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Word Count → 268 :: OMG this is such a terrible post lol... Light's sober was just referring to his last venture in EE cause I was blank on anything else to write XD...

The moonlight coloured hunter had been planning a visit to the young male he had met not long ago. The thought of him was a constant so he figured he would take the day to see how he and his little brother were doing. Though the usually well directed male had a difficult time finding just where his den was so he realized after a while he was far too north. He cursed the alcohol induced misdirection for when he had been there last his mind wasn’t exactly its clearest then. He decided to take a break and really think of which direction he needed to go trying to play out the events of the day and replace his steps. He pulled a piece of jerky from the poorly made satchel at his side, it was the one accessory he found most useful since coming to these lands so he attempted the construction of one. It didn’t look all that great but it served it purpose and that left the older male satisfied with his work. He leaned against a tree and chewed on the piece of jerky as he glanced around and to the sky. It was still early so that was a plus to his adventure he had left AniWaya quite early in case he decided to spend the day with his friend. He paused his chewing and his ear twitched slightly his senses always at a high alert when he sensed the approach of someone. He popped the last of his jerky in his mouth and pushed himself off the tree and sniffed the air.

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Word Count :: 318

There was a lot for Wayne to think about, and yet the Labrador mix found himself pushing aside all the whirling thoughts. His best friend in the world had returned the previous day, and—well.

So the cowboy headed into the woods with the idea of hunting or something to take his mind off things. He knew that they also needed provisions for their upcoming trip north, because he sure as hell wasn’t going to let Dixie-May go alone again. In his optime form, freed from his jeans in case he had the need to shift, he jogged through the forest whose eclipsing canopy had been erased by autumn’s falling leaves. Light filtered through the naked branches and fell across his dusty-yellow back, and the cool morning air invigorated him.

He abandoned the thought of hunting as his careless movement startled a deer, her tail flashing white as she bounded away. He paused and watched her fade brown on brown in the distance then turned his head, sniffing. It seemed that there was another luperci nearby, too.

Whereas normally Wayne was more closed off and would prefer to keep on jogging along, something made him change direction and walk more slowly in the direction of the male wolf scent. Perhaps it was the need for a distraction to keep his brain from exploding.

He stepped through the trees and found a pale wolf leaning against one, chewing on something. Immediately, the young man’s eyes widened at the sight of the muscular, scarred male. White and silver fur was slashed in places by grey and pink scar tissue, some no more than ruffles in his winter coat while others were distinct enough to draw his eyes.

“Howdy,” Wayne said, but the greeting sounded odd coming from his mouth this time. A strange thought had come to him, but he pushed it aside with the others as he approached uncertainly.

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Light’s brow lifted only just slight as the golden male approached. Quickly he composed himself and stood straight. The strange greet sounded foreign to the hunter not hearing it before. He merely responded in a deep monotonous voice a callous Hello. He didn’t seem to be a threat, the hunter’s instincts were often well aware of danger. He sized up the male before speaking again but his expression and stance nothing more than a slight movement of the eye. The light male had a decent build but he lacked experience. He had potential though and the habit of the teacher foremost was always in control of his thoughts when he met someone new. Finally he held his hand out before himself but remained still. He would allow the other to close the distance if he desired. Light, Light Goldenfeather. Pleasure to meet you… He let the word drag out for the male to fill in his name. Light’s voice though lacking emotion in the moment as well as his face, but ever other way the scarred hunter held himself showed friendliness. His ears relaxed his tail sweeping from side to side in a slow wave behind him. If he wanted to attack he would have shown it. But the usually social male still enjoyed meeting someone new even if his face did not show it.

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SSWM Word Count :: 500
This post is awkward but I'm writing it off as Wayne presently being a moron.

Curse his love-struck mind. Wayne lowered his ears when the other glanced at him, realizing that he was foolish in his sudden appearance and greeting. Ever since he’d finally confessed his love for Dixie, love that had been tenderly returned to him, simple bliss had flooded him like a drug; everything was finally perfect. Even now his thoughts were claimed by her as he stood in stupid silence. Only the knowledge that much would come up in the next couple of months had convinced him to actually leave the pack territory and her side.

Realizing the age difference between him and the silvery-white wolf, the cowboy felt even more foolish. This was a luperci of experience, evidently, and from the scent of it an AniWayan too. Was he out here to hunt for the Tribe?

An extended hand broke the southern man out of his thoughts, and immediately he collapsed that hand in his own. Though he was a quiet canine, prone to grouchiness and shyness, his grip was firm—the handshake of a man who was confident and strong underneath all of that.

“Wayne McCoy,” the Onore said, filling in the gap with his name in a slightly more certain tone. He offered a small smile, not quite outgoing but still better than the awkward daydreaming his face had surely shown before. This male was about as far as Dixie as one could get; no point in letting her fog up his mind right now, as much as he adored her. “Pleasure’s all mine.”

After a moment, however, his awkwardness came back—though it was that fleeting idea that reclaimed his mind rather than thoughts of the girl at home. He withdrew his hand and adjusted his cowboy hat, glancing once more at the scars, his gaze moving swiftly as not to stare.

“This is gonna sound stupid, but—you seem to have gotten in a lot of battles.” His ears lowered, shifting the hat. “And I—” He glanced over his shoulder in the direction of the pack lands he’d come from. “You smell of the Tribe, but you remind me of the kinda warriors we need in Casa di Cavalieri.”

Once more he fell silent. He would be quick to correct Light if he felt that the male was recruiting him out of the blue—but for some reason the Lab mix hoped that, just by standing around this muscular and scarred wolf, some of that skill would rub off on him. It was especially important now that new opportunities had opened up for him and Dixie-May. He didn’t know what the future would bring with his dear friend, but he wanted as always to make the world safe for her. He would already give his life for her without hesitation, but he wanted to be like their swordsman alpha and the others who could fight in the group. Right now, he was an unpolished cowboy, good with a horse but useless at anything but clumsy combat.

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