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Word Count → 600+ :: Guessing nothern area of E.Eclipse very early morning? Let me know if it needs a date. (Forgive the terrible polish accent haven't written it out in a while XD)

Gabryjela awoke with a long moaning stretch that night within a soft bed. She was surprised to have been in a bed her body had been so use to rock and grass she couldn’t imagine any other surface that was softer. But here she was resting so comfortably in a bed and she considered drifting back to sleep in a delightful bliss. As she had started to relax her mind began to whir with erotic imaginings. Then her body tingled with that constant feel she loved and she knew she couldn’t let herself go to sleep just yet. Her hand trailed over her body that seemed slightly softer than it usually had since her last visit to reality. Her roughly padded fingers started to part her slit as a moan escaped her maw. She pleasured herself until she could not take it anymore, she needed to find someone or at least something to relieve her throbbing desire. She uncovered herself from her delightfully soft bed and the chill of winter was in the air. She noticed the clothes nearby but didn’t give them a second glance until she decided her blankets were too heavy. She reached for the long black cloak that lay atop a chair and slipped it over her slender body. The dark coloured female looked menacing as she raised the hood, her body spilling the scent of lust as her bright blue eyes grew colder, darker. She was a hunter in a sense a beast not to be trifled with. Standing at such a small height she looked harmless from a distance.

She opened the door to her home, the sounds of night a dead silence as the wind howled through the creaks of the aged wood. The silent sounds played at her like harp of romantic sounds as she pressed her back against the doorframe and let out a moan. Oh it had been too long since she had been touched, so long since she felt this wonderful feel of explosive lust within her loins. She walked down the hall her nose breathing in deep as the scents of other canines filled her. She creaked a door nearby and considered stepping in and awaking the familiar stranger that rest there. His chocolate body a delightful dream that stuck with her or maybe she would go to the female’s room with her delightful lavender eyes. No not yet. She would have to be too quiet if she chose one of them and the female wanted anything but. She shut the door carefully and took tender steps out of the house.

She walked for a long time needing to stop just to ease her pain by pleasuring herself from time to time. Then as she started to realize she was terribly alone the female whined. She let out a desperate bark a plea to relieve the girl’s burning desires and knew she would be answered. It always was. She pressed her back against a tree as she threw her face to the side. Mmm vhat will d’ey be like. F’emale, male, ligh’t or d’ark. Vhat pleshures of da ‘eat avait me. Her voice was a thicker huskier polish accent from the others within her mind that were now pushed away, disregarded. She was here now and she wouldn’t leave until her body was satisfied. The girl let out a chuckle mixed with a long deep moan. Her hands rubbed through every electric point along her body as they slicked through her thin dual toned silky fur. She would keep herself occupied until her temporary companion would arrive. Her actions merely peeking through slight breaks of the black cloak but otherwise hidden and left to the imagination as her moans filled the air.

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(678) Feel free to have her demand he shift. Or whatever works for you. XD He's just in his male-driven sex mode.

After so many weeks keeping close to his packlands, Anatole had given in to his instinctive drive to wander. He was certain this was entirely acceptable; after living as a rogue for so long, and having little affiliation or rank to bother about within AniWaya, he was more than confident his presence would not be missed for a few days. In his lupus form he traveled north, following the obvious trail of white-tailed deer. While it was hard for a single wolf to make a kill, Anatole’s size and experience was greatly enhanced by the intelligence of the virus. By being able to recall patterns of animal movement, and estimate how they would behave, he was two-steps ahead of his ancestors and there instinctive chase, wear down, and kill behavior.

He did find a small herd of deer, likely a single family. The buck was young, but his goal was not with the male. A younger and flightier looking doe was lingering too far from the group. With the snow to muffle his presence, he stalked closer.

Deer were hardy enough to survive the winters here, but the toll on them was extraordinary. He could see they had lost much of the fat from summer, and their coats were dull and fluffed up against the wind. As is habitual, deer travel into the wind as to scent predators. By creeping after them from downwind Anatole was capable of masking himself until the time was right. While a white wolf might have done better in the snow, enough patches of dark earth, stone, or tree bark blended his black-tan hide against their vision.

The chase began and ended quickly. Anatole rushed at the doe, cutting her off from the other animals. While she outpaced him, his endurance was far greater—he followed her for two miles before she finally slowed. He closed the gap and took her down with his weight alone, avoiding a sharp kick and moving from her wounded haunch to the throat. Scissor-like teeth cut through her sinewy neck, grappled the wind pipe, and crushed it.

He ate heartily, paying no mind to the noisy ravens that came to pick at the carcass. A fox emerged from the encroaching gloom and Anatole acquiesced to share his meal. As he finished gorging himself, he made off to find a source of water that was not packed snow. It was nearly dark now, and he knew finding shelter would have to come soon. Water was first, though—a small stream satisfied his thirst and he had begun scouting for a hollowed area to sleep in when the cry came. Both ears rose high, his head following suit.

