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Selene couldn't help the guilty tears as she cleared out her den in Anathema, she never meant to leave the pack behind. She didn't want to hurt the structure of the ranks, but Anathema simply wasn't for her. Her own possessions were loaded into a leather bag, the rest that Anathema owned were left behind with a note of leave, brief apologies and explainations. With a tired body, the rest was put in the bag, her sword strapped to her back and shoulders. Leaving the cave system, Selene made a small stop at the stables to gather Ukaglay. Her stallion whinnied in confusion, stamping his hooves against the soil beneath him in protest. He had become comfortable in the lands, and certainly familiar with the other horses. Silently, the youth patted the equine's head; whispering comfortingly to him. Soon enough she had him saddled up and ready to leave. They rode out in the dawn, leaving their home behind.

Crimson jewels stared out at the white terrain set out for noticing eyes, how the frost on the soil glimmered like miniscule crystals scattered as if a huge hand had sprinkled them there. Atop her horse, Selene had the upper hand on the view of the lands. The young hybrid remembered the fluster of sincere apologies she had left on a note for Naniko back in Anathema, yet she didn't know the reaction that the ivory Angela would have to her leaving. Would a grudge be held over her? Would she ever be allowed to visit? So many worries, so much guilt. Anathema unfortunately wasn't the right place, claustrophobic under the ceiling of the caves and forever fearing suffocating in her sleep. The youth had tried to get a little ways from Anathema, hoping that the members of that pack had not deemed Selene a traitor. Moving south seemed to be the only way, to make some distance. But of course someday Sel would travel back and talk to Naniko.

The girl huffed a sigh, still unable to make a decision. Ukaglay was getting restless, pawing at the ground and snorting. It appeared as if something was wrong or the matter. Scents on the winds came and went, and the young Italian stopped short when a noticeable scent of previous passing canines floated in the breeze to her sensitive nose. "What is it U?" She murmured quietly before looking around. nervously, shivering from the cold. She was dangerously close to pack lands, almost closeti trespassing. She backed up a little, steering Ukaglay away from a copse of trees that seemed to carry the scent much more potently. Lifting her lean muzzle, the hybrid woman called out in a voice only possible by a coyote because it was so high and clear. Maybe she'd find out more about this place, educate herself about the ways and maybe get a bed to sleep in for the night. Who knew? Maybe a home. Her allegiances were a little shaky, she missed Anathema but maybe this place could be just as good. In her mind she'd mark the two places as equal, dismiss all thoughts of favoritism. Her call rang out into the frosty air, but disappeared as quickly as it came.

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Like Wayne said, howdy! :D / sswm 341

A high, yipping howl rang through the frosty air, and Wayne’s large hand clenched tighter around the western-style reins. Since taking a break from the festival, Casa di Cavalieri territory had been quiet and without trouble; it had made him long to return to the ruckus of the tents even though he was very grateful everything was running smoothly here. He was surprised to hear this cry, however, and wondered if this coyote—it had to be coyote—was coming from the festival or somewhere else entirely.

He turned his head and let out a call of his own to let the stranger know he was coming, turning the large chestnut mare around and heading off toward the border. The thought that this could be a prospective joiner did not reach him until he was nearly there, and his tail wagged once in the saddle. The young pack could always use some workers and warriors, and as an Onore he would do his best to convince them to stay if they were indeed right for the place. He was glad for his ascension into the Familglia ranks, permitting him to do just this.

When he reached the little copse, the large horse stamping a hoof as she attempted to wander through the trees, Wayne glanced around for the source of the voice. He was surprised first to notice a horse—an older stallion—and found his demeanor softening instantly. His brown eyes found the chocolaty-colored woman perched on the horse’s back next; definitely coyote, but there was likely dog blood there, which made him smile slightly.

Howdy, the yellowish-grey man greeted. He dismounted from Fern, who sniffed curiously from her side of the borders. This is Casa di Cavalieri territory. How can I help you, miss? His Southern drawl was warm and friendly, a far cry from the suspicion that most strangers faced when he first met them. It was probably the sight of the horse, and the fact that this young lady didn’t look like she wanted to cause trouble.

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The young girl's call was quickly answered by a ringing howl from deeper within the lands. Eyes the color of red wine watched as a horse and its master riding atop it approached, seeing a faint smile on the stranger's face the woman couldn't help but feel a little more reassured. His southern drawl wasn't like any she'd heard before, it was certainty different but it was not used in a demeaning or dominant manner.  Answering back, Selene gave a faint wave of her hand to show where she stood with her stallion. "Good day, Casa di Cavalieri? I didn't know where I was heading...I come from Anathema. I just recently left the caves. " Her explanation was short, but truly meant to be paused for at least a moment. "I wanted to find out a little more about this place. Maybe if you need more members I could join you?" True, Sel was on the smaller side; but what can a little training with a sword do to fix that?

