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Setting: evening
Place: Festival Hosting tent
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Leaders and subleaders are individually expected to bring an item of food of their choice, or other fitting contribution to the event, as a sign of goodwill. The majority of the feast's food items are hosted by the merchants, however.

You can reply to this general thread at will, and also create sub-threads. This part of the feast is a simple introductions part and the serving of food & light entertainment -- anything after that is without a set structure, and you can play this here or in subthreads of your choice. Since there are so many participants, this seemed to be the best option to ensure a solution everyone can make work :)

Note: eating does not necessarily take place at an organized table. Think of it as heaps of snacks at a party.

Ever since the opening feast, Mahavites had trod the paths that were beginning to emerge between booths. While he at first had had only hesitant hopes for this success, he grew more confident by the day. At times, the market was seething, and some packs had seized the opportunity to showcase themselves, as well. Anything that drew attention to their existence contributed to the festival's success. If this project ran well, they would be able to return here, or perhaps even set up a permanent post nearby. He had underestimated the region's populace, but it tipped the scale in his favor. What he had imagined would be a small leader's event turned out to be larger: there were more packs in the region than he had thought there would be. There was no lack of food, and he hoped the tent would be just big enough. As they started to arrive, he was speaking with Gawiei about the final arrangements. Needless to say, Mahavites was curious about the region's leadership, and the feast was a crucial part of his plan to establish themselves in the area. A good relationship with them was not merely nice to have, but in fact essential to his enterprise.

The tent started slowly to fill with the sounds of guests and preparations, and once theyr numbers reached what Mahavites had expected, he coughed loudly and demanded their attention. With a bright smile and the swish of his cloak, Mahavites gestured in loud movements as he spoke, Gawiei standing by to his left. "As your host, I want to welcome you all to this feast. I thank you for allowing me to wait on you, and the thought of your enjoyment delights me." Perhaps he was sucking up, perhaps not. This feast was not about him at all, but them. The best outcome would be that they had a good time, and associated it with his festival. One arm swung to indicate to a table to his left, where some had already placed their symbolic foodstuffs. "I thank you for your gifts. Please share and enjoy them among yourself. I pray that you find good company here at my festival, and good fortunes." With that Gawiei exited the tent through a side flap and quickly returned alongside two more merchants, Rourke and Luci, all three of them carrying foods and drinks. The large center table was soon filled with exotic food, both cooked and uncooked, alongside various alcoholic drinks. There was more than enough for everyone. Stepping back with a bright smile, Mahavites signalled that his guests were free to start the feasting. He would spend the evening mingling.

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Naniko D'Angelo
It's a Naniko!

She had arrived to the festival with her friend Barrett, but the two had parted ways as she had prepared to join up with some of the leaders of packs in the area to eat and mingle. Normally this was not something that the female would have thought of doing, but after a bit of thinking she had decided that it would be valuable to share information and knowledge with the packs and to get some in return if she could. It wasn't that she disliked social interactions..she was simply wary of facing some canines that she had not seen in many years. Naniko wanted no trouble and would keep to herself if Jazper, Nayru, or another known leader wasn't there. She glanced around, approaching the tent and entering it. She would bring a few things back for the pack if she got anything of value...whether it was information or something tangible that they could use.

Naniko appeared to have been one of the first to arrive. She loosened the strings of her cloak as she entered the tent, taking her pack from her shoulders and setting it on the ground so that she could open it. She'd brought a large bundle of deer meet with her, and she set it down on one of the tables before going to stand near the back of the tent with a solemn expression. Alaki hadn't gotten there yet, and she wondered when he would choose to show himself. They had planned to meet here and then split up again, not wanting to leave Anathema without a leader for very long if they didn't have to. She ran her fingers idly over the hilt of the ceremonial dagger on her belt as she waited for someone else to arrive, unsure of what to do with herself until then.

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The perks that came with leadership had yet to be experienced until the invitation was received by Nayru and herself. A gathering for all the heads of the pack to join, socialize and be merry, which of course awarded opportunities for the heads to get better acquainted and perhaps bridge relations. The woman believed herself ahead of the game by already knowing Cavalarie’s lead Jazper, but far behind in knowing none others. While Inferni’s borders had been a frequent haunt of hers whilst visiting her friend and student, she hadn’t the unique pleasure of meeting the ruler that corralled the coyote hybrids to their call. She had hoped to put a face to this nameless force and perhaps assess if this ruler was a threat to be cautious of.

