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Angel blink silently as he waited at the borders. This was it. This pack, clan, tribe, whatever lay past these few yards would be his home. The leaders would be his leaders, they would earn his loyalty on acceptance, regardless of personal opinions. A few years ago his faith had begun to waver, but though gritted teeth and willpower his faith remained as strong as ever. This was to be his life. The coal coated beast ran a hand through his hair, letting it fall to the back of his neck and then following the silver chain towards the medallion and crucifix that hung there. God. This was what the lord intended. To lead him to this place. For what reason? Angel didn't know. But it was with sole trust he lead his life.

After all wasn't it God that lead him to Maria. One could easily say that it was his will that took her untimely from the earth but Angel refused to focus on this. Pulling his satchel further up on his shoulder, he tilted his head back with a sigh. A songful howl left his sooty maw. Neither wolf, dog or coyote, a beautiful mixture of all three. It matched him, visually too. While some may say wolf, most said hybrid though wolf was chiefly what succeeded that. Coyote blood ran through his veins too, giving him a lean, almost lanky presence. Nothing but small dashings of thicker fur pointed to his domestic heritage. The howl ceased. And with another sigh, Angel waited. Ice blue eyes waiting for someone to appear.

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Vesper turned her coyote-large ears toward the howl, interest piqued as much by the medley of voices within as by its very presence in the air. The winter day was a cold one, but secui bulk wrapped in a thick coat had kept the hybrid warm during the freezing hours of the morning. Now, on her patrol, she kept to the smaller shape she had been born with as four slender paws led her along the border trail. It was a track well-worn by generations of watchmen and marked every few yards with the strong, fiery coyote scent of the clan.

The coywolf paused to rub her side against a tree, sniffing the air. The howl had been longer and deeper than the coyote yowls that echoed occasionally throughout the Waste, pointing to someone who had mixed blood—though that was not a problem for her.

She wasn’t any less vigilant when she followed the scent of the older male, however. Quietly, she padded to the edge of the borders to see the tall dark man standing there. His frame was an intimidating one, large and muscled, though she met his ice blue eyes with strength in her own.

“You’re at the borders to Inferni,” Vesper said, her features smoothed over and her voice aloof but not unkind. “What’s your business here?”

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It didn't take long for someone to appear. A much smaller female approached him, his own coyote-esque ears flicked towards her greeting. She had colourings and patterns he himself found strange, as back home brownish creatures were abundant and even in Argentina, a place he had spent a few years of his life, seemed similar in it's inhabitants. 'Hola...' he said plainly, throwing a brief, half hearted smile towards her as she spoke. He listened to her words, mulling them over with interest. It took a few second for him to translate her words, but the pause between her words and his was only momentary, barely noticeably to anyone who wasn't paying attention.

His gruff, accented voice sounded out after the moment of consideration, 'Inferni...' the first word was merely a musing. Sounded interesting. The name had Latin roots, meaning 'hell' if he was not mistaken. A war pack? Angel considered mentally. That was right up his street. The Catalan was a trained fighter, a warrior with things to learn (though there was very little about warfare and combat he didn't know) and lots to teach. Although hand to hand combat and feral ways were his preferred fighting style, he knew how to use a bow and arrow as well as his experiences on horse back fighting. Though now he didn't have a bow or arrow, or a horse. It didn't make much of a difference. 'This place. I'm looking to join your ranks'. Low Spanish tones floated through the air towards the woman. Angel waited for the response.

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The simple word he offered was foreign and strange to her ears, but Vesper understood it as a foreign greeting; perhaps she had heard a similar-sounding word from Helotes and his brothers. His smile put her somewhat at ease, for while it wasn’t a very hearty one, it didn’t seem to hide anything violent. She’d be hard pressed to smile, coming up to clan borders like this man was—but she’d been lucky enough to have been carried into Inferni after her brutal attack.

The stranger echoed the clan name, which she could only assume meant that it was his first time hearing it. From his speech, however, she could guess that he was foreign to these lands. His deep, accented voice sounded again, and her ears stood upward in slight disbelief. He wanted to join Inferni, and if she was right, it was likely on a whim. That was something she had never been able to understand—why join up with a pack you knew little about? Then again, some canines needed any kind of pack; it didn’t much matter to those who were desperate.

“What is your name?” the small coywolf asked, not addressing his request just yet. To be fair, trading one calling for another, she added, “I am Vesper.”

