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The travel had been relatively simple. Sebastian occasionally spoke up, chatting about things around them, but the conversation wasn't specifically aimed at her, and he knew better than to try and chat Hadley up. At the end of the first day of travel Hadley had settled enough for her to kick him out of the wagon and have him walk behind them. It had been horribly embarrassing to have to deal with such a weakness inside her own slave. The night had been quiet, each cooking their own meals and eating. Sebastian seemed to be worried she'd do something to the food, so Amy only fed herself and Hadley while they traveled, leaving the wolf to fend for himself.

Arriving in Halifax Amy tied the horse up on the outskirts, leaving the trio to walk into the city. Amy still was a little suspicious of Sebastian, but he hadn't done anything that proved he was planning anything beyond what he had claimed. Hadley had been kept uninjured, as Amy had been preparing him for the exchange, cleaning him up and giving him the single set of clothes that had been made for his preparation. It was a fairly simple thing, just a plain tan shirt that covered his upper scars and a black pair of shorts. He was supposed to look his best though, as he would be fetching Amy a lovely price soon enough.

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The trek had grated on Sebastian's nerves somewhat.Though he spoke occasionally, he and Amy conversed rarely. He had been unable to say a single word to Hadley, who had traipsed meekly behind Sebastian and Amy. He'd fetched his own meals, wary of anything Amy might try to slip him. He didn't doubt that she might try to make a slave out of him if it suited her purpose. The trip took three days, and now, at midday, the mismatched trio finally reached Halifax.

For whatever reason, Amy had chosen not to bring the wagon into the city. Not that anyone would mind, as the city was empty and desolate. Hadley looked good. Despite the difference in their heights, he reminded Sebastian of a short Jazper with his new clothes.

Sebastian led the way to the house quickly, flinging open the trapdoor and gathering up the box of matches he had left at the top of the underground staircase. He took the basket from Amy as he descended, muttering a quiet "Wait here."

The artisan lit several candles as he reached the bottom, taking a quick glance around. There were twenty bottles left in the cellar after he and Dixie-May had cleaned it out. Though they were meant for Light, he could replace them. Using a piece of paper and a pencil from his satchel, Sebastian scribbled a quick note for Light, letting him know that Sebastian could give him wine at Casa di Cavalieri.

Quickly, quietly, and gently, Sebastian loaded the sixteen wine bottles into the basket and blew out the candles. He wanted this sordid little business to conclude as quickly as possible. Footsteps were the only warning as he emerged from the trapdoor and handed the basket of bottles to Amy.

"Here you go," he offered, passing the basket. He glanced to Hadley and put a hand on his own waist. "Do we have a deal, Madame Sunders?"

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OOC wow jazper's huge! i even put hadley at 7'5", and he's still shorter than him! not used to big characters

Word Count → 000

Sebastian lead them through the city until they reached a small house. It was in relatively good shape, the architecture still holding a kind of beauty to it. The trapdoor was thrown open and a box of matches removed. The sight of them caught her attention. Matches weren't exactly common. He indicated for her to wait as he descended into the darkness. Outside she surveyed Hadley, double checking everything. She hadn't told him what was going on, seeing no need to inform the merchandise what was about to happen. That made as much sense as telling a horse it was going to be sold in Amy's mind. Hadley's nerves were practically wrecked with everything going on, not knowing exactly what was happening, just that things were happening he wasn't used to, and he didn't know if it was a sign of worse things to come or not.

The basket of bottles was handed over to Amy, and she surreptitiously looked them over, making sure they were all filled to the top. The count was right too, confirming that there were indeed sixteen. Amy nodded her head before meeting Sebastian's eyes. A deal indeed. Throw in the matches and he's all yours. Amy stood, waiting for Sebastian to argue or accept as he would. She could still use Hadley, even if that wasn't why she had him, but she was sure he would pay her. A look of confusion crossed Hadley's face before she glared at him, getting him to adopt a blank expression again. It was his emotions that had almost gotten them in trouble on the way here after all. If she'd had him for longer she would have trained him not to show that so easily. That was at an end with this exchange though.