But outside of appeasing her own curiosities, this was a splendid opportunity to work on socializing with others. Though she was kind by her perception, she didn’t believe she harbored the necessary social grace that came with this newly bequeathed rank, nor did she understand how to conduct herself in the presence of leads. She could only assume they commanded a certain respect as all Alpha orient individuals did, as well as a bit of candor when speaking of certain topics. She had watched her father speak with their familiar heads whenever they neared their lands, but found it utterly boring while they talked politics and bartered for things she couldn’t be bothered to understand. Her attention was only peaked when they discussed trading off members of their pack to mate with their neighbors. She ever cared because she dreaded whom among her warrior family she would have to bid farewell. Hopefully this engagement was nothing like that…

Nayru was relatively calm about the engagement, conducting herself as a Lady of her caliber should with not an ounce of worry on her face. The Seiki was more than willing to follow this example but found it difficult to dispel her nervousness and took to fiddling with a hoof of a young fawn slung across her shoulder. Lady Nayru was more subtle with her gift for the gathering; assorted bottles of wines from Ichika’s orchards. Perhaps the Nomad could have done better to provide something more to compliment the Ryu’s offering… their local cannabis perhaps, or maybe herbs. But the deer felt right… mainly because the decision was greatly influenced by her mate and she was much more confident about his opinion on these matters than her own.

But she couldn’t play the part of a nervous woman now, and forced herself to stop toying with the hoof as they neared the tent. She motioned for the Lady Nayru to proceed first before coming in quietly behind her, lingering to the back of the gathering in the hopes of not garnering attention until she found her nerve. ‘You’re breathing loudly…’ the woman nearly jumped in place at the soft spoken word of her companion set precariously on her fox-furred shoulder. How she had forgotten he was there was beyond her… none the less it had happened. She cut the owl a hardened glance from her peripheral before hoisting the venison higher up on her opposite shoulder. “I am not,” she contested in a whisper, then fell silent as their host made his opening speech.

The greeting was swift and to the point, leaving more opportunity for the foreign attendees to greet and mingle with each other, but still X’yrin lingered to the rear of the tent, again trying to collect herself. She combed back the loose bangs from her eyes and inhaled the mingled scents of the foreign leads. She shouldn’t have been nervous, she knew this for certain. It was a gathering, nothing more, no different than the dancing tent she frequented. She had to believe that, if she wanted to overcome this bout of frighten. And so she breathed deeply again and proceeded with a quiet step forward toward the section meant for their pack offerings. She followed her Lady’s lead and placed the young deer beside the offering of wine and felt a tremendous weight leave her shoulder. His perch now unoccupied, her nameless companion set himself aloft then settled on his usual side, relieved to no longer have the various hanging furs beneath his talons. ‘Most talk at gatherings…’ he offered knowingly, earning a peculiar look from his companion. “How would you know that?”

The bird had fallen silent then, turning his a full 90 degrees away then tucked himself within his down, falling quiet and useless. Despite her confusion, she knew he was right. Standing idle and simple wouldn’t accomplish thing other than looking just like that. She needed to speak… but to who? When all the faces but Jazper and Nayru looked unfamiliar, who acquaintance would she choose to make? Yet despite her earlier proactive intentions, the Nomad was left to stand bothering the tail end of her braid as she watched others interact and be social.

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Zalen and Titania
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OOC :: This was co-written by Nuki and myself.

It had been by chance that the emissary of Mahavites had come across New Dawn territory. Zalen and Titania had both met with the lad, who had told them that there was a large festival that was being held in the territory that Zalen once inhabited. They had been invited, along with the rest of the pack, as guests. Zalen had not been too keen on the idea, for the whole concept of a festival was so against what they as wolves should do. But Titania had suggested it be best for the two of them to go, to represent New Dawn's interests and existence before all the other leaders. So, Zalen had reluctantly agreed, and in the dark moments before dawn the two had slipped out into the snow and headed South.

It had taken all day to reach Arachnea's Revenge, and soon their noses were accosted by the smells of cooked foods, drink, spices, and wolves. They entered the festival area in Optime form, knowing that this would be the norm, and it being easier to carry their gifts of various rabbit carcasses’ and pelts. They were surprised by the bounty of the goods being sold and traded, but paid them no mind, as exotic and wonderful as they might be. No, they knew that the food afforded them in their own territory was well enough, and that the human trinkets were of no use to them. They soon found the tent that had been set aside for the leaders of the land alone.

