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Anybody else who wants to join in feel free to, you get an extra ten points for the HAP by joining and making it over two. Enzo and Wayne are hunting an Elk herd.
+10 - hunting thread
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His light colored tail twitched back and forth as the man trotted with his head low to the ground. His head moving in wide arching sweeping motions as he sought to catch onto the scent trail of the herd he was nosed earlier. He had followed the trail for several miles and then it had disappeared and now he was trying to find it again. His fathers words had wormed into his brain deeply, he wasn't a child anymore although he was still a boy and now he needed to tow his substantial amount of weight, even more really since he could carry so much on his shoulders, if he could make his father proud and prove his worth as a member then that would be enough for him, he had no dreams of being in a high ranking position or anything, to be honest Enzo felt himself far too awkward and not dominant for that, Tony could lead perhaps if he cracked open his thick skull enough to learn to listen to ideas and improvements from others.

He gave a low happy yip as his large nose picked up the scent at last and he trotted off in the direction it led. His hulking Secui form was too large to hide effectively so the giant shifted into his lupus which was smaller yet still larger than most average people's secui forms. He kept his form low to the ground as he glided through the long grass with ease. The trees had lost their leaves almost completely now and most hung with bare skeletons ready for the collection of snow that would soon arrive. The herd ahead of him moved about nervously, the wind had shifted and they had smelt him but didn't yet bolt hoping that he would just pass them by. Suddenly a loud barking call came from one of the stags and the entire herd bolted. Enzo cursed his bad luck and shot after them, a loud howl coming from his maw as thrill of the chase and hunt ran through his veins, inviting the pack members he had held at arm's length to come and help.

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Word Count → 351 :: Rawr.

Bare branches clattered like bones when a cold autumn wind cut deeply through the forest. Wayne was glad, as always, for this thick wolf coat. He and his friend hadn’t had too much trouble adapting, because it was actually more pleasurable this far north than it had been in Texas, what with their lupine blood. He would be able to survive the coming winter well, especially if they were able to capture a big enough store in case the prey animals hid away or died when the frost came. All he could worry for were the horses and the weaker pack members.

Now, he stepped through the woods with ears pricked; there had been talk of an elk herd in this area, and he’d caught the scent of a pack mate—one of Jazper’s children, he thought—winding in this direction. This would be a good opportunity to use numbers to take down one of the larger animals, especially if it was the offspring that Wayne was thinking of.

There was a sudden muffled clattering of hooves as the group of elk spooked deeper in the woods, and Wayne jerked his head in that direction. He sprinted as fast as his optime form would allow him, able to catch sight of the elk and of a timber pelt flashing through the grass. Quickly, the cowboy grabbed for the coil of rope he’d tossed over his shoulder. He’d been hoping to find a better place for ambush, but the urgent and beckoning howl echoing through the barren forest drove him onward. He managed to cut ahead of the elk herd, having come from another section of the woods, and threw the lasso he’d fashioned.

It caught around something with points. He jerked, thinking that he’d caught an antler, but a dead branch came falling instead. One of the elk, an older cow, balked at the sound and turned in the opposite direction of the others. Wayne let out a howl to alert Lorenzo and any other pack members to her, while he struggled to tie together another lasso with the remaining rope.

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Word Count :: +3hope you don't mind me joining as well?

Duke was having an odd day. He wasn’t usually so excited about things, but the moment Dixie lifted her small body onto his back, the stallion gave a little buck and then took off. He kept his speed moderate so she wouldn’t fall, but refused to slow down to a walk. She was holding onto his mane tightly, short legs wrapped against his sides and holding on for dear life. Going without a saddle had become a common thing, but it was a pain when the horses got to finicky like this. Thankfully Dixie had seen the short and wild look in his eyes and cinched her smaller saddle onto his body tight and sound. After a while of running he slowed to a long stepped trot and tossed his head, whinnying loudly. The white girl just shook her head and ruffled the tuft of mane up on his head. ”Crazy-ass horse.”

There was a coil of rope wrapped around the saddle horn, hanging down and smacking against her leg with each bouncing step. Two newer, bigger baskets hanging from the cloak and tied around her waist, rolling and shifting against Duke’s flanks. They were just about to enter the forest when the sound of smaller hooves came from the left, and then a howl. Lorenzo. Dixie didn’t know him well, but it was obvious that he was in the middle of a hunt and was calling for help. Turning Duke, she gave him a light kick and he leapt forward again, running in the direction of the hooves. Not even a few minutes later did she hear Wayne call as well.

