Good Tidings and Cheer

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Set @ Dusk on the 22nd.
Free posting order.
Booze is in the lounge.
Tables/Feast is in the center of the Great Hall.
Instruments supplied by Jazper placed at the end of the hall, near the court room doors.

The main level of the courthouse had been abuzz with activity for most of the afternoon as preparations had begun for the evenings celebrations. In both the lounge and the kitchen fires had been started to warm the hearth. The Great Hall had been cleaned and a few of the long tables from the usual dining area had been moved out into the center of the hall along with the accompanying chairs. Decorations were a scant few, but a few bits of evergreen accented the pale walls and pillars.

As the sun began to set over the horizon the Great Hall became filled with the dancing light of several small lamps that burned the oils rendered from animal fat as the wicks were lit. It wasn’t long after that the tables started to fill with various delights from the kitchen. There was fowl and venison of varying origins, but the meats were not alone, for there was a thick and chunky stew of rabbit and root vegetables. It was unfortunate that they had not been able to spare any grains for breads of any sort.

This would be the longest night of the year and the Guida had the word to all of the members of pack that tonight they would celebrate with food, drink and perhaps even some music if there were enough willing musicians, that is. When it seemed that all was ready and those that wished to join in the celebration had gathered Anann stood before the table and called for every one's attention. ”It has been two months since we have come together as a pack and as a pack we should be proud of what we have accomplished in that time.” She gave a brief pause as she looked around the room, a proud smile on her face. ”We have made a home for ourselves, here in Kingsbury. Word of our pack is already being spread beyond our borders. The coyote clan, Inferni, has given us the promise of peace so long as they are given the same respect.” It was merely the beginning, but all things had to start somewhere and while the first steps were small, they were hardly insignificant.

”And, as you can see”, a hand gestured to the food filled table behind her, ”our efforts to build a storage of food has been quite successful. So let’s enjoy this evening. There is plenty of food, plenty of drink and perhaps with enough volunteers we will even have some music!” And with that the festivities were set to begin.

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Cause the birdy is festive. ._. / +200

Living in the courthouse meant Gunnar wouldn't be able to miss anything that was going on with the pack. So when Anann started preperations for a celebration, he'd decided to get ready himself (she'd been almost done when he'd finally came home to see it, after spending the day patroling and training), dressing in the best clothes he had and even making an effort to actually brush his hair.

After a great deal of struggling, he'd managed to tie it back with a blue lace, keeping his bangs out of his face for once and somewhat enjoying the regal appearance it gave him.

He brushed his fur to the point that it hid most of his scars and then, with one last check to make sure he looked fine, he headed downstairs to the main level.

He came in just in time to hear Anann giving the start of her speech. Slipping off to the side, he smiled as he paid close attention to what the female leader had to say. At the end of her speech, he even moved to greet her.

Lady Anann. He nodded deeply to her as he approached. The courthouse has never looked so festive. Good job. As raspy as his voice was, Gunnar was still very much able to offer warm praise.

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Feel free not to read all of this XD


Anann and himself had been planning this evening all week, as both knew that many of the packs would be celebrating the same way. Although the packs generally celebrated the winter solstice Jazper was aware of the human celebration of Christmas. There was quite an interesting fairytale behind the whole thing, something about a baby born to a virgin and some wise men. The simple thought made the Knight smile; the humans were certainly strange creatures. The two had spread word throughout the pack that tonight would be cause for celebration; a meeting of equality among the leaders and pack members to give thanks for the food on the table and drinks in their hands.

As the sun fell Jazper began to prepare himself, it was rare that he switched out of his pale blue shirt and ripped up pants but tonight he wanted to put his best paw forward. Instead he opted for a dark purple shirt, though it would have to remain un buttoned due to his size, and fresh kaki’s that stopped half way down his claves. Maybe one day he would seek out a wolf who could make clothing to fit his abnormally large size but for now the open shirt and too short pants would have to do. Finally the alpha wrapped his bear fur cloak around his shoulders and tied it securely across his collarbone before moving to look in the mirror. The cloak had been made a coupe years ago out of a grizzly bear he had found dead from old age. It was odd to wear it now knowing that he had since managed to fight off, and almost kill, two other bears for the sake of his friend’s lives.