The prospect of finding another home was a tricky one, the last place the hybrid lived she had left so early on. It was possible she couldn't easily be trusted. Her pelt didn't smell too much of Anathema, being so new to their ranks, it could give her away in a heartbeat. But of course, if asked the Italian would tell the truth, you can't have trust without honesty. The girl slid off the saddle of her stallion, putting herself on the same ground as the member of the pack, the only workable sign of respect Selene could currently muster and work up. "My name's Selene Vansenza. What's yours?" The girl kept her voice soft and polite, making sure to be friendly to this stranger. And why shouldn't she? He had come to the borders to greet her and treated her with some respect. Hopefully this would be a breeze.


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Standing on the edge of the pack boundary, his hands stuffed into his jean pockets and his head tilted at such an angle to better look over the brown and black female, Wayne recognized the weight that his rank had. He was like family now, and many opportunities were open to him. He knew that he had yet to make official his place in the pack as one of the two master equine caretakers, but there was time yet for that. Right now, looking over who could be a prospective member of the pack, he could feel a swell of pride for Casa di Cavalieri. He didn’t think he’d be feeling this way so quickly since his first days of struggling to adjust to pack life—but it was a home to him, a future he had a hand in controlling.

It seemed that this was the first time the girl had heard of the pack, or at least the first time she’d ever come across its lands. That was fine; he could sit and talk as long as he needed to about all the pack customs and ideals that he could remember, and the leaders were probably only a short call away. In fact, if he was loud enough, they might be able to hear him in the Sugarwoods at the festival. The thought amused him, but his mind then pinpointed an area of concern: she mentioned coming from Anathema.

His nostrils flared, picking up very little of the scent of the pack she’d mentioned. He might have supposed she was a loner, lingering only briefly on Anatheman borders, but when she mentioned the caves—it all conflicted, and his confusion was perceptible in his furrowed brow and the raking of his fingers through his messy hair, tipping his cowboy hat.

Ya come from Anathema—as a former member? Wayne asked, frowning at her. Why did you leave? He would not turn her away just for once bearing loyalties to another pack—after all, Casa’s leaders had left their own packs and even families to found the new one. However, if she left because of getting in trouble or some other grudge that could affect Casa di Cavalieri, he would need to think about the consequences. He knew that Casa wanted to forge good relations with all of the packs in Nova Scotia, but it was all mostly over his head.

He grinned at her mention of joining. Well, what d’you wanna know about Casa? Or I could just give ya a little spiel. Once again, there was much to tell her, but it would be easiest if she guided her questions and got the pressing ones out of the way first.

The coydog offered her name, and the large man nodded, his posture relaxing slightly as she stood on even ground with him; not that he had really noticed being tense, it was just odd to have to look up to see someone. Now that she was on the ground, however, he noted the difference between his big muscular build and her petite one and grinned.

Wayne McCoy, the Labrador mix said. And this here is Fern. He reached over to pat the neck of the mare under her flaxen mane. Of course, just mentioning his gentle steed brought his attention back to hers. What’s your stallion’s name? How long’ve you had him?

His attention span wasn’t great around horses.

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The petite coydog felt her tail waving at his friendly demeanor, enticing just the smallest smile she could manage, while still being friendly. The man asked about her previous home, why she had left. There really was no real reason, nothing too serious in fact. She ran her fingers through her mane for a second, quietly thinking it over. "I guess I'm just scared of the caves. They are a little claustrophobic and I fear that in my sleep the ceiling would cave in. And I just wasn't handling it there well. I didn't fit in." Lifting a shoulder, the femme shrugged. She tried to keep this as casual as possible, discarding all uptight businesslike ways away from their conversation.

She leaned on her dapple brown horse, patting his neck gently. Wayne asked his name, and gently Selene replied "I didn't name him. This shaman woman gave him to me, naming him Ukaglay which means "Great Spirit". I usually call him Uka." This time she smiled, content that someone was interested in the name of her steed. Sel loved horses, she'd have a whole herd if she was allowed. They truly were gentle creatures with a heart, something precious to the young Italian.


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Brown eyes followed the movement of her fingers through her long, dark, wavy hair before resting on her crimson ones. He was quiet, not prodding her to rush her answer and instead giving her the time she needed to think. Patience and silence were two concepts that he could handle very well; it came from his shyness around strangers as well as needing to keep calm while dealing with Dixie on her crazy days. But this was important to know, and his half-flopped ears pricked when she offered her explanation and shrugged.

