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Look at Wayne being all diligent.
And oh my God this is my first post with him. <3333 / +343

Wayne grunted as he tossed the last of the wood he’d salvaged into the pile. Some of the wood consisted of good and steady planks, lumber that could be used for constructing the stables once the cold seasons passed. It would be nice for there to finally be a place for the horses—which he figured there would soon be more of, if he and Dixie had anything to say about it.

A smile almost graced his mouth before he shook his head, reminding himself why he was even doing this job alone. She’d been a bit touchy these past couple of days, which bothered him greatly—considering the amount of physical affection the pair shared, as had become comfortable over the months they’d traveled together. However, he respected her space, and doing work for their new pack was one way to keep his mind off things. He had to branch away from her, as much as he didn’t like it, and actually be an asset to Casa di Cavalieri. It was different now—now that they had others to help them, others to turn to. He’d always be there for her, no questions asked, but they weren’t alone with the wagon and horses anymore. He had a job to do, and he’d do it now.

Brown eyes washed critically over the pile. While much of the lumber was salvageable, there were some half-rotted planks that probably wouldn’t be safe to set up a building with. Those would definitely go toward the fires to keep them warm throughout winter and cook the meat that would soon be coming in. He frowned and kicked one of the planks aside with a foot, hands in jeans pockets, before stooping to pick it and another sturdy piece up. He might as well take these somewhere dry so they could be used in building later.

The Labrador mix propped as many planks as he could against his shoulder before turning, deciding he’d make a couple of trips to distribute the pieces of wood to their proper places.

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Lilith Ylva

Word Count → 000 :: Sorry it took so long and it was such a crappy post!

Lilith was planning do doing a a little help around the pack but she wasn't sure where to start. She had sent out her birds t find someone of her pack who seemed to need help in their duties but it had been a while since she had sent them out. Walking up to a dear by stump she hopped up and sat down to wait for their return. It probably would have been more efficient for her to tell them to split up and look but she guessed she wasn't in no real hurry.

Lilith began pulling the park of the trunk stump when Andras and Eurynome showed up. Her eagle swooped down and landed on Lilith's extended arm while her vulture plopped down onto the ground. Each gave a brief word or two on what nearby pack member that needed help and what that canine was working on.

After a few moments of deciding she chose the wolfdog that Eurynome spotted. He was the closest to her and she hadn't met this one yet. Sliding off her seat she began made her way towards the wolfdog, letting her birds fly a head of her. She had an idea on where she was headed.

I'm at war with the world
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I've already made up my mind
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The sight of two nonnative birds understandably made Wayne pause in his work, tilting his head skyward and lifting his hat slightly from his shaded eyes. He could only catch a glimpse of a large bird of prey that he assumed was an eagle of some kind, but there was what looked like a buzzard coming nearer. He was used to seeing the turkey vultures around the States while he’d traveled, but closer look showed that it was no species he recognized.

The Labrador mix set down the planks he’d been carrying, uncertain. The avian hadn’t been native to Nova Scotia; that much was certain, even if he couldn’t figure out what exactly he’d seen while daydreaming. They couldn’t have flown this far north on their own, and wouldn’t have, especially if they were southern species. They had to either be stupid or under someone’s ownership.

He grabbed the wood once more, shifting them against his chest, and began to walk down the road again, deciding that he would figure more out about the birds later, though they weren’t as important to him as horses or other livestock he actually knew how to raise and deal with.

The mutt didn’t have to walk for long before he spotted the birds again, and a thoughtful frown tugged at his lips as he once again tilted his head back to better see the two creatures. They were pretty large and definitely unlike anything he’d seen in the States before. “Howdy,” he began, wondering if the animals could understand him, before the scent of another wolf tugged at his attention.

“Er, howdy to you too,” Wayne said awkwardly, adjusting the wooden planks in his arms as he looked the newcomer over. She too look strange, an odd blend of black and copper. She looked like she had a few different species blended in her coat, vibrant orange stripes with dark charcoal. But the only important thing was that she smelled of Casa—even if only faintly—and so with a slight smile he gestured back toward the unsalvageable wood he’d left behind. “Would ya mind helpin’ me carry some of that? I reckon we could use it for firewood.”