The time had come for the pack to gather around the table and the Sole took his place beside the Luna with a confident smile as she finished he speech. Quickly he nodded at the young male who spoke to her before he made his way towards the living room, taking a bottle of vodka in hand. This was to be a party and the warrior certainly enjoyed a good drink. The handsome wolf finally made his way towards the main doors, where he had placed a few instruments from his collection including some drums and shakers, for the use of any of the pack. A little ways to the side he had placed his own chocolate colored violin and a large grin he placed his drink down and picked up the instrument. “Who’s up for a little music?” He asked loudly, to no one in particular.

The members of Crimson Dreams had often heard the large man play but the members of Casa did not know their leader knew anything about music. It was just one addition to Jazper’s softer side. Resting the instrument in the crook of his neck he pressed the bow to the strings, which he had tuned earlier that day, and began to fiddle away. It had been difficult for him to learn to play the instrument, which was built for human hands, but one way or another he had found the dexterity in his own large figures. The dancing music filled the hall with ease prompting the canines to drink and dance merrily.

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Yay festivities!

Yiska had been looking forward to spending a holiday with her new found family. Unsure of what to dress in she had called upon her sister's help many weeks ago to scrounge up the short red dress she squeezed into this evening. The dress wasn't really all that nice, but it would suffice for the party that she would be attending tonight. Placing a festive poinsetta pin in her long hair she looked herself up and down. Frowning she ran her fingers through her long dirty blonde and looked again. Smiling and nodding she was ready to face her pack.

Making her way out of the house and down to the courthouse she thought about how happy she was now that she found Rendall. The young woman had filled Yiska on everything up to date with her and Vulcan. She had wept when she learned that her mother truely was dead, but it was expected. She was however, very happy his young sister had found her place among the wolves that lived here. Brushing a little dirt off her dress, she wondered what the unusual colored female would be doing for their celebration.

Yiska shrugged and turned her attention to the now full courthouse. She had arrived just in time to hear Anann's speech, after which she turned her attention to the delicacies laid out for her and her companions. All kinds of roasted meats and stews tickled her nose as she made her way around, trying a little bit of everything. The sudden joyous sounds of a fiddle in the air turned Yiska's head in the direction of the happy music. There before her was the handsome patron, playing away on one of the instruments that he had at his home. The woman found a place to sit amd sat back listening and observing the large male. She decided that he wasn't so bad after all, and perhaps she would invite him on her next hunting trip as well. Maybe even introduce him to Rendall and her pack.

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Word Count → +200 :: :)

The girl had been getting ready in her room, brushing her long black flowing hair so it was straight and free of tangles and knots. Picking her way through her closet, she smiled as she found the familiar black dress that still had the tint of her mother's scent. It was a simple dress, but once it was on, it looked beautiful, even on her mother. The bottom had lace, that was a tad bit worn out, but Fia didn't mind. Slipping out of her usual casual clothes and into the dress, the fae looked at herself in the mirror. Wow....she looked so much like her mother wearing this dress. Smiling to herself, the young adult made sure she was absoloutly 'perfect' before heading out of her room.

As she walked down the hall, she heard familiar voices and scents blowing from the large room. Her dress flowed gracefully behind her as her paws made soft padding noises against the cold hardwood. A broad smile formed on her muzzle when she arrived, ears automatically perking. She had arrived at the ending of Anann's speech, and swiveled her head around when the large familiar-shaped Knight spoke. My, my, he looked fancy. Bright blue eyes looked about the room curiously, when she found Gunnar's familiar form walking towards Alphess Annan. The Knight woman nodded in agreement as she heard the handsome's brute compliment. "I quite agree. You did an amazing job" Fia said as she dipped her head in respect and greeting to the Alphess. The black- tipped tail swayed gently from side to side behind the woman.

Turqiouse eyes flicked over to Gunnar for a moment, her smile brightening at the sight of him. He had cleaned up well. The scent of fresh warm food wafted to her black nose, and suddenly the short fae hadn't realized how hungry she was. Yet, she stayed where she was. She was comfortable here. Sounds of laughter and giggling filled her ears, joyus songs and music swirling about in the happy evening. This was what it was like to be a family. To be together, laughing, smiling, and just living.

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:D FIA! Looks like Gunnar's gonna take a huge leap of faith tonight. ;D / +200

When Gunnar saw Jazper, he was reminded of the ring he still carried with him; he'd been waiting for the right moment... and maybe, just maybe, it'd come around tonight.

Fia arrived shortly after and he smiled at the sight of it. The dress she wore was beautiful, simple but it brought out the dual tones in her pelt and reminded him of just how brightly her eyes could shine when accented just right.