Not being adapted to living conditions seemed to be a weak reason—but combined with the feeling of an outsider, someone not able to fit in, it struck home with the man. He had been feeling like that in Casa di Cavalieri during the first month or so; living in a pack such as this had been a large lifestyle change. But he figured that other packs’ cultures and lands would be more difficult to accommodate. There was really no room for him to judge her.

We live in a courthouse, Wayne said quietly, and then frowned sheepishly as he realized this was a random outburst despite its volume. Uh—well—we’ve got a small kinda town at the heart of the place. He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. Not caves. What was he trying to say exactly? He wanted her to feel welcome without really knowing whether or not she would fit in with the personalities of the others. Where she slept was the least of concerns; he was sure that enough good friends in Anathema would have made up for the claustrophobic conditions of the caves, for instance.

His attention was drawn back to the horse, and he nodded as she offered the name. Catching her smile, he mirrored it toothily. Selene had been more or less withdrawn, but the topic of the equine seemed to draw her out of her shell a bit, just as it was with him. He felt good to see someone else who cared about the creatures.

Well, if you do choose to join, Uka should fit right in. Or so Wayne hoped… Most of the horses were very well-tempered ones, not chosen by chance by their caretakers, but the shuffle of dominance in the herd would occupy them for a few days. Rem in particular was a bold creature, but very intelligent. Pregnant Tupelo might be moody, but Fern had a calming effect on those she had bonded with.

Should prob’ly tell you more about Casa, the cowboy said after a moment, another slightly sheepish smile adorning his face. I don’t know how long you’ve been in Nova Scotia—he shot her a curious look—but we formed after the AniWayan war. They were a Tribe down south, and their leader was a right mean man. They had conflict with Crimson Dreams and Cour des Miracles, the two packs our leaders come from. That was all good ’n’ settled, but Jazper and Anann—our leaders—didn’t want somethin’ like that happenin’ again. Or so that was the story that he had been told; he and Dixie had still been loners while this was going on, meaning that he was not too familiar with the story, but the pair of southerners had agreed with what Jazper and Anann strove for.

Casa di Cavalieri was founded for the purpose of keepin’ the peace in the land and defendin’ the weak. We offer our aid to all the packs that might need it so no fights break out. Many of the pack are warriors, the better to protect the helpless. I ain’t much of a warrior, but most of us are expected to know somethin’ about self-defense so we can ensure our safety.

He paused then, looking her carefully over, hoping to see a good reaction in her dark-streaked features. We’re host to a buncha different characters, but all of us try to uphold Casa’s ideals. D’you think this would be someplace where ya could fit in?

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Selene could easily hate herself for leaving Anathema, but it made her slightly uncomfortable in ways that were so prodding and seem to resurface the things she had seen, had felt. It truly wasn't the place for her. But this new pack, Casa seemed right. She relaxed as Wayne  explained more about his pack, the structure and beliefs. It all sounded nice, how two beings could look upon something that had happened that wasn't too nice at all, and turn the situation around to unite others into an elite structure for the protection of others. Her full attention was diverted to what Wayne said about Casa, and it was true. It sounded like a great place.

Although decisions could not always be chosen at once, she knew it. Casa di Cavalieri sounded like the place for her. She could fight, she could do many things. Patting the large nose of her stallion, with a clear steady voice Selene said "It sounds like a great place to live. I am sure I would enjoy it here along with Uka here. I'd like to make Casa my home." A dark brown tail waved in confirmation, knowing that even though she had been part of Anathema, this could hopefully become a better home. Would the brawny cowboy call a leader? What would happen?


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Wayne watched the young woman carefully, and when she stated that she wanted to make Casa di Cavalieri her home, another small smile flickered across his face. Again, it was a great feeling to know he’d be part of this—but he couldn’t get ahead of himself. While he was higher in ranks than he had been at the pack’s inception, he still couldn’t welcome anyone officially into the pack.

Let me call one of our leaders, the brawny man said with a glance over his shoulder. He wasn’t sure if they’d went ahead to the festival or not, but when he tipped his head back, the howl that burst from his throat was loud enough for it to not matter. It was a characteristic sound, more doggish than wolfish, something proud and powerful.

Fern flattened her ears at him, and he grinned apologetically.