Old habits died hard, and despite being in their lesser utilized Optime form, Titania still found herself walking shoulder to shoulder with her mate and Alpha as they moved throughout the festival grounds. As they approached the tent that they had been instructed to find for the leaders' feast she hooked her arm into his and set her opposite hand on his bicep, but the touch was not out of fear. Her stance displayed her utter devotion and pride for her mate, and as they entered the tent she stood as tall and proud as royalty. It was no secret fact that the Alphess of New Dawn was young, but she would entertain no notions that she was incapable of holding her station.

Looped over her arm were several rabbit carcasses, affixed together with rope for ease of carrying. The rabbits were uncooked and had gone cold on the journey, but a cordial gift they were and she would give them. She assumed, by the way they lived, that they would just throw them over a fire and cook them up anyway. Finding where the offerings were kept, she detached herself from the dark wolf long enough to place the rabbits on the table, and then returned to her mate's side, moving smoothly and delicately, and took a seat beside him, her hand returning to his arm once more.

They had entered regally, making sure not to show any semblance of frailty, but it seemed they were only the third to arrive, the other members being a white wolf who smelled of Anathema, Nayru and a ginger wolfess who, by her scent, was obviously of Ichika as well. Zalen and Titania went to sit by their sides, for the relationship between Ichika no Ho-en and New Dawn was a good one.

Well met, Zalen spoke to the ginger wolf, I am Zalen Damaichu, Alpha of New Dawn, your neighbor, and this is my mate and Alphess, Titania. He said, gesturing to Titania. Though he was uncomfortable with this whole situation, he did not show it, as any good leader might. He then turned to the white wolfess and nodded a greeting at her, sure that she must have heard his introduction. He was so hoping that he might run into Panda here, but she was absent, most likely not holding a high rank in her pack.

Zalen had taken care of the introductions for her, so Titania nodded warmly to the Ichikans. Although she wanted to keep her attention on only their friends, it wasn't long until her amber gaze moved to peer at the intriguing and somewhat intimidating white wolfess who stood at the rear of the tent.

Soon others began entering, much more quickly than Zalen or Titania could keep track of, and before they knew it the tent was full. Mahavites entered and gave a speech, bidding them to eat and drink and be merry. Zalen and Titania clasped their hands together under the table, out of sight.

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The festival was going quite well in the Alpha’s eyes. Clearly these merchants, wherever they had come from, knew how to throw a good party and so it was a pleasant surprise when a messenger had come to their boarders holding an invitation for Anann and himself to a feast for the leaders of the packs in the area. He had quickly discussed with the golden Alphess that he would met her in the tent at the date and time listed on the invitation, as both of them would naturally be doing their own thing before the arranged time and it would be bothersome to find each other with the amount of mixed scents sounding the neutral territories outside of their boarders and Jazper was quite enjoying his time in the markets.

Finally the time had come for the gathering and a sense of excitement filled him, causing the fur on the back of his neck to stand up slightly. He wore his signature formal attire: bear fur hooded cloak, red open dress shirt, and kakis that were cut nicely just above the knee. As for accessories he did not carry much, besides a platter of rabbit and deer kabobs he had cooked personally over a fire, and his newly sharpened and cleaned sword hanging across his back. Truly he was a sight of power, though his friendly face would easily give his personality away.

Entering the large tent he thought for a moment, upon seeing Nayru’s black and white features along with X’y in her reds but upon glancing around and seeing Naniko he was certain that this must be it. The last time he had seen Nayru she had been a young adult, barley finished her first year and having a fling with his then young eldest son. Since then a good year had passed and she had turned into a beautiful, apparent, leader. He was however more surprised to see X’y as she had never mentioned she was involved in the leadership of her Ichika no Ho-en pack.

He looked around briefly before placing his platter down on a table, noting the array of foods the others had placed already. Golden orbs searched again for the white pelt of his friend before making his way towards her. Nani! He greeted happily, I’m glad you are here. How are you and Anathema? The question would normally be considered a formality but in this case he was truly interested as a friend.