Then she paused, her pale gaze flicking to the painted skulls that decorated the borders—if the heavy odor of aggressive coyotes and coyote hybrids wasn’t any indication that the clan took up residence here. “Why do you want to join Inferni?” she asked in a way that was not too pressing, but definitely wanted some sort of answer. Did he need a home? A sanctuary? A purpose? She thought for a moment about what else he would need to answer before he could be accepted into the lands; most of it was common sense. “And what skills do you have to offer us—for instance, can you fight?” If not, she was sure that his muscular build would adapt quickly to the combat training Inferni so valued.

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She asked his name, he replied instantly, knowing this question from years of repetition. 'Ángel Fàbregas i Reus' he said, the beautifully accented words spilled out effortlessly as he repeated his name. Granted he never expected anyone to remember how to pronounce it correctly, so he'd learnt to just answer to whatever he was called by. Usually it was Angel, which, granted, wasn't too bad. And he never really used his full name unless in formal circumstances, Ángel Fàbregas was just as correct.

'Because' he began, closing his eyes and continuing. 'Because, I'm not in the mood to wander about alone any more' his words came, perhaps a bit too harshly, out of his maw. 'I've lost interest in living alone, it serves me no purpose. And here I have no bonds, no ties. This place is new and entirely different from my birth place, I need help'. He was not to arrogant to admit he couldn't handle a winter in Canada alone. Of course the mountainous regions were cold, but the coast was warmer and here he feared that it would be an all round freezer.

Angel reached for his bag and produced his dagger in a flash. 'Not just for decoration' he noted dryly. Letting the dull sunlight glint off of it. 'I know a few languages, I hunt, I fish, I ride. I am alfabetitzat... er, literate. I know traders, I worked with many for a long time, managed the also'. His skills did flow past what he had listed, but most were irrelevant in his eyes.

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Surely, the long and nicely accented name the dark hybrid offered was a mouthful, and her tongue flickered against the back sides of her teeth like a nervous animal before she decided she would not attempt to pronounce it just yet. Instead, Vesper inclined her head in a brief nod.

Dark lids fell over icy blue eyes as the tall male spoke with surprising passion on the subject of joining the clan. So he did not want to be alone; he wanted to join with a group in this land that was so new to him. Vesper could understand the lupine draw to a pack and the need for sanctuary in the winter, and she could not fault him for not quite caring which group he joined—so long as he proved himself loyal to Inferni and did not take this trivially.

The blade jerked from his bag made the lupus-formed hybrid step back, hackles rising, but she smirked wryly at his remark then listened to the skills he had to offer. Trading was part of what kept the packs in Nova Scotia alive, she knew, and some might value a literate luperci, though it wasn’t an ability she personally held claim to. How skilled he was with his dagger and all the other abilities he prattled off was yet to be seen, but he was an older luperci and at least had something prepared to tell her. She nodded.

“I will call for our leader, our Aquila,” Vesper said, lightly emphasizing the Inferni term. It did not matter what one called it, but it was part of the culture that Ángel would have to get used to. “Ezekiel will be the one to accept or deny you.” From the recent influx of newcomers, she knew that their numbers would be strong for the winter—but whether or not that would help this male’s chances wasn’t for her to say. She tilted her head back and let up a cry for the leader—the yapping yowl characteristic of coyotes, though there was a long wolf note within it as well. Once she was finished, she glanced levelly up at the man again.

“Where do you come from, Ángel?” Her tone changed; this wasn’t part of the interrogation of a potential joiner, but knowledge she wanted to personally know. She took a seat on the grass, swishing her tail and cocking her head at him as they waited for Ezekiel to arrive.

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Since the meeting, Ezekiel had made a point to travel further west on his patrols. He did so for various reasons, the first and foremost to mark his scent and ensure there was no question as to their expansion. The second was less exciting; he took his horses to graze, and took the time to hunt or gather some of the tall grass and plants they would need to survive the winter. Especially if, as he suspected, Viggo had taken Oblak. It would be a few months before he knew for sure, but the fact that the stallion had begun leaving her alone some suggested this was the case.

So involved in his hunting was the coyote that a full mile had become the distance between him and the horses. For this reason, when Vesper’s call came he did not seek the sound on horseback. With the fleet-footed steps of a hunter he moved, tracking her to the source. It took him several moments to arrive, but the smell was easy to follow along the cold breeze. Red paws took him towards the mottled woman, and at her side he eyeballed the dark stranger silently. Humanized, like the last girl. Mutt; he recognized the rosary and stilled suddenly. “Who are you?”

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He nodded along to the woman's words, mentioning her 'Aquila' which he logically assumed that was their title for alpha. She also addressed him by his personal name too. 'Biblical' he mused aloud, half impressed by such a name. She asked him where he hailed from, and this was another question he had no need to pause to translate. 'Llivia' he said with a more honest smile. 'It is part of the Girona province in Catalonia'. Though it was separated from the homeland by a two kilometre corridor occupied by the French wolves, it was just as full of Catalan culture as any part of Girona. It had been a homey county, full of farmers and reapers. 'But we moved towards the capital, Barcelona just after my sixth month'. This was his true home, he'd always felt better suited to the bustling city above the mountainous farmlands.