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Amy took the basket and glanced at it, no doubt counting the bottles and making sure they were acceptable. Sebastian's nerves felt somewhat frazzled. He wanted the woman to leave. Immediately. Though they had agreed on a price, Amy asked for more. Well, there weren't very many matches left anyway; he had only left half in the box, and taken half to Casa di Cavalieri. There were probably only about ten or fifteen left in the box. The Italian glanced down at the matches, debating internally for a moment before he tossed them into the basket filled with bottles. "Deal."

Sebastian glanced at the mirror on the wall, still there from his first meeting with Light. Hadley looked unsure, confused. Poor guy didn't know what was happening. Still, once Amy was gone, he would. Perhaps sooner.

"Hadley," he said calmly, drawing the hybrid's nervous gaze. "Come here." Sebastian motioned for the scarred slave to come and stand at his side, gesturing with his hand. On the outside, Sebastian's gaze was firm and uncompromising, waiting for his orders to be obeyed. Internally, he begged for the hybrid to stand beside him, give him confidence and strength.

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Word Count → 000

The matches were tossed in and Amy smiled. This was perfect. Matches were a great little tool, though the knowledge about how to make them were lost. They started fires so easily, compared to the flint and steel she normally used. Satisfied everything was over she nodded at Sebastian. Congratulations on your first slave. If you need any training tips or information feel free to contact me. Understanding dawned on Hadley's face, and at Sebastian's words he immediately moved over to stand slightly behind him, an enormous protector. He wasn't sure what would be expected, as the night they'd had together was hazed with alcohol, but Sebastian was sure to be a kinder master than Amy.

Satisfied the deal had gone as well as it could Amy picked up the items she'd taken for this exchange and began walking back to her wagon. She would go to the festival alone now, setting up the shop and wagon with care. It would be more difficult on her own, but Amy was independent. She'd survived on her own before having a slave, and it would be easy to return to. After all, she'd gone through this plenty of times, breaking slaves and returning to life without them once they were purchased. She didn't look back once, leaving Hadley with his eyes wide in disbelief, staring at Sebastian as if to confirm this wasn't a dream, that he was finally apart from the monster of his nightmares.

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Amy was pleased, but not pleased enough to linger. She left the house with her basket of goodies after two short sentences that Sebastian did not respond verbally to. He only nodded with a false smile, stepping closer to Hadley possessively. After her blonde back had exited, Sebastian let out a breath he had been holding and allowed himself to slouch slightly. He peeked out of the doorway, making sure that Amy was well on her way to the wagon and out of hearing range before he dared to sigh with relief.

"Crazy bitch," he remarked to Hadley with a grin, sauntering over to where the slave stood. The Italian stepped up on the dilapidated couch and pounced on Hadley, wrapping his arm's around the slave's thick neck and giving him a strong hug. Releasing him, Sebastian dropped to the floor and sat on the couch.

"Have a seat, Hadley," he invited, patting the couch beside him. The artisan remembered a human quote he had studied- absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now that he truly did have absolute power over Hadley, he felt slightly giddy. Still, he kept hold of his moral compass, wary of the danger to his moral code owning a slave posed.

"Are you relieved?" Sebastian asked cheerfully, stretching out his legs and putting his hands behind his head.

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Hadley watched as Sebastian made sure Amy was gone. It was a funny feeling, being protected. Especially by someone so much smaller than him. He'd gotten so used to having no rights, to only existing for a command, at the pleasure of his master's will. A small sigh of relief escaped him as Sebastian turned around, a smile on his face. Part of him was fearful, remembering how many times Amy had approached him, knife in hand with a smile on her face. He watched his new master step over, climbing onto the couch before pouncing on him. Arms wrapped around his neck Hadley held Sebastian, careful not to hurt him.

