shoulder. He grabbed his belt and attached his bow and arrow quiver. He stepped outside and accessed a good path to take. If he could find the river, he could follow it and get to a seaside. He brushed his hair with his paw to make it into its scruffy style and began to walk towards the deep forest. He stopped after walking for a few minutes and dipped his finger into the soft soil; it was partly moist, meaning Merlin was heading the right idea for the river. He lifted himself up again and continued towards the direction he was heading.
It wasn't long until he heard the sound of rushing water. He rushed forward and found the light blue waves of the river. He walked over to its edge and splashed water over his face. He drank for a couple of minutes until he felt satisfied enough to continue. He looked at the water; it was rapidly rushing towards the east which meant the ocean was toward the east. He rose to his feet and followed the flow of water in the river.

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Wayne had traveled all of his life, at least so far as he could remember. He’d moved from his childhood home when he was no more than a child, wandering with his parents until he met his best friend—and even then, wanderlust had claimed the pair of them once again. He was a nomad by heart, a ramblin’ man, but it seemed that life had changed now. It was now stationary and now a hell of a lot more crowded. He didn’t altogether mind, but the cowboy needed some time alone every once in a while, and he sought that time now outside of Casa di Cavalieri territory.

He remembered lazy days spent at the Gulf and Whisper Beach, watching the water, and suddenly the desire to see the ocean overwhelmed him. He shifted into his lupus form before the sunrise and jogged east, leaving Dixie and his belongings in the pack lands. He thought about taking his hat with him, but it was a silly thought, and it brought a rare smirk to his lips as he trotted past the gates.

The Labrador mutt was used to long travel, and his endurance was good. He barely tired as he came across a river, stopping for a drink before following its course. Occasionally, he leaped into the water and waded through it, his thick dusty-grey-yellow fur dripping. He was at home in the water, though, almost at home as he was with the horses and cattle. Days spent swimming as a boy with his webbed paws had shaped a sort of recreational love for the rivers and ocean.

He somewhat regretted not bugging his best friend to come along, though she’d been working like the rest of the pack and deserved a rest, not to be roused before dawn to go on some random escapade. After all, it was his own restlessness, and he would have to just deal with it.

The wolfdog yawned and slowed his pace, sloshing through the water and scanning the area quickly for signs of food or foe. The scent of a loner hit his nostrils instead, and with half-flop ears pricked, he looked in that direction. He thought he could see a brown timber pelt moving through the trees. He reflected briefly of the good deeds Casa members were supposed to perform and wondered if anything would come out of this encounter. He wasn’t really the most outgoing of luperci, but he’d have to manage a bit more if he was going to be a pack member, he supposed. Dixie was always better at these meetings, though.

Wayne swam along the river a little more until the current became a bit strong, at which point he leaped onto the bank. The sound of his body leaving the splashing water was loud enough to direct the loner’s attention in his direction, and so he paused and gave his coarse coat a thorough shake before glancing around for the wolf he’d seen. Deciding to make doubly sure the loner would notice him, he let out a “Howdy.”

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Merlin rested down his pack and took a few berries to fill a small hunger. He wiped the berry’s juice from around his mouth and remembered that berries colours are great for painting with. He made sure that he saved at least one different berry in his pack and then clipped the pack shut.
His ears twitched as he heard splashing through the water, the splashing was too loud to be a small creature, so it must have been another wolf. Merlin wasn't surprised, on a day like this, who wouldn't want to stroll around the forest.
He reacted slightly as the stranger greeted himself to Merlin, and Merlin turned his head sharply towards the new face. He smiled at the wolf and responded to their greeting, "Morning," He relaxed his legs down to let them soaking the water, "A beautiful autumn day isn't it?" He looked up at the multi-coloured sky and sighed, it was a beautiful day, the breeze was gentle, and the sun was washing down warmth into the forest. The colours of the sky were Merlin's favourite theme for a painting; the sky could be red like blood, or deep blue like the sea. He enjoyed moments like this a lot, where the world was silent and peaceful, food was plentiful, and the forest was full of friendly, warm colours.

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The optime timber wolf turned around, white-masked face smiling as he returned the greeting. He dangled his paws into the water and commented on the day, and Wayne grunted in agreement. He tilted his square muzzle back to look at the sky as well. He wasn’t very artistic or romantic, not one to gush over the palette of hues painted among the swirls of cloud and sunlight, but he agreed that the day was lovely in the ways that mattered to him—the breezes, the sun on his dusty coat combating the chill, the birdsong around them.

“Mighty fine day,” the wolfdog murmured in agreement. Water dripping from his sturdy body, he took a seat and looked the loner over, wondering what else to say. God, Dixie-May was so much better at small talk than he was. Though he was sure he’d be even less sociable if she were here chatting with this fellow.

“Other ’n enjoying a day like this, what brings you out here?” he asked in his gruff drawl. He hadn’t seen this wolf before, though the same went for many of the individuals in Nova Scotia. “You don’t smell like a pack—you live alone?”