It was a woman’s voice, and a demanding one. She wanted Pleasures, and was likely unmated, alone, and loose. His instinctive desire to mate was triggered almost instantly. A low howl answered her cry, and then he trailed after the source. All the while, his senses rose to high alert. Musk seeped from his pores, and his tail rose high behind him. While the idea of courtship favored most of his companion Luperci, Anatole was used to far more feral ways. If he wanted a woman, and she was ready, he would not praise her but simply claim her body. Even if he had no children, he needed to mate; no amount of intelligence could wash away the most base instinct. Sex, food.

Moaning reached his ears the further he went, and with the wind changing course, he finally caught her scent. She was in heat, and the maddening mixture of blood and hormones was met by his body’s responding testosterone. The fur along his back rose in anticipation, and he panted heavily as he went. By the time he found her, his mind was focused singularly on the deed to follow.

She was in her Optime form, clothed in some billowing thing, and perched against a tree. He growled deeply in his throat, green eyes blazing in the night. The wolf said nothing; she had called and he had come.

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Word Count → 450+ :: She is fun lol... thought I would have trouble with her but no she's just too much fun XD

Gabryjela was growing impatient, her body pulsing with want making the seconds tick by with terrible delay. Finally she smelled his odor and a gasping moan came to her lips. She snapped her head to face the young lupus as her blue eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight. Her red maw peaking forth as she pushed off the tree. Let us see vhat we ‘ave. Her steps were slow as she started to untie the fabric that draped her. She pulled the hood down exposing her neatly groomed bob of hair. Then she let the cloak drop carefully as it draped over her forearms. She paused in a seductive manner as a long slender leg set out to her side. She was a dancer in a sense and the art of seduction her game. Her hands ran down her abdomen before she dropped the cloak all together. Her slender dual toned fur open to the male’s hungry gaze. She grinned as her eyes narrowed in on him.

You make me vait too long. Her face growing with a dark glare. She held up her hand halting any movement a request to stay still. Let me ‘ave a look at v’ou. Her deep voice said firmly. Her tail swept from side to side like a slithering snake held high in a dominant pose; the action almost a strain to the rarely used muscles. She stepped around him her nose filling in with his masculinity that emanated from him. She smirked as she ran a finger over his back his height easily reached by her small hands. Dis will no’ do… She said a slight disappointment in her voice. She loved all forms receiving in every way but her first upon her awakening always had to be specific. Her body turned to face him as she finally rounded to meet his front. ’ow are vou to touch me with d’ese paws? ‘ow are you to grab me… She lowered down to his ear keeping her legs stiff as her hands held her steady between her knees. ’ow are vou to take me like dis? Her tongue snaked through her teeth and slid along his cheek his taste a delightful treat before her first course.

She stood again feeling delightfully tall as she put her hands on her hips. Now shift! She demanded in a powerful foreign tone a light chuckle rising from her. It had been too long since she felt power, her dreams often overladen with weakness, fear and pleasantries. Gabryjela was anything but those things and the look on her face made that clear. She knew what she wanted and she was bound to get it sooner or later when her mind was set on it.

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(268) Let me know if any PP is okay or not; he's gonna let her guide the whole thing but may try and take over towards the end.

The woman came to him, her scent aflame and full of hormones, lust, and the all-powerful rank stench of heat. Oh he would have her one way or another; she was far too willing to be forced, and he would give in to her demands well enough. The red-black woman advanced, one of her hands trailing over his back. He rippled like a stallion under her touch and felt fire build in the heat of his loins. A deep, throaty rumble burst from his throat and filled the air with steam. His lips pulled away from his hums, teeth bared to the night.

At her command he let out a bellowing laugh, but his body responded none the less. It was a speedy, painful thing; he was ready to meet her. Bones cracked and popped as his spine grew, muscles bulged and amassed upon his frame. It took him only moments to rise, a massive man built as his father had been built. He towered above her, his fur pitch colored and his mane soot and ash. His eyes glowed in the night, filled with fire and passion and lust. This alone held him. This alone drove him now when sense and sanity were left behind.

One hand shot out to grab at the loose cloth around her. He would tear it from her if she did not let it fall. Anatole’s pink tongue lolled across his teeth and he leaned towards her. There would be no peace for her, no love tonight. He was his father’s son in truth, even though he had never met the man.

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Word Count → 252 :: I'm perfectly fine with PP so feel free. And sorry this one's short.