A short yip left her throat, telling the men that she was coming up to their area rather quickly. The hoof beats from the elk reminded Duke of cattle and he was getting excited. When he caught sight of the elk he bucked, refusing to slow more, and just kept on running. ”Damn it, you ornery jackass! Her small hand slapped his shoulder, but had no effect. His front hooves slammed against the ground when he saw the older cow elk cut away from the herd and he drew in closer to her, jumping in front of her and forcing her to get even further away from the herd when she tried to turn back.

Dixie growled and took her rope in hand, ready to start swinging if it was needed. She could see Wayne from the corner of her eye, doing something with his own ropes, but Lorenzo was out of sight. ”What you want me to do, Wayne? Duke’s got his own system down, she ain’t gettin’ back there with the others for now.”

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With his lupus more flexible than his others and able to move through the underbrush at a faster pace he was able to keep up with the herd and kept it going, causing blind panic and confusion. Snapping and snarling like some deranged monster to scare them out of their silly minds. He weaved and bounded, ducking antlers and dodging hooves where and when they came for him. Tongue lolled from his mouth and saliva dripped unchecked from its end. Dusky ears twisted as the call of another announced his arrival accompanied by a snapping of branches. He recognised the guy he had seen at the pack meet, with his jeans and distinctive cowboy hat.

A feminine yip told him that the cowboy's female friend was here as well, the scent of horse now mingled with the ones of elk and crushed grass. Somehow Lorenzo ended up trapped in the middle of the
stampeding mob of herbivores, but luckily for him they were too scared of the predator within their midst to attack him. As he ran the man shifted swiftly eventually entering his Secui form. The hulking mass of flesh and muscle terrified the animals even more and the herd began to disperse the bonds of fear fleeing them completely as every instinct told them to scatter. He saw an opening in the mass and took it, leaping clean over a doe with her fawn and emerging on the outside of the mass, cutting off the now targeted doe's escape once again, taath were bared and sunk deeply into one of her legs, tearing the muscle.

A hoof struck him in the side of the head and he left go with a grunt of pain. The old doe changed directions again deciding to take her chances with the two on their rear legs than the hulking monster on four. Lorenzo was hot on her heels, keeping her running from him. The wound on his temple bled a lot for such a small cut and he was half blinded as the blood dripped down into his right eye.

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Word Count → 250 :: Rawr.

A cacophony announced another member to their hunting party: hoof-beats and yips that soon turned into whinnies and curses. As Dixie rode in on a bucking Duke, Wayne managed to fix his lasso and watched her with a huge grin. She smacked the horse to no avail as the stallion jumped forward, but he did manage to cut the elk cow off from the rest of the herd. Once the horse had stilled, the woman growled over at Wayne for further instructions.

The Labrador mix hesitated with a glance back at the elk; Lorenzo had transformed into an enormous secui state and lunged at the cow’s leg. The cowboy winced as he saw the impact of the hoof, but the young man did not falter, chasing her toward the pair of friends.

“Try to rope her!” Wayne called to the white wolfdog. “Get her off balance.” He supposed that Enzo would be able to kill her quickly enough if she was down, and if not, he had one of his knives on him. He swung the rope and tossed, the shot made clearer as the elk charged toward them. He quickly sidestepped out of her way and tugged hard on the rope, watching her lose her footing and skid across the treacherously leafy ground. Hopefully Dixie had managed a lasso of her own to catch her head or hoof; in the action, he couldn’t see, but he knew it was now or never for Lorenzo to make the final grab.

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Word Count :: +3 die elky diiiie 8D

Dixie held herself steady on Duke’s back, having found her rhythm and balance. It had been a long time since she’d been atop him when he got into herding mode, but it was like riding a bike and the knowledge just didn’t go away. Her small hands left his mane, only her legs holding on to the saddle tightly. Grabbing onto the rope, she lifted the loop up above her head and started to twirl it slowly, gaining momentum until it was spinning relatively fast. Once she had found a good speed, she waited for Duke to jump in closer and sent the rope sailing. At the last moment, she flicked her wrist again and nearly changed the direction of her entire throw. The loop caught on to the elk’s back left leg as she kicked up in the air.