The red wolf dropped from his neck, bouncing to sit on the couch. The seat was patted as he was told to join him. The same as last time Hadley sat close enough that their fur almost touched, used to Amy's overpossessive nature. He wasn't too sure what would be happening now, or expected of him, but he smiled at Sebastian's words. Yes. Thank you. He shifted a little uncomfortably, not sure what was wanted of him. Should he stand up, move away? No, he'd been told to sit there. He couldn't move. Was Sebastian planning something? Just as Amy had been teaching him he slid a blank look over his face, keeping the worry and concern from showing. His future was just as uncertain as ever.

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Hadley seemed uncertain, but grateful. He answered the direct question meekly and said nothing else. A rather excellent poker face took away all of Hadley's expression, giving him a blank look. Well, that wouldn't do. It wouldn't do at all.

Sebastian put a hand on Hadley's shoulder and squeezed gently, comforting him. "Hadley," he began earnestly, dropping the hand. "I want you to know that I'm not like her. I won't hurt you, or force you to do anything you don't want, or anything like that. For all intents and purposes, you're free." Sebastian smiled softly at the muscular wolfdog, willing him to believe Sebastian's sincerity. "All I ask is that you accompany me to Casa di Cavalieri. I want to make sure that you can regain your life before her. I want to help you."

It was a nice speech, hopefully one that Hadley would be capable of taking in and understanding fully. Sebastian wouldn't be too shocked if the huge hybrid keeled over from shock. At least he was sitting down. It was taking every piece of self-control Sebastian possessed to not immediately jump up and hug the hybrid until he couldn't breathe. Sebastian was feeling distinctly pleased with himself.


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A small hand lifted up, gently squeezing his shoulder. Hadley turned and faced Sebastian as he spoke. The words were encouraging, meant to lift his spirits. Being free didn't have meaning for Hadley anymore though, just a distant dream that he might have imagined. The relief at being told he wouldn't be hurt showed through though. Amy's training had been incomplete at this part, concentrating on the more practical stuff before she moved on to the intricacy of manners and the like. His mask fell off as he sagged down with relief. He wouldn't be hurt anymore. That was the one thing he could hold onto, the one thing he understood.

He smiled slightly, a little bit scared, trying to take it in. It seemed so much, being told there would be no more pain. The rest was harder to swallow, his mind dismissing it automatically after the time spent under Amy's rule. I'll follow you anywhere. He didn't know what else to do. If Sebastian really wouldn't hurt him Hadley never wanted another master. No scars, no pain, just obedience. Maybe the nightmares would even stop. Hadley doubted that though. It was impressed on his mind so deeply, something he would never be truly free of. Still, it was there. A small flicker of hope flashed through his eyes before disappearing again.

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Hadley's emotionless facade fell away, letting him reveal the relief he felt. He even let out a small smile. The Italian was tempted to pick up his bow and shoot Amy down before she reached the end of the street. He restrained himself though, soothed by Hadley's smile and rumbled words. After hearing them, the artisan grinned broadly and threw his leg over Hadley's waist, straddling him as he sat. He embraced Hadley warmly, strongly, squeezing as powerfully as his lean arms would allow.

He released the hybrid after several seconds, still wearing the broad grin. "I'm happy to have the chance to help you." The grin became somewhat sheepish.

"And I was wondering..." Sebastian paused for a moment, choosing the right words. "Did you... enjoy our night together?" he asked bluntly, somewhat shyly. He was curious. True, he already had a friend with benefits in Jazper, but having another never hurt. Besides, Jazper wanted it to be a secret, and he was always so busy. Plus, he never let Sebastian get loud during sex in case someone heard them.