Ezekiel appeared swiftly. Angel was surprised at the very least to see the man. He looked young, younger than Angel himself. But that didn't lead to his distrust, the boy (or at least he was to Angel) looked strong and without further inspection, he couldn't make any judgements. Bowing his head respectfully, to the boy he spoke, 'Ángel Fàbregas i Reus' he answered his voice almost soldier like. This was natural of course, while his father had been a lax man, he strongly believed in discipline.

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The scar across her brow arched faintly when he made the “biblical” remark, having no idea about the Bible or more than the faintest concept of any religion. She made no comment on that, however, and nodded as he answered her question. The names were foreign to her, and so she could only assume one thing: “Is Catalonia across the sea? In Europe?” She had met a European luperci or two during her travels, and such canines generally lived humanized lifestyles. The faintest xenophobia inherited from her single mother kept her wary around such strangers, but she hadn’t been exposed enough to be anything but cautiously curious.

Near-silent footsteps announced the Aquila, and Vesper took a tiny sidestep to allow him room to see the newcomer. Her ears perked at his question then swiveled toward Ángel, who she was pleased to see was respectful. Wherever this man came from or what his beliefs were, he recognized the authority of the Infernian leader. That alone would definitely score him points.

After the dark man gave his name, the coywolf glanced to her leader again, her coal-tipped tail lowering to brush against her hind legs. “Ángel wishes to join our ranks. He has some skills that could benefit us—fighting, fishing, riding, reading.” She tried to pick out the ones that seemed unique or useful, knowing that she would miss some. “He says knows a few different languages and traders.”

In her heart, she knew that most of these went far beyond her own abilities—all she had to offer were survival instincts, the instincts of a loner who’d fought for much of what she’d gained. But she reassured herself knowing that the heart, the instincts, the cunning mind, the intelligence to learn—it was what made a coyote, and coyotes made Inferni. Vesper was no fool, and so she felt confident in her position here.

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The savage in man is never
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The name, and way he carried himself, told Ezekiel he was no doubt a foreigner. One who had come from some sort of society with ranks and nobility and the more domesticated ideas that Inferni did not share. Never would he cross the sea—Ezekiel had no desire to see such man-made wonders when the great northern lands called and the expanse of what lay within the landmass of the Americas.

He remained cautiously tense. This was not because the darker male was threatening, but merely because his paranoia (and he was a man haunted by more than simply shadows) led to such things. This explained much about him. Blonde hair was tousled by the wind, which carried more than a fair snip of winter’s cold in it. Soon enough, the snow would come. He was simply waiting for it.

His ears raised at the latter skills; as far as he knew, Inferni lacked anyone skilled in trading. It was something he would not have valued save for the fact that Salsola’s trading lifestyle was one that he could hope to expand upon in order to gain confidence with their western neighbor. While he did not trust the Thistle Kingdom, he knew they were valuable. Loquor Latine, he announced, and nodded towards the man's cross. Didci ex libro. It was a worthless skill, but one he valued. Most of his demonlogy books were written in Latin.

“If you wish to join us, you must swear loyalty to this clan. You must be prepared to defend our land with your life.” He had asked this of many, and he imagined this man would not be the last.

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Angel nodded, a faint smile on his lips. 'Yes. In northeastern Spain' he explained plainly. 'I lived in southwards for some time also, in Argentina' the Spaniard added. It was pointless knowledge, knowing this of him would not bring her any bounty in life though perhaps it would settle her mind if she knew more about her newest clan mate. He himself didn't ask about her, if his past was painful enough to recite he was careful about bringing up past troubles for others.

The Catalan giant fell silent as the woman explained to Ezekiel what he was here for, nodding once his ears flicked towards his skull respectfully. This is how it went when he was drafted in to protect territtory, that was the closest he had ever been to living in a pack, aside from his home but that was technically more of a family grouping. When the jobs were done he left and travelled, got drafted again and so on. It had become tedious, which is why he took up the position of trading manager in Argentina. Times changed and he stepped down respectfully, now he was here.

Ezekiel spoke in forgein tongues, Angel knew what he utter immediately, his hand reached up to caress his crucifix. 'Latin. Quod scio me docuit pater ejus' he noted, another brief smile flickering across his lips. When the Aquila spoke again, he nodded, 'I shall protect these lands as I would my own family. You have my word' Angel pledged, signing his words with a stiff bow of his head.

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