Making sure the other end of the rope was tied up securely to the saddle; Dixie clicked a few times and nudged Duke’s sides gently. He whinnied with excitement and threw his entire body backwards, jerking and tugging the rope. The girl winced and turned her head away as the sound of cracking bone filled the air and the cow elk gave an agonized cry. However, the girl refused to make the horse slow down with his insistent backing up. There was no reason to do anything other than let the men kill the elk now, as the broken leg would surely kill her in a slower and more painful way. Plus, her new pack mates needed this food. They needed everyone’s participation in the hunting, and even though she might not be able to stomach hurting an animal in such a way without killing it immediately, she would do what was necessary to protect and nourish her new family.

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The blood made his eye sting and the secui monster shook his head violently as he ran, crimson droplets splashed the ground that he swallowed with his massive paws, forming sunset red streaks across his face almost like tears. His ears pulled up as words from the cowboy reached them, they were trying to rope her now the pair of southern canines. He picked up his pace now as she closed in on her, the man winced however as he heard the crack of bone and her cry of pain, even though she was his food he was not a heartless fiend and felt regret and sadness at her pain and pure bad luck. She was old, that much was evident by the grey on her muzzle and flanks so she was obviously a hardy survivor to have reached that state, fate today had been cruel to her and the best gift he could give her now would be to kill her quickly, it would be the least he could do for her.

The male ploughed into her, knocking both of them head over heels, his teeth sought her neck and time seemed to slow for him as they inched closer at a snail's pace. Her large brown eye stared back at his bicolored ones, terrified and yet still noble and fierce. She still kicked with the strength left in her body, even going as far as to bare her herbivore teeth. But his will was stronger, his strength greater. Fangs sunk into the back of her neck and his head twisted to the side sharply, a crack and she fell limp and lifeless, instantaneous death. Most wolves would not have been able to kill this way, not strong enough to sever the spinal column but he was and so gave her the quickest and least brutal of deaths he could. He got no joy from the act, no pleasure from taking her life instead a grim acceptance filled him. The pack would persevere a bit longer from the flesh of her body.

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Word Count :: 237
Decided to post here again since I can now. xD

It seemed like a matter of milliseconds from when he roped the elk and it was down, suddenly, a crack echoing harshly through the air as well as the cow’s hoarse scream of pain. Dixie and Duke had the rope, the stallion leaning away with excitement as they went through the old routines, Wayne tentatively loosening the death grip on his own lasso as he realized there was little more he could do. He turned his head to see the monstrous shape of Lorenzo barreling toward the animal, knocking into it and biting deep into the neck.

With one more jarring motion and crack, the hunt was done. The cowboy found himself panting though he had not done nearly as much work as the other young man, and he quickly stepped forward to retrieve his rope, untangling Dixie’s as well so that she could reel it in. He flashed her a small smile then looked the small stallion over in amusement, knowing the horse had gotten a kick out of this.

“Are you okay?” the Labrador man asked Lorenzo, glancing at the wound the elk had given him. It looked like a small one, but head wounds were always deceptive, and there could be serious damage even if they couldn’t see it. He frowned as he tried to gauge whether Enzo’s eyes were focused, and then he glanced down at the once magnificent animal under his paws.

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Lorenzo was one monster of a Luperci, just like his powerful father. Dixie watched in awe as the big but young Knight leapt for the cow elk and ripped into her thick throat, tearing through the flesh and sending a spray of blood through the air. The young woman grinned and tapped Duke’s sides with her heals gently, telling him that it was alright to loosen up and take a few steps forward. Her smile was soon turned towards Wayne when he took the rope from the elk’s leg, allowing her to pull it in and coil it up around the saddle horn again.

Twisting her body, Dixie lifted one leg up and over the saddle, then slid down until her feet hit the ground. Letting go of the reins, she let Duke wander off a few feet and went over to the two males. Wayne’s concern about Enzo’s head wound was well founded, and she trotted over to him quickly. Despite not knowing the young man very well, she leaned against him and stood up on her toes, trying to see the top of his head. Even in halfling form he was almost taller than her diminutive height. Ok, you are gonna have to lean down a bit, mister.