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Merlin grunted back to the wolf, "Yes I live alone, I might be friendly towards other wolves but I feel uncomfortable around larger groups, mostly because of my childhood." The stranger wolf wasn't much of a talker, Merlin could see that, but at least he was talking, and no growling. The wolf seemed eager to know why Merlin was out here. "I'm making an expedition to the sea bank, it's a beautiful day and the sea will look adoring at this weather, so I've decided to go to the ocean's shore and paint the landscape of the sea."
He quickly reached into his pack and showed the stranger a painting that Merlin was most proud of. It showed the view from the top of the cliff that Merlin lived under. He had painted the smooth motion of the tree vividly and was proud by the beautiful artwork that he was lucky to produce. "I'm quite fond of art, it's one of the only times that I feel free and able to express my feelings fully." He kept the painting with him to encourage him to reach his best when painting. He carefully placed the painting back in his pack and looked back over at the wolf still smiling, talking about art warmed Merlin’s spirits, even if others weren’t at all interest, Merlin still insisted on talking about art.

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The wolf explained that he was uncomfortable around groups, and mention of his childhood caused awkwardness to pervade the air—at least around Wayne. He never knew what to do when someone brought their past up, so he simply let it be. Some wolves were talkers—like Dixie—and would spill whatever they wanted.

He did nod in agreement, however. “I’ve been a loner for a long time myself,” he said quietly. “I had family, and I had my best friend, but it’s still strange bein’ close to so many other folks.” He paused then glanced over his shoulder reflexively, back toward the packlands. “I’m a member of the new pack that sprang up, Casa di Cavalieri.” He was sure that his southern drawl shaped the foreign words humorously, though he was careful to speak slowly enough that the pronunciation wasn’t completely butchered. He’d taken to calling it “Casa” for short, though, just like everyone else.

The stranger explained where he was headed then produced a painting from his bag, one that Wayne mulled over before grinning. “That’s a mighty fine piece of work,” he remarked honestly, nodding his approval. “I couldn’t ever hope to make something like that.” He paused thoughtfully, the smile fading but still warm. “You know, there’s a pack not far from us—Cercatori d’Arte or somethin’ along those lines, that’s full of artists like you. Might want to give ’em a visit.”

He didn’t know much about the pack other than they valued art and trade, but it seemed like it would be as good a place as any for the fellow to fit in—if he was ever inclined to join a pack, of course. He shrugged quickly, awkwardly, then rose on all fours and wagged his tail once—spraying the last few drops that clung stubbornly to his thick pelt. “I wouldn’t mind followin’ you to the seaside. Too pretty of a day to waste mopin’ around by yourself, right?”

He chuckled and looked the timber over. “Name’s Wayne McCoy.”

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Merlin smiled at the stranger's friendly introduction, "I'm Merlin Arcaniss," He said, "A name that I gave to myself, my father wasn't allowed to name me, so when I was on my own I found a book, and chose words from it to act as my name."
It was a true story, the words 'Merlin' and 'Arcaniss' were on the first page, so Merlin chose them to save him time and thought. He didn't know if it was a great name, but it fitted well, so it stuck.
"I'd be glad to have company on my trip, only if you do like long treks." He didn't want to push anyone into coming with him, he'd be happy to go alone, but having company was the best way to make friends and pass time. Merlin grabbed his pack and stood up. He explained to Wayne that they had to follow the flow of the river to get to the sea bank. And once he was sure Wayne was ready, he set off in the direction of the flowing river. The morning was still warm and peaceful, it was a good sign. Merlin listened to the slow crunch of brown, roasted leaves under his feet. He hoped the day would stay like this.

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The loner made no comment on the packs that Wayne had mentioned but he did introduce himself as Merlin Arcaniss. The Labrador mix frowned thoughtfully at the concept of naming oneself from a book. He’d known others along the way that gave themselves names that fit them better than their old ones, or out of necessity to change them, but it was somewhat strange.

“Why wasn’t your father allowed to name you?” the cowboy asked, curious. “If you don’t mind me askin’,” he added quickly, not wanting to breach awkward territory once more. While he had no skeletons in his closet, he was acutely aware that others’ pasts around him might have been worse off. “Merlin… I do think the name fits ya.”

He did grin when the timber wolf spoke of the journey to the sea bank. “Been on longer treks,” he joked. “You can say I’m a ramblin’ man.” His parents had been nomadic, and after staying with Dixie’s family, he’d taken to the road with his best friend once again. “Wish I brought a horse, though,” he added, mostly to himself. “Nice day to ride too.”

He waited for Merlin to lead the way and padded beside him, listening to leaves crepitate underfoot and the river bubble over the rocks. His muscles contracted under his coarse grey-yellow fur, used to and relishing the long travel. He did not speak as they walked, though he kept one half-floppy ear turned toward Merlin in case the loner wanted to chat as they moved.

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It took Merlin by the surprise how little time had passed until they reached the calm waters of the sea. Merlin smiled as he breathed in the fresh, salty smell of the ocean. He walked into the soft sand and brushed a flat surface down to sit in. He placed his bag down and sat in the smooth surface he had made. He opened his bag and took out all of his possessions. He grabbed the scarf and wrapped in round his neck, it was cold in the forest, but the sea breeze made it a lot chillier out near the sea. He opened out the wrinkle paper and grabbed the charcoal.
Before he started on the chosen view of the sea he turned to Wayne, "I'm sorry, but this might take a while, if you like you can venture out for a while. Or leave completely; if that's the case, then I bid you a good journey and thank you for the warm welcoming and good trip to the sea." He turned back to his paper and began shaping the vast shapes of the waves.

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