Gabryjela was pleased to see him respond to her whim. As his height took her grin grew as she slinked in closer. Yes, dis vill do. She said as her hands ran from his abdomen to his chest. She circled him again her body untouched by the cold as her heat rose even further, her hands had been exploring his contours and dark fur. She didn’t want to mess around he was perfect now, reminding her of the male that had her first. But could he give her what she wanted and her hands gripped his fur tightly as they found their way back to his chest. She pulled forcefully awaiting his reaction as her words spilled in a moan. Now vou take me beast. She chuckled deeply when she released his fur hoping the action would spark enough. Her first lover was always forceful, demanding, and powerful. From time to time she would not find that in her first upon her awakening. She always did at some point though, sometimes turning even the seemingly sweet into beasts of the night. She held her ground looking up at the male wondering what he could handle what she could inflict upon him to release that beast she desired. She knew it wouldn’t take much but first she needed to learn just what he held on his own as her eyes trailed down. Her body shivered wanting, waiting its impatience growing even though it had been nothing more than maybe a second or two.

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(331) Slight PP, as approved. You are equally free to PP; I would ask if she wounds him to make them light, I did not mention anything major in his next few threads. :)

Her thin fingers brushed against his broad chest, drawing forth another deep, rumbling growl. While he might have shown compassion to another woman, this one had been instant, demanding. She did not want to be shown mercy or love or tenderness. Black hair spilled past his shoulders, something he did not bother with. Anatole was ready for her even as she dug her fingers into the thick fur of his chest, his body responding in a way his mind could not. One thing drove him, and one thing dominated any idea of thought or reason.

Anatole thrust into her roughly, parting her with little grace. He felt her around him, hot, warm, and his mind went blank. He held onto her collar-bone, allowing her to breath, but refusing to give her quarter. Nails dug into the earth below, each thrust shoving him further, deeper, harder. His hands wretched onto her wrists, but his claws were sheathed. While rough, he was not unduly cruel. A black tail flagged high behind him, hair all on end. Repetitive, deep-throated growls vibrated through his body with each motion. This was mindless, but not without pleasure. Truly, he was elated and even now rushing towards the high point of pleasure. Living as a loner had taught him that drawing out such a process was not wise; he had been chased off by other packs for such a thing, often as soon as his body released from the girl in question.

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In an instant they were at it, rough, painful and delightful. Everything she wanted, no games, no sympathy, just instinct and lust. She had an itch and he was there to scratch it, no more, no less. She gasped at the grasp of her throat and the flood of joy filled her, flowed through her. She gripped his hand her claws digging in but piercing no more than a drop of blood from him. She moaned as her hips drove upwards, his thrusts swift and powerful. She knew it wouldn’t be long but that was fine it didn’t need to be not for this. She could feel him bulge, grow and pulled herself back just slight; the last thing she wanted was another incident or the awkward tie of their bodies. It was why she enjoyed this form it gave her some control gave her ability to pull back regardless of his grasp of her wrists. They had been pinned from the grip on his back. She didn’t know how hard she was scratching or gripping him but it must have been hard enough to warrant the wonderful punishment. She moaned with a devilish hiss to her tone. Yess… She said her pants rising her back arching she would not beat him she knew it but it was quite alright she would have her ways or she would find another to continue.

Sometimes she went for days other times she found it all in camps of males. She never stuck to one though; if she scented the male in the future she may disregard him. He was a played wolf, nothing new… if he had more to offer her he would have to show it. Gabyrjela felt him done and she moaned delighted by his warmth and his pulse. She rose her muzzle next to his and whispered with the foreign tone. Thank vou. She pushed his weight from her smaller form with her foot. She stood and strode to her cloak with a delighted sway of her slender hips and bent to pick it up. She slipped it back on throwing the hood over her once more. She looked back her teeth gleaming in the night and gave the male a single wave of her fingers and began to walk away. Satiated for now she could walk for a while before her desire could cripple her once more. She was a devil of the night upon her first day of the heat always would be.

Word Count :: 416 If you want you can do another XD... I was going to go more but with my muse issues, I thought I'd better quite while I'm ahead and save you the grief of waiting for me. If you want don't want to do a concluding post you can archive it :) otherwise thankies and awesome thread *gives two thumbs up*

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There was no thought of love or false idea of anything beyond singular bodily need. Anatole felt her on his back, felt the pain that was yet so close to pleasure, and his teeth found her throat. He held her bodily as he felt the arching need, and then there was sharp and sudden release. Pressure was released and his body shook once before he drew from her. The woman spoke, and Anatole, panting, barely made sense of her words.

She moved to gather her things and Anatole arched his back, feeling the pressure of her fingers still sharp from the hot wounds. There was no blood, but he would feel the bruising for days. She slipped off into the night and Anatole yawned widely. He extended a final burst of energy to shift down to his lupus form. Once completed, he licked himself clean and moved away from the area, unwilling to sleep in a place so thick with the smell of sex and a woman’s heat. A rocky overhang offered protection from the elements, and exhausted and satisfied, Anatole curled up and quickly slipped into slumber.

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