She smiled and stroked her fingers through his fur and against his ear, her white fur turning pink from the slowly drying blood clinging to his head. Dixie wasn’t very good with medical things, but she did know basic sewing and cleaning of wounds. After all of the traveling she and Wayne had done, especially with the two huge horses, had taken a toll on all of their body’s. Being able to doctor themselves was imperative to living on the run. Just lemme get a good look, kay? I don’t bite….much.

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Lorenzo dropped the cow's neck as the male cowboy came to collect the pair's ropes from her body. He shook himself thoroughly and blood flew off of him in all directions. He wiped at the cut still pouring forth crimson on his head with irritation more than pain. Being a big lad Lorenzo had a lot of blood to loose before he began to get lightheaded or dizzy and sick. In the time it took him to both shake himself and wipe at his face the girl, Dixie he recalled his father saying had pulled herself from her horse who wandered off a ways and was coming over to investigate him.

He didn't think it was that big a deal because it was only a small cut. Having no medical experience or training Lorenzo was unwise to the dangers of head injuries and the damage they could cause although he had some inkling of how serious it could be just from the amount of his blood that had leaked from the seemingly tiny cut,

<span style='color:green'>"Eeer I theenk so. Eet don't 'urt that mooch."</span> He answered to the doggish man's question. He was kind of touched that they would be so concerned about him despite not knowing him from jack. The woman's short size in comparison to his Secui form had his mouth curling in a small grin, she was a tiny one wasn't she. He moved his head lower as she asked so that she could reach the cut better, the kick to the head seemed to have send his social awkwardness scampering for the time being and the man found himself saying almost confidently,

<span style='color:green'>"Een case yah deedn't know. Mah neem es Lorenzo, or Enzo fer short. Ah'm Jazper's son."</span> Rather than try to constantly wipe blood from his left eye he just help it shut instead, so much easier and less painful.

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Word Count :: 545
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As the dusty yellow dog stood near their timber comrade, not quite sure what to do, Dixie slid from the saddle and wandered over to them. Quickly, Wayne stepped back to give her some room, knowing that she was better than he was at inspecting and taking care of wounds. She'd saved his ass a few times during their journey, even if nothing completely serious had happened to the pair that had required more proficient healing skills. He hoped that this wasn't one of those serious occasions, that Lorenzo wouldn't simply pass out on them. Even though the Labrador mix was a pretty large man and was strong enough to wrangle animals larger than him, it wouldn't be a very easy feat transporting the giant secui wolf to someone who knew the healing craft better.

The male blinked as he realized there wasn't really anyone better suited to treating things like this. He supposed the leaders might have some rudimentary knowledge just like the Samoyed girl did, but even one unfamiliar with pack ranks knew that there was a distinct absence of a healer. A frown settled on his lips before he glanced back at the other canines, only to see Dixie leaning against the large young man and running her fingers through the fur on his head. Had there not been the sharp scent of blood in the air, Wayne might have muttered grumpily, but as it was concern and sheer common sense outweighed jealousy. He knew he wouldn't want to be in Enzo's dangerous position right now even if it did mean close proximity with the pretty wolfdog.

Enzo had a strange accent that Wayne really couldn't place, something that had shades of his father's Scottish speech, but overall it wasn't any stranger than the cowpokes' Southern twang might sound. He smirked and shook his head at the young Knight's remark. “You say that now, but it’s probably just the adrenaline talkin’,” the Labrador mix muttered to him. If the boy was anything like the impression Wayne had gotten of his swordsman father, however, he would probably be able to bear through the pain of even a larger wound. It was the amount of blood welling from the injury that concerned Wayne more than anything.

Hands thrust in pockets, thumbs hooked outside the denim, Wayne watched closely as Dixie surveyed the wound the best she could with her diminutive height. He grinned at her assurance about not biting then pricked his half-flopped ears as the wolf introduced himself properly.

The cowboy gave a nod; he'd known as much about his pack mate though they hadn't really talked before. Had the man not been related to the Sole, however, the name might not have been brought up. He pulled a hand out of his pocket as if to offer it to shake before remembering the other's form; the hand fell instead on the felled beast's neck. “Wayne McCoy,” he offered with more friendliness than he was usually able to muster. Hunting with strangers seemed to bring them close together; that was probably much of the reasoning behind the group hunts, he supposed. It was useful to have stock for the winter, but it was more useful to know the others they shared quarters with.

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