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Hadley was surprised when Sebastian swung his leg over, straddling him. He shuffled a small yelp of surprise, stifling it back. He looked down curiously as the small male sat there, tail wagging. Arms wrapped around him, squeezing as tightly as they could. Gently Hadley returned the favor, a hesitant embrace trying to give comfort and convey at least some of the relief he felt. He didn't squeeze tightly, just holding his arms lightly around Sebastian. He didn't want to do anything he could get punished for. He let go as Sebastian did, his new master sitting there with a giant grin on his face.

He cocked his head curiously as Sebastian spoke, wondering what he was dealing with. At his words Hadley turned as red as he could. Luckily his dark fur covered most of it. He couldn't lie about what had happened. Sober he was thoroughly disgusted by his actions. He still remembered the intense pleasure though, having not drunk enough alcohol to forget. Not to mention he couldn't say he was forced. The lap dance, the mounting...That all fell on him. His ears twitched nervously as he thought about his answer. The wrong one would definitely get him hurt. At last he responded, his face wooden, though unable to disguise his blush. Yes.

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Sebastian was somewhat relieved by Hadley's response. He was probably just shy, though Sebastian was not obtuse enough to think it was impossible that Hadley had only been following Amy's orders when they'd had sex. That certainly explained why he'd gotten so drunk. Still, Sebastian chose to believe Hadley; though just to be on the safe side, he resolved not to make another move on the handsome hybrid unless Hadley sent some very clear signs that he wanted it.

Sebastian was an ethical slut, after all. He had his standards and morals when it came to sex.

He smirked, giving Hadley's shoulder another friendly squeeze. "Good," he said cheerfully, leaning back on the couch. "Is there anything you want to do before we go to Casa di Cavalieri?"

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Hadley's shoulder was squeezed again, and he wondered if he wanted to repeat last night's actions. He managed to keep his face from twisting in disgust. After all, Amy had promised to beat him within an inch of his life if he offended Sebastian in either way. Remembering that he didn't belong to her anymore washed through him again, breaking the feel of fear that had returned. It was so strange, knowing that she wouldn't touch him again. He owed his life, or what there was of it, to this tiny male that was sitting on his lap.

He shifted a little uncomfortably, taking a deep breath at Sebastian's invitation. Hadley opened his mouth to speak before settling down again. He wasn't sure if it would be okay to really speak his mind, despite the words Sebastian had spoken. Hadley wanted to take the clothes off that Amy had given her, not wanting to hold anything that was hers, feeling it might summon her from anywhere, coming to claim what was hers. He shook his head, eyes watching Sebastian for his next cue of what to do.

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Hadley was still expressionless, fearful despite Sebastian's reassurances. Hadley opened his mouth, and chose not to speak. He simply shook his head silently. No? Well, then. The small artisan certainly didn't believe that. Hadley clearly needed some more encouragement. Sebastian sat on the couch and crossed his legs, considering Hadley with a clear gaze.

"Come on, Hadley," he wheedled, trying to tempt the handsome hybrid into doing something. Anything. "Anything you want. Snowball fight? Race? See more of Halifax? Drink some wine? Sex? Drawing? Philosophical discussion? Just tell me one thing you really want to do. Speak your mind, Hadley." Saffron bore into dark brown as Sebastian waited eagerly for a real answer.

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Sebastian wheedled softly, trying to tempt Hadley into talking. He couldn't help but laugh as the suggestions were listed off. They were pretty silly and carefree. Hadley was sure he didn't want a philosophical discussion, and while the sex part was tempting, the only available partner was a guy, and Hadley was not repeating himself. At least not until he was drunk again. Which meant keeping away from alcohol until he was sure he wouldn't jump Sebastian and have sex with him again. The guilty pleasure that gave him was far too disturbing.

Gathering his courage Hadley spoke up. I don't want clothes. He reached up and tugged at his shirt, pulling it off. He couldn't exactly explain why he didn't, but with Sebastian encouraging him Hadley took it off fairly easily. He glanced at Sebastian for further encouragement, not sure what to expect. Sebastian wore clothes too after all. Maybe it was expected that he would because Sebastian did.

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