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Hrafn had been whisked away deep into Salsoan territory by Eris. She explained to him that she was his Auxiliary, a second in command of sorts and that he would be under the protection and rule of Sirius and their family. Most of this went over Hrafn's head, much rather thinking of the simpler things: that this was now his family, he could work at his trade and would not have to spend another night travelling alone. Much and more had to be explained to the hybrid though; such as their traditions and laws, something time would not allow the associate and auxiliary in the brief afternoon before dark.

The brown agouti male would have to meet with Eris again and he was certainly not to opposed to it. He was excited even, being appreciative of learning new things and striving to do so. So he slept that night under the chill of the sky amongst the cabins of Borgata Coatl. He had been told slaves occupied some of the log homes and Hrafn didn't know exactly how he felt about that. He had never heard of slaves before but the concept and word was clear enough. The merle featured man knew that not every culture was alike though and did not feel a need to question this custom, especially since he had yet to feel uncomfortable about it.

Morning came quickly and Hrafn awoke to his usual stiff back, rising to collect his bow and quiver which was lain neatly beside him, well within arms reach. His plan was to search the cabins still unoccupied, hoping to collect any tools or materials that had been left behind or overlooked, having a feeling that not everyone in Salsola would see much of a use in them.

The first cabin Hrafn entered had scattered rustic furniture, which he began up-righting the second he saw them, having always felt a strong need to see everything organized. There wasn't much for him here, but perhaps the furniture would come in handy for later if he was aloud to make use of it. Leaving the now organized home the tall, trim man scratched at the white patch on his chest beneath his chin, quiver on his back and bow in hand as his bright eyes looked around. He had seen a couple people in passing this morning, though made no move to approach them as they did the same to him. Were these the slaves Eris had mentioned? They looked normal enough to him.

Shrugging he continued on to the next empty cabin where something finally caught his eye. A small axe was nestled in the overgrown grasses near the base of the home, so concealed that most would pass it by. Hrafn's vision was impeccable though, it had always been, and he reached down to grab it after slinging his bow over his head and across his shoulder. Carrying it with him as he walked. He doubted anyone would miss it though he would ask Eris if he could make use of it until he could make his own when he saw her next. It was then an older male appeared out of one of the doorways nearby. He was obviously a hybrid as well and the look on his face when he noticed Hrafn was quite uncertain. Hrafn decidedly ignored him, resting the axe on his shoulder as he continued to go enter another house, not realizing that he might seem a threat to those around him.

"H-hey!" Came a thickly accented voice, Hrafn turned to see the older male approaching tentatively, posture bent in defense and submission. "You leave," came his command though it sounded more like a question in its frailness. Hrafn's brow curved downward in confusion, and he dropped his hand holding the axe to his side so it wouldn't appear as threatening. "Why?" Hrafn asked, it not yet occuring to him that not everyone knew he was a recent addition to Salsola's ranks. That seemed to take the elder male by surprise and he stood there, unsure for a moment before saying. "Not yours. You leave." He repeated again, obviously loyal to a fault to his masters and wanting to ensure the safekeeping of his home, battling with his own better senses in the process.

"Borrow it?" He asked, trying to appeal to the other male in hopes of gaining his trust. The slave shook his head adamantly, wringing his hands together nervously. Hrafn sighed and dropped the axe to the ground, annoyed at the thought of having to make one from scratch. Hrafn then turned and continued to make his way into the next cabin and Khirot, the slave in witness, struggled to find his words until finally turning and making his way quickly in search of a member of the family.

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Clouds had retired to allow the dim northern sunlight into these crude lands. Even the trees seemed more lively and of a brighter color. However, that did not mean an easier time for the Coyote girl, who had decided to exit the ruins to go in search of something to eat. She did not feel like hunting, at least not at the moment, so she decided to pay a visit to the storage room and steal a few pieces of meat for herself. Her siblings could catch their own food.