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The ‘yotish call had not gone unnoticed by the Luna. She had made sure to keep herself within close proximity to the borders since the start of the festival. The events grounds were not far from their own. Anann and Jazper had both made point to make their presence known, both within the festival, as well as along their own borders in hopes of keeping trouble-makers at bay. To make use of her time Anann had been scouting the forest for logs that they could use in their construction plans for the coming spring. Pulling what fallen and rot-free logs she found to a clearing with the help of her painted draft mare. There the logs would wait until the pack found time to move them to Kingsbury. Before Anann had a chance to pull the mare to a halt to answer the howl there was a returning call from one of her own, Wayne. The wolf dog had been with them since the start and Anann felt confident that he could handle matters and so she continued on with her work, wanting to at least get the current log tethered to the mare into the clearing.

Anann had already mounted the black and white mare and was headed at a leisurely pace in the general direction of the first call when Wayne’s voice called again. They were close by, but it would still take her a few minutes to reach them. Tilting back her head she called out to let them know she would be there momentarily before urging the mare into a lope.

It was Wayne that Anann spotted first. His large frame and lighter hued pelt was hard to miss, save for when everything was covered with snow. Something they really hadn’t seen in much abundance this year, though Anann would take it over last years blizzard that had nearly buried the lands. Hello. Anann said in greeted after dismounting once she was within a couple yards of the others. Not yet trusting that the mare would not abandon her before she was dismissed, Anann kept hold of one of the long driving reins but otherwise left the mare to graze. Well Wayne, what have we here? She gave the welcoming smile as she asked the question and gave the stranger a once over. Looking for injury or any other cause of concern before taking in any of the details of her appearance.

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Reassurance was surely felt as Wayne called out, letting a loose yet powerful call to the sky. The girl patted her horse's head as Ukaglay flicked an ear at Wayne, almost as if telling him to settle down. A woman appeared with a horse, coming quickly to greet them. Selene offered a polite "Good day." She was sure this was one of the leaders from the way they had answered Wayne's call. The woman asked Wayne who she was, and even though capable of introducing herself, Selene stayed quiet as the question wasn't directed at her.

She'd be loyal. She wound not up and leave like she did in Anathema. This was an easily live able place, and the people were easy to befriend. The caves had been too dark, too daunting and the people seemed distant. Not calming it friendly as these two people before her were. After a few moment's wait, Selene quietly said "I was hoping to make this my home" 

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The cry of the Luna reached them before Anann herself did, and Wayne flashed the coydog another careful look as he listened for the approach of the leader. He hoped that the young woman was convinced that Casa di Cavalieri was the place for her; he might look like a fool himself if the female took her leave when he was the one who had been trying to convince her. Most of all, she probably just needed a home, a pack to play with and watch out for her; the deeper bonds of family, duty, and honor would blossom with time.

The brawny cowboy lifted his head and grew alert when the sound of hoofbeats grew closer to the border; the honey and caramel she-wolf appeared on the mare. His muzzle dropped in a respectful bow of acknowledgment, and he answered her question swiftly with a sideways glance at the coydog.

Selene Vansenza, Wayne introduced, though his accent didn’t quite do the girl’s foreign name justice. He began to add more, but Selene spoke up quietly, mentioning her motives. The man smirked lightly then nodded once more. Told her all I knew about Casa; she seemed to like the idea. Okay, a bit of a stretch there. The woman hadn’t remarked on how suiting it was specifically, but then again, she’d proven to be a bit withdrawn so far and obviously wouldn’t want to make the place her home if she had any particular issues with it.

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It was not with a hard eye that Anann looked over the coy-dog woman, but she did not hide the fact that she was assessing the other. The brown femme didn’t appear to have a lick of wolf blood in her, aside from the small traces that came along with her doggish ancestry. Not that it really mattered, but it left her frame smaller and lighter than the vast majority of the pack. Still it was not brute strength that they lacked nor was it the only trait they wished for in the members. Selene, as Wayne had introduced her, still appeared to be quite fit and the Luna was left with the impression that Selene could handle herself. Though there was something oddly familiar about her scent, though it was thin and fading.

Anann looked to Wayne a moment, trying to gauge what opinion he had begun to form about this perspective new member. Selene, it is nice to meet you. I am Anann Kelevra, Luna here. She said once Wayne had introduced them and they had both spoken their small piece. I see, but might I ask were you are from? There is something familiar about your scent, but I can’t seem to place it. Her brows furrowed a bit. The scent was just too faint for her to tie to the memory of Naniko and the scent she had carried on the day of her visit.

It was not that Anann had a problem taking in those that had left other packs. Quite the opposite in fact, for Casa di Cavalieri was open to any who sought out the safety of their borders. It was only that she preferred to know what ties had been left behind and what repercussions might follow. Had she been able to place the scent it would have been less concerning. Gunnar, too, had come from Anathema. A fact that Naniko had seemed rather unconcerned about when she had learned the boy had joined their ranks. Instead she had only seemed relieved to know his whereabouts and that he was doing well.