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While he had not intended on staying long, it was the obligation of attendance that pulled him to the meeting. He had not been required to go, and had considered against such a thing, but it would do Inferni well to know their neighbors. As anti-social as his clan had once been, more and more of their members were familiarizing themselves with the other packs. In a way, he was pleased by this—in another way he was worried that their own secrets might leak out through way of careless lips. Still, Ezekiel was himself familiar with many of the leaders and curious to see how they behaved in such a tight social situation.

He brought several freshly killed pheasants, a box of hand-rolled tobacco and clove cigarettes, and handed these to the man waiting near the entrance. Ezekiel had wondered if they might be unarmed upon entrance, but studied the tall wolf with the sword and had little fear of bringing his bow. Thus as he entered, Ezekiel felt little worry for the weapons on his back. Amber eyes ran along the others gathered; a cow-spotted woman he recognized from Dahlia (though it was Ichika now, he reminded himself) alongside a woman with a bird, a black wolf and a girl who barely looked old enough to be his daughter (though again, the way she clung to him was hardly anything less than romantic), and a white woman who he recalled from his father’s description of the Anathema leader. Wondering briefly if Sirius would be making an appearance, the coyote settled nearest to the door.

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It wasn't so much of a pull to socialize that brought her to the leader meeting, or even the fact that it would remain in her best interest with the other leaders to go. No, a large reason that the leader of Cercatori d'Arte was here was to observe; the mechanics and way that the market and festival worked were remarkable to her, and as the leader of the pack whose focus was art and trade, she thought it in her - and the pack's - best interest to observe how it worked so that perhaps, some day, they could set up something similar.

Mahavite's leader meeting and feast was no different. Not one to ignore etiquette, Skye had brought along a rather enormous hunk of meat, seasoned with spices and herbs from the garden that her own pack had grown by hand. Setting it down at a table, she scanned the area for the leaders; she recognized Titania, the extremely young leader, although she did not forget that she was not too old when she started Cercatori d'Arte with the more experienced Shawchert. The white woman was with who Skye presumed to be Zalen; although she had never met the male personally, she recognized him from what Titania had said before she left.

She smelled a strong scent of Inferni, and saw a coyote with a bow and arrow; the tell-tale red stripe down his nose told her that he could be of Lykoi blood. Scanning the room some more, she saw a white woman she knew as Naniko; remembering her from a time past when she had been looking for her own parents in the Halycon Mountains, she didn't forget the woman's kindness to her in helping her find them. The last leader she did not recognize; all black with yellow symbols near his eye, he smelled of the pack that had taken up residence quite near Cercatori d'Arte. She inched away from the coyote man who was directly next to the door and settled in her own corner, not quite as apart from the crowd as he seemed.


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SlowAlaineeeee strikes againnnn. And Sirius makes a fashionably late, irritably pompous entrance! >> wordcount: +5

The bottles clinked merrily against one another, even wrapped as they were in fine woolen material and a deer-skin pack tied with dried twine. The package had been tucked under one arm, and although the bulk seemed awkward, the man rose with a well-earned ease. His silver mare fidgeted at the sight, scent and sound of many wolves - Well-trod paths had made clear the passages about the merchant camp. Many voices sang out to the man on the silver horse, as he guided the fickle creature past stalls brimmed with pelts and trinkets; But, save for a cursory and uninterested glance from venomous olive eyes, the monarch of the Thistle Kingdom remained not enticed.

He came for one purpose only. One might have assumed that he came with curiosity, but in truth, Sirius already knew the vast majority that there was to know about these traveling traders. His eyes and ears had been slipping amongst the crowd since it had formed - Scentless canines that came and traded under their name alone, not the calling of the secretive pack from whence they came. With the skill of the Family more than adequate to sate the Revlis' man's famished desire for information, he might have found little need to arrive at the Leader's gathering. Oh, but perhaps it was information on the other packs that he sought? That may have been true, perhaps, for his curiosity in the political matters of neighbors both near and far was always hungry for more details, more knowledge. Most of this stemmed from a deep-rooted paranoia about the secrecy of his own pack.

But this lead to the real reason that Sirius Revlis was currently riding his mare to the tent in which lingered the most powerful rulers in Nova Scotia. Sheer arrogance drove him to dismount, tethering the silver mare to a nearby post (he was satisfied that none would steal the rather splendid equine - if any such sticky fingers arose, there were those loyal to him amongst the milling crowds that would surely stop them). And yes, it was pure, selfish pride, the innate desire to be recognized for the King that he was, that drew the man to thrust aside the tent-flap and step boldly into a milling of rivals. His heavy bear-fur cloak rustled like dark wings about the man, giving him a purposeful air of darkness. As narcissistic as he was, careful thought had gone into Sirius' appearance - His hair, usually unkempt in dark, unruly locks, was combed and curly. The silver broach that held the cloak clasped at his throat had been polished by nimble female fingers, but even its glitter was dull compared to the intense glint in the acidic eyes which immediately scanned the gathering.