As the girl moved towards the storage, she noticed a few slaves and a couple of other wolves strolling around the common areas. Pity filled her scarlet eyes as she thought how she could just grab some food from the common supplies to sustain herself, whilst the slaves had to conform with the trifle leftovers they had access to. This was the culture of her pack, she though as she caressed the scar that the Auxiliary had carved on her flesh as a full transicion into the Salsolian society. But she did not have eyes for them at the moment, and soon she forgot about them to focus on her destination.

She reached the storage, entered, and left within seconds, carrying two pieces of dried meat which she chewed eagerly. By then, the golden circle was already high in the celestial dome, signaling the time of the day where most of her packmates crept around the packlands, head on their daily chores. And her? she had left her stone knife somewhere around the ruins, so she could go and fetch it to practice some more moves. However, a breeze that blew between the trees chilled her and put away any possible hard physical activity. A stroll would do it then, and so she resumed her walk towards the dirty cabins where many of the slaves lived. Twilight shades wandered across the old buildings, looking for the best route to follow. By then, she had already finished half of the simple breakfast that she had humbly taken, and actually realized that she did not need more than that. She was about to throw the meat to the ground when a hunched body approached her hurriedly. She recognized the golden ring that clung from his septum, and she recognized him as the slave that went for the name Khirot.

"Lady Kimaris! Stranger trespass. He take pack's goods." He spoke in his foreign accent, making the orange coyote turn to see him. Following the slaves' etiquette, he had casted his eyes away from hers and his ears were strongly pressed against his skull. But by his movements, it looked like he was eager to grab said stranger and stop him right away. Apparently, he did not have the strength to do so, so he had ran to her for help. Xochime's ears stiffened, knowing that she may be facing a rogue male, but otherwise decided to face whoever dared mess with her family. "Got eet. Wher' is he?" Handing the last of the dried meat to the wary slave, she headed in the direction that he had pointed in, decided to check what was going on.

The smell of the stranger was not hard to tell from the other smells, which she knew very well. She tracked his smell through the labyrinth of old buildings, until she saw the one who had left the trail. A faint curiosity appeared in her train of thought at the sight of the strange objects that hung from her torso, but it was quickly overpowered by possessiveness for her terrains. She remembered to keep a dominant posture, but felt slightly intimidated by his big form, and by the way he carried himself confidently. She knew that she was neither self-confident nor strong, but she prayed that her presence and dominant stance would be enough to dissuade him from remaining in the place. She stopped a few meters about him, trusting that the distance would grant her some time in case things turned violent, and barked in his direction. "Who ahr you and what ahre ya doin' here, forastero?" As scarlet shades stared into icy blue, the coyote girl completely oblivious to the golden ring that she had forgotten to retire from her dark nose.

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Hrafn explored through the next cabin, the other male now forgotten as he began to search through a chest. It was filled with mostly junk and rubble; a torn doll, rocks and dusty blankets. But the chest itself was a prize in itself for he could use it to store his tools, yet another thing he would request of Eris and the brown agouti male hoped he would not overstep his boundaries in doing so.

Leaving the building, checking another thing off of his mental list, he noticed a short female approaching him purposefully, her vibrant fur and hair intriguing the sheltered male for he had never seen anything of its like and her eyes... His own icy blue were nothing in comparison to her fiery red gaze. Hrafn offered a tentative smile, hooking his thumb through the cord of his bow in a habitual manner. When she spoke though his smile vanished, ears flexing back instinctively from the brazenness of her words. "Hrafn," he answered—pronouncing it RAH-vn—for that was who he was, tapping the fingers of his other hand against his thigh, a nervous tick.

"'m looking for supplies. Open up shop 'n make things for family." He explained in his broken speech, still not used to talking so often after so many months in solitude.

"That other one," he said, clearly meaning Khirot, "said I couldn't have." Hrafn explained looking towards the fallen axe on the ground a few paces away and motioning to it with his free hand. "Could ask you permission, could ask Eris." Either way he would get an axe and his supplies, whether he would have to collect the materials himself and shape them by hand or gain them through trade. Smiling again because he was never really in a foul mood to begin with he swayed an ear forward, scratching at the white patch just below his chin.