He turned to her now, smile growing into a grin. You look beautiful tonight, Fia. He wouldn't hide it, never had, but now that they were in a public place, it seemed... different. Better, but nerve-wracking all at the same time.

Would everyone else approve? Who cares. Jazper does. Fia does. I do. That's all that matters. The LeStrange boy held out his hand to his court once the music started to play (her father was indeed an expert at playing, he'd decided). Care to dance?

Dancing wasn't the easiest thing for a guy with a permanant limp, but he'd manage if it meant Fia would have herself a good time. He knew how to, at least; he'd taught himself back when he was still living in Anathema, for the sake of impressing the ladies. Now, it was down to just one lovely young woman and suddenly, the party was centered around her and her alone... least, that's how Gunnar felt.

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Word Count → +200 :: ;D GUNNAR! Small God Modding if that's okay. If not, I'll change it :)

The girl couldn't help but grin, bright white teeth flashing. "Thank you, and you look quite handomse tonight yourself" Fia said with a swish of her tail. The music seemed to take a turn and swirl around the two, just them. Gently grabbing his hand, the fae intertwined her paw with his and walked to the dance floor, her dress flowing softly behind her. Everyone else seemed to die away. The voices and laughter seemed to quiet down, the clinks of porcelain gone too. Now, it was just the soft paw steps of Fia and Gunnar. She smiled softly, bright blue eyes gazing into his.

The Knight woman gave out a small laugh, looking down slightly embarressed but retruned her gaze to his handsome eyes once again. "I'm not too good at dancing...I'm a tad clumsy" She admitted. She had learned some dancing from her mother, but not much, for Fia had cared to go adventure outside. Though, she didn't care if they both ended up falling on the ground and making a fool out of themselves. All she cared about was being with him....He was the sunshine of her life now. Just like the sun, she couldn't live without him. Her eyes indicated how she felt for him...she wouldn't hide it from the black-furred brute. She loved him, and thats all that mattered. Who knows, maybe they'd get married and become mates one day. A small, yet large flicker of hope flashed through her eyes. The young woman's tail began to waver behind her in gentle excitement at the though.

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I made this table just for this. XD

Her silent comparison to the sun was an eerily familiar thing, because to Gunnar, she truely was as special as the sun. He'd lived his adolesence in a cave, hidden from the sun and moon and kept company by only the burning torches lining the walls. Even as a loner, he'd avoided the daylight, fearing being caught by certain someones that could've been searching for him.

Meeting Fia had brought him out into the day again.

He smirked wryly at her comment, keeping his limp to a minimal that best he could. "Heh. Just means I have less to worry about." He shifted to the side quickly, sweeping her gently around and stepping back to twirl her, if she went along with it. Then, he'd hold her backwards to his chest for a moment before returning to the usual position.

"I learned a few tricks growing up, but dancing is most certainly not my cup of tea." Certainly? Cup of tea? Since when had Gunnar used such... adult terms? Living in Casa had improved his speech quite a bit; before, it'd been teenage slang and mangled English. Now, he could actually form a normal sentence now and again.

"So Fia, if you could have any one wish this Christmas, what would it be?" Gunnar's smile was gentle, careful. He was vaguely aware of the others in the room and thus kept his voice lowered a bit, adding an air of mystery to their conversation. He not only wanted to surprise her... but the rest of the pack as well; with any luck, it would be more cause for celebration. Hopefully even Jazper, her protective father and their on-track alpha, would be surprised. After all, even though he'd asked and received Jazper's blessing... he hadn't mentioned -when- he'd be proposing. .

i bought this here ring, but it doesn't fit me,
so maybe, just maybe... it was for you all along.
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Word Count → 000 :: D'aw! Nice!

The girl smiled as she was literally swept off her feet, twirling about to be held close to his chest. She gave him a soft lick on the cheek before being spun back around once again. "Well, you're certaintly better than I am" The woman said, giggling softly. Blue eyes looked deep into his gorgeous orbs.

The young girl perked her ears just a tad at his question and thought for a moment. Paws where still entangled in his black ones. "If I could have only one wish for christmas...." The girl said, staring up at the large arched ceiling before returning her gaze back to his with a warm smile. "It would be to stay with you forever, to hold onto you and never let go. Because I love you." The young girl spoke from her heart. The words where quiet, only meant for his curly ears to hear. The words had so much passion, each syllable filled with adoration. She meant what she said.