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Selene couldn't help but feel grateful that Wayne had called the Luna so early on. A nod of gratitude was passed to the larger canine, her own thanks for the day to someone else. She worried about her lack of mass, the inability to use her bulk for useful things. She could always train though, build strength and use it to her advantage in the future. Things indeed were looking up though, the questions were friendly and polite, not at all showing any sign of ill feelings or thoughts. Anann soon asked about her previous home, large dark ears folded themselves against her skull as Selene attempted to explain. "I lived in Anathema. But I wasn't really suited for that pack both by adapting and social roles." In truth the girl felt guilt for abandoning the pack, even for her own selfish reason. But she was lonely, her own den was too large to just keep her in there, a different larger family would be happy to accommodate themselves in that den, at least she was doing a favor.

"And I'm guessing this is a happy place for horses? Judging on how well kempt both of yours are. Although treating Uka like king would be a mistake." Selene joked lightly, watching the assemble of equines all by their masters. Hopefully Uka wouldn't get spunky with the rest of the horses, he'd become a problem and who knew what she'd have to do to solve it. Her hopes were high, a dark tipped tail waving in nervous anticipation. How long now?

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Rambly Wayneee. /sswm 460

The golden-caramel woman looked to him, and as subtly as he could he gave the smallest of shrugs and the smallest of nods, the space between jaw and shoulder decreasing only a few centimeters. Wayne would not go as far as to preach the newcomer’s worth to the clan, but for one as unfamiliar as pack structure as he was, he saw no reason to turn her away. Everyone could find a place in the clan even if they were not warriors, as he was not inclined to be. Without the lower ranks helping supply everyone with food and generally helping keep the machine of the pack well-oiled, a group of soldiers could not be able to keep this land.

Then Anann brought the faint, lingering scent of the woman’s former home, and the cowboy turned to look at Selene once more, his brown eyes softly urging her to explain as honestly as she could as she had done to him. He would give her a chance to speak up before he made any clarifications, at least, give her a chance to prove herself.

Her ’yotish ears fell back into her wavy hair as she answered the alpha, and the Labrador man nodded once. Didn’t fit in, he said briefly, adopting a reticent attitude around his superior. It had been more common in Casa di Cavalieri’s early weeks to see the cowboy like that, anyway, until he recently had an epiphany about his place in the pack and about the young woman he loved. For now formalities were of importance rather than idle chattering, and so he wasn’t going to prattle on about something unessential for them to know.

…At least, not until Selene brought up the horse.

Wayne smiled then, looking fondly at the Casa mounts then across at dappled brown Uka. I’d like t’ think it is, the cowboy said, and he was unable to hide the pride that swept through him as he spoke of the herd. He worked as hard as he possibly could to make sure that, owned or communal, all the equines were looked after. He hoped to make his duty official soon. Your friend might be spoiled by us, but the other stallions ain’t gonna cut him any slack, or some of the mares for that matter. He chuckled lightly, his mind going through the different unique characters that the horses had. Sure he’d be happy here.

His smile faded, and he realized with embarrassment that he’d rambled as well as assumed that Selene was going to join—though he wasn’t sure why she would be turned away at this point. Clearing his throat, he feigned interest in a tangle in Fern’s mane and turned his body and face toward the large mare.

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They’re fine! Don’t sweat it. / +#00

Anann didnt really know a whole lot about Anathema, nor the culture of the pack. Still she doubted any issue that Selene might have had with her previous pack would lead to issues here. Wayne's added explanation, though simple, added only further confidence that there wouldn't be much issue here.Gunnar certainly hadn’t had any troubles in adjusting to Casa di Cavalieri’s way of life from Anathema. Hopefully the same would prove true for Selene. Ah, well hopefully you'll find Casa to be better suited for you. You're not the first to come to us from Anathema. You wouldn't happen to know Gunnar le Strange, would you? It seemed likely thay they would know one another, though it was possible Gunnar had left before Selene had even arrived.

Anann couldnt help but grin and give Wayne a knowing looking when Selene asked about the horses. Their herd was large and there had been points where they had more horses than wolves in their midst. I am afraid we currently don't have any stables or barn tho, and we've only recently set up a temporary corral while the festival south of our borders is going on. Otherwise we allow our horses to roam freely.

"You should find things pretty straight forward here. We expect everyone to help out however they can. We don't tolerate trouble makers, but so long as you treat everyone here with respect there shouldn't be any problems. If you truly wish to stay, that is. There was no reason to turn her away, after all.

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