Muscles bulged slightly in his arm as he adjusted all of the wooden planks to one shoulder, freeing up a hand to offer to her to shake. “Name’s Wayne McCoy. You new around these parts?” He paused and looked to her feathered friends. “And what the heck kind of birds are these?”

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Lilith Ylva

Word Count → 456 :: Was my first post alright? I mean I am able to play Lilith's birds like that right?

Eurynome and Andras flew over the wolfdog for some time then became bored, waiting for their master. Andras, as always, taking the lead flew down near the canine to wait. When he spoke to them it was Andras who spoke back while Eurynome only glared at the dog. Hopping to get closer the female eagle managed "Allo' master coming." then returned back to her place next to her fellow friend.

As Lilith came closer she noticed her birds had already arrived, she knew that they would make it there before she did though. Turning her head to focus on the wolfdog she noticed that he was about the same size as she was give or take a few inches and pounds. The cowboy hat brought slight smile to her lips but it didn't last. She couldn't tell what he was mixed with, she knew wold but couldn't tell what else, and she was curious. She could tell right away that this creature had experience in working by his looks, perhaps a rancher or farmer. Which was good because she came to work.

"Hello there yourself" was the greeting she returned. She couldn't tell but maybe her was nervous. She wondered only because the tone of his voice and him shifting the wood he carried. Lilith brought a smile to her maw, not because she was happy but to be polite. She didn't want to frighten the other seeing how she was new and different. The quick change of attitude caught her by surprise though. Shifting her attention back to the wolfdog she nodded "That is the reason I came out here, to find a way to make myself useful."

Lilith signaled that she wanted her birds to help with the process as well and then began to pick up the the wood that the canine had pointed out to her. Eurynome was quite upset that he had to do such work but followed his orders unlike Andras who didn't mind at all and began right away, both picking up what they could carry together or alone. Still in the process of picking up some planks she looked up to see a out put hand and was confused until he introduced himself and asked a question. Then in became apparent he wanted to shake hands. Shifting the weight of the wood to one side she stood and grapshed hands with this wolfdog named Wayne. "I am Lilith Ylva, and yes you could call me new around here." What he said next was no shock to her. "The smaller one is a Crowned Eagle, her name is Andras. The other is a Vulture, his name is Eurynome."

I'm at war with the world
'Cause I ain't never gonna sell my soul
I've already made up my mind
No matter what, I can't be bought or sold

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Yeah! They're your character's NPCs, so you can play them. :) At least I hope I didn't misunderstand your question. ^^; / +357

Wayne flattened his ears slightly when the buzzard-thing glowered at him and the oddly-feathered eagle greeted him. He was supposed he shouldn’t be too surprised to see a talking bird, as he’d met some crows before that knew broken High Speech. He gave a stiff nod to the bird.

That was when the woman showed up, and the Labrador mix noted that she was pretty polite and friendly if not super outgoing—which was fine by him. He wasn’t quite used to talking to new people without Dixie doing most of the chattering, and conversation starters always made him awkward, but give him topic and he was as sociable as the next guy. In this case, the topic was the work that needed to get done, which made it easier on him.

The copper-streaked wolf explained that she had come out here to be useful, and Wayne flashed a small smile of approval. “Good, then.” He watched with some awe as the birds went to grab the wood. Animals always proved themselves useful in some way, often in the way that no one expected, such as Duke and Gypsy taking on the mountain lion together.

He nodded as they shook hands. “Can’t honestly say I’m the guy to come to if ya have huge questions about the pack, but I’ll lend a hand if ya ever need one.” Some devoted member he sounded like—but he was used to being a helpful wanderer. It had been so much easier on the road with Dixie.

Lilith introduced her birds’ names and species, and he blinked. “Never heard of an eagle like that, but ain’t vultures from Africa?” He glanced sidelong at the woman. Her voice didn’t carry much of an accent, at least no more than his southern twang, but who knew how she’d acquired the birds. He realized it was probably best not to ask, in case he’d fallen into personal territory, and quickly cleared his throat.

“I reckon we can take all this to the Courthouse. The leaders can figure out what to do with the planks later, and I know we’ll need fires this winter.”

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