This moment.....twirling and dancing about with the love of her dreams was where she wanted to be. She didn't want to be anywhere else but here. Now, it seemed as if absoloutely no one was in the room. That it was just them two. The joyus music seemed to quite down from it's quick and steady beat, and seemed to slow into a romantic slow song. The black-tipped girl drew him closer and rested her right paw on his chest. She could feel his heart thrumming away quickly and smiled softly.

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I feel like we stole the thread. ;-;

That wish was something he could provide just fine, he figured. With a matured, loving smile, he pulled her in long enough to kiss her on the nose. "I love you too..." He murmured...

...and then he stopped dancing. It was early into the night still but he couldn't wait now. It was the perfect moment. "And I think that can be arranged..." He started, putting on his bravest face as he took a step back, reached into his pocket and then...

...knelt down. He'd done his research. He knew what to do. He only hoped he'd do it all correctly. That he'd make a good impression.

He knelt in that famous pose, on one knee and pulled out the box that held the ring. Then he presented it, while speaking with a surprisingly steady voice. "...but only if you marry me." And then, it was just waiting for her answer.

His heart had never beat so fast before.

Marry me. You know you want to. ♥
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Word Count → 000 :: I know haha! I feel bad...

The world seemed to stop spinning. The wind seemed to stop blowing outside. Everything seemed to stop. Everyone around the girl seemed to freeze. Blue eyes went wide, her heart speeding ever so quickly. Was he.........Was she going to be his mate?! The girl suddenly embraced him in a tight hug, giving him affectionate kisses and grinned.

"Yes, yes, YES!" She barked happily, her tail wagging a mile a minute. Oh my gosh! The young woman couldn't believe this was even happening! What would her brother think? What would her father think? Fia yipped and pulled back to slide the ring onto her finger, the diamond winking back up at her with promises of love, affection and passion. She yipped again and hugged him tightly.

The Marino girl couldn't think of another time she had been so happy in her life! I mean look at her.....maybe joining her father's pack was a good idea in the first place. It had offered her a new life.....and it was true! She was starting a new life with the one she loved so much......And there she was, little petite Fia, thinking that she'd be forever alone, with no one to hold her and hug her, no one to kiss her and tell her that she looked beautiful....

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In comes the extremely upset big brother who goes and sulks XD

He hated parties. Completely and absolutely. The large boy had sequestered himself with his wooden flute into a dark corner of the room and was glaring at the dog that dared to touch Fia. Every so often a lip would curl to reveal sharp teeth as Gunnar's hand would move to a position Lorenzo deemed inappropriate. The only thing that was stopping him from tearing Fia away from him and beating the other guy senseless was Jazper harmoniously playing his violin nearby. If not for his father's calm and peace the boy would have exploded well before now. Enxo found that he disliked this violent and bloodthirsty side of himself as much as he was honor bound to protect his sister. She was his sister for lord's sake, he was supposed to protect her. But this endless building anger that had no way out except into blood and tearing and ripping was slowly wearing away at his self control.

This wasn't helping him. Enzo had been unable to find clothes that fit his huge form and so had gone in his fur only, his long hair tied back with some elastic. He turned away from the sight of his sister dancing and instead brought out his flute. He didn't want to play it, the thing looked so delicate within his huge hands, he could easily crush it. Like he had done with Dixie in order to play for her he closed his eyes and tuned out the world and focusing only on the song the Sole played. He brought the flute to his lips and added his own tune to the rhythm of the violinist, Lorenzo had inherited his musical ability from his father. Alternating between light and heavy, fast and slow to make it seem as though the music were alive within the room.

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Yay happy holidayness!

Yisk couldn't take her eyes off Jazper and the fiddle. His hands moved so delicately over the seemingly fragile instrument. It was beautiful. Suddenly realizing she was staring though, she ripped her eyes at once away from the male and somewhere else. It was there that she found Lorenzo, he was glaring at something...or someone. Every now and again he would bare his teeth, what was wrong with him? Following his gaze her eyes settled on a dancing pair. She tried to stiffle her laughter but couldnt hold back her grinning. Was he jealous? or perhaps was one of the dancers family? She didnt know, but she found it funny.