"Who're you?" He asked, thinking it only fair that he got to ask some questions for once.

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After almost a lifetime of servitude, of submission to others, one would've expected the female not to show any concern for an outsider entering the packlands. Leave it to the powerful ones. She would've thought if that had been the case. Even Sammael thought that her soul had been completely broken, but that wasn't true. She had agreed to remain in these lands, although a bit against her will at first. Now she felt that feeling of belonging that she supposed people experienced when they were linked to a certain place. She was still unsure about her position within the pack, though, but that did not mean that she would not do her best to cooperate with the community. Which, unfortunately, included chasing strangers away.

Red orbs never left his icy-blues as he spoke, bat-like ears catching every word and furthermore analyzing it. His accent was quite strange, but she put that up when he mentioned doing crafts for the 'family'. Did he mean his family or...? She pondered the possibility of him being a member of Salsola already, but she did not know for sure. He could've been introduced just recently, and he was just looking for some useful things to settle down. At this possibility, she felt slightly ashamed for her hasty attitude, and decided to relax her posture, lowering her tail a bit. She eyed the nervous gestures that he displayed before her presence, and wondered if she had truly been intmidating in his eyes. For her, the adjective intimidating seemed very off-place when used to describe her.

"Eris?" She asked, but then she remembered his question. "I am Xochime." She said, without revealing her surname, as usual. "Did ya' meet Eris already, RAH-vn?" His name came out without the seriousness she intended, specially because of how difficult she found to pronounce it in that accent of hers. Her scarlet orbs were still glued to the man, wondering what was he smiling at.

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Hrafn nodded in confirmation when she questioned him, tilting his head and flicking his ear at her own foreign name. He knew he would have trouble pronouncing it, as she had trouble pronouncing his, but he did not have the excuse of a foreign language. Sighing—as this was getting a little ridiculous to him by now—he nodded again, close to being all used up for the day just from the past two conversations he had had.

Once again he headed over to the axe and crouched to pick it up, straightening up to is 7 foot height to tower over the other Salsolan member. "I need, to make things." He explained, brandishing the axe a little to show her that it was what he needed. "I make woodwork, carpentry." Hrafn explained, before relaxing his arm closer to his side, waiting to see what this cinnamon woman's verdict might be, though he wasn't necessarily asking her permission he felt it was only fair she knew what he was up to.

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Feeling slightly relieved that the stranger had already passed through the approvation of the protective Queen, she nodded as well. But she had grown wary with the months, and until all of those doubts were cleared, she would not feel relaxed having his presence within the packlands. "Why d-do you want that axe at all?" She asked, her lids falling a bit over her intense stare. She was not surprised to see the male move in her direction, but she did begin to feel twinges of doubt as his massive form closed the distance between them and reached for the mentioned tool, rising it in a way so she could see it better. But that possibility never passed the girls thoughts. The male was new, which meant that no bonds had been soundly created between him and and other Salsolians. This fact did not make Xo's trust on him rise even the slightest.

So far the coyote had failed to see how much did he tower her tiny form, which seemed to grow tinier when the brown-colored man rose the deadly weapon before her. Bending her ears against her skull, she stepped back, rising her arm slightly in front of her, her mind already playing images of him brandishing the sharp edge of the axe's head towards her, severe wounds and a lot of blood taking part on the same picture. But as soon as the reflexes made her act, she recomposed herself when there was no hostile movement. Eyeing Hrafn, the axe, and him again, she allowed some of the curiosity that she had previously held spill brom behind the few doubts that she still held, and voiced it. "W-wood carving?" She tilted her head a bit. A shiver ran down her spine as she questioned him and made her aware that she had began to stutter again. Even though the weather was much lighter than other days, her coat was still light, and she could still feel the low temperatures that predomined in the northern side of the continent.

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