Some faces he recognized instantly - Naniko was offered a slight nod, although she alone would get such respect. The rest were met with direct, albeit curious, stares; Sirius was by no means the picker of fights, nor an unnecessary aggravator. The man was rather leanly built compared to some of the other men in the room. His coyote blood had thinned his build, and topped his dark head with two large ears. But the wolf that ran through his veins made the man tall, tall enough to look down his dark nose at a fair few of those present. Some of the alphas he could place by appearance, for many had been described to him before; But the names and memories were hazy, and Sirius internally chided himself for not being further prepared.

The hesitation in which his eyes combed the crowd was quick to end. With the rustle of his thick cloak following each step, the wicked monarch retrieved his wrapped bundle from beneath the garment and quickly cut through the twine with one sharply-clawed finger. The hide and cloth fell aside, revealing three beautiful bottles of deep red wine. The Thistle King placed each carefully on the gift table, lovingly stroking the side of one rich Barbera Superiore, a wine cultivated in some of his fondest memories of Italy. The blood-red liquid sloshed potently against the deep green hue of the bottle as he set it down.

Having given these gifts he had deemed suitable for the occasion, the man's narrowed pupils rose instantly to a face he recognized - Ezekiel sat alone, as Sirius had suspected he would. The Aquila allied himself with no fool easily, but their relationship seemed less tenuous than those who most probably didn't even know who he was. Well, they would come to recognize the thistle monarch soon enough; Black lips lifted in a smirk as the dark man moved to take a place aside his golden counterpart. "Making friends, are we, Gabrielson?" Came the husky, heavily sarcastic purr of greeting, although his eyes did not linger on the man, but continued to rove over the amassed group. Ezekiel would most probably know that Sirius was assessing each of them in turn - The alpha of Inferni seemed to have a rather disturbing insight into how the wicked mind of the Salsolan King worked. "Oh, do try and look less miserable. Such poor social etiquette you have - They'll assume we're both cruel and distasteful men, scowling as you are," Sirius' serpentine jest was offered with the slyest of grins, but as amusing as banter was with the easily annoyed Ezekiel, it was the other Lords and Ladies who still held the interest of his poisonous gaze.

Sirius Revlis
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Word Count :: 377Alaki makes an appearance xD

Leaving pack lands caused him discomfort despite the fact that he was more than aware that members still remained within the lands and the disaster wouldn't befall the pack if both himself and Naniko left for a short while. Still, as he mounted Hibiki and emerged out past the packs borders his instincts screamed for him to turn back; screw the meeting and stay at home. Yet, at the same time he had agreed to meet Naniko at this so called leaders feast and he couldn't deny that he was curious to see and get a feel for all the other leaders, if they turned up that is. Time passed and he rode in silence, occasionally lifting his eyes to the sky to catch a glimpse of Beyaz, the crow flying up ahead of him slightly as he had the entire journey. Only when he drew close to the festivals site did the crow return to his usual perch upon the rakeebs shoulder, digging it claws in slightly without breaking the grey males skin and generally fidgeting around for a length of time until the pest settled into a comfortable position.

Sounds buzzed around him, voices, shouts, groups arguing over trades and the general roar of the crowd seemed to consume him for a moment as he simply stared at the gathered mass of canines. Throwing his leg over the mare he dismounted her and left her in the assigned area for horses. Lifting a hand he lightly stroked Beyaz's chest as he pushed his way through the crows, bumping into more than he intended to but nonetheless he made his way through and tested the scents upon the air In hope of tracking Naniko, but there was no luck. With no idea which tent was which he grabbed the nearest person and asked for directions, the canine he questioned simply pointed towards a tent with fewer canines hoovering around it. Approaching the tent quickly he entered and cast his eyes over those gathered, instantly spotting Naniko and moving over to where the white queen was. “Naniko” he called out in greeting, eyes then moving to the darker male whom he simply inclined his head at slightly in welcome before turning his attention to the others gathered.

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