Once he found his instrument and began playing along with Jazper's song she was enticed to dance herself. But with who? So far the only ones she really knew was Jazper and Lorenzo, the two musicians. She suddenly heard happy yipping and looking over to the dancing couple, she saw that the male had proposed to the girl. Awkwardness ran through the woman's veins and the air suddenly got stuffy. Glancing back towards Jazper, the cream colored woman thought it good to go get some air. Getting up quickly, she walked out into the still freshly young night.

"Okay, okay calm yourself down." She wasn't entirely sure why she was panicking. Something about the couples happy moment and Jazper... The thought made her want to run far far away. However, she at some point, would have to admit this to herself, and if not tonight then when? She took a few deep breaths. " you have a bit of all." She tried laying to herself. Thats all? Thats all?! i dont think so. Crushes are bad. She looked around and finally admited there was nothing she could do. She liked the male. Looking hopelessly back at the courthouse, she took a big breath holding it for a moment before deciding. "Ah forget it!" Marching determiningly back inside, she was gonna ask Jazper for a dance the next time he left his. post. She looked heavenward Well, you we go.

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The alpha quite enjoyed fiddling away, though he was capable of a more somber tone when he wished. He was a strong believer in the arts for entertainments, as many humans had been and many wolves were. The light music rose and fell in the large hall as a few members began to dance, one particular couple catching his eye. It had been some time since he had given the boy permission to ask his daughter for her paw and frankly he was beginning to think that the boy hadn’t the balls to ask. It seemed like just yesterday he and Ghita has been announcing their mateship, though in Casa things were to be a little more formal, including a ceremony.

He watched Gunnar and Fia with a weary eye, trying to watch with subtly. His golden orbs only drifted from the couple to look at his fingers moving, Yiska enter in a beautiful red dress and Enzo glaring at the two young lovebirds. A bit of commotion from Fia caused the leader to look back and smile lightly, she had accepted Gunnar’s proposal. Putting his instrument down he motioned for Enzo to keep playing as he made his way towards the two with hast, cape flapping behind him.

“May I announce to all you Cavalierites, with the greatest pleasure, the engagement of my daughter, Fia, and my soon to be son, Gunnar.” His voice rang over the bright flute’s song and to all members present at the feast. Silently he reached out a giant hand a patted the curly haired male on the back with a wink before looking around for the women in red he had seen enter a little while before. Spotting her figure re-entering in a whirlwind he quietly left the happy couple to their dance and decided it was time for him to join them while he could. “Yiska.” He spoke, his soft Scottish accent demanding her attention as he reached out his large palm towards her, “Would you do an old dog the honor of dancing with him on the eve of his youngest’s engagement?”

A warm smile clung to his lips as he awaited an answer. It had been a long time since ha had danced with anyone, or allowed himself to look at a pretty girl for that matter the Marino family had occupied his mind for far to long and for the first night since he had left Crimson Dreams he allowed himself to enjoy the sight of a lady. The red dress clung to her curves in a manner that caught his attention all too much. Maybe it was time he start worrying about himself and not about the girls he had left behind. His daughter had managed to find love so perhaps it was time that he start looking for a little romance himself? Yiska certainly was an interesting enough girl, a quite pretty at that. Shaking the thoughts from his head he returned his attention to the lady in front of him and his outstretched hand.

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WORD COUNT: 256 // YAY! :D

He had to act fast not to fall backwards when Fia showered him in excited affection. He managed to stay kneeling, and stood after she pulled back to put the ring on. It didn't last, though, and as soon as he'd found his balance, Fia was clinging to him again, happy yips and tail wagging a mile a minute.

He hadn't realized he'd been grinning the entire time, laughing whenever she yipped or hugged him tight, pausing to kiss her face gently a few times in their 'second' hug and sighing into her fur as he held her close a moment. "I love you so much..." He murmured, just loud enough for her ears only.

And then, a voice louder than the cluster of the pack sounded in his ears and he looked up to spot Jazper, announcing the engagement with pride and patting the boy on the back firmly. Gunnar looked lost for a moment, though that smile was still there, his arms still around his new fiance's waist.. and for once, he was at a loss for words. Who could be said.

He watched Jazper walk away and turn to address another lady of the pack, the action reminding him of the excited beauty in his arms. Dark eyes moved back to Fia's and he grinned, kissing her nose quickly. "Happy Solstice, Fia." He grinned, tail wagging behind him. He'd never been this excited, this happy, or this proud before. This was his lady, his partner, his mate. Now and forever.

And off we'll ride into the sunset
together forever, never to part. ♥
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