swimming in the flood

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The terror had gone from her for now, but as Sage neared the place she supposedly called home, she felt the dread welling in her chest. She'd stayed with her father for nearly a week, but she had to come back. She still had duties, after all, and she needed to tend to them.The desire to turn around and run back nearly overwhelmed her as the hollow, staring skulls came into view. Covering her mouth, she turned, suddenly horrified by them. Before, they hadn't been so bad; she hadn't known them. But now, Sage wondered in horror if that vile traitorous woman's skull was spiked here. The urge to vomit nearly overcame her, and the grief of that day came back to her in full. She couldn't stop seeing it.

The Optio skirted Lennon around to a side with fewer staring hollow eyes and sped off towards the D'Neville Mansion; at least there, in her room, she could get some time alone in her own head. Father wanted her there in Ichika, and she couldn't stop thinking about how wonderful that would be. The chance to live without worry of murders in broad daylight; what a prospect. Really, he was right next door, only a few hours' travel north. But it wasn't close enough, and Sage had given up trying to find solace inside Inferni's borders. She had never felt so out of place; especially now.

Lennon's strides carried her heavily to the familiar building, slowing as they neared. The once-heavy floral scents were dissipating now with this chilling air, and she frowned at the thought. Soon everything would be cold again; Sage wasn't sure she could handle another dreary winter in Inferni. She didn't know what to do. With a deep breath, she steadied her mind and dismounted, patting her stallion to comfort both him and herself.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

Can we actually date this for the 11th? It makes things easier for me XD

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It had been Ibsen who had first seen her, riding from the north. The raven had learned much about the canines of Inferni, and recognized most of them easily. Horses helped with this; larger than their masters, they showed from the sky much easier. He had circled twice and turned back, seeking out the golden coyote.

Because of this, Ezekiel had arrived not long after Sage. He was on two legs and did not have his own horse with him. Stiffness clung to his body, though not all of it was from training. It was obvious that Sage had not simply gone off on some emissary mission. Myrika had well-informed him how she had behaved while in Ichika, and her reaction to the death of Chapel was something else he found disturbing. How could she claim to be a part of this clan and not be able to face bloodshed?

The girl was with her horse, and Ezekiel approached her boldly. His face was a sharp mask, though it was clear he was not at all pleased to see her. She reeked of Ichika. “Where have you been?” He said coldly, though it was obvious he knew—guilt clung to her body like the scent of her father’s pack.

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Ezekiel approached her while she was still outside, and she stepped back as her head turned to catch his face. Sage could not help but notice his anger, but she could not understand why, at first. She inhaled sharply at his questioning, dark ears flicking back as her eyes cast down, turning and petting Lennon's mane distractedly. I was visiting my father, she said honestly, innocently enough. It was true, and if she had stayed here on that night she would have been in even deeper anguish. I couldn't stay, after... not after all that, she mumbled, voice shaking as she pulled her fingers through a knot in Lennon's thick hair. The Optio's frown deepened, her bottom lip trembling in grief. It wasn't fair at all; why didn't Ezekiel understand? She'd thought him more than just a brute once, but now she second-guessed herself. Could he not understand? Chapel had been family, too, or so she claimed. Murdered, by family. And she, too, was a murderer! It was madness, couldn't they see?

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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“You’re weak,” he spat contemptuously. The aggression laced his words, and his very body. It was clear she had failed him. Provide a mask, yes, but she had done nothing for him but provide a soft-hearted approach that showed weakness. Talitha had been right all along. Sage would have them forget about blood and forget about death even at the cost of their own. “She attacked children, Sage. She killed Kesho. Our laws are clear when it comes to murder.” Shakespearean, in fact. It was the duty of the family to seek vengeance, but Kesho was alone and his only bond was to the clan. Therefore, the demand and right of justice fell to Ezekiel.

Blonde hair fluttered about his face, tousled by a cold wind. Winter’s swift approach would be felt soon enough. He could not trust this flower to stand against the frost. “I don’t suppose you happened to do your job while you were there, huh? Or did you just cry to your father about what savages we are?” His lip curled at the thought, revealing a row of glistening teeth. The idea that they were somehow worse, somehow inferior to the wolves that spoke of peace and tranquility was something he could not stand.

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Dark ears pinned to her head as his accusations came flying one after another. Had she not done so much for this clan already? Well, she had certainly tried, at least! The expression of worry and grief that covered her face fit well with the thick tail tucked tightly between her legs. She fussed with the strap of the bag on her shoulder as his voice grew louder, her eyes shying away from his, away from the guilt that he thrust at her. She should not feel guilty; she was a victim of it all, too! She knew that Chapel had been wrong, that she had tried to attack Inferni's own puppies. It still wasn't right, she managed softly in a low voice. Kesho's death was truly lamentable, she reasoned, but was another death really the right answer? It made sense to Ezekiel, of course; he had grown up with this culture, this way, but Sage had not. Even to the traumatized Optio, every life had value, and she swallowed against the hard lump that grew in her throat. She wanted to speak, but the words wouldn't come.

Sage could feel her body trembling, but she forced herself steady. No, she did not deserve to be spoken to like this. She had tried to be a part of this clan, but since the start they had shut her out, shunned her. She was different, and Talitha had been right, she realized with an awful wave of regret. Maybe she should have just stayed in Ichika after all. I never said you were savages; I've tried not to think that, she retorted angrily, her voice shaky and full of emotion. You've made it pretty hard, though, she finished darkly, turning with a flourish of dark waves to pace towards the porch. She had been headed there in the first place, but she anticipated he would again keep her from getting to her room; already she felt his heavy gaze on the back of her head.

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The savage in man is never
quite eradicated

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Wrong. Who decided if it was wrong or right? They didn’t. God did. It was as simple as that for him, and this eased his doubts while others found more. Ezekiel had sinned, but he had not gone against the clan’s laws when he killed his aunt. How could she dare question him? The responsibility was not part of her bloodline. Ezekiel and Hybrid’s spawn alone carried the weight of the Massacre line. She was bred from soft-blooded Lykoi’s, from the son who ran to sunflowers and spoke of peace, who chose wolves over his own family. This disgusted him.

She cried at him and turned to run. Ezekiel did not chase her. He turned and called at her back, his hands locked tight into fists at his side. “If you think that,” he warned. “Then you’d better go run with the wolves.” There was no further explanation. If she chose such a thing, the fate of all traitors would fall upon her. He would not force her now, but he doubted she would remain. Not after the way she had looked at him, as if he was a monster incarnate. Perhaps, in a way, he was.

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